Older Sister's Sex Toys


"Just consider me a close friend if it makes you feel any better," I said with a smile.

She smiled back, "Thanks friend. So tell me, what was your favorite story that you've read? I'm eager to find out what floats your boat."

"I'm not sure. All the ones I've read so far are equally hot. I especially liked the ones that you recommended."

"Now you're just being coy," she replied. "Come on, what was your favorite? I bet it was one of the mother/son stories wasn't it? Guys your age seem to be into that sorta thing nowadays."

"Yeah, that was pretty hot," I nodded. "Number 8 really got me going though."

We both quickly realized what that meant, and I quickly realized I shouldn't have said it.

A grin slowly appeared on her face. "So...my little brother enjoys brother/sister stories huh? If I remember correctly, you seemingly let it slip that you had fantasized about a certain someone in your family."

"I'm kind of disturbed by how much you enjoy putting me in the hot seat," I joked.

"You're living in my apartment rent free and you don't have a lot of money. How else is a big sister supposed to take advantage of her little brother?"

"That's true. I might actually be better off living with Mom and Dad again."

"That's no fun," she smiled. "So are you going to answer my question or what?"

"What question would that be?"

Her eyebrow raised. "You said the eighth story was your favorite. That's the brother and sister one. Maybe you didn't catch my subtle hints, but I want to know if you thought about me again when you read that."

There was a short pause between us as we looked each other in the eyes. It was obvious that she genuinely wanted to know the answer, and that she wasn't just trying to tease me.

"A little bit," I admitted. "I mean, I couldn't help it. That was the best-written story you recommended and it just so happened to be about a brother and sister. And it isn't my fault that I have a hot older sister."

"Did you masturbate?"

"Oh you bet I did," I said sarcastically and jokingly. "I laid down on your bed naked and stared at your pictures while I went to town on myself. It was so nasty."

"I know you're trying to be playful and make light of all this, but that was kind of a creepy thing to say, even if it was a joke."

I nodded. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Sorry about that."

"Anyway, I don't know about you, but I'm starving. I could really use some good food right about now. Why don't we go out to eat instead of staying here?"

"I'd love to. I saw a great looking ice cream place down the street earlier, maybe we can stop by for deserts."

She smiled, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were mimicking that brother/sister incest story with the whole dinner and ice cream part."

"You can think whatever you want, just as long as you're paying."


It was 10 pm by the time we arrived back at her apartment. A simple dinner between siblings turned into a long walk around downtown. We talked about little things and it felt like we were lifelong friends more than anything else. By the time we got back home, we were both exhausted and headed straight to bed.

I had just used the bathroom in the hallway, and she had just grabbed a cup of water from the kitchen when we ran into each other in front of our bedrooms. She was barefoot, and wore her usual large pajama pants and white t-shirt.

"Goodnight," Courtney said happily. "I'll be up early tomorrow, maybe I'll make us some fresh waffles if you're awake."

My eyes briefly wandered around her braless chest before going back to her eyes.

"Yeah, that sounds great sis. Goodnight to you too," I replied.

"Were you just checking me out?"


She grinned, "I know you were. I'm not stupid. You were looking me over just now."

"Hey, I wouldn't call you out for looking at my privates if I walked around in nothing but underwear," I said jokingly.

"So it's my fault you have a wandering eye huh? And to think, I thought this night would end on a much cleaner note."

"Speaking of which, there's something I've wanted to ask you all night. Well, since yesterday actually. It might be a little inappropriate, but I think we're past that stage already."

Her eyebrow raised, "What is it?"

I mustered up as much courage as I could and asked, "What got you started with those sex toys in your room?"

"Nope, that wasn't inappropriate at all," she said sarcastically. "We're brother and sister which means you're entitled to all of my secrets right?"

"Very funny," I replied. "It was an honest question."

"Why are you asking anyway?

I shrugged. "I don't know. I've always been interested in girls who know what they want sexually. I mean, you don't seem like the kind of girl who would just walk into an adult store and start filling up a cart full of sex toys like you're shopping for Christmas gifts. Yet you've got a bunch of them sitting in your room- no offense. I just think it's fascinating that women can have that secret side to them."

