Ofelia Ch. 04 Pt. 01-03


"Wow." Kenneth said, "The mind boggles."

Ofelia pushed Kenneth's right leg so that his knee was up. She ran her fingers in the crease of his ass, across the hole, back up over his balls, then back down. She continued talking, "I think, if it was the right girl, not just some stranger, you know? I could...I could do everything with her." she nodded confidently. Her eyes were vacant for a while as she imagined goodness knows what in that splendidly sensual mind of hers.

Ofelia took her fingernails and tickled him between his buttocks, touched the hole there again, looked down in the dim light to see what she could see. "Turn over for me?"


Ofelia smiled brightly as Kenneth rolled over and stretched out. "Doctor Ofelia is here now, Mister." she warned him, and did a good version of a sinister laugh.

"Should I be scared?"

"Be very scared."

Ofelia explored him, from his feet to the top of his head, her hands running all over him. Just when he thought she had tired of that she leaned over him and said, "Number one, I need more light. Number two, I need some lotion."

"Jeeez, are you gonna charge me for this?" Kenneth joked as he gave her directions for both. He heard her feet pattering around in the bathroom, pulling drawers open. She muttered happily in Spanish when she apparently found what she was after. Then the toilet seat plopped down and he heard her peeing. She hummed to herself while she went. When she was up again she adjusted the light in the room and came back to bed, setting the water in motion.

"I hope you don't have to be anywhere soon, Senior." Ofelia told him, as he felt lotion being squirted onto his back. "This is going to take a while."

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