tagMind ControlOkay... Ch. 01

Okay... Ch. 01


Part 1 – Tammy

I've spent some time trying to piece together when and where it started working the way it does today, but I can't. I do know that if it worked when I was a child, and my mother was still around, I would have had all the toys I wanted. I do remember a few times when I was young saying under my breath "please leave," or something to that effect when Baywatch would come on getting to watch it alone. Once or twice things like being in the supermarket and seeing a hot woman by herself and pleading in a whisper to no one, "just bend over, let me see up your skirt a little," and then getting to see her panties. Really though, I think everyone has experiences like that. I always just thought it was luck.

The first time I was aware of what was happening was with my step sister, Tammy. She was about half a year older than me, and we were both wasting our first summer out of college at my dad's, and her mom's house in Phoenix while they were in Hawaii. Tammy would have been good looking if a bag was over her head. She had gone to college on a track scholarship. She was svelte legged, had an amazing ass, slender well muscled waist, an antigravitic 34B, and about as pretty on the front of her head as a mud fence that had been used for target practice with a machine gun. Tammy and I had only known each other since our last couple of years in high school. Our parents had been married for about five years, and for those five years we had both spent four in college. She wasn't really family to me, just some hot girl I didn't want to make eye contact with.

I had been watching TV in a pair of swim trunks, trying to keep cool. She was parading her tall, lean, tanned body around in a red string bikini top and short shorts. The shorts weren't short enough that her ass was hanging out, but were tight enough to see the outline of the bikini bottoms underneath. We crossed paths in the kitchen. There was a pileup trying to get to the fridge, and it escalated into name calling. She called me an asshole, and I said, "You can suck my dick."

Her eyes glazed over, she set the pitcher of tea she had in her hand down on the counter and started to slowly walk toward me. With the vacant expression on her face I really didn't know what to expect from her. Our fights had turned a little violent in the past, slapping mostly, but normally when that happened she looked more pissed. I didn't know then what the blank stare was or what to expect from it. About halfway to me she blandly said, "Okay." I raised my hands as she got nearer in case she attacked, but to my surprise she dropped to her knees instead. She yanked my trunks right down, and my cock was in her mouth in a matter of seconds.

I was in disbelief. My mouth hung open and I heard somebody using my voice to say, "Woah dude." She got it hard in no time, and worked it in quick, long, fluid, handless, strokes, whipping her ponytail into her back as she did. I just let her work. Within five or ten minutes I was cumming hard in her mouth. I was too light headed from my orgasm to notice where the cum went, but I like to think she swallowed it without being told to.

"Oh my god." She looked up at me while I caught my breath. I grinned down at her half panicked face. "Oh my god, Mike," she said again, "You CANNOT tell anybody I did that."

I nodded, and gasped out an, "yeah."

"I don't know what came over me." She stood and poured a glass of tea, swishing it around in her mouth and spitting it into the sink. "You should put your pants back on, dude."

Still stunned from what happened, I nodded again, and said, "yeah," but just stood there.

"No, really. This is awkward." She pointed a manicured nail at my crotch, "Pants, Mike. You should wear them."

I pulled my trunks up, "Right. Pants. Don't tell. Got it."

Blankly she said, "You're a fucking cretin," and walked out of the room to spend the next twenty minutes franticly brushing her teeth.

I didn't know what to do with the fact that my sort-of-hot step sister just blew me in our parent's kitchen. I especially didn't know what to do with the fact that it seemed like she did it because I told her to, and that she seems to think she did it of her own volition. I went back to staring at the TV, but really my mind was racing over what just happened. Tammy came into the room after a while. "So we're adults, right? We aren't actually related." I looked away from the TV to her. She had her arms crossed over her chest and what I guess was an agonized look on her hideous face. "That was just a thing. Just between us." She paused waiting for a response from me, "Right?"

I had to figure this thing out, and she had spent long enough brushing her teeth that I was feeling ready for more. "Take your shorts off."

She did. No hesitation. Her horrible face was glazed slightly again, but the full view of her bikini made up for it. "Go in the back yard, by the hot tub." She walked to the sliding glass door, opened it, and walked over to the above ground hot tub. "Huh." I got up and followed her out. I was already starting to get hard again, and she wasn't even doing anything yet. I stood about three feet from her, facing each other and said, "Turn around. Bend over the edge." She did. The top edge of the hot tub was just below her hips, she was close enough to the surface of the water that her hair, and even her tits, dipped into the tiny waves occasionally. I walked up behind her and quickly untied the right side of her bikini bottoms, leaving them to hang like a red flag from her other hip. She didn't protest. I grabbed her round, beautiful ass with both hands. She still didn't protest.

