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This is a different tale of a first meeting between online lovers. But it was inspired by Pearl_Prynne’s “Incandescence,” which is posted here on Literotica – I highly recommend it……..

It had taken me a long time to convince her to do this. That she was allowed to accept the love from me that she couldn’t get from her husband. Oh, it didn’t mean that she loved him one bit less at all. Just that she had some needs that weren’t being fulfilled, and that maybe I was the right man to take care of them for her.

It was fall – the leaves had turned their shades of red and gold, the mountain air was crisp with the hint of the coming winter. We had been dating occasionally all summer long – a lunch in a secluded restaurant here, a horse ride there. From our first date months before our affection had progressed – from tentative formal handshakes to delicious hand holding under the table during clandestine lunches all the way to a gentle kiss or two. Eventually we realized that our needs matched, and she had become comfortable enough with me to give me permission to become her new lover.

I met her in the hotel, the best room in the best hotel in town – “Nothing’s too good for my Lori,” I’d said, and I was gratified that she had believed me. Lori was very precious to me – a truly special girl in every way, but it had taken me months to get her to begin to believe in her value. She was comfortable enough to say yes, but still a little nervous when we met in our new lover’s nest.

We’d talked about some of her desires, and she knew that I was going to try to indulge her fancies this afternoon, but she had no idea of what I was actually planning.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked, cupping her cheek gently in my hand. Lori had nodded, but her eyes shyly avoided mine. But I insisted. “You have to answer me, princess. Is this really what you want?”

Her voice was soft and romantic, and yet firm – I was her best chance to finally have some of the things she had learned that she wanted. Novel desires had been discerned through her newly discovered stories on the internet, and I was going to try to bring them true for her. But I wasn’t sure that she would ultimately agree. At least, not until she said it.

“Yes, Jonathan.”

I waited a moment, trying to discern if she was sublimating her true desires in an effort to please me. But all I read in her eyes was lusty anticipation, and I was thrilled that Lori had chosen me to indulge her inner needs. I nodded and gently moved my lips close to hers, sharing our breath before the first sensual touching of our lips that we both knew would lead us to a new existence together.

I reached into my pack and withdrew a blindfold. She was a little surprised, and a touch of fear tickled the very back of her eyes. After all, we didn’t know each other that well, did we? But in some ways we were closer than Lori and her husband had ever been, and I was touched that she trusted me enough to let me continue in spite of her fear.

I placed the blindfold on her head, the cool silk soothing her eyes with the darkness it brought. I caressed her lips with mine again, and then I tucked my fingers into the waistband of her jeans and unsnapped them.

“Take off your shoes,” I said, and after a moment’s hesitation, Lori kicked off her sneakers. She stood there trembling gently as I bent down and slid her jeans and panties down her long legs. I had complimented them before, but seeing them naked for the first time I blurted it out again. “God, I love your legs.” I put her hand on my shoulder so that she could brace herself as I made her lift her leg and step out of her pants.

Naked but for her shirt and socks, I led Lori to the blanket which I’d placed on the floor. I put a pillow under her head, kissed her gently and asked her if she was comfortable. She nodded shyly, biting her lip, and I thought she was about the cutest thing I’d ever seen. I had to unfasten my pants to set myself free because looking at her half naked body waiting for me was more than my swelling excitement could stand.

I took the rope from my pack – a special cord which I’d purchased just for the occasion. It was soft and white, as thick around as my Lori’s finger. I took her leg (so smooth, so pretty) and bent it at the knee, putting her heel against the back of her thigh. I wrapped many lengths of the cord right above her ankle and around her thigh, binding her calf to her thigh in a bent position. Then, gently, I did the same to her other leg.

Her trembling hadn’t stopped – whether from fear or lust or anticipation I did not know. But I knew Lori well enough to know that she would want what was coming. I spread her legs wide, laying them flat on the floor. She was as exposed as she’d ever been, and helpless to boot. Surely none of her lovers had ever seen her looking quite this naked? I could smell her excitement. I tied her legs to the hotel room furniture so that she couldn’t move them – she was pinned like a butterfly, as uncovered and bare as she had ever been, her wet slit puffy and awaiting my attentions.

I finished stripping off my clothes, and then I got the last item from my pack. I arranged the lamps so that she could easily see what was right in front of her, but so that her crotch was in shadow. I opened the book to the proper spot and placed it in Lori’s hands as I removed the blindfold.

“You have to read this story to me, princess,” I whispered. I reached between her legs and gave her a gentle rub. Her all-day anticipation had caused her to be very wet already, and I gently massaged her swollen nubbin. She closed her eyes the better to enjoy my touch, but I immediately stopped.

“No, no, no. You only get to be loved when I can hear your voice,” I whispered.

