tagInterracial LoveObsession: Ten Interracial Orgasms

Obsession: Ten Interracial Orgasms


Note to readers:

The overwhelming response to my original tale was positive and I was shocked to see so much fan mail. You have encouraged me to take the time out and write the second part of my journey and I have to say it was fun to relive it.

I'm always surprised at how many men are actually encouraging their wife to do what I had to drag my husband into. And while I am happy to hear from you, I would love to hear from a few more of you curious wives or girlfriends. Obsession: Ten Days of Going Black was a condensed version of a twisted journey that took my husband and I a long time to go through. As I responded to one fan, Six-hundred Thirty Seven Days of Going Black would have taken way too much time to write and would have not been nearly as interesting. Sorry if that ruins the fantasy for some of you, but the question came up so often I had to say something. This second part is much more accurate though, so enjoy.

Oh, for anyone who doesn't like the story: that is okay with me. I didn't expect to win any awards with it and I don't expect this type of lifestyle to appeal to everyone. But nobody is forcing you to read it and being mean to me really won't accomplish much. Besides, I find it amusing that some of you probably 'enjoyed' yourself and then wrote your hate mail afterwards. Perhaps you are more like my husband than you would like to admit…

Obsession: Ten Orgasms with my Black Lover

Part II of the Obsession Story

"My hellish night begins"

Husband's View

It was not the same as watching the porn movies. It wasn't even close. For one thing I couldn't see anything that was going on. There I was tied to the bed, looking ridiculous with my pants pulled down around my ankles and my cock – I mean my penis – twitching in the air. All I could hear were low guttural sounds coming from a man I never met and my wife's symphony of orgasms coming from downstairs.

Two hours before, she spoke with her soon-to-be-lover on the phone in front of me in our bedroom, pumping her dildo into her pussy, then stopped short of an orgasm when they hung up. It was finally happening – my wife had crossed the line and another man was planning to have sex with her. A black man. A man who I would come to despise, yet do nothing to stop. After hanging up the cell phone she tugged at my cock and my body shook with her contact. How I longed for my wife's skin against mine, for her body to rub against my body! She licked her palm and jacked me off, slowing her pace every time she felt I was close to cumming.

"You like how that feels, bad boy?" she asked with a dirty tone to her voice. With her other hand she reached up and pulled the panty-gag out of my mouth. I took a deep breath.

"YES! More please!" I called out.

"Did you like listening to me talk on the phone?"

"Please, pump it faster…"

She slowed down, "Pump what faster?"

"Pump my cock faster!" I yelled at her in irritation.

She slowed to a crawl across my skin, "What do you want me to pump?"

"M- m- my penis. Pump my penis faster." As I said the word 'penis' she started stroking me faster.

"Say it again, bad boy! Tell me what I want to hear."

She wanted me to humiliate myself and here I was obliging. "Pump my white penis please" I whispered. I could barely get the words off my tongue. She went faster and faster. I was so close to cumming if she would just pick up the pace.

"You mean this little white penis? You want me to rub it for you?" Her mouth was so close to my penis head now and I could feel her breath. Her hand was in between her legs rubbing her clit.

"Yes, my little-" I gulped, "my little white penis."

"Oooh, yea, you dirty boy you. Are you enjoying your hand job, knowing this is all the action your tiny little penis is going to have tonight?" It was obviously turning her on to make fun of me as she ground her crotch into her fingers. Despite the insults, I was well past caring if she made fun of me and I was ready to say anything to get that final relief.

"Fuck! Rub my tiny white penis! Faster please! My little penis needs you to make it cum!"

"You would do anything to cum right now, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, please!"

"Would you let me fuck another man?"

"Please, just-"

She cut me off, "Would you let your own wife fuck a nice big black cock if I let you cum?"

"I don't know…" I was panting. I was ready to explode.

"It makes your little white penis hard thinking about me fucking a big black stud, doesn't it? Talk dirty and I'll make you cum, cuck-boy." My wife had wound me so tight I would say anything. And I did.

"My little white penis is so hard thinking about you fucking another man. A BLACK man! My wife needs a big black dick to satisfy her!" She was going so fast now and soon my balls let loose a load of semen all over her clenched fingers.

