tagSci-Fi & FantasyOn Another World Ch. 08

On Another World Ch. 08


Greetings once again, readers. I realize this chapter came very fast. Don't ask me how it happened. I do not know. I started this chapter and it kinda ran away with me. I wrote most of it over the last weekend. Bottom line...It would be better if don't get used to it. The way my luck runs, I'll be back to my normal snail's pace here again, eh? (With apologies to my Canadian neighbors to the north.)

There is brief mention of sensory deprivation in this chapter. In the little research I did on this, I learned that it's something I would not like to experience. Deprived of any sensory input, the human mind loses all track of time. What might seem like hours or days in one of these chambers, can turn out to be only minutes in real time. I've even read of people losing their mind inside one of these.


As stunned as I was, I knew that now was not the time to react. It was probably a good thing that due to my disguise and the dim light of the camp fire that neither had recognized me yet. Although our bond would let them both know soon, that I was near-by. Somehow, I was able to keep my surprise off my face.

Lowering my head and trying to appear even more bored. I said to my physician, Seq-qah! Those two! They are....

I know who they are, Master. Seq-qah interrupted me. Then, Wait...I have an idea. With that, she jumped to her feet and sauntered casually to the new arrivals. She looked over her shoulder and asked. "Master, My Lord Su'ak, may I examine them?" With a nod from me and a noncommittal grunt from him, she went to the near end of the line of newcomers. The first was a terribly cute little slip of a woman from one of the races on Terrania, which slightly resembled the Asians of Earth. This one was of a race called the Hungtau. She had lemon-yellow skin, long straight black hair that hung to mid-thigh on her. Her eyes were slanted in such an exaggerated way as to be almost cartoonish. Her breasts were so small; they could barely be considered breasts. Being what one might call a tiny tit lover back on Earth, they actually rather appealed to me. As a slave being considered for sale or trade, she was, of course naked.

The examination Seq-qah was to perform was to be honest, quite sexual in nature. Basically, she would test the girl to see how fast she could become aroused. And how quickly she could be made to come. Also, how hard she would come.

First, Seq-qah looked her in the eye. "Name?" She asked.

"I am Suulee, my Lady." The girl answered her timidly.

"I am no lady. I am a slave...the same as you. You may call me Seq-qah."

A weak smile. "Yes, my La...Seq-qah."

Seq-qah then kissed Suulee intimately directly upon her lips. Suulee returned the kiss with scarcely contained passion. Next, Seq-qah stepped behind the girl, reaching around and cupping her tiny breasts. Then, she tugged lightly on Suulee's nipples. With my enhanced hearing, I heard a soft moan of pleasure emanate from her throat. Her cheeks flushed a burnt orange in color. Her breathing quickened to shallow panting. Then a whisper. "Please, Seq-qah...pleasure me. Please bring me off...."

Here's a girl who very clearly is not getting enough. I chuckled to myself. I watched with apparent disinterest as Seq-qah released the girl's breasts, wrapped her left arm around her waist and lowered her right hand to Suulee's pubic mound. Then, she grazed her fingertips over her vulva. Another soft whisper. "Oh please, Seq-qah." Seq-qah then slipped two fingers into Suulee's wetness and began probing inside her

Suulee's hips started jerking spasmodically. She moaned softly and reached for Seq-qah behind her, whose eyes were turning gold with arousal. A short moment later, there could be no doubt, what was happening behind Suulee's back. Now it was a race to see who could make who come first. This is normally frowned upon, but neither Su'ak nor I said anything. Also normally, Suulee would not have stood a chance in the girls' little game, but Seq-qah was in the first quarter of her pregnancy and was very sensitive. Suulee's orange flush spread down her neck to her shoulders.

And then...with a grunt, Suulee came. Cum trickled down both her thighs. Her arms and legs went limp and she nearly collapsed. If Seq-qah hadn't been holding on, she would have fallen to the ground. She was not unconscious and had a soft satisfied smile on her face. When she regained control of her legs, she turned and kissed Seq-qah on her lips. "Thank you, dear one. You can not know how much I needed that." Seq-qah cocked an inquisitive eyebrow. The girl went on. "I am a breeding slave, yes. But the only male breeders he has...." Suulee pointed at Su'ak with her chin. "...are Qoo-jan and is not compatible with me, as you know. So I must wait until we return to Zoqeland."

