tagNonHumanOmega Pride Ch. 09

Omega Pride Ch. 09


The 9th Installment of Omega Pride!

A few warnings. This chapter is extremely graphic compared to the previous ones, and some people may find the content disturbing and disagreeable to say in the least. Second, French has returned BIG TIME in this chapter. I have put up translations throughout the story, so I hope this helps a lot. Third warning (more like an apology) for my Murder, Arson, and Jaywalking streak, I apologize for any whiplash you may and probably will receive through this chapter.

You all have been fairly warned.

Thank you my Editor MythOFreak and my French Editor L.L

As always comments and feedback are always desirable. Thanks for your time.

Now without further ado, enjoy!




Do not return.

Do not return!

Delphinia don't go!

Delphi, do not go.



Don't return!

Do not return!

Delphi, do not return!

"Are you alright Delphi?" Wyatt asked next to her in the back seat of the dark grey Chevrolet Tahoe LS.

Delphi popped out of her daze. She could have sworn she heard someone, a female's voice, calling to her just now. Was there? She gave a glance around her, seeing Emmanuel driving. That's right. A few days ago, they'd decided that they had to go back to the Méraudin Pack lands. They were heading to Jackson Hole Airport now, and flying to the human village of Kuujjuaq since there was a landing strip there. It was the closest human area to the old pack lands. There was a little worry over the fact that another pack might have claimed the lands, but much to Delphi's relief, when they checked up on updated packs, there hadn't been; they had respected the deceased pack. At the most, there seemed to be a decrease by a few miles, but even that was nothing to be concerned about.

"Delphi?" Wyatt caught her attention once again.

"Hm? Oh, yeah. I'm fine," Delphi nodded and laid her head against his shoulder.

She was. She really was. Throughout the recent days, she had felt sorrow and anxiety on returning, but she knew this was something that had to be done. If she truly was to leave behind the past with proper closure, she had to return. As well, her pack was the only pack in the Americas to be attacked by μιγάς, and they might find answers if they go there. They couldn't know for sure until they tried.

Though she was all right, she couldn't shake another feeling that grew as her anxiety died down. She came to realize that being around strong wolves like Keric, Adeline, or even Florideen could dull down the voices and thoughts that the others plagued her mind with; anyone weaker would barely put a dent in it. She did, however, manage to defeat Kamilla three times and Katalin once while training before gaining too much of a headache from their thoughts (fortunately at the time, it was only them in the gym with her).

Wyatt, on the other hand, could block the voices out entirely when she was around him. When she had finally decided to join him at dinner with the Deltas and Betas, it was quiet, both mentally and out loud. Though she could tell that some of them had an air of, for lack of a nicer word, displeasure about her being there, many had just ignored it and kept on. Even Beatrix hid her discontent well...despite that, her scent still reeked of it. Why could she hear other wolves' thoughts? Was she reading their minds, and if so, how? She took in a deep breath of his scent and let it out, trying to dissipate the new feeling. She would get to the bottom of this too.

"We're here," Wyatt told Delphi, causing her to sit up and look outside.

Her eyes widened. Jackson Hole Airport had so much...so much...open space. Sure, she had lived in different large cities, but she had never bothered to live near an airport; the noise would kill her eardrums on beat one. Still, she knew that airports in the city were more crowded than this.

Taking Wyatt's hand as she got out of the SUV, she was about to grab her bag but Wyatt had beaten her to it, grabbing both his own and hers. She gave him a yielding smile before they both looked at Emmanuel.

"Expect us back in 4 days," Wyatt told him as he shifted both large duffle bags to his left hand. "Be back here by then."

"Yes sir." Emmanuel put two fingers to his forehead and waved them off before driving away.

"Why is it going to be just us?" Delphi asked as she followed Wyatt inside. "I understand that we don't need an expedition, but why not at least one more with us?"

"The Betas on both Adeline's and my side will be busy while we're gone. Conroy's going to be training the Deltas for the week in my stead, Marco's updating the security system, Keric is standing in for me, and Emmanuel, though he's the best tracker I have, is checking up on compound maintenance. As well," he looked down at her, "anyone else would be company." Delphi looked up at him before smiling.

