tagBDSMOn 3rd and Jasmine Ch. 02

On 3rd and Jasmine Ch. 02


After dinner, they both hopped in Janet's car and drove the two blocks to Nathan's hotel. Nathan had walked to the restaurant earlier, he had made a presumption that their date would continue past the platonic dinner they had planned. He had always fantasized that she would blindfold him in her car and bind his hands as they made their way to their destination. She might even take his cock out and play with it as they drove. In his fantasy, she made him run from the parking lot to his hotel room with his hands bound behind him and his cock out for all to see. Much to his relief, she did no such thing. They walked quietly and discreetly past the bellman to their room on the first floor. In the room, Janet sat on one of the plush chairs and pointed to the ground in front of her.

"Kneel, boy. But, first take off all of your clothes." Nathan quickly did so and dropped to his knees.

"You were a bad little slut in the restaurant earlier. I'm going to have to punish you for that. Would you like me to punish your sweet little ass, slut?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Please do."

Janet looked down upon her slave. He was so sweetly kneeling in front of her. His bulky body looked scrumptious on his knees. Wisely, he hung his head down and stared at the floor in front of him. He had already gotten in trouble once before for taking liberties and staring at her, he wasn't going to do it again.

Janet flipped off her high heels and ran her foot up his sculpted body then rested her toes under his nose. "Lick my feet, slave," she said.

He quickly started to lave her toes, licking the underside of her feet then sucking on her short little toes.

"That's such a good slut. That's it pay attention to my legs too. Lick up my legs." He started to make his way up her toned calves, paying special attention to the sensitive space underneath her knees and then slowly inching his way up her thighs. He went as far up as he could without touching her wet pussy, then he repeated the procedure down the other leg.

Janet was laying back and enjoying his ministrations. She enjoyed the feel of his tongue on her legs and feet. When she finally brought herself up and looked down on him, she couldn't help but smile. She loved looking at his ass and how it molded flawlessly into his back. He had a very angular body. His torso was triangular and his broad shoulders accentuated his thin waist. And his ass, boy his ass was to die for, round enough to be spankable but muscular enough to make a girl melt.

"That's enough. Turn around, on your hands and knees. I want to see that ass of yours. That's a good slut, spread those cheeks for me. That's it whore, spread open that asshole for me." Janet ran her feet over his ass, wiggling her toes over his asshole.

"Do you like that? Do you want me to fuck your sweet little ass with my toes?" Janet reached down and spit onto his spread asshole, lubing up his ass for her toes. "What a slut you are, getting fucked by a toe." She shoved her big toe into his ass telling him to spread it open with his hands as she foot fucked him.

Placing both of her feet on his ass Janet began to tease him saying, "What do you suppose having two big toes in your ass feels like? Do you think I can get them in? You are so horny and your ass is so hungry it will take anything, wont it?" Janet quickly pulled her foot out of his ass, stood up and shoved his face down in the carpet with her foot.

"Stay there, whore." Her foot was pressing his face down hard onto the floor. "Now for the punishment, do you want a spanking, slut?" He whimpered a soft yes onto the carpet. "Louder, slave."

"Yes, Ma'am. Please give me the punishment I deserve."

"Very well. What would you prefer, a belt or a whip?"

"I would prefer my belt Ma'am, that way when I wear it I will remind myself of my place before you."

"What a good answer, slut. Alright, your belt it is."

Janet retrieved Nathan's belt; she then walked around his body letting his belt drape over his back and ass. It tickled him a bit. Letting the belt hang mischievously in between his legs, Janet look down on Nathan and said, "You wouldn't want me to spank you here, would you?" She pressed the belt onto the spot between his ass and his balls.

Nathan whimpered, fearing he couldn't handle it if she decided to whip his balls.

"No, I guess not. You will be a good boy and do as I tell you and you'll avoid that punishment."

"Yes, Ma'am."

It was time now. Janet doubled the belt and proceeded to whip his ass and back. She started slowly on his ass cheeks then worked her way onto his lower back. Nathan tried his best to stay still and count the strokes as she expected him to. That was easier said than done, and soon Nathan was slipping into himself. He was both concentrating on the blows and allowing his body to take them as they came. Slowly he stumbled into that space subs love to visit. His eyes were closed and he was drooling onto the carpet when Janet yelled at him, "I said count them!"

"One," he replied.

And so it went, he managed to count his blows and when he reached 30 she rewarded him. Nathan was as horny as he has ever been and there he found himself, on all fours in a rented hotel room, naked as the day he was born. She, on the other hand, had not removed a stitch.

