Office Fun Ch. 02


Marcia was sitting in the car park of the office, about to leave having just finished work, when she saw Lee walk out of the building and head towards his car. It had been four days since they had fucked in the office, and she was eager for a second round. She checked herself in the rear view mirror before beeping the horn. Lee looked towards her and she beckoned him over, winding down the window as she did.

"Hey," she said with a smile.

"Hi," he replied, ducking his head in through the window. She caught him taking a quick glance at her cleavage.

"You wanna come to my place for some fun?" she asked, deciding to get straight to the point. "I'll drive us there."

Lee's mouth opened in comic surprise for a second. "That, uh, could be a plan," he said.

"Well jump on in," she leaned across the car and opened the door for Lee. He got into her car and they drove away.

They drove for about 10 minutes in silence, the sexual tension between them filling the car. Marcia decided to have some fun while they drove. She undid the top button of her shirt, exposing more cleavage. She saw Lee look over out of the corner of her eye, and heard him take a deep breath and swallow. She smiled at the result, and put her hand on Lee's thigh and slowly caressed her way up his leg and gave his crotch a squeeze through his jeans. That should get him ready, she thought to herself.

She moved her hand down to her skirt and undid the clasp at the front. She took her hand and eased it under her thong and grabbed her semi-hard cock and began to gently rub herself. She let out an exaggerated moan and looked at Lee with hungry eyes. She could see his cock quickly hardening through his jeans.

"Baby, we're gonna have ourselves a whole lot of fun," she said.

* * *

They arrived at Marcia's house about 20 minutes later. Marcia's little show in the car had left them both horny. Marcia was particularly horny as she hadn't cum since her last encounter with Lee, and she was still partially hard when they pulled up onto her drive. Lee followed her into the house, utterly transfixed on her wiggling round ass as she walked.

She locked the door after Lee and grabbed him by the hand, spinning him around to face her. She kissed him hard and deep on the mouth. He allowed her tongue to slip into his mouth, revelling at the sensations as he kissed her with equal passion and desire. A small moan rushed from her mouth into his before she broke away from the kiss. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily.

"Let's go upstairs," she said, giving his ass a squeeze. "You've no idea how much I need to be fucked right now."

"I may have a fair idea," he said as he rubbed his palm over her already hard cock through her skirt. She rocked her hips into his palm for a few seconds before leading him by the hand to her bedroom.

As soon as they entered the room, Marcia dropped to her knees in front of Lee and undid his trousers and slid them down. She pulled down his boxers and his cock bounced free. She wrapped her lips around his cock and began to expertly suck him. She was incredible. She deep throated like a pro, smothering his cock with saliva as she slurped her way around the head. It filled Lee with an incredible tingling sensation throughout his cock. He looked down and saw that she had her other hand down her skirt, and was rubbing her own cock as she sucked his. He has craved another look at that cock ever since the printers, and to see her jerking herself but not being able to see her cock was driving him wild.

Eventually, Marcia stood up and walked backwards towards the bed, leading Lee by both hands as she did. She sat on the bed and lay back. Lee stood between her legs and lay down on top of her and began to kiss her. He slid his hand up her smooth leg and under her skirt. He eased her legs apart and felt for the top of her thong and pulled it down. Marcia lifted her ass off the bed and allowed her thong to slip over her ass. With her cock free from her underwear, Lee took it in his hand and gently began to rub it. The pre-cum build up was incredible and soon the head of her cock was lubricated with a nice sheen of the stuff.

Marcia pushed him off her and eased her way up the bed towards the pillows. She pulled her skirt and thong off in one motion and threw the thong at Lee. He caught it, and marvelled at the dampness of it. He watched as she slowly removed her top and took off her bra, letting her large, perfect breasts onto the scene. She sat naked, leaning against the headboard. Her legs were bent so her knees were about level with her eyes, and they were spread wide apart, which gave Lee a wonderful view of her perfect, rigid cock. It bobbed ever so slightly, veins protruding all around. Another drop of pre-cum had already formed on the tip. Lee thought it looked about ready to explode. Marcia would have told him that he wasn't far from the truth. Four days and no orgasm, she couldn't remember the last time she had gone so long. She took her cock in her hand and began to masturbate.

"Come here, Honey," she said. "This cock of mine needs some sucking."

Lee pulled his shirt off and crawled up the bed towards her. He kissed her right knee, and lightly kissed down her right thigh. The sensations sent small shivers through Marcia. Her breathing grew heavier as his mouth inched ever closer to her throbbing, aching cock. He took her in his hand and squeezed while moving his hand slowly up the length of her cock, pushing out a substantial blob of pre-cum. He licked her hole, taking the pre-cum as he did. He circled her fraenulum lightly with his tongue, causing Marcia to take a sharp intake of breath. His tongue moved delicately down the length of her shaft and over her smooth balls. Lee pushed her legs back, exposing her tight ass-hole. He began licking her ass-hole. Marcia moaned as she felt his tongue circle and probe. She began to stroke her cock, very slowly just in case she shot her load, because she was already not far from the edge. Lee left her asshole and took her cock in his hand again, moving her hand away as he did so. Marcia smiled and gave him a slight nod. He wrapped his lips around her cock and began to suck.

"Oh...God..." Marcia whispered as Lee slowly, inch by inch, took her cock all the way down. She felt the head of her cock hit the back of his throat before he began to pull up again. She closed her eyes and squeezed her nipple, which had become hard and very sensitive. Lee started to suck her faster and Marcia began to moan and writhe on the bed. Her free hand entangled its way into her thick brunette hair, which she grabbed and pulled as she let another deep moan escape her lips. Lee cupped her balls and began to squeeze them. Marcia was now moaning and writhing and twitching and panting as Lee continued to deepthroat her, pushing her closer to the orgasm she desperately needed.