I kept a firm grip with my left hand, and raised my right to my mouth and spit on my first two fingers. I smeared the spit on her asshole, and finally she pleaded, "No, please."

"Just let me put my fingers in your ass."


Okay? She said okay.

I looked around quickly to make sure this wasn't some kind of prank, that nobody was waiting to jump out of the bushes and shout, "JUST KIDDING! Man, aren't you a fucking idiot?" and slid two fingers slowly into my step sisters asshole.

She gasped, but she didn't say no.

I worked her asshole with my fingers for a few minutes, but got over the novelty pretty quick. I really wanted a better idea of how this thing I was doing worked. "Hold your ass open for me." Both of her hands came around and held her cheeks apart. Her face nearly dipped into the water when she did, but her well muscled body held her back up. I walked over to where she had been tanning earlier in the day. I didn't know what I was looking for, but figured I at least needed some suntan oil for this. I found it, and nearby was a one liter water bottle. "Oh. That should do." I walked back to where she was bent over the tub, already smearing oil on the bottle. She had a cute little gape going still from my fingers, every so often it puckered shut as I watched.

"Alright Tammy. I'm going to put this up your ass."

I didn't know what to expect, so, "Please don't," wasn't a surprise.

"Come on , let me put it up your ass."

This time she whimpered, "Okay."

Huh. Okay again? I needed more experimentation, but right then, I really needed to sodomize my step sister with that bottle.

I was amazed at how easy it was to get in there.

She gasped , and shouted, "Ow dude!!!"She turned her head to look at me over her shoulder, tears ran at the corners of her eyes, and she started to hyperventilate a little, "That really hurts!"

"Well, you better start enjoying it."

She kept hyperventilating around the word, "okay." Tears kept running at her eyes, and her face still looked like she was almost in pain. Almost. The change in her posture though was undeniable. She ground back against the bottle as if she was trying to signal a low flying plane with the bikini bottoms still tied to her hip. Her thighs started to quake, and her heavy breathing turned to a high pitched wine. I stood watching in awe, holding the bottle in place as her nearly perfect body convulsed in a long, brutal, all anal orgasm.

She arched her back as she drew a heavy breath, then flopped as if exhausted, face first into the hot tub. Bubbles rose from the sides of her head, then stopped.

I was still totally stunned and instead of, I don't know, helping her or something, I just said in a panic, "Shit... Tammy! Don't drown!"

She whipped her head back, coughed out a lung or two's worth of water, and said breathlessly, "okay."

Holy shit.

Through the clear bottle I could plainly see what was probably the only part of her body I wanted to look at less than her face. I pulled it out and tossed it aside on the patio. Her asshole slowly tried to regain its original shape. Below it, her pussy had frothed up and slicked her blonde pubes down around its edges. Drips from it ran down the insides of her thighs to her knees, even over the bikini bottoms. My cock was hard before, but something about her flopping into the tub and nearly drowning made it feel like it was going to explode. I had to do it. "I'm going to fuck you."

"Come on! What the fuck?" she whined.

Right then, I think I got it. I had to ask in a way that still gave her the option to say yes or no. "Can I fuck you?"

Calmly this time, "Okay." Bingo.

I pulled my trunks down, kicked them aside, and slid my cock directly into her blonde framed vagina. She groaned. I did too. I went slow for a couple minutes as some part of my brain ran around in circles, high-fiving the other parts, shouting, "Dude! You are fucking TAMMY!" Once that stopped and I could get into it, I picked up the pace. Her hands had moved to the edge of the hot tub, applying the pressure that kept her face out of the water. Her chin occasionally slapped the surface, and dipped low enough that she had to spit out mouthfulls of water every fourth or fifth time I slammed my cock into her.

I had to do something about her hands.

"You should put your hand up your ass."

She looked back over her shoulder at me, and said calmly, "Okay." She reached over and grabbed the suntan oil with her left hand, generously applied it to her right, and forced the whole thing past her sphincter in one go like it was nothing. Compared to the bottle, it basically was nothing. The pressure against my cock was insane though. It was as though her vagina was suddenly trying to wring out a cock shaped sponge. We both groaned in different tones at the same time.