"Up we go. Yes onto your feet. There, sit there. You get rewarded now, slut. Would you like to see my body? Want me to undress?

"Yes, Ma'am. I would love to see your sexy body."

"Say please." She wanted him to beg.

He took that as an invitation and crawled on his knees before her. His face dropped to her feet and kissed her toes, "Please Ma'am, I would love to see your gorgeous and sexy body. I need to look at it. I'll do whatever you want, please. Whatever."

The zipper of her little black dress came down and revealed a figure that was candy to Nathan's eyes. It was as he had hoped for and dreamed of, a satin black corset with a garter and stockings. That was it. He was left staring at her naked pussy in awe and with hunger in his eyes. He was after all a naked horny man. In his mind, he tackled her then, wrestling her to the ground, pinning her down and burying his face on her neck and slowly working down onto her perfectly shaved pussy. He dreamed of shoving his tongue in her wetness, licking from her engorged clit to her perfect asshole. He dreamt of suffocation in her sex. But there she stood, in all her glory and Nathan was still just a subbie patiently awaiting further instruction.

"Whatever...Hmm. I could do a lot with whatever. Do you want to smell my pussy, slut? Would you do whatever to sniff my cunt?"

"Oh yes, Ma'am."

"I am wet, Nathan. My juices are running down my thighs. Be a dear and clean that up for me. But, don't you dare touch my pussy. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Nathan crawled between her legs and lapped up the wetness on her thighs. He lingered a bit at the edge of her pussy, inhaling her scent before he assumed his kneeling position once more.

"I'm going to fuck you now, Nathan. I'm going to fuck you the way I promised I would. Are you ready for that, slut? Once I do that you will truly be my slut. Do you want to be my pet, my little slut, my toy to use for my pleasure?"

Nathan's heart raced. This was it. She was going to do it, more importantly she was accepting him. He would now live to serve her. "Yes, Ma'am. Please fuck me. I am ready to be yours, to be your fuck toy."

She disappeared into the darkness behind him. He could just hear her buckles and straps. He thought he heard her rummage around for lube. Oh, he hoped she would use lube. She might not, he thought. She might want his induction to be painful. It might be baptism by fire, claiming his ass as hers, branding him. Thankfully, the next thing he felt was warm liquid trickling on his ass and sliding between his ass cheeks.

"Spread your ass for me. Are you ready? Tell me you want me to fuck your ass."

"Please, Ma'am. Please shove your cock into me and show me what a little slut I am. Please make me your whore. I need to be yours."

Janet thrusted her strap-on in his ass in one slow stroke. She waited there a second, allowing his ass to get used to the sensation of being filled. Then, slowly she started to pump his ass, taking it. She wrapped her hands around his hips, impaling her rubber cock into his well-lubed ass. Janet didn't wait long for Nathan to adjust; she soon started fucking him hard. Shoving his ass back on her cock, she claimed him as hers.

"Yes! Slut! Fuck yes, can you feel that cock deep in your ass. Tell me what a little slut you are taking my big 8 inch strap-on deep in that sweet little ass of yours."

"I...I'm you slut, Ma'am. I need your cock in my ass. Please use me, fuck me, and treat me like your little whore. Please, may I cum? I so need to, please...let me cum our first time. I'll do anything, I need release."

"Remember your promise. Anything. Yes, slut. Cum, cum all over the floor."

Nathan did. He let his body trembled and it released a torrent of stored semen all over the carpet.

"Now, slut...lick it up. We can't leave a mess. Be a good toy and lick up your mess."

Nathan lapped up his cum from the hotel carpet. He was happy to do so. He had just gotten fucked by his Mistress and was ecstatic. Nathan kneeled at her feet, smiling up at her.

"Thank you, very much."

"We are not done yet, slut. Go take a shower. You'll need a little break before we continue. You are in for a long night. I'm going to take you up on that promise of "anything."

Nathan crawled to the hotel bathtub and ran himself a bath. He wondered what she had in store for him next. They had talked and fantasized about all sorts of deviations via email. Thinking back, now some of those sounded pretty frightening. But, Nathan was excited and horny as fuck. He craved her pussy and dreamed that if he was really good, she would let him fuck her. Oh, to just thrust his tongue in her sex. Soon, Nathan was in the tub stroking himself again, dreaming of what was to come.

Outside, Janet picked up the phone and dialed a very familiar number.

"Hello," a male voice said.

Janet whispered her plans into the receiver and the voice at the other end moaned in agreement.

To be continued.

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