tagFetishObsession of the Mind Ch. 08

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 08


She seemed agitated as she answered the phone, "What now?"

I went to the kitchen as to offer her a bit of privacy in hopes she would be more brazen in her conversation. I fixed her a heavy glass of nothing but grey goose and ice.

"If you don't stop bothering me you won't be getting anything from me," she replied.

"We'll see about that. You aren't the only one with a big..." she paused and darted a glance across the room to see if she was caught. I pretended not to hear and finished pouring our drinks.

I loved to hear these conversations and how seriously close it had nearly become a potential topic of our discussion. Me confronting her about what she had just said. Inquiring of why she would be making such a comment to some phone friend. But I knew I shouldn't. I might like what she had to say too much.

My spent little dick was starting to stir as I returned to the living room.

"Stop calling me, you just blew your chance. Bye!"

She hung up and drew her attention to my less than proud cock. She turned away looked at the phone. She looked as though she were in a state of confusion. I offered her the drink and she eagerly accepted. Downing half of it in one gulp.

I stared below at her eager pussy. She had still been sitting openly. I said to myself why not and began to massage her legs. Opening them widely as I was nearing my lips to hers. She smelled so sexy, very feminine. She offered no resistance and I buried my face in her hot slit. I sucked one pussy lip at a time. I tongued at her entrance before focusing on her big clit. She started bucking her hips at me.

She then grabbed my head and tried to asphyxiate me in her essence. I sucked hard yet tenderly. I put my tongue as deep into her swollen pussy as was possible. I felt her juices lubricating my face. I was face fucking her pussy to the max.

I increased my movements as to allow my tongue greater access to it all. I secretly wanted to tongue her ass. But was that going to far?

I did it anyways. With her legs spread in the air, it wasn't to difficult to see her waxed asshole oh so close to my tongue. I played with her pussy lips with my hands as I began to run my tongue up and down her sweet ass crack. She didn't seem to mind. I was slobbering all over her privates as she began to cum. A small quirt hit my eye as she was in the middle of a great orgasm.

My whole face was covered in her wetness and my saliva. The aroma was intoxicating. She finally stopped shuddering and opened her eyes fixated on my half erect cock. I look of almost enthusiasm.

She brought her self up from her slouch and began to fondle with it as I closed my eyes and collapsed beside her. She then began to straddle me.

My small penis didn't take long to appreciate her luscious pussy lips grinding on me. She didn't allow me access. She rubbed her sweet wet pussy back and forth as I made slight efforts to force myself inside. I finally had the timing right and during her backstroke I got underneath just enough to make a stab at her open pussy. Success, or so I thought. There was little reisistance but I was sure it was inside as her forward stroke took cock forward as well.

She knew what she was doing and was kind enough to allow one more stroke before her movements became to exaggerated and my penis fell out. Poor girl she was used to be rhythmic and loved to tease with her hips. But my cock had no business in this situation as it was necessary for her to be slow and focused to keep me inside.

She continued to grind her ample lips on the underside of my cock for a few more minutes. I took one last opportunity and squeezed her big ass propping it up so that I could once again enter her pussy. Bliss, there was no mistake her hotness was all over my dick. I was in. She was loose. Maybe she wasn't maybe I was just small and any normal pussy would seem loose. But I loved the sensation. There wasn't much friction, but the heat and the wetness was overwhelming I tried my best to make one upward thrust that she might notice. As I did she knew I was about to come and pulled off of me.

"No, not inside me," she whispered.

I was coming as she pulled off. The timing was perfect. Not a drop did end up in her lavish cunt. I hadn't really much to cum as I was spent from earlier. But I was proud enough to notice a drop on her navel. The rest dribbled down my cock to my uptight balls.

A million thoughts raced through my mind as I watched her regain her composure. She picked up my boxers to clean the drop of cum resting below her belly button. She finished the hard drink and put her shorts back on. I then noticed a loving look as our eyes met. She didn't say anything. She just fell back to the couch and cuddled next to my shoulder. Her body was hot and I knew it wouldn't take long before the sweat agitated her to be alone again. But I took it all in and was truly happy.

