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I'm obsessed. I admit it, I embrace it and I revel in the fact that I'm obsessed. Obsessed with the male member known as a penis, a cock, a schlong, a Johnson, Mr. Happy, A DICK. All kinds, slender ones, thick ones :-), short ones, long ones, average ones, as long as they are shaped with that wonderfully velvet soft head that has the wider collar, and a stiff shaft.

Don't ask me where this obsession came from. I just fell into it. I wish it was ON it but that will come. Often and with much vigor.

Let me tell you that I can't get enough of gazing at the male member. Either in real life or pictures. I just can't resist the sight of a man with a nice "package". This just fuels my fantasy and feeds my obsession.

Who am I? Well I'm a nice middle class housewife that you wouldn't look twice at if you were to see me on the street although I will look twice at you if you have something to look at.

I just love the feel of the soft skin that surrounds my object of affection. The soft head, the gentle bouncing up and down when the owner is excited.

I would love to just lay in the middle of the room and have a dozen men all naked masturbating on me so I can watch all of the different sizes that go with a dozen men. I would love to taste each one so I could later think of the individual flavors each man brings. Or better yet have them time their cums so that I may take each in my mouth and swallow the seed that comes from them. That would be a taste test to be remembered.

I finally met a friend who would let me live a smaller version of this fantasy. We went to a nice quiet motel and he acted as bouncer as he had five of his close friends there. They were all naked and waiting for me. You should have seen them. All sitting there and I walked in. I wanted to see for myself if they would be assholes or just give me what I wanted.

My friend Tom, came up to me and just put his arms around me. Pulling me close, close, I asked if this was really what I wanted. After getting my assurance that it was indeed what I wanted, he lowered his lips to mine and gently kissed me. The kiss became more intense with our tongues dueling. His hands moved downwards to my rather round bottom and grasping a double handful of ass he pulled me into him.

Moving his hands to caress my whole body, he cupped my breasts and gently pinched the nipples until they became harder than when I walked in. The then moved to the back of my dress, unzipping me to the waist. Somewhere he undid my bra. It was then that I felt a second set of lips nuzzling the back of my neck. Two more pair were teasing my ears. Licking them and nibbling the lobes

I gasped out loud as the other two men in the room each captured a nipple and proceeded to suck and bite them gently to hardness. All this time I was being thoroughly kissed by Tom.

Stepping back he signaled the five guys to back up. As they did, my clothes went with them. While I'm not a hard body, I think of myself as sexy. I'm round. With a full bottom and perky breasts. Soft skin that has a light sprinkling of freckles all over me.

I dropped to my knees and looked at each man there. Only Tom was still clothed. He motioned for me to continue as this was for me. Taking a nice sized cock about 6" in length with a slight curve upwards in my hand, I gently kissed the tip, teasing it with my tongue. Reaching to my right I found another that was longer by at least 3", This one I stroked lovingly. Then looking to the left I thought I would die. There was an 10" dick, as big around as a small zucchini, curved downward. I had to have that dick. Moving to the left I positioned myself in front of it and took it in my mouth.

Licking as I coaxed the dick into my mouth, I felt it slide over my tongue and then into the back of my mouth. Nudging the owner a little, I soon found the entire beautiful dick in my mouth with my nose in his pubic hair. Moving my head back and forth, I continued the loving I was giving the unknown cock. It fit PERFECTLY in my mouth and down my throat.

Blindly reaching out I found another dick being presented to me. This one was THICK. I couldn't get my hand around it. This was going to be fun.

Suddenly a new sensation came over me as I felt someone moving my knees wider. I then felt a tongue on my bald pussy. It felt so good, sliding into me and sucking my juices as they poured out of me. I was leaking so much the juices were running down my thighs.

I could feel the first cum of the day and it hit me like a brick. I was shaking and quivering so bad I couldn't stay up on my knees, I think I almost smothered the poor guy under me as I collapsed onto his face.

Pulling the monster in my left hand down, I quickly had him lie down and I swung my leg over him until he was positioned just right for me to sink down on him. I felt my vaginal lips being parted and slowly lowered myself onto him. Once I had him totally encased in my greased pussy, I began moving back and forth. Squeezing him as I moved. The lovely cock that was still lodged in my throat began to swell and I pulled away to taste the juices that were imminent.

As he blasted off in my mouth, I had both hands full. Looking up I saw two dicks both about 7 inches long just inches from my face as I slowly jacked them off. Once the dick in my mouth was finished, I pulled my head back and pulling the two in my hands toward my mouth I continued jacking them off.

I could feel someone spreading my ass cheeks and gently slipped a lubricated finger into my bottom. This was quickly followed by two more as my ass was opened up to the man who had given me such fantastic head. I could feel him position himself behind me and insinuate his penis in my little rosebud of an asshole. Gently pushing himself in I felt every millimeter of him going into me. The soft head first popping in past the spincter, then the slightly raised surface that was the veins that held all the blood in his penis to keep it so hard for me.

The jack off session with the other two was getting intense and I noticed they were both about ready to cum. Quickly jacking them off I put the heads of their dicks together so I could put them both at my open mouth, as they too came. The mixed taste of the two flavors of cum was enough to send me over the edge again as my friend behind me completed his journey up my ass.

I've never been so filled. A huge dick in my pussy, another in my ass and a mouth full of cum. What more could a middle aged housewife and grandmother want?

As I felt the two dicks that were in me start a complimentary in and out motion I started to see stars again as another orgasm flooded over me. Releasing the two dicks in my hands, I collapsed on to the man who possessed the huge dick in my pussy as the one in my ass just kept on slamming into me.

I must have passed out for a while. How long I don't know, but when woke up I was on the floor of the motel, looking up and surrounded by five erect penis'. All the men were stroking themselves and almost as if rehearsed, they all began to shoot at the same time, covering my face, breasts, stomach and pussy with their juices. All I could do was lay there and arch my back as still another unexpected orgasm raced from my breasts back to my pussy then back up to my head.

Out again. I was gently being shaken by Tom. I looked up at him almost asking if I had just awoke from a fantastic dream. Then looking down at my naked body I saw that I was covered with cum. Taking my hands I rubbed it into my skin, letting the moisture soak in. Tom then helped me up and into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and told me to get cleaned up.

Stepping out of the shower, Tom was there with a towel. He then started to dry me. The rough motel towel raising the blood to the surface of my skin caused me to glow bright pink.

Looking up at Tom, I fell into his arms and made the observation that he didn't participate. He just looked down at me and told me that he could wait.

Taking him by the hand I lead him into the room then I slowly undid his shirt, then his pants. As his pants dropped down to the floor I was facing a stiff 7" penis that saluted me by rising up another inch. Taking it into my mouth I lovingly kissed and licked until it started to vibrate with anticipation.

Getting up from my knees and using his penis as a handle, I pulled Tom to the bed where he kneeled between my wide spread legs. Sinking into me in one stroke, he took the breath from me. Then just letting himself soak in my pussy I started to flex the muscles there and he started to move in and out of me. As I reached one climax he just kept fucking me.

The second climax of the session hit me and he continued to stoke evenly into me. Pulling him to me and capturing his lips with mine I screamed for him to fuck me hard. As he picked up the pace, his pubic bone kept slamming into my already stiff little clit. Then just as I hit another climax he sunk into me hard and moved his hips, causing the hair on his pubic bone to rub against me I exploded in a screech that should have woke the dead.

Waking up in each other's arms, we slowly kissed and then went to take a shower together. He had to get me back quickly or my husband would wonder where I was all afternoon. If it wasn't for that we'd have played drop the soap, I could hardly wait for him to play hide the weenie.

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