"Mmmm, that was hot," she sighed. She slinked her body up the bed and kissed me hard on the mouth. My wife's tongue felt so good and when our eyes met it was –just for a moment- very intimate and close. She continued to rub her clit, staring into my eyes and I was able to move my bound arm just enough to caress her neck. I could tell she was close to cumming as her breathing shortened and her fingers moved rapidly over her clit.

DING DONG! The doorbell rang and everything stopped. The timing could not have been worse for me. My wife was all sexed up, fantasizing about fucking a black man with my permission, and her soon-to-be lover had just arrived. She reached up, pulled the blindfold back over my eyes, then wiped her cum coated hand on my leg. I couldn't see but I heard her as she trotted down the steps to answer the door. I called out "Wait!" but it was far too late for me to say anything. Jerome had arrived.

I was still tied to the bed. I had managed to roll over on my side with my one arm way back behind me but that change of position was all the relief I would know. After about ten minutes (or twenty – I couldn't be sure) I heard somebody coming up the steps. I called out my wife's name but there was no answer. Somebody was in the room with me and I heard the 'blue box' open and shut.

"Honey, is that you?" I called out, but there was no answer. I heard footsteps on the stairs and whoever it was left again. I managed to catch bits of the conversation as their voices echoed up into our room.

"-so glad we have these Magnums-" my wife said.

"-usband can't use them?" Jerome asked her. Then I heard them both laughing.

There was more silence and the pit in my stomach would not go away. I had cum and all the guilt and humiliation of the moment had its full effect on me. I pulled at the ties in a desperate attempt to get up but I had no leverage whatsoever. Somewhere during my struggle I heard a much different sound coming from downstairs. I gave up trying to escape and listened intently. There was a low moan –his moan- coming from downstairs and I could only guess at what my wife was doing to him. My sweet wife who rarely would go down on me was eagerly sucking her new lover's dick, pausing only to talk like a dirty whore.

"-been dreaming about sucking a cock like-"

"-so much bigger-"

"-husband can't even come close-"

Then the moaning started. It sounded like pain at first but then my wife's moans turned to lust. Her screams built louder and louder, drowning out Jerome's own grunts until it reached a crescendo of pleasure. Her first time fucking another man and he made her cum in a few short minutes. But it didn't end there. It kept going. My wife never kept going! She almost always stopped after getting her first orgasm and rare were the nights she had two. On most nights she had to use her little pink vibrator to cum.

Not this time. She barely slowed down. I heard some talking but couldn't make it out. Her moans and his groans were clearly coming through the floor and I heard their skin squeaking on the leather sofa. I heard something crash downstairs, heard another bout of laughter and then it started again.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, Jerome!" she was screaming and if it hadn't been for years of marriage I would have never recognized her voice. It was like listening to a different person as she climaxed again. Number two. I could hear him cumming as well and they started laughing again. A sense of relief swept over me. It was soon going to be over, I thought.

Not so. A strange quiet fell over the house for a long time and I had figured they were just talking. Then the moans started again, although this time from another room. The dining room? Were they fucking on the table?

"How do you like your first black dick?" I heard Jerome ask.

"I love it! It is everything I wanted it to be!" my wife crooned. Their voices could be heard clearly now. Their change of rooms echoed to the bedroom much better now and I could hear the table squeaking underneath them.

"Fuck my white pussy! Pound me!" She was finally living out her fantasies from the previous ten days. Her slutty talk was well practiced from the E&I movies. My own penis started to harden again as I listened to the filth spill out of her mouth between groans and orgasms.

"It's so thick!" she commented.

"Your pussy feels so tight," he was commenting back between pants.

"You're so much better than my husband!"

"You're husband is never gonna satisfy you after I'm done with you."

"Your black cock looks so sexy moving in and out of me."

"Dirty little white slut needs some hot chocolate, huh?"

"Oh, yea, I am YOUR slut, Jerome. Your dirty little white whore."

"-nasty girl-"

"-cumming again! Cumming again! Ooooh! I love your big, fat, black cock!"

Number three.

