Older Sister's Sex Toys


When it was over, I collapsed on top of her and we both tried to catch our breathes.


"So how did that compare to reading your stories?" I asked, still on top of her with my cock still buried in her vagina.

"Night and day," she replied with a faint voice. "That was even more wild than I ever could have imagined it to be. That was easily the most intense feeling of my life. Nothing comes close than to what you just gave me."

"I feel the same about you. As weird as this is, it's worth it. God, can you imagine if mom and dad ever found out we did this?"

"It will never come to that. We have to be careful about this. But in the mean time, all of this fucking and incest has left me with an appetite. I'm starving."

She gave me a gentle push and I rolled off of her.

"Do you think you'll need another shower first? That's a serious mess between your legs," I noted.

"I could say the same about you," she replied, looking at my cum drenched cock. "But unfortunately there's no time. I'll just have to use a couple of tissues."

"Well, there's no way I'm putting on my underwear with all this cum all over me. I'll take a quick shower and I'll eat later. You go ahead without me, I don't want you to be late."

"Not so fast. I woke up extra early so that we can have breakfast together, and I'll be damned if we don't. I'll just to find another way to clean you up."

She leaned down and took my wet flaccid cock inside of her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. Even if my cock was completely spent and exhausted, I was still able to enjoy how amazing it was to feel her mouth on me. She sucked and slurped all of my cum, and all of hers. She even licked the fluids around my crotch and balls.

"Holy shit that felt nice," I said enthusiastically. "Remind me to ask for one of those when you get back home."

"Thanks. And by the way, I never really gave much thought as to where you should go to grad school, but it suddenly occurred to me that you should apply to someplace in this area. We could become roomies."

"You know, I just might do that. I mean, it's beautiful city, vibrant area, good food, and plus I've got a hot older sister with a talented mouth and a nice warm pussy, along a healthy sex drive. What else could a guy ask for in life?"

She smiled, "Well if you're serious about that, then there are a few more rules around here; First, you have to sleep in my room from now on. Your hands and cock are far too talented to be left unattended in the other room. Second, clothes are no longer mandatory. In fact, nudity may become a requirement. Now let's go eat, I'm hungry."

With that said, my sister got out of bed and walked towards the kitchen for breakfast. She was naked from the waist down and I watched her ass cheeks move as she walked away. Life was perfect.

The End .

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/17/18

I would love to see a sequel to this story

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by Anonymous02/12/18

Loved it and yes I am hard.

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by Anonymous12/16/17

incest is best

Great story, My older sister and I are in an incestous relationship in real life and have been for about ten years. She is the best fuck I have ever had and she says the same about me. We have both beenmore...

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