"What of your pleasure?" Seq-qah inquired. Among all the races on Terrania, sex is considered important to every person's health and well-being. Even if they are not genetically compatible to procreate, normally they're still permitted to engage in some sexual activities. Suulee just shrugged.

Seq-qah turned to me. "This one is probably satisfactory. She is fast to become aroused, but climaxes a little too quickly." She went to the next girl; a Qoo-jan named Sol-lah and repeated the process. This time, she allowed to girl to drop to her knees as she came. Again, she looked at me. "An excellent breeder, Master."

Then she came to Qaj-jah, who seemed resigned to her fate. First Seq-qah kissed Qaj-jah, and then just for a second or two, brought their foreheads together. Qaj-jah's eyes widened for and moment, but she said nothing, giving Seq-qah a quick nod. Neither Su'ak nor Say'ah noticed. Say'ah was busy trying very hard to be enticing so as to distract me, which was the normal practice. And Su'ak was gazing lustily at Ayl-lah.

Seq-qah completed Qaj-jah's 'exam', went to Qij-jah, and did exactly the same to her. Once again, no one took note of what she did.

When Seq-qah finished with Qij-jah, she smiled at all the girls and turned away from them. As Seq-qah slowly returned to me...Master, they are ready. I told them they were about to be rescued from the breeding farms. I did not; however inform them of thy presence. Too much information, too fast perhaps?

You're right, of course. They'll know soon enough.

As Seq-qah knelt back at my side, Say'ah got to her feet and asked to examine my slaves, as I expected her to. To the uninitiated, all of this may seem like a very long, time-consuming process...and it is. Time here is not the same as on Earth. On Terrania, I had a life expectancy of over a thousand years, so simply put...we had all the time we needed...and then some.

And...as I expected, Noj-jah and Ayl-lah were the first examined. Say'ah went down the line to make a show of it. I knew the only two he was really interested in. As Say'ah started on the fourth girl in line, Quz-zah, Noj-jah's voice sounded inside my head. Master?


Ayl-lah begs that she be traded with me. She also wants to be an agent for you.

What do you think? I asked her.

It is probably a good idea, Master. She loves thee and is totally devoted to thee. She also knows that she can never be as close to thee as Seq-qah is. This way, she can at least still serve thee.

I thought about it briefly, sighed and told Noj-jah. Okay...I'm not very sure about this, but I'll accept your recommendation.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Noj-jah give Ayl-lah a slight nod. Ayl-lah looked at me, smiling demurely.

About an hour later, all the 'examinations' completed, Say'ah returned to Su'ak's side and knelt.

He smiled at me as if he had a secret. "I want those two." He said indicating Noj-jah and Ayl-lah, as I knew he would.

I feigned surprise and disappointment. I then pretended to think long and hard. "They are my best. If you expect me to give them both up, I want your breeding stock...all four of them." I said, my voice filled with reluctance.

Su'ak looked at me as if I just slapped him. "Four for two? What kind of trade is that? Be reasonable!" If Say'ah was surprised, she did not show it.

I regarded Su'ak as if considering his words. Then I took a gamble albeit a safe one. I knew Kahn wanted Noj-jah. I raised my right hand, snapped my fingers twice and stood. Seq-qah and all of the others also stood and turned to leave.

We hadn't made it three steps when.... "Wait!" Su'ak sounded as if on the edge of panic. I had won...and he and I knew it. I also knew that Kahn would in some way compensate him for any perceived loss, although he still hated to lose.

I walked back to where he was now standing. "We have a deal?" I asked him.

'We do...." Came his short answer.

Then we both pull daggers from our belts. A small cut in the palm of the left hand...just enough to produce a drop or two of blood. We then shook hands to seal the deal. It was much like a handshake on Earth albeit with the left hand.

We parted company without another word, as was the custom. Noj-jah and Ayl-lah left with them. Qaj-jah, Qij-ah and the others came with me.

Near the center of camp, I turned to look at my 'Q-girls. I was more than a little pleased to have them back.

I waited.

Seq-qah brought my new acquisitions to me...Suulee, Sol-lah and of course my 'Q-girls'. As the approached me, I heard Qaj-jah say to Qij-jah. I feel something...or someone familiar. I would swear that is our master."

"If only it was...if only our master still lived." Qij-jah responded quite sadly.

Seq-qah smiled at them knowingly. "Remain silent and do not react...and I shall give thee happy tidings."

The girls looked at her, puzzled.