"I know what you're getting at here. It's like that old saying, 'A lady in public, a whore in the bedroom.' It's that whole 'secret slut' thing that men REALLY seem to love. Trust me, I've heard that from all the guys I've dated in my life. Men always want the same things."


She suddenly flashed a stern look. "You think I'm a slut and a whore?"

"Really? You're going to start that with me now?"

"Relax," she smiled. "I'm just pulling your leg. Come on, let me show you something."

With that said, she led me inside her room where she put her cup of water down and walked over to her bed.


Her hand rested on top of the counter and Courtney gave me a look of complete sincerity.

"The first time I ever used anything on myself was with my hairbrush several years ago," she said openly. "It's fairly common I guess. Some of my girlfriends have talked about doing the same thing with their brushes."

"So you were doing this stuff while we lived in the same house? AND you talked about it with your friends? That's really really hot."

She nodded. "Yeah, I guess so. I'm sure you'd think it's hotter that when I moved out here, I noticed a small sex shop a couple blocks away. I would pass by it every so often and wondered what it would be like to use an actual sex toy. One day I finally found the courage, put on a big hat and sunglasses, and then I walked inside and bought a small vibrator. Obviously I've become addicted every since."

Hearing my sister's story of buying her first sex toy sent a shiver down my spine. I became aroused. My heart rate picked up. Judging by the look on my sister's face, she knew it, and she loved it.

"Why are you telling me all this?" I asked.

"Because you asked."

"I know I asked, but why all this? You're always so private about this kind of stuff, and just the other day you seemed really uptight about me finding out about your book and your toy collection."

"Fair enough. Honestly, it's because I think it's so cute that you're into this," she said with a smile. "None of my girlfriends know about my sex toys or my incestuous fantasies. Like I said before, it's fun to have someone to talk to about this, and I'm glad it's you."

Courtney opened her drawer to reveal her assortment of sex toys. They looked clean and were neatly arranged in order from smallest to biggest.

She continued, "So here it is, my super secret naughty collection. You're the only person I've ever shown this to. And in case you were wondering, I'll be using this one tonight..."

Her fingers hovered over the different sized vibrators before she finally picked up the one she wanted. It was pink and large.

"That looks pretty big," I said in a raspy voice, trying my best to hide my arousal.

"It's one of my favorites- seven inches," she grinned. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get to bed. And by the looks of things, you need to get back to your room and do the same."

Her eyes were looking down at the bulge in my shorts.

"Umm...yeah...I'll see you tomorrow sis..." I stammered.

She leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek before I went back to my room for the night.


The next morning felt like Christmas instead of Valentine's Day. I woke up with the same feelings of excitement over what was to come, but instead of presents under a tree, I was looking forward to whatever else my beautiful sister had in store for me.

After I washed myself in the bathroom, I walked past her room and noticed the vibrator standing on her countertop. It had recently been washed.

Courtney was in the kitchen and I could hear and smell her cooking. She was sharply dressed as always, wearing a stylish but feminine business suit while still barefoot.

"Morning sis," I said enthusiastically.

"Hey there," she replied. A big smile appeared on her face when she looked at me.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing...Well, it just dawned on me that we're acting like a married couple all of a sudden- you know, with how relaxed we're becoming around each other, telling each other our secrets things, and now THIS! I'm cooking you breakfast like I'm some sort of housewife."

I smiled back, "Don't forget that you left your big vibrator out on the table stand for me to see."

"I couldn't put it back inside the drawer while it was still wet," she replied with her trademark stern-older sister look. "I'm glad you woke up early because the food is almost ready. We'll have plenty of time to eat, and best of all, I don't have to rush to work this morning."

Something came over me, a feeling I've never felt for anyone before. I walked over to her while she was in front of the stove and wrapped my arms around her.

"I listened to you using the vibrator last night," I said.

Her eyes stayed on the pan and she kept on stirring as if to avoid the tension between us. "Oh yeah? Maybe I was a little loud. I'll try not to let it happen again."