She looked up at me in amazement, trying to decide if I could really mean such a thing. I gave her a look that said, ‘I’m waiting,’ and she reluctantly turned her eyes to the story.

It was a tale of a pretty young girl who had been tied with her legs spread wide so that her lover could have her whenever he wanted. He would come and have his pleasure with her over and over, but he never allowed her own ultimate release.

She began reading out loud, her voice hesitant at first, soft lusty whisper that went straight to my heart. “Deep down inside she had always known what she wanted, but it was only recently that her desires were brought to light so that she could examine and indulge them.”

I lowered myself between her legs and gently caressed her swollen slit with my tongue. At my first touch her body shuddered from the contact, and she stopped reading. I immediately stopped licking, and waited for her to continue.

Understanding the game now, Lori read some more, her voice shaky with desire as she tried to concentrate on the page. A soft trembling threaded its way through her speech, as the sensations between her legs combined with the heady tale of the girl in the story. “The long anticipation that she’d unknowingly been feeling all of her life was about to end, and her expectations of its demise were fraught with a new and imperative longing.”

As she continued to read, I continued my gentle ministrations. A soft caress with my lips on her swollen nub, a slippery lick between her inner and outer lips, or a gentle push with my tongue against her opening. Her musky hole yielded her liquid to me, and I reveled in her salty sweet taste. Every once in a while the pleasure became too much and she would close her eyes and her telling of the tale would halt. Each time I would immediately stop, waiting for her impending orgasm to recede.

How she stood the climbing tension I will never know - the merciless teasing and the give and take of it had her so close to cumming for such a long time that I thought she would simply melt under my tongue. Bound open as she’d always dreamed of being, heartlessly teased and expected to read to me at the same time was the very embodiment of her desires. Little pre-orgasmic waves rippled through her tummy and thighs, but every time she came close to cumming or stopped reading I would stop my licking, and she was forced to keep reading in order to keep being pleasured. I relished every single drop of the liquid that she gave me.

I listened as Lori read, her voice gentle and trembling to my ears. I thought that maybe there was a tear in her eye from the exquisite frustration, but I wouldn’t lick any harder or faster. Sometimes I had to stop even though her voice bravely continued, because I didn’t want her to finish before the last line of the story. I admired her strength, her ability to continue to read aloud in spite of her demanding little slit. My tongue gently appreciated every bit of her nether regions.

Finally she reached the end of the tale, her voice masked by her panting as her orgasm overtook her. “And she came and she came and she came.”

Lori squealed and dropped the book as I allowed her sweet release, pressing my tongue against her most sensitive spot and swirling it in little circles. She grabbed my head and moaned as she pulled my lips against her hole, grinding her orgasm out of her and straight into my hungry mouth.

I swallowed every single drop of her juice, savoring her salty tang. The effect on me was nothing short of electrifying. It was as if my sex was becoming engorged not on my blood, but on Lori’s liquids. Every drop that she leaked into my waiting mouth seemed to go straight between my legs, making me harder and bigger than ever before. Her thighs trembled as she came, and her whole body shuddered. I held on tightly, my arms wrapped around her bare legs and soft white ropes, my face buried in her secret place.

As her orgasm settled into after-shocks, I gently lapped her slit in time to the waves of pleasure. Little yelps escaped her lips as she wound down and her energy transferred itself to me. Her cumming slowed, and I slowed my licking to match her. Finally, she was done.

I kneeled up between her bound legs, my sex as stiff as it had ever been, dripping and waiting permission to enter her. But I wanted more. I wanted her attention, and her vocal submission.

“Baby?” I asked gently. Her soft panting and dazed after-cum languor kept her from answering. I gently stroked the inside of her thighs, letting my hand slip over her sensitive crotch every now and again. “Baby? Do you want me now?”

She nodded, tears leaking from her eyes as she bit her lip.

“Baby? It’s hard, and it’s ready for you. Are you ready for me?”

She nodded again, harder this time and wondering why I wouldn’t just give the damn thing to her. It obviously wanted to be inside her. She had been teased for so long, and then finally allowed her sweet release. But her slit was still aching to be filled, to share itself with me. Why wouldn’t I just give it to her?

“Lori? Baby? Do you want me inside you now? You have to ask me. You have to beg me. I’m only going to ask one more time. Can I shove myself into you and pound your pretty little pussy until I fill it with hot cum?”

She gasped with relief – now she knew how this part of the game was to be played. She nodded firmly, love in her eyes as she gratefully surrendered her most precious self to me.

Pleadingly, gratefully she answered me.


As always, I hope you enjoyed the story. This one is a little different than most of my others. But I have others to read if you click on the link. Vote and send me your opinions – I love to hear them.

Thanks for reading!

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