I felt naked, as obviously I was. I excused myself to the restroom, regrettingly so. I liked to be fresh as did she so I grabbed the hand towel and wetted it under the sink so I could clean my privates. I was hurrying to the bedroom to grab a fresh pair of boxers, when I heard the phone ring. I glanced at my alarm clock and right on the dot was it midnight.

I peeked from my bedroom door she was half asleep due to the intense liquor she just consumed. But the phone ringing seemed to have given her some sobriety. I pulled my boxers up as I heard her answer.


"You again?"

"I can't tonight."

"I never said tonight. I said soon."

She was obviously talking to Nathan and he was obviously still keen to fuck her bulbous tight ass.

"I can't, not tonight."

She laughed, "No, that's what you want. I don't get why you want my ass so much if my pussy is right there."

"Yes, it feels good," she started to pet at the pussy.

"I can't be doing this," she said half committed.

"Alright but how do you suggest it can possibly be tonight?"

"In your car?" she laughed, "are you crazy?"

"Hmm I guess it can work but wait?" she looked around wondering where I was. I knew her eyes would soon transfix on my doorway so I stepped back.

"I think he's asleep hold on." She started to rise and I knew soon she would be at my doorway checking on me.

I quickly darted to the bed and pretended to be asleep.

Through the slit of my closed eyes did I see her peer in my direction. She would know be under the impression I was asleep and wouldn't be awake until morning time.

It was hard to make out what she said but I think it was obvious what was about to be going down. She was about to sneak outside and let this big dicked asshole fuck her ass in his car.

"Ok ten minutes, but damn it, be nice. Your dick is nice for my pussy but you better behave tonight. And you better come quick, and if you don't I'll make sure you do."

It seems she was reluctant towards anal sex but was nevertheless not so unreceptive to it. The fact that she was so blatant with her words was great. I mean how many girls can have that conversation and concede to getting their ass fucked by some huge cock and still have the decency to be affable about it.

And look at me I'm enjoying every minute of it. Wondering what is my next move. All I knew is I was not going to stop this from happening.

I played with my now rising dick as I heard jumbling and fumbling sounds from the bathroom. My girlfriend was preparing to get fucked and I loved every minute of it.

I heard the phone ring again.


"Okay I'll be out in a minute." "I swear you better behave and not stick it all the way in like last time," she laughed.

"Alright but I hate the idea of fucking in a car."

"No, I need you to be quick I can't be running to a hotel with you."

"Fine, I'll be there in a minute."

I heard footsteps approaching as she was making sure I was still asleep. I played it off. The expression on her face was actually gloomy. She must have felt bad about what she was doing.

But for only a minute as I heard her mumbling to herself and disappearing from my view. I did notice she had been carrying something in her hand. It had to have been a condom. There was no turning back now. I only regretted I wasn't going to see her beautiful bouncy butt spread by his massive cock.

The door was quietly shut and I knew I was free to get up and voyeur out the window.

Sure enough she proceeded to enter a strange vehicle.

I watched curiously but had no chance to see what was really going on inside the car. I jerked at my dick as I stared into the dark night. Five minutes passed, then ten. I watched the clock it was 12 minutes before she opened the door and quickly jutted away from it. I ran to my bedroom wondering just wondering.

She entered and seemed to have made her way to the kitchen as I heard cupboards opened and closed. She was likely making another drink. I heard the shower running only a few minutes later. I wondered if she was cleaning up from her previous encounter. A few minutes later the water was off and I couldn't help but want to see her again.

I pretended to droggily exit my room and proceed to the couch.

"Oh hey, you're still up?" I asked.

She looked a bit startled and concerned, "Yeah can't sleep," she replied while now gulping another glass of vodka.

"Come here baby," I smiled and invited her over. "I think you just need to sit down and stop moving."

She gave in and finished her drink. "Okay, I guess it's been kind of crazy lately, huh?" she asked.

"To say the least," I offered.

She sat next to me and as soon as she did she let out a moan of pain. She did to her credit try to play it off. It seemed obvious enough to me that she did infact just get fucked in the ass. And the whole thing was making me hard as a rock.

"What's the matter? Did you sit on the remote control?" I laughed knowing full where the remote was. And it was nowhere near her freshly fucked asshole.

"Hmm, no," was all she said.

She looked in a state of regret and confliction.