"I don't mind. I really liked it."

She turned off the stove and set the food on a nearby plate, still ignoring my arms wrapped around her.

"Really? So what did you do about it?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"What do you think I did?"

She turned around and we were face to face, just an inch or two apart. "You touched yourself listening to me. That's what I think you did. Didn't you?"

I nodded. "What did you think about last night? Did you read your book again?"

"I did. I read that book whenever I use that particular vibrator."

"Which story did you read?" I asked.

She leaned forward and said in my ear, "The 8th story. The one about the brother and sister who fall in love and have rough sex in her bedroom when their parents are away."

I instantly became erect hearing her say those words. We held each other tight, and she felt my bulge pressing against her body.

"You feel excited down there," she said playfully.

"Any man would be excited hearing you say that. You're incredibly sexy."

"That's some compliment coming from my younger brother."

"So what happens next?" I asked. "Do we just let go of each other and eat breakfast and pretend like this never happened? Or do we..."

Before I could finish my sentence, my older sister grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me towards her and we kissed. We kissed hard and passionately. We kissed like we didn't have a care in the world. It was a lot of things, and above all, it wasn't the type of kiss you would expect from an older sibling- but I loved it.

"Does that answer your question?" she said after ending the kiss.

"That felt amazing..."

She held my hand and pulled me to her room. "Come on, we don't have any time to waste."


We started making out heavily the moment we stood in her room. There were no inhibitions and no fear of repercussions.

"We're alone," Courtney said. "There's no one here but us. Nobody has to know about this. It's nobody's business anyway."

I gave her another kiss on the lips. "I like where this is heading sis. You know, you could have cut the chase a lot sooner and professed your incestuous fantasies from the moment I started staying with you a few days ago. I wasn't into this back then, but I wouldn't have turned you down either."

She gave me a stern look. "Classy women don't go around telling their secrets and spreading their legs, especially to their own brother. Besides, it's not like I had a plan to make-out with you."

"I was only kidding."

We kissed again briefly and our tongues wrestled in each others mouth.

"I honestly wasn't expecting this, and I definitely wasn't planning on this happening," she said. "It's just one of those things."

"So are we just going to stand here and kiss all morning?" I asked.

She started unbuckling her belt. "We can go a little bit further than that- I don't mind. I want you to make me feel good, just like in the stories. Nothing crude. I want this to be sweet and romantic."

Our eyes were locked together as she dropped her pants and got naked from the waist down.

"I would be happy to oblige," I replied.

"Wonderful. Now open the drawer and pick whichever toy you want to use on me. Make it fast, I have to go to work soon."

I opened the drawer as she laid on the bed before immediately closing it again. It didn't take long for me to select the freshly-washed seven-inch vibrator still standing on her countertop. Her favorite.

"Good choice," she smiled. "Now get between my legs and get to work. I'm sure you'll know what to do."

I was in awe of my sister's half-naked body. Her top half was still dressed in professional business attire, her hair and makeup nicely done. But her feet, calves, thighs, and crotch were all completely nude. Her legs were toned and her crotch was cleanly shaven. When I made a move towards her, she opened her legs and I got between them.

"God, you're so beautiful Courtney. Your vagina looks incredible, and I can't believe how wet it is."

"Of course I'm wet," she said like it was so obvious. "I've spent years getting off to incest stories, now my own brother is about to use my favorite vibrator on me. What girl wouldn't be dripping wet at the thought of that happening?"

"And I thought I was the dirty one in our family," I quipped.

The room was perfectly lit by the morning sunlight and I got a clear view of my sister's vagina. Her legs were spread and I could see her glistening fluids coat her pinks insides. Her labia was light brown and thin, and her clitoris looked swollen. It wasn't hard to figure out how to turn on a vibrator, and once I did, I touched the tip of it against her clit

"Oh..." she gasped. "It's so much better having someone else do it. I could really get used to this."

"You're telling me. I could do this every morning and not get tired of it."