"Your master lives." She told them, her smile widening.

Then they saw me and recognized me. For a brief moment they starred, dumbfounded.

A moment later, the Tushüks were gone and Qaj-jah and Qij-jah threw themselves into my arms. They were laughing and crying with joy. "Oh, Master." They said in unison. Qaj-jah went on. "They told us thou wert dead! Oh, thank Kriegor thou art not!" They both clung to me raining kisses all over my face. "We are back with thee, where we belong." The joy and happiness they felt was nearly overwhelming. Tears threatened to escape from my own eyes.

"Kahn stole us from thee. He is even more evil than we were told." Qij-jah said, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks.

Then, they looked at one another nervously. Qaj-jah went on hesitantly. "We have news, Master." I could tell that the news was not good.

"Go on." I said.

"It's about thy first wife, Verella...." She paused not wishing to continue, but knowing she had to.

"Qaj-jah! Tell me...no more stalling."

"Well, Master. I fear she may no longer be devoted to you." I could feel her fear and sadness as she told me this.

I looked at her and nodded thoughtfully. "Explain further."

An hour later, I was seething with anger. Qaj-jah told me that from the first, Kahn had raped Verella repeatedly. Rape on this world was so rare; there wasn't even a word for it. Qaj-jah simply referred to it as being forced. "Master, he forced her each and every night then would not allow her sleep with him. He uses her still and then, even now, locks her away and forbids her to have any contact with anyone." I starred at her in disbelief. Terranians are an extremely social people. Verella more so than most. To shut her away like that and refuse her any kind of human interaction was the absolute worst kind of torture. For a Terranian, this is even worse than total sensory deprivation is on Earth. I'd read a lot about sensory deprivation. Imagine being locked away. Unable to see anything. Unable to hear anything...even your own voice. Unable to feel or even smell...anything! Now imagine being sealed in a chamber for this purpose for hours. I'd read about a man locked away in a sensory deprivation chamber for one day...not even a full day and emerged little more than a blubbering idiot. That is what this kind of isolation is like to a Terranian.

By now, Qij-jah, Seq-qah and the others were weeping openly. Qaj-jah went on. "Now each night, she goes to him very willingly and each night after he uses her, he sends her away crying piteously. He is without equal in his cruelness, Master." I felt Qaj-jah's sorrow.

"Small wonder." I muttered. To be isolated from any contact for all but one-quarter hour of each day...to be treated cruelly for that quarter hour was better than no interaction at all. This would be especially true for Verella. Yet another reason to kill this son of a bitch. I though to myself.

Qaj-jah continued. "Thy first wife cannot help herself...locked up alone every day, almost all day. Any woman would happily give herself, even to the cruelest man, rather than being alone. And he is very cruel to her, Master. He gives no thought to her pleasure, only his own." She took a deep breath before going on. "Every night she is literally dragged back to her cage, and I could hear her beg him to let her stay...." Qaj-jah hesitated and then. "Master, she has even begged him to be given to his men instead of locking her away again."

"Does she believe me dead as well?" I asked.

Qij-jah answered. "We do not know, Master. But...it does seem likely." Both girls were still clinging to me as if I might vanish if they weren't holding on.

Qaj-jah spoke again. "Master, mine sister and I beg thee to forgive her."

"There is nothing to forgive." I said. "Under the circumstances, would it not be foolish to hold her responsible?"

This was one of the things that bothered me most during my research of this, my new home world. Terranians and to a lesser degree, Qoo-jan's crave...even need what we call human interaction to the point that no one on Earth could ever understand, nor even believe...myself included. To be deprived of this, to them is far worse than any physical torture.

Perhaps that was one of the reasons that rape was all but unknown on this world. All a man had to do, was to lock away, to isolate the woman he desired for a day or so and she would go to him and fulfill his every wish...just to be with, touch or even just see another living being. This, to me was rape. I saw the isolation as a type of coercion. No matter what the Terranians call it...to me, it is still rape. This type of isolation is, of course a capital crime on Terrania and is punishable by death. My guess was that Kahn thought of himself as being above the law.

"This cannot be allowed to continue." I said, mostly to myself as my mind raced. I had to do something.

Qaj-jah turned and spoke softly to Seq-qah. "It is thou who hast seen to our master's needs in our absence?"

"I have tried. Although I cannot be sure I have accomplished my duties as well as you have in the past." Seq-qah responded. She gazed at me lovingly.