"Lee, put your fingers inside me," she said.

He didn't need telling twice. He dropped her delicious balls and placed his index and middle fingers against her asshole. Marcia felt him slowly circle her hole and increase the pressure against her. This alone felt incredible; she needed to feel him inside her. She relaxed her ass and allowed his fingers to slip inside her.

"Ungh!" she barked and rolled her head on the pillow. Lee put her cock in his mouth and began to suck her again. "Curl your fingers up, find my prostate baby."

Lee curled his fingers until he found what he was looking for. Marcia let out a grunt and Lee tasted a drop of pre-cum emerge from her cock as her ass spasmed around his fingers. Her prostate began to instantly swell and Lee continued to massage it with both fingers.

Marcia was in heaven. Her ass and groin tingled with pleasure as she felt her prostate harden to Lee's touch. She knew she was getting close, but she didn't want to cum yet. She had to use all the distraction techniques in the book to make sure she didn't squirt down Lee's throat, as nice a thought as that was.

She let Lee suck her for about 15 minutes, all the while hovering dangerously close to the edge. She held out until Lee cheekily added a third finger to her prostate.

"Stop!" she yelled. "Slowly take your fingers out of my ass; I'm right on the edge. Very slowly."

Lee, very slowly, removed his fingers. As they slipped out of her Marcia let out a long groan. Just the feeling of Lee slipping out her had nearly made her shoot. She began to giggle.

"That was too close," she said. "I don't want to cum until your cock is deep inside me."

"Is that a hint?" Lee asked.

"Damn right it is. Fuck me, Lee. Fuck me with that big cock."

She lifted her legs up and held onto the back of her thighs. Lee positioned himself on the bed, and lined the head of his cock against her tight ass. He began to push his cock forward. Marcia bit down on her lip as she prepared to let Lee enter her. He was very big and thick and her ass was very tight. He increased the pressure and she relaxed her ass. The head of his cock popped into her. She let out a yelp which was soon lost to a moan of pleasure as she allowed herself to get used to the invasion.

"Deeper, baby," she cooed.

He slowly pushed his way into her. His cock brushed against her swollen prostate and yet more pre-cum dibbled out of her cock and onto her stomach to pool in her navel. Eventually, he was all the way inside her, his balls resting against her balls. His cock stretched her asshole almost to the point of pain. But it felt so, so good.

Lee lowered his face to hers and kissed her. While they kissed, he began to slowly thrust in and out of her. His cock pressing against her prostate at every opportunity, and Marcia's pleasure began to build enormously.

"Faster," she said.

Lee began to thrust deeper and harder, causing the headboard to rattle off the bedroom wall. Marcia began to breathe in short gasps and thought that she may actually pass out if the pleasure in her groin continued to build. Lee increased the speed again, with each thrust he almost pulled his cock out of her, and then rammed it back in as far as he could. Marcia began to whimper. She was so fucking close it was driving her mad. She looked down at her cock and the pool of pre-cum on her stomach and thought to herself that she couldn't hold back any longer.

She took her hard, aching, throbbing, pre-cum soaked cock in her hand and began to very lightly rub it. Her fingers barely caressed the skin, but she knew that very soon, this with the combined thrusting of Lee's cock in her ass would be more than enough.

"Fuckin' hell, Lee," she cried. "I'm so close. Your big cock makes me feel so good!"

"Let yourself go, baby."

He kissed her again, and fucked her harder. Marcia's fingers were still giving her cock the very lightest of caresses, but she could feel her orgasm rapidly building. She closed her eyes and began to breathe in short, fast gasps. Her heart rate quickened as her balls began to draw tight against her body. So close.

"Don't. You. Fucking. Stop!" she screamed, each word in time with Lee's thrusting.

She felt her cock stiffen in her hands. She resisted the urge to furiously jerk off, knowing that her orgasm would be far more intense if she continued to very lightly caress it. Instead, she began to use just one finger, which she moved in a circular motion over her fraenulum, using the ample amounts of pre-cum as lube. As her cock hardened, her ass began to clench around Lee's girth. She used her stomach muscles to push down, making her ass even smaller and increasing the pleasure even further.


She slowed the finger stroking her cock even further as her cock got harder and harder, and her ass clamped tighter and tighter. Her ass was quivering under the pressure and the intense pleasure. After what seemed like an eternity being stuck in pure orgasmic bliss, she felt her cock finally begin to spasm.


Each time her cock spasmed, a jet of cum shot up her stomach. The first and second reached her throat. Her ass convulsed around Lee with incredible force, who continued to pound relentlessly. After about 10 seconds, her cock finally stopped erupting. She looked down, and saw her body was covered with cum. Four days worth of come. Her ass still spasmed around Lee and her body still gave the occasional twitch of pleasure.

"Mmmmmmmm.....That was incredible," she said. "Shoot deep in my ass, baby. I can tell your close."

Lee began to pound her again. She grabbed his ass and pulled her deeper into him with each thrust. He put a hand on her breast and began to rub the cum which she had shot up onto them. Marcia felt his whole body stiffen against her, and she held him tight knowing he was about to cum. His cock started to shoot inside her and he let out a low grunt and his body twitched in her arms. He let out a final cry and looked down at her. He bend towards her and kissed her. His torso rubbing her cum her cum into both their sweaty bodies.

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