tagGay MaleOffice Confrontations Ch. 04

Office Confrontations Ch. 04


(Finally the wait is over! I apologize for the months of disappointment, but I wanted to make this extra special – and I tend to ramble for pages on end, sorry! - and now I have accomplished that task! OC 4 is here to stay, and I hope it lives up to your expectations! As always, I love comments, questions, and interesting tidbits so express yourself~ Thank you so much for the feedback for the previous chapters as well, they convinced me to keep writing when I feared I was wasting my time.

PS, just to note, no matter how much unprotected sex these two lovey dovey idiots have, this is a fantastical relationship where the omniscient master of the universe, i.e., me, has deemed them both clean and healthy adult males. This is not the case in the real world―safe sex is important so use those love gloves!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Marshall's phone went off at exactly five-thirty am, beeping obnoxiously on Kyle's dresser. Marshall moaned unhappily and snuggled closer to Kyle's chest. He curled against Kyle's warmth before his eyes flew wide and he tensed. It took a second to remember where he was, but when everything from the night before settled in, he relaxed back into Kyle's arms. It felt odd, scooting closer when before he would have run screaming. Odd, but good. He liked the smooth, firm skin and the hint of muscle beneath his touch, and especially Kyle's warm hands tightening around him, compressing his chest.

"Marshall what the fuck is that sound?" Came the sound of a groggy, very pissed off Kyle. Marshall was smart enough not to laugh, and tried to pull away. Kyle held on and dug in his nails.

"It's my alarm. I have to get into the office early to finish the work we ditched out on yesterday."He croaked, clearing his throat at the dry scratch building up. I promised the boss I would deliver our work on his desk by eight am."Kyle groaned loudly and cracked open an eyelid.

"Why in the hell would you do that?" He grumbled, sitting up slowly. Marshall pushed him back down and Kyle retaliated, shoving his hand away and fixing Marshall with a glare. Marshall, fearing his life, raised his hands in defeat and sat up, scooting out of the way.

"You don't have to do anything, don't worry. I've got it."He explained, trying to placate Kyle - obviously not a morning person - who looked as though he was fighting to keep from throttling him. Kyle raised an eyebrow and ran a hand through his completely insane bedhead.

"How'd you pull that off? And for that matter, why didn't I get a call about taking off early?"Kyle asked, sticking his feet over the edge of the bed and standing up. If you don't shut off that damn alarm I'm going to throw your phone out the window."Marshall rolled his eyes and hopped out of bed to deal with the offending phone.

"I saw that."Kyle growled. Marshall resisted commenting and continued on the original question.

"I told him you got food poisoning and that I had to drive you home. He seemed to believe it, but he probably didn't really care."Marshall shrugged. "He said we have to be there today, though, or you better find a doctor's note, fast."Kyle ignored him and headed into the bathroom for his morning piss, not pausing to close the door.

After last night, apparently boundaries were over. Speaking of which...he felt some unusual discomfort in awkward places, and the realization of it made him blush―and other, less appropriate reactions.

"Just go back to bed, I've got it."Marshall called, rooting around for his pants. He sighed. He had to stop back home to grab fresh clothes, otherwise their colleagues might get curious about his outfit.

"I don't need you to do my homework for me like I'm incapable of doing my own job."Kyle called, but Marshall didn't hear irritation in his voice, just honesty. That surprised him; he'd expected much more of a fight.

"I'm not trying to baby you, fuck. I'm just going into the office to get everything done. Besides, you did most of the work yesterday anyway.

"I'm going with you. Get over it."Kyle announced, strolling out of the bathroom and heading toward the closet. Marshall winced, already regretting telling Kyle exactly what he was doing.

"I―uh..."He stammered, worrying his lip.

"What now?"Kyle sounded exasperated now as he bent over to dig for underwear. Marshall blushed and tried not to stare. Too much.

"Well...I won't, uh, be able to concentrate with you, you know, there."He finished lamely. Kyle turned around and snorted loudly, crossing his arms and leaning back on his dresser.

"Oh, I see. Do I get you all riled up?"Kyle teased, strolling over buck naked and rubbing up against him. Marshall swallowed the moan and stepped back, glaring.

"Yes. You do. Now can I go before you end up ruining my already dirty clothes?"He grumbled. Kyle laughed.

"Don't you mean before you ruin them? I'm not the one rock hard and leaking."Kyle pointed at the growing wet spot and Marshall groaned loudly, turning away as he hid the red heat creeping up his neck.