As they made their way to the front counter, Delphi recognized the woman there. A Theta from Delaney? .....That's right. Thetas can get jobs outside the pack since they would appear the most "normal" to humans, and could get all kinds of jobs. The woman's nostrils flared slightly as she looking over at them, bowing her head to them as they approached.

"Mr. and Mrs. Delaney," she greeted them as a normal human would, "your private flight is waiting for you." She handed them their e-tickets. "Gate 6 is yours."

Wyatt nodded to her before starting to head that way.

"Thank you...Astrid," Delphi tried to remember her name, but the she-wolf didn't look at all amused as she pointed to her name tag: Astrid G. Delaney.

Delaney held back a blush of embarrassment as she caught up to Wyatt. He had stopped and waited for her.

'Something happen?' he asked mentally, seeing her slight blush breach her face.

'Just...didn't use common sense,' Delphi projected back, causing him to raise an eyebrow. 'A-anyhow, which way is it?' she asked, starting to move forward.

Shaking his head, he led her in the right direction, 'This one.'

There wasn't that many people at the airport, and Delphi knew that even at 4:30 in the morning, people would be on the go...but then again, that was in the city too. As they approached the plane, Delphi felt herself stiffen a bit, but took a quick breath and walked in. Wow! So this is what a plane looked like on the inside—well—at least a personal one? It definitely looked like Wyatt's taste and fortunately, it wasn't that painful icy white, but the crème and maroon colored theme. Wyatt put their bags into an under-the-seat compartment before going to sit in his own seat and watch Delphi. She was sitting in the chair opposite from him and kept sniffing the air around them before looking at him.

"What?" She could see amusement in his emerald eyes.

"Never flown before?" Wyatt asked knowingly.

Delphi shook her head, "Honestly, I had told myself I would never so much as set foot on these noisy things when I was younger, no matter how fast they were or even if I could afford it."

"Yet you had decided you wanted to make your way to Hawaii, the Philippines, Madagascar, or any other island country you could get to?" Wyatt pointed out, the corners of his lips twitched.

"I-I never said I minded boats and ferries," Delphi blushed out of embarrassment for the second time that day.

She was about to say something else, but a flashing light signaling them to buckle up went on.

"Ready?" Wyatt asked her.

"As I'll ever be," Delphi nodded.

Truth be told, it wasn't nearly as noisy and uncomfortable of a flight as she thought it was going to be. Sure, the take-off was....was something, but the aerial view made up for it.


Wyatt watched Delphi's look of wonder throughout the flight. At first, she just kept looking about the plane, but finally settled on looking out the window. As he did too, he had the same emotion of wonder, but for a different reason. She had really travelled this far? By herself after all these years?

"You don't nearly give yourself as much credit as your worth," he told her, getting her attention.

"Hm? What do you mean by that?" She turned and sat down.

"Exactly what I said." He tapped on the window. "Even though you're getting stronger, you refuse to challenge at all for a higher position and you choose to remain an Omega. And seeing how far you travelled, from here to Wyoming, you shouldn't even feel any sense of worth-doubt."

"I never thought of it like that. I would have never made it without the help I've received from both wolves and humans alike." Delphi sighed on the subject, "And I just don't feel I'm ready to challenge yet, even though my wolf says I should."

"Then why don't you listen to her?" Wyatt asked.

"Because..." Her voice fell off after as she bit her inner lip.

Wyatt let out a silent sigh. This wasn't the first, second, or third time that she had ignored her wolf. Something told him that perhaps a reason for her blackouts might have something to do with the fact that she barely listens to her wolf. He and his wolf don't always get along, but they never ignore each other, and one is never left out on information that the other knew. But he could only keep guessing until she told him everything and didn't leave him out. She said she trusted him, and she didn't smell like she was lying when she said it, but she still had yet to let him in. This was another reason why he both wanted and needed it to be just them while they were up here: to figure out why.

The vast wilderness seemed to stretch on for eternity without even the slightest sign of civilization until at last a small, snow covered town appeared.

"There it is," Delphi looked over at him, a twinge of anxiousness in her voice and scent.

"Do you believe the locals would be too concerned with where we're going?" Wyatt asked just as the light lit up for them to take their seats and buckle up.

