It was a warm summer day. Amanda was just getting started with her day when she noticed that her favorite perfume was missing from the bathroom sink where she kept it. She didn't have enough time to worry about finding it, so she just got in the shower to wake herself up. As she stripped her pajamas off, she felt a tingle in the back of her neck as though someone was watching her.

"Hello?" she forced out in a little meek voice. She strained her ears to listen, but there was nothing. "Fuck, Amanda you're losing your mind," she whispered to herself. As Amanda got in the shower she couldn't shake the feeling of someone watching her but as the day went on she soon forgot all about it. At work as she waited tables in the little café, the feeling hit her again. Unsure, she randomly searched the sea of endless face but saw no one that seemed unusual to her. As Jon watched Amanda busing a table from his usual seat, he couldn't think of any thing else but putting his face in her long black hair and the thought of what her well-built breast would feel like in his mouth. As his eyes moved over every curve of her body, the blood began to flow to his male appendage and his breathing became heavy. He remembered the way she looked the first time he saw her about six months ago her long hair was raven black that went perfectly with her gorgeous hazel eyes. Her body was curvy and she was about five feet, six inches tall. He was waiting for a partner in his firm to show up to discuss business when he laid eyes on the angle. He had tried to pick her up right then and there but she had rejected his advances with class, he knew then that he had to have her. Soon after, he rented the apartment next to hers after the previous tenant that had refused to sublet it, fell victim of an unfortunate"accident". He had been watching her forever it seemed and everyday he fell more and more in love. It was watching her in the shower that morning that had finally pushed him over the edge, the way the water beaded off her tits and down her supple abdomen down even lower to her delicate flesh. Jon was at full attention by the time he was done replaying the scene in his head and had totally lost sight of Amanda. "Shit it's almost 5PM. She's getting off any minute," Jon thought. He got up from the table he was sitting at.

"How was everything?" Amanda asked from behind, causing him to turn quickly. "Oh sorry, did I scare you?"

"Oh no, you're just fine," Jon replied with a bit of a laugh, he drilled into her eyes and added, "Every thing was just great, thank you." Jon took a twenty from his wallet and placed it in Amanda's hand closing his fingers around hers. Amanda's expression became uneasy. "This is for you," Jon whispered leaning in close to her ear. Amanda took a step back but Jon didn't let go he just stared into her eyes, he could almost imagine what her eyes would look like just after he plunged his rod deep inside her. Amanda yanked her hand free snapping Jon back to reality. "You have a real good day," Jon said smirking, knowing exactly what the day held for his little blossom.

"Yeah thanks," Amanda said lowering her eyes from his.

As Amanda walked home after work, she just couldn't get the man in the expensive suit out of her head. He was very good looking for one, with his strong build and his chiseled features. She knew him from the café, he was a regular, but she didn't know anything about him and the scene he made really creeped her out. That wasn't all that that was bothering her, it was his eyes that she couldn't stop thinking about. They were blue, like the sky on a cloudless day, but there was something dark behind them that scared her. She stopped at the corner store down the street from her brownstone apartment. She picked up a half gallon of milk and a pair of lace top thigh highs for her date, she didn't know why she got them, "I always get the biggest losers on blind dates," she thought to herself, "but you never know." When she got home Amanda put the milk away and jumped in the shower; as she jumped out she saw it, her favorite perfume was back in its place. Had it always been there? Had she finally snapped? But she just couldn't remember if it was there before she got in the shower. The loud meow of the cat clock sprang her back into action before she could think too hard about it. She had only 20 minutes to get her hair done, her makeup on, and get dressed.

Jon watched from his normal hiding place in the crawl space above the apartment. She never noticed the small holes in the ceiling throughout the apartment. As she got ready Jon waiting for the perfect moment to attack. Amanda finally put her shoes on; she was wearing a short black dress with buttons going all the way up the front.

Amanda screamed as the leather bound hand clamped over her mouth muffling the sounds. A strong forearm wrapped around her neck, pulling her into a hard chest.

"You scream again and you die. Got it!" Jon hissed in a low breathless voice. Amanda nodded her head and waited for the man to take his hand away. Tears gathered on the rim of her eyes. The man's hand slowly eased off her mouth and down to her waist pulling her closer to him.

"Ok, first the ground rules," Jon continued in the low voice.

"Ground rules? What do you mean?"

"Yes, ground rules. First you don't scream or yell or you die."

Tears flowed down Amanda face like two streams of hot lava. "Oh god, please don't hurt me. Take anything you want just don't hurt me!" Amanda sobbed.

"Don't worry, I'll be taking everything I want and if you do everything I say you will live to see tomorrow, do you understand?" Jon waited for a reply but Amanda just began to sob. "Fucking answer me when I am asking you something," Jon said in a calm voice taking his hand from her waist and grabbing a handful of hair and pulled her head back to his shoulder. Putting his mouth right up to her ear, he whispered, "Do you fucking understand?" Amanda nodded. But Jon pulled hard on her head. "Say it!" he hissed.

