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I hate working late - or I did until recently. I spend my time in a suit in an office making sure the wheels of industry turn smoothly. At the end of each quarter the returns have to be completed and that means I end up working after hours.

Now, because of my desk-bound job I do my best to keep trim. So in spite of my 45 years I manage to make sure that the body is fit: the weight stays down, the muscles are toned and to make sure that when the opportunity arises itself I can present my assets to the world in the best of shape, I shave. I keep my balls smooth and that sensitive bit between the balls and the arse and around the hole are hair-free, smooth and very, very sensitive!

So, it was the end of the quarter and I had all these reports to go through and correct. I'd resigned myself to the fact that this was going to be one long, long evening and once everyone else had cleared out of the office I loosened my tie, made myself a coffee and started to plough through the seemingly endless sheets of figures.

I was so engrossed in my work that I didn't notice the security guy standing next to me for several minutes. I didn't see him, I sort of sensed his presence, felt his body heat.

"Hi, working late again?"

"Indeed I am, sorry we haven't met, I'm Jon."

"Chas, nice to meet you Jon."

"Yea - you too. Fancy a coffee or are do you need to be somewhere?"

"No, coffee sounds good."

I got up from my computer and went into the kitchen, Chas followed. He was slightly taller than me, thicker set and younger. Like mine, his hair was close-cropped but unlike me he had long shaped side-burns, they framed his face and gave him a cool look. He was in the standard uniform of our buy-in security company: dark trousers, white shirt and black boots. His shirt was open at the neck and I could see his chest was thick with dark hair. Mmm.

I must've been staring as the cup I'd been putting coffee into was overflowing into the sink and the hot water burnt my hand. I put the cup down cursing:

"Damn! Sorry I seem to have spilt it - I'll do you another."

"No worries - here let me look" and he took my rather red hand in his and put it under the cold tap to take the heat out of the burn. I was conscious of the bulk and proximity of his body and there was a faint smell of cologne too, not sweet but musky and it entered my brain and started little bells ringing.

So, eventually we managed to get our coffees and we went to the rest area and sat opposite one another on a couple of sofas, Chas relaxed with his body right back in the chair, legs apart and as he drank his coffee we chatted.

I learned that he was not a regular in our building but had been drafted in to cover someone who was off sick, and he was near the end of his shift as well. We chatted easily and as we taked I felt I was being drawn into this man. It wasn't obvious but it was happening and I also felt a stirring inside my suit trousers - it was an automatic reaction when I met someone who I fancied and I was beginning to realise that I fancied this complete stranger. I had no idea whether he was gay, straight or whatever, I just knew I wanted him.

My erection by this time was forcing the material of my trousers into a tent. If he had noticed Chas said nothing. We finished our coffee and I made to get back to my work.

"You really gotta finish that stuff tonight?" he asked.

"I ought to" I replied, "Why?"

"Well I just wondered if you fancied cutting loose for a beer ... or something."

Or something. What exactly did he mean by that? My mind was working overtime but it was also being taken over by my sexual attraction and so I thought - what the hell - and agreed.

I met him in the lobby and we walked to the underground car park. He was still in his uniform, me in my suit and we got into his car. As I buckled up he turned to me and raising his hand to my necktie he said,

"D'you mind if I make you a little less formal?"

And with that he slowly, deliberately unknotted my tie, took it from around my neck and carefully folded it and handed it to me.

"You're off duty now, relax"

He drove to a local bar and we ordered drinks and settled in the corner seat. This meant that we were now side by side and I could once again feel the heat from this man's body. And as I sat next to him his body seemed to grow, and the heat seemed to increase and once again I had a tent pole between my legs. Then I felt his hand on my thigh and he slowly, slowly moved towards the tent until he enclosed it in his hand.


With that he took my hand and put it on his own thigh and the shock of the heat coming from his body hit me. I was also aware of a long bulge snaking down the inside of his leg and as I touched it, it twitched! This guy was hung, his cock must've been about 10" long and it looked like I was going to benefit from every inch - I hoped!

We finished our drinks and Chas said,

"OK lets go to my place"

So we got in his car and once again as I buckled up he leant over but this time he undid some of the buttons on my shirt and slipped his hand inside, reaching my nipple and rubbing it with his big fingers. Then he turned my head to face him and we kissed...

More to follow...

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