My penis was now throbbing and it actually hurt from needing to cum so badly. Unfortunately it would be a long time before I would get that relief. The screams continued and my mind went in circles. What was he doing to my wife? How many times could he cum and still stay hard? Was there any chance to get her back after the fucking she was getting? Was she ever mine in the first place? I just kept counting.

Number four…

Number five…

Number six…

"The Beginning"

Wife's View

Ten times in one evening. Ten mind blowing, toe curling, pussy creaming orgasms that left my body shaking and my pussy as sore as it could be. Jerome's magnificent dark skinned body pleasured me more times in our first evening together than my husband could in a month. Or a year. Or maybe even ever.

I have to admit that after the first orgasm the whole incident left me feeling guilty and soiled and dirty. I had just cheated on my husband and he not only knew it but probably heard it. I wanted to scream, I wanted to crawl out of my skin. The leather sofa was sticky with sweat and I pushed Jerome to get him off of me. The man didn't move. He kept pumping.

I whispered, "Please, stop, I can't anymore-" but his black cock continued its slow pumps in and out of my dripping cunt. It wasn't as long as my Black Thunder but it was definitely just as thick. As I repeated my request to stop, Jerome buried his tool deep up in me – all the way to his balls. He grabbed my face and kissed me hard on the mouth. His lips were so soft but the kiss was so forceful. I made a vain attempt to struggle underneath him and all I accomplished was to rock my hips up toward his waiting, throbbing dick. It felt so good having his manliness pressing against me that I temporarily forgot about my potests. Jerome switched one of his hands and knocked over the torch lamp by the sofa. The moment broke the serious mood and we both started laughing.

He smiled at me, "Havin' fun?"

"This is more than just fun," I answered softly, surprised at my answer. My body kept moving underneath his mass and my hands explored every dark inch of his skin. "I want you, Jerome."

"Tell me what you want, slut." He called me a slut and instead of slapping him I fucked him back even harder. I was a slut. I was his slut.

"I want you to fuck me." His black cock pistoned in and out of me and I felt my g-spot getting super sensitive again. "Fuck me!" I repeated, louder this time. "Fuck me, Jerome!" My hands went from pushing him away on his chest to pulling him toward me on his ass cheeks. His whole body crashed against me and I realized I had never had sex like this. This was a real man. Nothing was better. I was totally overwhelmed by everything.

His dark skin.

My infidelity.

Sex in the living room.

Passionate sex.

Animalistic sex.

The skin contrast.

His pure desire to fuck me.

My willingness to be ravished.

The taboo of sex with a black man.

My husband upstairs listening.

The thick black cock in my cunt.

My wedding ring shining against his black body.

Jerome was building momentum and I was sure he would cum soon. My legs tightened around him as I let out a wail that didn't sound human. I realized it was so loud the neighbors might hear but there was nothing I could do to stop myself. Only a minute later Jerome's hips bucked as he held his big member buried deep inside me. My head swam from the orgasm and I pushed him off of me to give my sensitized pussy a chance to relax. He pulled out and I could see the Magnum condom was filled with cum. It might have been the mood at the time but it looked like a half cup of semen ballooning out of the condom tip. He pulled the condom off and threw it at the floor. The rubber made a slapping sound as it landed on one of my husband's shoes, cum splattering out of it and oozing down the side.

We both started laughing again as he leaned back on the sofa and pulled me on top of his manly frame. Unlike my husband's body, Jerome's was muscled and smooth and dark and yummy. I realized I would have fucked him even if he didn't have such a nice physique but I was so glad that he was built the way he was.

We whispered to each other about how sexy the whole evening was turning out. He occasionally asked when my husband was going to be home. I told him, "There is no chance of him walking in on us." I couldn't bring myself to telling my new lover that my cuckold hubby was tied up in the bedroom above us. I was nervous about my husband calling out or making a noise but nothing ever happened thankfully. I just wasn't sure how Jerome would feel about the whole situation.

We got up, had a couple drinks (I had my wine and Jerome had a beer) and fondled each other while we drank. I stared in amazement at how his beautiful black dick sprang to life again after such a short time. Over nine inches of hardness, dark as ebony, slick with his cum, my fingers wrapped around as much as I could grab. It would tower over my husband's penis like a Nubian god and I reflected how one evening with a black man put every night with my husband to shame. Jerome's fingers slid inside of me and I moaned, realizing I was ready and willing for more. My ten days of interracial porn had culminated in a powerful desire to satisfy this fantastic black man beside me.