"Yes I understand"

"Good, now rule number two if I ask you a question I want an answer. Understand?" Jon pulled back on her hair again to insure she answered.

"Yes," Amanda whimpered.

"And finally from now until I leave, I am your lord and master, for all intents and purpose I am your god. If I tell you to do something, you do it. Got that?"

Just then Amanda realized that this wasn't just a robbery; he wanted more from her than just her watch.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Ask who it is," Jon ordered.

"Who is it?" Amanda squeaked trying to sound as normal as possible.

"I'm Brad; Amber was supposed to set us up."

"Tell him you don't feel good," Jon whispered.

"I'm really not feeling good right now could we maybe set it up for another night?"

Jon pulled hard on Amanda's hair causing her to cry out. "I didn't tell you to reschedule!" Jon growled in a whisper.

"Are you okay in there?" Brad yelled though the door.

"Yes, yeah I ummmm just almost slipped is all."

"Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yes, I am fine; could you just go for right now please?" Amanda asked in a pleading voice.

"Ok, why don't I slip my number under the door and you can call me some time"

"Yes, ok, please just go." As Brad walked down the hallway, Jon turned Amanda to him.

"That was close wasn't it?" he said with a gleam of excitement in his eyes. "Now, first things first I really do have to apologize for the way I acted just now. You see I had to make sure that you understood that I mean business."

As Jon looked at Amanda, recollection washed over her face. She knew him; he ate at the café all the time she talked to him just today.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked between sobs.

"Because I love you Amanda, don't you understand how enchanting you are. From the first moment I saw you I knew I had to have you. And as I watched you, it became clear to me how truly fantastic you are. Do you really think I would eat at that crappy café day after day if I didn't love you?"

"You've been watching me, and the things missing and then showing up again that was you, wasn't it?"

"Yes," he replied very nonchalantly.

"Oh god you've been in my apartment countless times, I thought I was going insane."

"Well now that you know how I feel about you, do you think you could ever love me?" Amanda looked up at him in disgust.

"Fuck no you crazy bastard," she said and tried to pull away. Amanda knew the moment she said it that she shouldn't have. Jon's face became bright red with anger and his grip around her arms even tighter. Amanda cried out in pain. He flipped her back around pinning her to him with his arms to her chest again.

"I WILL have you Amanda, even if I have to take you!" Jon reached behind him and pulled a silver butterfly knife from his pocket. He held it in front of Amanda to flip it open. Amanda winced at the clack of the blade as it snaped into place. Jon began to trace the cold blade along Amanda's jaw line then down the side of her neck until he reached the top of her dress. "Now I don'twant to have to use this but if you don't do what I say when I say it I will."

"Pop!" Jon whispered in Amanda's ear as he severed the first button from her dress then the next and the next. He got about six buttons down before he got impatient and ripped the dress open to about her waist. Amanda cried out at the indignity she felt as the cool air hit her ample breasts. He then slid the dull side of the knife under her bra slipping it between her breasts and cut away her bra.

"Oh god, they are even more beautiful up close," Jon's breathing became very heavy. "Walk with me to your bedroom," he ordered in a whisper. Amanda's mind raced on how to get out, as he began to turn around with her in his arms, knife at her waist, Amanda lifted her feet as high as she could making him spin to regain his balances. When she came close to a wall, she pushed with her feet as hard as she could knocking him even more off balance until he fell back. They landed with a hard thud, pain shot up Amanda's shoulder but that didn't slow her down. Like a flash she bolted to the door but something was caught around her foot, Jon whipped her back and she fell to the ground hitting her chin hard. She got up as fast as she could only to find that he was now blocking the door. Amanda spun around and ran for her kitchenette. Within seconds, she had a carving knife in her hand ready to fight. It was then she saw Jon standing a few feet away with a nine millimeter pointed square at her.

"Now I was hoping that I wouldn't have to bring this out. But I should have known better than to think that you would let yourself be taken that easy, you have too much class for that. It really is one of the things I love about you," he informed her smiling as he slowly came closer. "Now put the knife down and get that lovely ass of yours into the bedroom."

Amanda raised her hands and let the knife fall to the floor and lowly turn towards the bedroom and began to walk, carefully stepping over the lamp that had been broken during the struggle. As they entered her bedroom, Jon put the gun in the front of his pants. "Now take off your dress, shoes, bra and panties but leave the garter belt and stockings on. They look good on you." he ordered

Amanda did as she was told trying to cover herself with her arms.

"Oh don't do that now. I want to see that hot body of yours." he motioned with the gun for her to put her arms down "Lie down on the bed, put your arms at your side and spread your legs." She did so with hesitation but she knew she was no match for a nine mil. Jon slowly kneeled between Amanda's legs. He began to run his hands up and down the outside of her hips and legs kneading and inching his way to the inner part of her thigh.