What do I do best? I always want her to feel happy and loved so I decided not to dwell upon it.

"You look cute," I said.

She feigned a slight smile.

"Come here baby girl," I said as I positioned myself directly next to her. I began to massage her shoulders through the thin straps of a top that did little to conceive her luscious titties.

Her body language was receptive and I continued to at least try to alleviate any stresses that were burdening her. I soon had her side ways to were my arms weren't so far extended to attend her aching shoulders.

I was at least for a few minutes unaware that she was closing her eyes yet peaking on my throbbing erection trying its best to look presentable. I continued to work on her shoulders and every once and a while copped a quick feel of her lower back. I wanted to ask her if she was sore down there but I just couldn't.

We kept at it for a while I was becoming more brazen with my hands.

I asked her to lie on her stomach to make things easier.

"No, this is fine, just keep doing what you are doing," she moaned half drunk.

Fuck it. I crawled off the couch and exorted some masculinity to force her body down. She didn't react and gave in.

I was now staring at her backside and wondered how long I could last until I put my hands on it.

I whispered in her ear, "Babe I'm going to take your clothes off, I can't work under these conditions," I slyly laughed.

There was no doubt her inebriated mind was not going to fight my advances. She seemed to have totally given up. That added to the fact my sensual massage must have been somewhat euphoric to her. How could she argue?

It was an absolute pain to get her shirt off as she was not making much effort to help me slide it over her head. But eventually I succeeded.

Oh wow, are you sure you want to do this? I asked myself. Why not? I began pulling her shorts down. I had them half way down when I sensed the tension in her body. I quickly resumed my rhythmic sensual squeezes of her tender flesh. She was very receptive when I pinch her ass gently. Almost as though her ass was making a noticeable jump towards whatever or whomever was allowing her this great pleasure.

I played along and traced my fingertips along the crevice of her thick, firm ass cheeks. Her ass was being teased and she loved it. I finally proceeded to remove her shorts completely. I daringly spread her legs to reveal her inner beauty.

I had no idea what to expect. I continued playing each time my hands were more daring in their exploration. I finally took both hands and opened her ass cheeks.

This girl was class. She just took a huge cock up there and for the most part it was just as I remembered it. Her anus was slightly indented and I noticed a few soap suds making tiny bubbles as I moved her flesh around. This was the holy land.

I'd quickly come to my senses as she stirred. How would she react to my forwardness to grope and inspect her ass?

Easy. She was passed out.


"Rachel?" louder this time, no response.

I kissed her on the neck and whispered, "Rachel, wake up?"

Nothing, she was down for the count. I couldn't retain my joy as I realized I had free will to keep up what I was doing. I fixated back at her ass. I positioned her left leg to where it was falling off the couch. I was in heaven as I immediately began spreading her cheeks. I almost expected to find some evidence of her previous love making only thirty minutes ago but to no avail.

I stared and stared as my thumbs lightly massaged her inner cheeks. Wow, what a great ass. There were some signs of redness. I was used to her cheeks being perfectly tanned aside from what can't reach the sunshine. But it was infact noticeable. I traced my finger along her anus and was delighted she was not reacting. I licked my finger and pressed at her opening. It went in with ease. I took my finger back and as silly and horny as I was I smelled it. It was soapy yet a very slight pungent aroma, it was hot.

I licked my two forefingers and dived right back in to her ass. I was now realizing that as tight and closed off as it appeared. Her ass offered no resistence to my probing finger.

I buried my face between her ass and began to lick furiously when all the sudden she began to stir.

I quickly pressed my head up. She was awake.

She mumbled, "What the fuck?" she started to comprehend the events.

"Nothing just giving you a massage, remember," I said.

She sat strait up, still naked but now closed off. "What the fuck? Did you just have your tongue in my ass? Fucking sicko"

Fuck. She looked displeased and I was totally humiliated. How could I possibly fix this?

"I don't know, I was just carried away by everything."

She lifted the bottle of vodka and threw a shot or two down her throat. "I swear I can feel your slobber down there," she smiled for a half second until regaining her discomfort. "That's disgusting, your mouth is gross and I'm not kissing you for a month."

"It was only a lick."

"Oh my god so you admit it?" she asked.