In one sweep he picked me up and headed for the stairs. Not wanting him to find my husband I pointed to the dining room and told him I wanted to do it there instead. Jerome agreed and before long I was bent over the table with that black shaft sliding into my waiting cunt.

A key had turned inside me and the door to all my wicked fantasies spilled into my reality. I started talking dirty to him like one of the pornos I had watched

"I can't believe I'm actually fucking a black man. It's sooo naughty…" I gave him an evil grin and goaded him into a response.

Jerome smiled, took no offense and he played the role, giving it right back to me. "What do you think your neighbors think about some strange black man visiting you with your husband gone?"

"Oh, I hope they don't say anything," I played along, even though hubby's car was parked in the back of the house. "It would be awful if they knew what a slut I was for big black cocks."

"Dirty little white slut needs some hot chocolate, huh?" he said, grabbing my hair.

"Oh, yea, I am YOUR slut, Jerome. Your dirty little white whore!"

"Ooh, you a nasty girl!"

"Oh I am. I'm a nasty cheating wife fucking her black lover." My excitement was growing faster and faster as I pushed my ass back toward his hammering thrusts.

"You love that black dick, don't ya?"

"Oh I do! I do!" I felt my thighs trembling and I screamed as loud as I could manage, being sure to emphasize every last word so my cuckold could hear me. "Oh I'm cumming again! Cumming again on your BIG, FAT, BLACK COCK!"

Jerome was untiring, sliding in and out of me with absolute perfection until he let out a growl and shoved me hard into the table. My body was forced up on my toes and I tensed up so much my left calf actually cramped and ruined an otherwise perfect orgasm. Jerome pulled out at my insistence and we sat back on the sofa. I took the privilege of removing his second condom and was surprised to see the tip was filled again. One look at all that white sticky cum and I was relieved I had the condoms in the first place. Sure, I was on the pill but they aren't a hundred percent effective and somehow I was convinced that everything about this dark lover was powerful, including his 'swimmers'. I flung it over at my husband's shoes again and missed but a rope of cum sloshed out of the rubber, sticking to the laces. We laughed again, discussing how I was going to need to clean that up before my husband 'came home'. Of course I had no intention of cleaning his shoes. Jerome still hadn't realized the depth of my depravity.

Instead he flipped me on my belly and sweetly massaged my calf. His hands were strong and rough and I winced as his fingers kneaded my muscle.

"You have sexy legs," he told me.

"Thank you!" I smiled. I enjoyed the compliments and attention he lavished on me and didn't mind at all when his fingers occasionally found their way to my crotch and teased my clit. My legs occasionally brushed against his manhood and I noted that it never got soft the whole time. "Wow!" I thought to myself, never having known a man to cum twice and be ready to go again so quickly.

When I finally turned over, my lover was settling back into our comfortable sofa, donning a third condom on his rigid dick and pulling me to him again. The cramp in my leg had been rubbed out and all I wanted to do was pleasure this man once more. I climbed on top this time and slowly lowered my body down on his beautiful ebony shaft. My movements were slow at first – I was busy running my hands over his developed chest and admiring his black skin. I spent time kissing him on the mouth and pressing my breasts into his face. His tongue flicked over my nipples and he grabbed my ass cheeks to help keep my rhythm going. I leaned back just a bit and found my G-spot went into overdrive.

"Oh, yeah! Right there, Jerome!" It was the perfect position to be in as I bounced quicker and quicker on his throbbing cock. I had no idea I could cum again until that moment, but once I felt that familiar build up of sexual energy it was clear I was in a new world of pleasure; a world where the old rules no longer applied and the old standards no longer existed.

Jerome could tell I was running hot and he dirty talked while I rode cowgirl on his dark meat.

"Fuck it, white girl!

"Bounce on my black dick.

"Your hubby doesn't know what a black cock slut he married, does he?

"I love fuckin your married pussy.

"Your married WHITE pussy.

"Tell the truth – it makes you feel dirty fuckin a black guy.

"Good white wives aren't supposed to think about black cocks, BUT you do, don't you?

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