"Well, we wouldn't be the first people to camp all the way out here. If I remember right, they get a lot of cargo planes going through here. Just not so many jets, so I guess they'd be curious," Delphi told him as she put her seat belt on.

Their descent went smoothly as they landed. Grabbing their bags, Wyatt turned to get out.

"Wait," Delphi stopped him.

"Hm?" He looked over at her, seeing her zip up a hefty navy blue parka all the way to her neck.

"You're going to have to put on yours," she told him, handing him his large black one.

"Why?" Wyatt looked at her blankly.

She looked almost taken aback before explaining, "It's going to be at least 19 below...or 4 below, depending on Fahrenheit or Celsius. Don't you know how humans would react to seeing you just in a gray shirt?"

"They panic then too?" Wyatt asked.

To be honest, Wyatt rarely went around humans and only knew the bare basics around them. Sure, there was Jackson, South Park, along with a few other human places within his territory, and he did have financial businesses and necessities with them. But even then, they were either wolf-owned or he had connections with wolves in those businesses. He, Keric, and a female beta named Elise kept tabs through them, but he didn't see a need to associate directly with humans. They were more trouble than they were worth.

Letting out a slight sigh at the bother, he put on the parka, making sure to zip it all the way closed. Delphi nodded with a small smile as they then proceeded outside. The frozen arctic air felt like a simple spring breeze against their faces. Sure enough, the humans here were curious about them, but not as much as Wyatt thought. Delphi handled talking to them, speaking between English and the Inuit language Inuktitut, although it was slightly rocky and she had to speak slowly. It was strange though...why wasn't she speaking French at all to them?

Delphi turned to him, "They know we're going down past the Caniapiscau River, and I told them we won't need a guide—"

"Attendez! (Wait!)" A relatively short, stout Inuit woman made Delphi look back and turn around at her. The woman walked right up to her, studying Delphi's face almost intently before her eyes widened, the whites in her eyes nearly matching the grays in her hair, "Vous. Vous êtes un des petits de cette famille de nomades? (You. You are one of the little ones from that nomad family?)"

Delphi let out a light gasp in recognition from her French words. Slowly she nodded, "Oui."

A look of awe appeared on the woman's face as she reached up and touched the side of her face, "Vous avez tellement grandi. J'ai pas vu le couple qui vient normalement de votre famille ni aucun d'entre vous, d'ailleurs, depuis 14 ans. Puis vous voilà maintenant. Est-ce qu'ils vont bien? (You've grown. So much. I haven't seen the couple that normally comes up from your family or any of you for that matter in the past 14 years, but look. Here you are now. Are they alright?)"

A scent of sorrow washed over his mate's scent, but Delphi hid it easily from the human. "Oui. Mon mari et moi, on va leur rendre visite aujourd'hui. (My husband and I, we are going to visit them now.)"

"Vraiment? (Really?)" The woman's face beamed as she glanced over at Wyatt with her joyous smile before looking back at Delphi, "S'il vous plaît, dites-leur que leurs visites me manquent, et que même s'ils peuvent jamais revenir, dites-leur que Sylvia souhaiterais qu'ils le fassent. (Do please tell them that I miss their visits, and that even if they can never come again, tell them that Sylvia wishes they would.)"

"J'leur dirai. (I will tell them)," Delphi nodded.

With a smile, Sylvia grabbed her hand, "C'est vraiment bon de vous voir. Et pour ce que ça vaut , félicitations pour votre mariage. (It really is good to see you. And it may not mean much, but congratulations on your marriage.)"

With a nod and small smile from Delphi, Sylvia turned and left, as did Delphi.

"Who was that?" Wyatt asked as they started toward the direction of the old Méraudin pack lands.

"Sylvia...She was one of the people my pack let the pups visit," Delphi said lightly, adding in once they were out of earshot, "She doesn't know the others are long gone."

"I see... Delphi, why was it that except for that woman, you didn't speak in French to everyone else? I thought they would because you fall back on it so much," Wyatt asked.

"Hm? Oh...that's because most of the native humans up here don't speak French, only the two I spoke to just now. I speak French because the Alpha's father's side came long ago from France along with most of the people who live in southern regions from here, and it became our dominant language. That and everything my pack had listened to and watched was in French so that never really changed over the years. Being around the Inuit humans especially during summer months and constantly trading everything with them, including clothes, bags, and books, allowed us to learn English and more than a few phrases and words in Inuktitut..." she seemed to stare blankly as she trailed off before she abruptly looked up at Wyatt. "It'll take us almost two days to make it to the old compound. Better go now to save time."