"Shut up. I'll see you...later."Marshall headed quickly to the door, accompanied by Kyle's raucous laughter.

Halfway to the door Marshall cursed.

"What's wrong now?"Kyle called.

Why? Fuck, why didn't I just drive over here? Marshall slumped against the wall near the door, taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly. He's never going to let me get my work done now.

"Hello, earth to Marshall. Did you forget how to find the front door?"Kyle asked, stepping into the hallway and waving his hand in front of Marshall's face. I'd assumed you've been here enough to figure that out all by yourself.

"It's not that."Marshall griped, cracking open his eyes to glare at Kyle, who grinned.

"Don't be embarrassed now, it happens to us all. Just go straight. The door's hard to miss, it's one with a deadbolt on it.

"No, jackass. I forgot I took a cab to get here."Kyle blinked, processing the information. His lips stretched taut and he burst out laughing, gesturing toward the bedroom as he held his chest.

"Let me get dressed and we'll carpool."He slipped back into the dim room, and Marshall sighed.

"You don't have to do that. Really, I can just call a cab."He tried, but he knew Kyle wouldn't let him off the hook that easy.

"They take too long. I'm driving you."Apparently that was that. Marshall resigned himself to an unproductive morning and followed.

Why was it that Kyle constantly bent over in the nude, displaying such a view for poor Marshall, who wasn't sure if he should be drooling or covering his eyes. He had to admit, the former sounded much more satisfying. Then a flash of gray caught Marshall's eye.

"You mentioned you had more tattoos. I still haven't gotten a good look at them, you know."Marshall stepped closer, reaching his hand out. Unfortunately Kyle heard him coming and turned, looking over his shoulder as he pulled up his slacks.

"I may have. Too bad you scheduled us to work almost four hours early."

"Without pay."Marshall added with irritation."And I didn't schedule you, 're just too damn stubborn to let me handle it."Kyle grinned and shucked on a white button up, donning a navy blue tie. Too soon, Kyle was fully dressed and ushering Marshall out the door.

"We have to stop at my place." Marshall sighed dejectedly. Kyle beamed.

"Ooh, taking me home huh? Damn, I forgot my toothbrush."Marshall really didn't want Kyle to see his place. Not because he had doubts "no, he gave up denial " but because his apartment was shit compared to Kyle's pristine two bedroom-with-a-pool not so humble abode.

Like he needed more reasons to feel inadequate.

Of course the drive home took no time at all. Kyle wasn't an imbecile paying forty bucks for a cab to scan every street, and Marshall was giving him detailed directions.

He'd know exactly how to get to Marshall's to surprise him at all hours. Marshall couldn't tell if the shivering was from anticipation or fear.

"This is where you live?"Marshall regarded the dingy apartment building with distaste and a hint of shame, so he went for sarcastic douche.

"No, I live in a building the next town over. This is a rouse so you can't follow me home tonight."Kyle smacked his shoulder. Yes, this is Crapsville."He looked over at Kyle with near nonexistent hope.

"Any chance you'll wait here while I get ready?

"And miss my chance to see where you live? I think not."Kyle parked at a meter and hopped out to feed the machine.

Of course not. Gotta go with whatever will torment me the most as usual. Marshall trudged away from the car, only sort of hoping Kyle would be too busy to follow behind. No such luck. Kyle looped an arm through Marshall's from behind and sidled up to him, bumping their hips.

"Okay, where to?" He beamed. Seriously, how was he so damn excited? Am I really this giddy to see Kyle's place? Marshall wondered. when I first arrived at Kyle's house, I was terrified. Then again, his house is like a mini mansion.

"Elevator. Unless you like walking up seven flights of stairs." Kyle tapped his chin.

"Mm, nah. Maybe next time. We've got work to do."Marshall resisted the urge to correct e"to I" He'd begun to learn when Kyle decided something, no amount of arguing would change his mind.

At least the elevator ride wasn't painful, though Marshall blushed as he thought about the last time they had shared an elevator ride. From Kyle's grin Marshall figured he wasn't the only one reminiscing.

Thankfully six in the morning meant none of Marshall's neighbors were up to heckle Marshall's bringing a man home. Kyle would probably preen at the attention and jump into Marshall's arms demanding he be carried over the threshold like a newly wedded bride. Marshall grinned at the thought as he unlocked the door.

"What are you so chipper about?"Kyle asked, pressing his lips to Marshall's ear. Marshall shuddered, missing the keyhole and scratching the wooden door.