"Okay yes, but I was just being a pervert like you said. I just really like your ass, I'm sorry." I sheepishly looked down.

I think she was becoming more comfortable knowing I hadn't discovered her ass was so recently fucked. "What do you like about it?"

"It's phenomenal, it's perfect, it's sexy, it's big..." oops.


"I mean I big ass is one thing but a big ass that is toned and kept care of is divine."

"Mhmm." "Don't be mad I was just having fun."

"Having fun with your face in my ass?" she laughed.

"I guess," I laughed.

"I swear all you guys are always wanting ass. Don't you know a girl gets off with her pussy?"

"Yeah, I know but I guess I couldn't help myself," I said.

"Really you get turned on licking my ass?" she laughed but with a tone of seriousness.

"Yeah I guess, I mean you have the greatest ass in the world."

She loved compliments, so she was playing into my hands. "Think so?"

"Absolutely," I said as I gazed at her waste level.

"Perv..." she laughed.

"I would honestly give everything in the world to you to have one night to have it."

"Have it?" she laughed.

"You know fuck it."

"Keep dreaming, I'm not doing that anymore."

"But I thought it was not off limits," I said.

"Off limits?" she laughed.

I was beaten down. "Fine, it was just wishful thinking," I laughed.

"Yes it is," She was entirely confident in knowing she got away with her previous encounter.

"Alright, fine," she picked up the bottle and chugged a bit. "I'll let you."

"Really?" I wasn't going to argue. "Now?"

"Sure," she laughed. She stripped and quickly returned to her previous position lying face first on the couch. "Fuck me."

I dropped my boxers and stared for a moment wondering that this had to be the worst position she could present her willing ass to me. Why not doggy style?

She lay there quiet and motionless then screamed, "Fuck me!"

I straddled her as best I could. I positioned my little dick between my fingers and knew this was going to be a task. I began to poke around at her ass cheeks. They were so thick and tight it was hard to get between in my awkward position. I swear it was 10 times tighter than before when she passed out. I sensed maybe her ass cheeks were clenched denying me easy access.

Then it dawned on me. She knew I was to short to get inside her from this position. But I couldn't pass away the opportunity.

I glided my dick down the top of her ass till I felt I might me in position. I began to thrust an inch forward, realizing my arms and hand were in the way I let go of my dick to let it explore and hopefully find her inviting asshole.

As soon as I let go I was really just humping the folds of her thick wet butt.

"Put it in already," she acted annoyed.

I felt her ass cheeks clench around my dick but I had yet to find the hole. I made a few quick motions then eventually tried to use my hand again to guide it between. I had it in between and I felt the hotness at the tip of my dick but I never reached it.

I began to fuck between her cheeks enjoying the sensation when she began to reposition herself. I got off and she sat on the couch looking annoyed. "Stop playing around and fuck me," she said.

"I'm trying."

"Well try harder, this is your last chance. She then sat at the edge of the couch legs propped up inviting my shoulders as a resting place. She did it again. Her ass was unreachable in this position I was banging my pelvis against the couch trying to hit her glory hole.

"Wow, it's really hard to have fun when your little dick cant just take command."

"Scoot forward so I can reach it. You are sitting too far back."

"God, fine."

She positioned her spread legs at the edge of the couch and I took one last try. I actually felt it, I pressed it I pushed it but I didn't get in. Her ass was tight and despite my poking it never let way to my erection. I pushed and pushed away at her opening a few strokes when her frustration was fully evident.

"Just go jerk off."

"What, quit being so mean."

"Just go jerk off so you'll feel better."

"But I thought you were going to let me fuck your ass?" I said.

"Well if you dick was big enough you might have had that chance."

"I wasn't the right position, I mean you know."

"I know? No, I don't 'know'."

"Alright fine," I was getting flustered. I was let down I blew my chance at her ass. I didn't go to jerk off but I headed to the bathroom to regain my thoughts.

"Don't be mad. It's fine," she said as I made my displeasure obvious.

"I'm sorry I just get upset when I think that I had a perfect chance and blew it."

"What chance," she asked.

"You know... to have your ass."

"Sweetie don't worry about it, you tried your best. Sorry I can be a bitch sometimes," she laughed offering her devilish sexy smile.

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