"God if you only knew how long I have waited for this moment," he said trailing off. He ran his fingers down her perfectly pink slit until he found her entrée. He pushed his middle finger in with force, surprised when it didn't just slide in. Amanda winced in pain as the large finger penetrated her tight dry pussy.

"Why so dry? Aren't you enjoying yourself?" Jon asked. Amanda simply lay there silently. Jon pushed even harder, sending shots of pain though her body making her whole body cringe.

"What did I tell you about answering me?"

"Fuck you asshole, no I'm not enjoying myself you fucking shit brain!"

"Well we can't have a pussy this dry. I guess I will have to get it wet," Jon smiled and lowered his mouth to her cunt. He took a deep breath in and enjoyed the sent of her freshly washed pussy. He then licked up her slit and began to probe until he found the sweet bud between her pussy lips. Shivers of pleasure rang though her body followed by shame. Tears swelled in her eyes again and sobs soon followed. Jon ignored it and continued to run his tongue over her clit, sucking it in and flicking his tough over it while in his mouth.

As he did Amanda's juices began to flow he slowly worked his finger in and out, hopeing for her cunt to become overflowing. As he pumped he added another finger and then another. He swirled his tongue around her tiny bud and it began to grow. Amanda began to shake with the pleasure he was giving her, her sobs turned into moans. The walls of her cunt grabbed at Jon's fingers trying to milk them for everything they were worth. Finally she let out a long cry, intense spasms flowed though her body starting with her long legs and working their way up. Jon lifted his head from her pussy just long enough to say "See, if you just relax we can really have some fun." Jon smiled at Amanda and her eyes filled with tears again as the shame of cumming for this man hit her.

"Oh for fucks sake I give up. If you're not going to enjoy this I sure as hell am." Jon lowered his mouth back to her soft and sweet flesh. He started to really dig in, slamming his fingers into her now red pussy. He found her clit again and sucked it in to his mouth grazing it with his teeth. Amanda started to squirm from the intensity of it all, spasm after spasm washed over her, in between loud moans she begged him to stop

"PLEASE, Oh fuck, please stop I can't take anymore!"

Jon lifted his head to watch her face as he pulled his three fingers out of her with a loud pop.

"You want me to stop?" he asked with a devilish grin on his face. "You don't really think you're getting off that easy, do you?"

"Please I can't take anymore!" she begged. Jon looked at her as he took the gun from the front of his pants in his hand and undid his jeans; he slowly pulled the zipper down and pulled out his throbbing cock. Amanda's eyes grew wide with fear.

"Your too big, it will tear me apart!" He crawled on top of her, ignoring her pleas. He started to kiss her but as his mouth met hers she sucked his lower lip in and bit down hard. The taste of blood washed over her tongue making her gag.

"Fuck!" Jon screamed. "What the fuck do you think your doing?" Jon raised the gun high in the air and smashed it across Amanda's face.

"You try any shit like that again and I WILL KILL YOU!" Jon stard in to her eyes as he reached down between her lags and adjusted his aim, with one swift move he plunged his huge rod deep inside her already battered pussy; Amanda screamed from the shock. He started slowly pumping in and out, letting the head of his dick pop out with each stroke. He soon picked up the paces and bent his head down taking Amanda's right nipple in his mouth. He enjoyed the taste of the soft mound of flesh and soon switched to the left. Without Amanda's permission, her body began to push back meeting him on each downward trust. Her moans filled the air as her attacker ruthlessly fucked her delicet cunt. Once again pleasure shot through her giving her a mind-blowing orgasm, one right after another they came and with each more and more shame flowed though her. With one last thrust Jon exploded inside her giving her one last orgasm before he pulled out and giving her tit one last hard suck.

"Well, what do you have to say now?" he asked pulling his jeans up at the side of the bed.

"Could you please get me a glass of water?" she asked in a hoarse voice.

"Sure you can have a few minutes to rest and then the real fun starts," Jon informed her as he buttoned his pants, placed his gun in the front and turned to walk to the kitchen. Jon got her a glass of water and hurried back to the bedroom where his goddess was awaiting him. As he entered the room he heard the click of a revolver, then a loud blast. He felt something warm and thick run down his chest.

"Where the fuck did that come from?" he asked in shock, falling back to the wall then to the floor.

"It's the gun I keep in the bed side stand here, My daddy gave me it before moving to the city You shitbag!" Jon tried to grab her lags as she stepped over him to get to the phone but was too weak to hold on. Amanda dialed 911.

"Hello, I've just shot an attacker please send someone quick." Amanda spoke as calmly as she could, giving the woman on the other side her address and hung up the phone. With that, she collapsed to the floor and began to cry uncontrollably as she heard the sirens coming closer.

The End

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