"Just thinking."Marshall dodged.

"About?"Kyle prompted. "With a smile that big it's got to be a juicy little tidbit."Marshall succeeded in opening the front door and ducked inside, not responding. Some thoughts were too dangerous to share with Kyle. Either he'd be offended or he'd love the idea and decide to rouse all the neighbors to make it happen right then and there. Both options were terrifying.

Unfortunately, distracting Kyle with his shitty apartment wasn't much better. He halted just inside the door, cringing. At least it wasn't messy. The ugly green couch and pathetic 18" television looked like the meager pickings of the world's worst garage sale. The tacky three-legged coffee table completed the crappy, barely furnished living room. He didn't want to even think about the threadbare kitchen.

"Uh...you can...hang out here I guess."Marshall babbled. Shit, why did Kyle have to come upstairs? Why did his place have to look so pathetic?

Marshall nearly jumped out of his skin when Kyle laid a hand on his shoulder.

"You're not going to give me a tour of your bedroom? How very rude of you." Marshall didn't comment. He reached up to touch Kyle's hand with light, slightly trembling fingers. He led the way to the bedroom, sucking in a nervous breath when he released Kyle's hand and pulled away from his touch, heading toward the closet.

"Make yourself at home, if that's even possible."He called, muttering the last part only to himself. He heard the springs of the mattress squeal and rolled his eyes, smile turning up at the edges of his mouth. Of course Kyle's attention focused on the bed.

"I'm digging this bed. Though the frame could use a little more handholds. I'm sure with a bit of rope we can fix that."Marshall laughed.

"I'm glad you're turning my bed into a bondage lover's wet dream, but I'm pretty sure your bed is plenty prepared. Let's leave my poor bed as it is, shall we?"He called, tossing his rumpled shirt and hunting down the least-wrinkled, work appropriate shirt he could find. He really needed to do some laundry...or at least buy an iron.

"It never hurts to plan ahead."Kyle replied. The bed yowled again and Marshall turned to see Kyle approaching.

"Put that down."Kyle ordered, stepping into the tiny closet, with virtually no breathing room between them. Marshall bit his lip.

"Kyle, just give me a minute to get ready."He mumbled, suddenly losing interest in his shitty apartment and the impending workload of the day. Kyle raised an eyebrow and pulled the shirt from Marshall's pliable hands. Marshall's mouth went dry and he licked his lips.

"That's what I'm trying to help with. You need to look professional you know. Now get out of the closet and let me work."Kyle grinned and Marshall gulped apprehensively.

Why did he always turn to putty at Kyle's confident smile?

* * *

Kyle was enjoying Marshall's plight a little too much.

"Nope, nevermind. Try the gold one again."Kyle dictated. Emphasis on dick.

"Are you kidding? It looks ridiculous." Marshall glared. Kyle shrugged and folded his arms across his chest.


"Come on, Kyle. I'm not wearing that."Marshall threw the stupid gold tie to the ground. "The only reason I own it is because my Nana is blind and decided I needed new ties for work."Kyle's eyes lit up.

"Do I have to withhold sex over a tie?"He asked, cocking an eyebrow."Besides, think of how happy it would make your Nana. Maybe we'll send her a picture of you wearing it, I bet it'll make her year.

"Did I mention she's blind? She won't be able to see it."But Kyle's guilt trip was working on him. Marshall decided he'd go visit her sometime that weekend. Staring at the ugly tie, he bit his lip. I'm only considering it for Nana, swore. Not because of sex. He sighed.

Okay, so it's kind of about the sex. But mostly about Nana!

"Fine. I'll wear the damn thing."Marshall picked up the poor, abused tie, refusing to look up at Kyle. "For Nana."He added unnecessarily.

"Uh huh." Damn that Kyle. Must he always be so patronizing? Marshall didn't reply, instead he popped the collar of his shirt and slipped the gold tie around his neck. As he tightened the slip of cloth he imagined he was donning a noose.

Why the hell did he turn into a corporate monkey again? Oh yeah, because he didn't have any skills.

Kyle suddenly appeared in front of him, straightening the tie and buttoning up his suit jacket. Marshall had the perfect view of those hazel eyes, green flecks glinting, almost hidden in the dark brown depths of Kyle's irises. Maybe he didn't need to resign himself to the gallows just yet.

"Ready Marshall?"Marshall shook his head, blinking up into Kyle's amused gaze.

"I was ready before."He complained. I tied it just fine, you're just anal."Kyle's lips twitched.