I reached up and grabbed her ponytail with my right hand, I went back to fucking her slowly as she awkwardly fisted her ass. I lifted her left leg up onto the edge of the hot tub, getting us both a better angle. It also kept her free left hand flailing in the air.

"Don't drown."

As my meaning became clear to her, her expression twisted into what I guess could have been panic. With her face it probably would have been a similar expression if I had just handed her a kitten or a time bomb. "Okay," she whimpered. I kept my right hand tangled in her hair, but now instead of pulling, pushed. I planted my elbow in her back to help, and pulled at the edge of the hot tub with my left hand for leverage. She hit the surface with a slap. Bubbles rose from around her head. Her right hand continued pumping at her asshole, while her left uselessly slapped at the water.

The bubbles stopped, and her right hand started to slow. I kept fucking her. Her right hand nearly stopped, then twitched. I hauled her head out of the water. She gasped when she broke the surface, but it caught in her throat and coughed out water. Her right arm jerked in time with her cough, and eventually she started pumping it again.

Without warning I leaned my elbow into her back again and she plunged into the water. The bubbles seemed to stop faster this time, her right hand twitched almost immediately. I pulled her out, and again she caught her breath.

I yanked back at her hair, turning her slightly so she lay over the corner of the tub instead, keeping her out of the water for now. I let go of her ponytail and let her head hang over the grass. She was gasping for breath but slowly it returned to something like I imagined normal breathing was for getting fucked while fisting your own ass.

I reached up and untied the back strap of her bikini top. I let it hang lose around her neck, and slowly took up the halter in my right hand, tightening it around her throat. When she realized what was happening her left hand clutched for the bikini top. Her eyes bugged at me over her shoulder, and I kept tightening the top around her throat. "Baby, let me choke you," I whispered sweetly into her ear.

Her left hand lowered and she croaked, "Okay."

I continued in a loving tone, "You can struggle if you want." I pulled the top tightly around her throat, planting my elbow in her back again for extra leverage.

Her lips looked a little swollen from the pressure, but mouthed something that looked like, "Okay."

Her right hand left her ass, and oilslicked it's way up to the back of my head. She couldn't get a grip with it, but her left pulled the front down enough that she could catch a short breath. With her twitching and arching I could barely get a thrust in. Eventually she kicked out with one of her powerful legs against the side of the hot tub.

We twisted and toppled over the edge of the tub and into the grass. I was on my back, and she was turned at an angle to me face down. My right hand was still twisted in the bikini top around her throat. I tightened it and circled back around on top of her while she struggled for her bearings and her breath. I got my knees between her thighs and forced them outward. I looped my left arm around the outside of her elbow, grabbing the back of her neck and pinning her arm to my side. I pushed down gently on the back of her neck with my left, and pulled up at the bikini top with my right. She coughed out a rumbling choke as her right hand slapped at my side.

I rubbed my cock against her, and easily slipped into her stretched out ass. I started fucking it savagely. I leaned down over her shoulder and looked into her face. Both of her eyes were red from the chlorine, a trickle of blood ran down her nose from the fall, her lips were swollen, her mouth wide open and gasping. "Tammy sweetheart, you should cum for me." She blinked once, and then she exploded.

Her eyes rolled in her head, her mouth fruitlessly sucked at air, her pelvis rolled in time with my cock thrusts, both of her knees buckled as though they were actually supporting a weight, leaving her toes curling into the air. I wasn't long after that. I pumped what felt like a massive load into her ass. I came so hard I got a leg cramp and rolled off of her to the side to stretch it out.

I laid there on my back staring at the sky, in the grass, one knee pulled up against my chest. Tammy, got her elbows under her ribs with her shoulders up and her face hung, gasping for breath at the grass.

She broke the silence. "Wow."


"Yeah." She leaned her head back, looking at me instead of the grass." I don't know if it's more unbelievable that I let you do all that, or that I enjoyed it so much."

I told her to enjoy it, right? Did that happen? Did she consent to enjoying it, or was that just a perk? I laughed uncomfortably while my mind raced on the consequences of all this. "You should make me lunch."

"Fuck you, Mike."

Huh. It was worth a shot I guess.

More to come!)

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