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Old Friend Stays Over


Sandra, in her mid 20's, had been a friend of ours since high school. She was 5'6, a little bit overweight, large-breasted, long brown hair, big brown eyes. She always had trouble with boyfriends, relationships never lasted. Usually she would be broken-hearted and leaning on our shoulder about something. Really it became a bit tiresome over the years to keep hearing the same story, it was kind of good that she lived in another city.

But having a guest is always unique, and news of her visit was quite welcome. Probably good for Sandra, too, to be traveling somewhere for a change.

My wife and I greeted her the afternoon of her arrival. Quickly she shared the usual soap opera story of her unhappy love life...but it was good to see her anyways, and we also laughed and joked, caught up on old times...

My wife Cathy was heading off on a retreat that evening, due to return in 2 days' time. So Cathy and Sandra said their good-byes after dinner. We'd set up our spare bedroom for Sandra, down the hall from the master bedroom.

Sandra and I stayed up to talk a while longer, and in frustration I said to her "you've got to act on what you want, Sandra, you can't just let life keep passing you by..." She didn't say much in response, before we both retreated to our rooms for the night.

A half-hour later, I had settled into bed, had just turned the lights out, when I heard bare feet on the hallway floor. A moment later there was a knock on the door.

I slung on a robe, and went over to open the door. Sandra was in her nightgown, in bare feet. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

"Can we talk a bit more, Bill?" she asked.

We sat together on the couch, she cried, I listened, I consoled. It was getting cold in the house, so I got her a blanket to cover up. She shared it with me.

It was still a bit cold, and she said "hey Bill, would it be okay if we cuddled up a bit?"

We sat closer. The warmth from her body was nice. I noticed how beautiful her long brown hair was, and my hand reached over to touch it briefly, before I put my arm around her shoulder. For the first time all evening, she seemed to settle down.

We stayed like that for about half an hour.

"Well Sandra, I think we should head to bed now...are you feeling better?"

She nodded, and we again retreated to our bedrooms. I had an erection which I tried to hide. She noticed both my erection and my embarrassment about it, but pretended that she hadn't seen. She politely excused herself, and shut her bedroom door.

A half hour later, I had been thinking about the evening, still had a bit of an erection, but finally was on the verge of dozing off in my darkened room. I heard the door slowly creep open, without a knock, and soft footsteps of bare feet tip-toeing across the floor.

There was the sound of clothes rustling and dropping to the floor, before she climbed under the heavy down comforter in my bed, next to me.

"Sandra, what-"

"Shhh..." she said. "Let's just cuddle some more. It's cold in your house."

"I don't think we should, Sandra, I-"

"Bill, I'm acting on what I want, and I'm not just letting life pass me by."

With that, I let it go. We cuddled a bit. We lay on our sides, and I was facing away from her. A few minutes later, she started gently squirming a little bit, and her hands started moving over different parts of my partially clothed body. What was initially a friendly hug became a gentle massage of my shoulders. I could feel the warmth of her body, from where her bare breasts touched my back, from where her groin rubbed up against my ass, and from her hot breath on my neck. Her hands brushed down over my pyjamas, gently over my much harder erection.

She unbuttoned my pyjamas, slid them down, and her bare hands took hold of my cock, just holding it gently, touching, softly exploring. Meanwhile her body was gently writhing against mine, she seemed to be grinding her groin up against my bare ass, and her hot naked feet started moving up and down my lower legs.

I turned over and gave in.

"Fuck, Sandra." We kissed, our tongues throbbing wetly against each other's, our bodies grinding and squirming side by side. She grabbed my cock and expertly positioned it at her cunt. Wordlessly, she arched her back, pushing my cock into her soft pussy. She had my cock inside her within 10 seconds of my turning over.

It's so interesting and sexy to be inside someone you've known for so long, yet never lain naked with.

When I contemplated the size of her large, full, fat breasts with massive areolas and stiff, turgid nipples, and appreciated their lush, velvety light brown skin with little freckles I had never known about, seeing them rock and jiggle with every movement we made, I almost blew my load right then.

"I've wanted to fuck you all these years, Bill. I want to be your secret whore. Now fill me with cum...blow your load in my cunt...I want to feel your cum shoot into me...don't hold back...I'm your dirty slut now...just fuck me and cum in me...let it go...don't wait...let it happen...fill me up...do it...do it...my cunt is thirsty...I want to see your eyes when you cum in me..." She stopped talking, and just looked deeply into my eyes, with a smile, kissing me with her tongue every few seconds, and she wrapped her arms around my ass, pulling me hard and deep into her. Her cunt muscles tightened and relaxed in rhythm with the sensuous gyrations of her torso. I felt her writhing legs and feet, and her feet flexed tightly against my legs as she gasped loudly and shuddered.

For that first time, I only lasted 2 minutes. It was sooo sexy, side by side, her big breasts flopping to her side, her hot curvy body writhing against mine, our feet playing with each other's, our tongues deep inside each other's mouths...when it came time, I just let it go, it was like a bubble burst, and my cock and her cunt became one. After a few surges of cum, her pussy started squeezing, milking out more and more cum from the last part of my orgasm.

We feel asleep together like that, my softening cock still inside of her.

When I awoke 2 hours later, Sandra was facing the other way. A strong odor of our bodies filled the bed. I gently rubbed her soft shoulders, and reached around to feel her breasts. I had another erection, and this time Sandra was again grabbing gently onto my cock and positioning herself. I tried to cooperate, but she squirmed out of the way a bit.

"Fuck my ass" she said. "I'll bet Cathy doesn't give you that."

She was right. Sandra backed up against me, and forced my hard cock up into her anus. It had some trouble popping inside, but once in, it was sublime! Tight, dirty, sexy beyond belief, as Sandra squirmed, tightening her anus against my cock as she moaned and swore. She welcomed my intensifying thrusts with more of her own, until the bed was shaking and banging against the wall. I didn't want to hurt her, but she kept saying "push it in deeper, stick it up my ass" as she pushed herself back onto my cock with all her force. I did end up so deep inside her that my balls were tightly lodged between her vagina and her anus, and she massaged them gently with her hands, moaning as we pushed each other back and forth with our hips. Her anus had such a tight grip on me that we were really locked together, I couldn't have pulled out if I tried.

"Shoot your cum up my ass" she said, over and over again, sometimes in a sweet, melodious voice, sometimes in a husky, lusty growl, sometimes a firm command, but over and over again, until, 15 minutes later, after I'd held back as long as I could, I had a massive orgasm, dumping a huge load of semen into her bowels, her anus spasmodically gripping my softening cock like a vice.

We collapsed together. "Thank you, thank you..." she kept repeating, some of the cum dribbling out. She scooped up whatever she could, and popped it into her mouth.

We had a nice breakfast the next morning, after putting the bedding in the wash.

We had a closer friendship after that. The following year, Sandra got married. Her own personal problems seemed to resolve. It was as if there was a tension inside her that needed to be relieved, after which she could carry on with her life...

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