Delphi's voice remained light, almost quiet as they headed southwest alongside the Koksoak River. The air between them became heavier with each silent step they took. When they were out of sight of the village, they finally spoke up.

"It won't be for another six to seven hours from now, but our first cross over will be when we arrive at the Rapides Sarvakuluk—"

"Delphi," Wyatt interrupted her, getting her attention, "We need to talk."

She stopped walking and turned to him, "About what?"

"Your trust. Do you not trust me?"

"Huh?" Delphi blinked a few times. "What do you mean? Of course I—"

"Then why do you only tell the half-truth? You don't directly lie to me, but on several occasions you leave me out of what's bothering you. I've been patient. I've been waiting for when you'd be ready to tell me, but you continue to refuse to."

Delphi's eyes roved as she thought on it quickly, "I have my reasons not to say anything if I feel bothered."

"So you don't trust me?" Wyatt folded his arms, his eyes narrowed as she said that statement.

"No, I do!"

"But you can confide in an Omega, and an unmated male at that." Wyatt felt his wolf heighten in aggression toward the fortunately absent male.

Delphi saw the look in his eye and her posture moved to the defensive. "He's just a friend! I don't tell him everything."

"Yet you still confide in him things you refuse to tell me," Wyatt countered.

"I don't expect him to do anything for me!" Delphi blurted.

The air around them carried off her words as silence followed, but Wyatt captured them long before they could escape.

"What do you mean by that?" Wyatt asked.

"You know what? Just forget it—" Delphi shook her head a little before starting to turn.

"Delphi!" Wyatt couldn't help but let out a growl as he spoke. Not that again. "What did you mean?"

After a moment, Delphi turned with a huff. She crossed her arms, not quite looking at him until she brushed the stray hairs from her face. "I don't expect him to do anything. Just...lend an ear. That's it. It's not something I think I do with you."

Wyatt relaxed his pose, but inside he felt that stab him a little, that she can talk freely to someone else other than him. "Why not?"

Delphi didn't say anything for a while before looking him in the eye, "It's not that I can't or don't trust you, Wyatt. I want to trust you entirely, I really do. But how can I? Look at the wolves back at the compound. They hate me if not outright despise me. Is it because I believe in Selene while you guys believe in multiple deities? Because I was born from a different pack? I'm just downright different from you all? I don't know. But how can I trust you completely, how can you expect me to tell you everything that bugs me when you don't even acknowledge something that out in the open? I don't ask you, and I'm not asking you to protect me on every striking thing, but how can I really confide in you if I'm unsure if you have my back or not?"

So this is why she wouldn't say anything to him? "Delphi they could be much worse. Some would go out of their way to hurt you, maybe kill you if I didn't command them not to."

"Really? I would have never had guessed that." Sarcasm rolled off Delphi's words. "But do you really think that's enough? You know, why would you even block me out a few days ago if you were so concerned? That's not somebody concerned. That's somebody I can't trust. You want me to open up, but you don't open up to me."

"I have opened up to you," he countered, "And I have told you that I did not close our link all the way through. Our connection is mutual. The only way for it to be closed entirely is for you to either have agreed to it or shut it the rest of the way."

"Then why did you say you didn't realize you shut it entirely?"

"I didn't know that you agreed to it."

"But I didn't, Wyatt. I called for you. Tried once, and succeeded the second time."

"If you didn't agree or close it then why was it closed?"

To this, Delphi didn't answer, and by the look on her face, she didn't look like she even knew the answer. She took in a deep breath and sat on the incline before Wyatt followed suit, allowing the silence that was only shadowed by the river.

"Delphi," Wyatt spoke gently and glanced over at her, "Just tell me. When we get back, I will confront our wolves on their behavior, but I need you not to leave me out of anything. And I won't leave you out either. Alright?"

Delphi looked back over at him and with a small nod she spoke, "Alright."

After a brief moment, Wyatt got up first and helped her up; their eyes locked a bit before they resumed walking again.

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