"I am sure thou didst quite well." Qaj-jah said. She then gave Seq-qah a knowing look. "Ah...now I see. Thou dost love him, dost thou not?

A small-embarrassed nod. "I do."

"There is more." I interrupted. "Seq-qah is with child."

The 'Q-girls' went to Seq-qah and hugged her happily. Then their eyes turned suspiciously to Zeq-qoh.

I knew they would make this assumption. "The child is mine."

They starred at me in disbelief.

Qij-jah was the first to speak. "But how...?"

"This cannot be possible." Qaj-jah murmured, still in shock.

"It is true." Said Lot-tah, strolling up to us. The woman had a knack for showing up at just the right moment.

"Thou art sure?" Qij-jah asked still not believing it.

"I do not lie." Lot-tah told her, resentment tingeing her voice.

"Forgive me, my Lady." Qij-jah said contritely

"Your confusion is understandable," the seer remarked, her mild anger slowly evaporating.

The hugs were renewed, then repeated with me as congratulations were offered. "We are so very happy for you, Master." Qaj-jah was beaming.

Qaj-jah was just as happy, but also very obviously confused. "I cannot understand this, Master. I have always been taught that it simply is not possible."

"Lot-tah has confirmed it...the child is mine."

Lot-tah spoke again. "I do not understand it either. But there can be no doubt. Like you, I know of the myths and legends. I know it to be a good thing. This is...well, it is history making.

"She...." Qaj-jah was looking at Seq-qah. "...is first girl now." I was more than a little surprised that beside the disappointment I knew I would feel from her, I felt absolutely no jealousy. None at all. Only admiration.

I open my mouth to try to explain, but she cut me off. "She will be the mother of thy first child. It is only natural for her to be first now." She smiled softly at me. "Remember Master, it is just not possible for me to envy her...or be jealous. Not like the women of thy world. Of course, I shall envy her a little perhaps, but not in a bad way. I shall love thee all the rest of my days...and her as well."

That was a natural by-product, for lack of a better term, of the bond I shared with her. Due to that bond, those I cared for, she would care for. Those I loved, she would love. Those I hated, she would hate. She was completely bound to me, emotionally. It was the same with Qij-jah...and of course Seq-qah. As long as I loved them, they would love me...and one another.

All these women...What was I to do? I cared a lot for Tiq-qah, but she was dead, burned to death by the Tushüks. I also cared a great deal for Verella, who was now a captive of Kahn and by all accounts was being tortured mercilessly. I loved the 'Q-girls', but I loved Seq-qah completely!

It had been a very long day and it was time to end it. I undressed and crawled into my bedroll.

Seq-qah came to my bedroll a short time later and made ready to climb in next to me. Master? She was alone. That Qaj-jah and Qij-jah was not with her did not surprise me in the least. Seq-qah was recognized as first girl and the 'Q-girls' would not join us uninvited.

Be silent slave! Remain silent until you're ready to be fully honest. I would not push her away, but I could ignore her until she decided to tell me all that was on her mind.

As you wish, Master. Her voice in my head changed.

I looked at her.

"Okay, Master...I shall tell thee." She said to me quietly and fearfully, speaking aloud.

I sat up in my bedroll and gazed at her kneeling on the ground less than two feet away. Then I gestured her to go on. "We don't have all night, Seq-qah." I said with just a hint of impatience.

"It goes hand in hand with the legend of a Terranian master and his Qoo-jan slave who become pregnant with his child."


He took her to be his wife; they had two more children and according to legend lived a long and happy life together. It occurred long before our history became recorded. It was said that Grey One's took the children away to another place for their own safety.

"Why?" I asked her. If the legend was true, it took place well over 5,000 cycles ago. "Was there a danger to the children?

"Nobody knows, Master." She gave me a timid smile. "Since then, many Qoo-jan slave girls have secretly wished to be wed to their masters...and hopefully bear them children. Though each one knows that it can never be."

"So, deep in your heart, you wish to be my wife?"

"It can never be, Master." She said sadly.

"What does the law here say about that?"

"There is no law regarding that." Lot-tah interrupted approaching the wagon. "It was not my intent to eavesdrop. I was on my way to the river to bathe and could not help but overhear." She stood there with a bar of soap in her hand and a towel draped over her arm. Otherwise, she was nude. "Although there is no recorded instance of a Terranian and a Qoo-jan ever being married, there is no law forbidding it."

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