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Off Road


I have reached a new low. It seems there is no way to get out of this place. Everything around me is full of nothing, no life. I must make the most of it though as my ticket out of here is not for a couple more days.

So what to do with a couple of days in the middle of no where. It's a couple miles to town. Which mind you doesn't have that much more to do, but it's a damn sight better than setting on my ass for two days watching the wind blow.

I put on a pair of cargo shorts, a sleeveless shirt, and jogging shoes. Heading out the door I snag a bottle of water from my cousins fridge and make my way out to the road. As I approach the road I take note that I have not seen a car pass since I walked out the door. Being from the country myself, I am not overly concerned with having any kind of trouble.

About a half mile down the road a guys pulls over and asks me if I need a lift. I climb into his Jeep thinking this could be a bad idea. He asks me where I am going. I explain that I am just looking for something to do for the day as my cousin is at work and I am just here visiting. He tells me that he is going to town for fuel and then going out to his families property to do a little off-roading. He says will drop me off in town where ever I want after he gets fuel.

On the short ride to town we make small talk and learn that we seem to have a bit in common. After getting gas he tells me that if I want to tag along I am more than welcome to, but it will just be the two of us. I thought why not, there didn't really seem to be anything in town that could be that much fun.

We roll out of town and turn off into a pastor. At the other end is a forest. He asks me if I have anything against getting wet. I told him that aside from my cell and my wallet I don't have anything that can't get wet. He has me put my stuff in the glove box and takes off toward the trees.

At first it didn't seem all that grand of a place to be, but as we get into the trees the trail starts to get pretty hairy. There are several downed trees that he easily crawls over in the Jeep. Then it opens up into a creek, in which he just drops right into. Instead of crossing he turns and goes down stream. We both got drenched before he turns out on the trail.

After about fifteen minutes my ass is starting to get sore from the damp clothes. Before I can say something about it he stops. He turns to me to say he needs to dry off a bit before we go any further. I am not sure how we are going to manage that as I didn't see any towels. Even if there were any towels they would be soaked as well.

Getting out and admiring the view I realize that I have to pee. Just as I am fishing my dick out, he walks around the Jeep butt naked and says that I need to get out of the wet clothes before I get a rash. Not being bashful I take off all my clothes. I turn around to pee and as the stream starts, he walks in front of me and drops to his knees. He grabs my dick aiming it all over him.

The last few drops trickle out into his mouth. He takes me into his mouth. Gently he coaxes my cock to life. It doesn't take long as the feel of his full lips glide over the length of my growing member. He has definitely done this before or so it seems. He takes his time as if he is enjoying what he is doing to me. Once it is hard a rock he is unable to deep throat me, but he makes up for it by licking the underside of my shaft and head every so often. Then he backs off to admire my cock. He strokes it staying near the base so as not to provide too much excitement. Though he keeps me right on the edge. Every time precum gathers on the tip he laps it up usually leaving a sting of juice attaching my cock to his lips.

I can't stand all the attention any more. Grabbing the sides of his head I pull him up to kiss him. Letting our tongues roam each others mouths I can taste my precum still present in him. That only serves to make me hotter. I kiss my way down to his lightly haired chest to begin biting and sucking on his nipples. He moans his appreciation and rubs his cock against my thigh. He is already hard and leaking. I reach down to fondle it. Message it against my leg more. His cock is considerably bigger than mine.

Stroking him lights a fire that has him pushing down on my shoulders. I don't hesitate, I have to taste this marvelous piece of man meat. Now face to face with it I realize that it is beautiful. I am not a good judge of size but it has to be about nine inches long and throbbing for attention. Wrapping my hand around it, precum immediately starts to ooze out. Placing it at my lips I lick the juices up and then open my mouth to slide it in. I work back and forth on it taking a little more each time I go down. I love the feel of the veins pushing at my lips, pulsing with life.

Finally I get far enough down to feel it hit my throat. He is big enough that I am unable to get him into my throat so I concentrate on making long strokes. When he places his hands on the back of my head I almost panic but calm myself and allow him to face fuck me. Several strokes into it he is getting more forceful. I can feel my throat begin to relax more and more. He pushes me down on his cock and tells me to swallow. I swallow which allows his cock to push into my throat. He doesn't stop until my nose is pushing into his pubs. Holding my head in place he fucks my throat. The lack of air has about to the point of passing out so I push back. As soon as I catch my breath I grab his ass and pull him in for more.

He pulls out and tells me to put my hands on the side of the Jeep. He rubs his cock up and down the crack of my ass. The warm head feel so good. He says don't move. Me both stand motionless for a few second when I feel a warm liquid coating my ass. He makes the comment that it is the best lube around. With that he starts pushing his hard prick into my tight hole. A pop and shot of pain shoots through me as his cock slides in. He stops and tells me to relax as he is going to add some more lube. I feel his cock twitch inside of me and the warmth of his golden nectar. His warm piss is filling my ass making me quickly forget the pain. Before I realize it he is balls deep in my ass and still pissing in my bowels.

Finishing he pulls out to the tip. As he does some of his fluids leak out. They run down over my balls and cock. He runs his hands over my ass checks while he slowly fucks my tight piss filled ass.

He pounds me hard making sure that he bottoms out on every thrust. The feel of his cock as sloshes in and out of my ass feels great. I don't want it to end. I find myself whimpering when he pulls out. He tells me to lay down on my back. I lie down in the grass. He grabs my legs and places them on his shoulders and begins to pummel my ass again. Now he is stroking my cock as he fucks me. It doesn't take long before I am shooting my load all over my chest and stomach. He asks me if I want him to cum in my ass or in my mouth. With out thinking about I reply that I want it in my mouth, I love the taste of cum. He pulls out and scoots up to place his cock in my mouth. I can taste me on him. He commands me to make him cum. So I suck him hard and fast. In no time at all he unloads what has to be the biggest load of cum ever. I swallow every spurt until he is dry.

He tells me that I have to stay with him and his wife tonight, but that's a different story... Maybe?

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