tagGroup SexOld Friends Make Three

Old Friends Make Three


It was on a Friday night, the 25th Year High School reunion of good old Fulton High. Nearly the entire class had attended. It was held at the prestigious Helton Banquet Hall, high atop Helton Hill. Old friends reuniting after all these years. Jock's still showing off old injuries, the geeks and nerds showing off their trophy wives, the pep squad still cheering everyone on. Fun and merriment was had by all, late into the night. It was good to see old friends. It felt like home.

Tony and James had grown up together, lived 3 doors down from one another, road bikes and played ball together. They were best friends from the beginning. James met Amanda in their Jr. year of high school. She was a transfer student. She was born in Southern Italy but when she was 15 her parents moved to the US and settled down in Georgia, one block over from James.

The first time she saw James, and their eyes met, it was love at first sight. James was 6.2, 180 lbs., dark hair, hazel green eyes, nice broad shoulders, strong muscled legs and large cannon like arms. James loved sports. Weather it was football or baseball; he was there, in the game. Amanda was into sports as well, swimming and tennis was more her speed. The first time they met, James couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Although she was young, she had a very mature body. Her hair a dark brunette, dark olive skin with not a blemish in sight. Big brown eyes, beautiful lips the color of cherries, large breast with a small waist to show off her flat stomach. To James she appeared as a Greek goddess. Not to long after high school they married.

Tony was James's best man at their wedding. Shortly after the wedding, Tony was transferred to California for work. From there they all said their good byes and Tony moved on.

The years past, Tony & James tried to keep in touch, but life itself takes you in different directions. Twenty-five years has now past, here we are, life comes back full circle.

The following day Tony came over to James's and Amanda's for a true Italian dinner. They talked and laughed over several bottles of wine. It was a nice warm July night. The night sky full of stars and a big bright full moon. By the time they opened the 3rd bottle of wine, all three feeling very uninhabited, moved their party to the outdoor hot tub.

Amanda in her early 40's still had a body that was hot enough to turn any head. Decided that her coral colored bikini top was at this time one piece of clothing she could go without.

As the wine was poured, their closeness more apparent. Amanda always cared deeply for Tony. He had always been a great friend, never jealous that she stole his best friend away. Tony was just as handsome as James, all these years; they have treated him very well. A little silver appeared around the temples, still same great smile, dark brown hair and those piercing blue eyes. He finally grew into the body he has now, thanks to years in the military. Now a commander, barking out orders to his troops, with a rough, tough exterior. But inside, still sweet and gentle.

Smiles turned into giggles, looks turned to touches, amidst the bubbles of the hot tub water jets.

James pulled Amanda between him and Tony. He gave Tony a node of approval as he offered up Amanda's breast that he had cupped in his hands. As the two men began suckling and caressing Amanda, James's fingers found the edge of her swim suit bottom, sliding it down, past her knees and over her feet. The two men quickly removed theirs suits in anticipation.

Amanda's mind was spinning. Her husband, soul mate & lover along with their best friend that they cared so deeply for, was making love to her, worshiping her. Her mind was shutting down; her body was taking over. Their hands glided gently under the water.

Softly exploring each others body -- caressing areas as they lingered. The two men's massive members growing strong and hard, aching for their moment of enjoyment.

James taking Amanda by the hand, lifting her to her feet, pulling her in front of him. She could feel how hard he was, as he pressed his body close to hers. Kissing her lips softly, then down to the small bend of her neck. She could feel Tony's fingers traveling down to the small of her back and around her waist, slowly finding her neatly trimmed muff. His fingers searching, exploring every part of her body. Amanda's lips still kissing James.

Slowly James turned Amanda around and with one hand traveling down from her breast, down between her thighs -- slowly lifted her legs. Weightless in the rushing water, lifting her full body, presenting her to Tony. Slowly lowering her down on his fully erect manhood. Tony's hands now across her buttocks, squeezing lightly, pressing her forward, ever so gently as she accepted him completely. Turning her head, finding Tony's face -- a face of softness, love and compassion -- finding his lips, soft like James's, eager to search her lips. Their tongues searched, exploring new territories. James's lips now traveling to the back of her neck and slowly traveling down her back, making their was around to her find her breast. Amanda now sitting fully on Tony's member, pounding ever so hard with every heart beat deep within her. Thighs across thighs, chest to chest, arms enter twined. Tongues still exploring. James slowly slid close behind Amanda, with his fingers finding the tightness of her asshole, slowly making their entrance. Caressing her buttocks, lips now to the back of her neck, replacing his fingers, now the head of his member -- Eagerly awaiting entry -- wanting to rush in, but knowing to go slow, inch by inch. Allowing Amanda to absorb it all. Slowly James's manhood was deep within. Each man feeling each other's heart beat echoing through Amanda. Filling her up fully. With slow, finely tuned rhythm they moved together, beat by beat, between the kissing and caressing. With the massive cocks beating deep within her body, Amanda's head was spinning.

Her body exploring new heights of ecstasy, heights she had never explored before. She could not control her body. Her body was in control of her now. Her body, pushing harder, wanted more. As the men thrust deep in rhythm, they knew what her body was asking for. They took control. Each thrust, harder, deeper, stronger. Hands exploring all parts -- nothing left untouched, lips caressing lips.

As the two men's excitement grew stronger, Amanda's body, trembling from excitement, shock waves of climaxes rushed over her. One after another, stronger after stronger, her body limp from excitement. Amanda couldn't even begin to count the orgasms she was experiencing. Her mind floating in a pool of ecstasy. The men felt her waves of excitement, they knew she was fully satisfied. Now eager to satisfy they're own lustful hunger, harder and harder with each thrust, pushing deeper and deeper -- faster and faster. In that one ultimate moment, shock waves of electricity ran through each man and exploding deep with in Amanda. Holding each other close. Not wanting to move, for fear of bursting that bubble of blissful joy they had found. Slowly kisses beginning again, soft and gentle. Curiosity grew as they pondered their next adventure.

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