I pushed the vibrator deeper inside her vagina, and I watched her legs shiver. It was surreal. It was as if I had complete sexual power over her, as with every inch I inserted the sex toy deeper inside her body, the more submissive she seemed to become. Her muscles tightened and contracted, and I could hear her breathing heavy. The look on her face was a real turn on as her mouth was wide open and she breathed heavily. Her eyes were wide open, as if she couldn't believe what was happening to her, that her own brother was fucking her with her favorite vibrator.

"Oh god..." she moaned again. "You're a natural at this."

Hearing my sister's encouragement only gave me more confidence that I was doing the right thing. I had never used a vibrator before, let alone on a woman, but it wasn't rocket science. Once it was all the way in, I slowly pulled it out and then I slowly pushed it back in. The look on her face and her continued moaning were helpful signs that I was doing it the way she liked.

Eventually, her muscles were becoming even more stiff, and her breathing became more labored as I fucked her with the sex toy. She was on the verge of an orgasm, and I helped speed things along by rubbing my finger against her clit in a circular motion. It was my first time touching her naked body, and it was just as thrilling as using the vibrator on her. I worked my finger fast on her clitoris the way that I had done with other girls. It's something that always got the job done, and with the added help of a vibrator inside of her, there was no question that she was in store for something special.

"Holy shit! Oh god! I'm about to cum...keeping doing that...keep doing it like that..."

Her eyes suddenly clenched shut and her muscles tightened. She came. Her orgasm was intense and every muscle in her leg contracted. Vaginal fluids drenched her vibrator and it even flowed down her body and stained her bed sheets. When it was over, she just went limp and I turned the sex toy off.

I put my hands on her thighs and rubbed them. "I take it you enjoyed that, sis."

"You bet your ass I did," she replied while catching her breath. "Now that's a great fucking way for a girl to get her morning started."

"What? You mean having her younger brother sexually service her with a giant vibrator?"

She grabbed a pillow and playfully hit me with it. "Don't get cute mister. But seriously, that was fucking awesome. You're a natural at this."

"I'm glad you think so," I replied. "So is this the extent of our new relationship? I service you like in the story?"

"Yeah. I mean, you can always go to your room and jerk off afterwards. Now you'll have something nice to think about when you do it."

"Is that all?"

"Did you have anything else in mind?"

"Kind of," I shrugged. "I'm as hard as a rock over here. Maybe you can do something to help me out."

She paused and stared at me, thinking. "Maybe I'll give you a handjob or something later. But not now. I have to go to work soon and it's a real pain getting out of this jacket and blouse."

"Seriously? You've got other body parts besides your hand."

She raised an eyebrow. "Well, I can't give you a blowjob either because I don't want you to stain my clothes. Fine. You can go ahead and fuck me if you want. I guess it would have happened eventually."

I leaned down and gave her a big kiss on the cheek and another on her lips.

My shorts came off fast and so did my tshirt. I was naked and in between her legs, and she reached down to guide my cock into her wet vagina.

"You still feel tight," I said as my cock slowly entered her.

"Thanks...ughh...I naturally have a tight pussy I guess... oohh.... that feels nice..."

She felt wet, and incredibly warm. Her skin was soft and I slowly started to fuck my own sister. We were face to face and we looked each other in the eyes. We kissed again and I slowly began to pick up rhythm. Her hands clasped behind my neck and I really started going at it, and before long, the bed was shaking and the room filled with the lewd noises of us moaning and the bed shaking, along with wet slapping noises from our hard fucking.

We lost track of time as I fucked her. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. She didn't care that she might have been late for work as she never bothered to check the clock like she always did, and neither of us cared that we were committing incest.

"I'm about to cum..." I groaned. "I need to cum so bad."

"Do it inside me...." she grunted. "Not yet... ughh... wait for me first... I'm going to cum again!"

I felt a rush of fluids gushing out of her vagina and onto my raging hard erection. She was having her second orgasm and she squeezed me tightly with her hands and her smooth thighs. Feeling her breath heavy and her fluids gushing was more than enough to send me over the edge. My hard cock erupted inside of her and I pumped load after load of my cum inside my sister's womb.

When it was over, I collapsed on top of her and we both tried to catch our breaths.

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