"I'm going to let that one go. You make mocking so easy it's not even fun anymore."Kyle's hand tightened around his lapel and he leaned in close."Back to my original point. Do you consider my ability to straighten ties sexy?"Marshall's eyebrows furrowed.

"No, and your assumption that you're some kind of sex god during every banal activity you perform isn't as alluring as you think it is."Kyle chuckled.

"I wasn't looking for an ego boost, idiot."He patted Marshall's shoulder and stepped back. Your dick was jabbing my leg the entire time I was fixing your tie."Marshall blanched, dropping his hands to cover his groin which was, indeed, hard as a rock.

"Dammit!"He groaned, turning away. What was with Kyle and his innate ability to turn Marshall into a horny teenager? Kyle laughed and grabbed Marshall's arm, dragging him around until their eyes met.

"Would you calm down? I don't care how many times you pop a boner on my leg. I take it as a compliment."Kyle winked. I know my rugged good looks are hard to resist."Marshall rolled his eyes, but a smile grew on his face.

"You're so full of yourself. What makes you think I was getting excited for you?"Marshall questioned. "Maybe I was thinking about something else."Kyle shook his head, badly hiding a smirk.

"Oh really. Pray tell, what were you thinking about?"Clearly Marshall should have thought his plan out a little better. His mouth opened but no words came out. He'd been thinking about Kyle's eyes, but he couldn't say that, not without being teased for acting like a girl. His face lit up, neck flushed red.

"Well, not you that's for sure."He muttered, unable to think up an excuse. "Whatever, let's go or we're not going to have time to get our work done."Marshall stepped around Kyle and snagged his shoes, sitting on the edge of the bed to pull them on.

"You know what, you're right. That tie looks ridiculous. Shall I grab the green one instead?"Marshall shot Kyle a glare and went to work lacing his dress shoes up.

"Too damn bad, I'm already wearing this one."He snapped, standing. "We've got too much to do rather than look for the ugliest tie to irritate me with."He flicked the light off and exited the bedroom, grabbing his keys and waiting by the front door.

"Hurry up."He called. Kyle followed behind slowly, standing just inside the apartment.

"You really want to work that badly?"Kyle asked.

"No, but I don't want to get fired either."He replied. Kyle tilted his head and pursed his lips.

"Why don't you find a better job? You're not exactly sticking around for the pay, we make jack shit."Marshall shrugged.

"It's a job and I need the money. And I don't exactly have useful skills. Or a degree. At least I make more than a waiter."He responded. Marshall waved his hand, ushering Kyle out. Now will you hurry it up?"Kyle threw up his hands in surrender and stepped over the threshold. Marshall quickly locked up and they headed to the elevator.

"I don't know how you stand working there. I despised it on day one."Kyle exclaimed conversationally. Their shoulders brushed together and Marshall shivered visibly.

"It's not so bad. A bit tedious, but I'm good at my job and that's enough for me. Crappy apartment and all."Kyle smiled wistfully.

"The only thing I'll miss is groping you in the break room."Kyle teased.

"You don't grope me enough outside of work?"Marshall replied dryly. "Hey, you mentioned putting in your two weeks. When did you do that?" Marshall asked. The elevator dinged and they headed for the door of the lobby.

"Yeah, technically it was a month notice. I gave my resignation offer that first night together, I just asked to stick around until after our project ended. I thought it would be a bit immature to quit and leave you scrambling to get things done.

"So you quit because of..."Marshall winced at the realization. Kyle nudged his shoulder.

"It was more than that. The purpose of this job was to get into character. With you around I no longer focused on my act. Once I lost focus, this job was only wasting my time. Even if you had begged for more, I would have quit."Kyle explained.

"Shit, I hope I didn't screw everything up for you too much."Marshall apologized, though Kyle brushed off his words with a flip of his fingers.

"I accomplished the experiment, if a little earlier than anticipated. Didn't I just say I would have quit either way?"Kyle reached down to lace their fingers together. "Stop freaking. I consider you my unexpected bonus for being such an amazing actor."Kyle winked.

"Ever humble, aren't you?"Marshall quipped.

"Always."Kyle laughed. Marshall followed Kyle to his car and got in without comment. He didn't feel like taking his own car, sue him.

Driving to work wasn't as painful as he'd expected. Sure, he already had doubts about what he'd done the night before, but by that point he couldn't deny reality any longer. Kyle's hand on his leg kind of made that point clear. Then again, so did Marshall's hand on top of Kyle's lacing their fingers together.

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