tagBDSMOn Display: In The Men's Room

On Display: In The Men's Room


As with all my reports, the following is true.

I had been feeling in quite a mood for some time. None of my "normal" kinks were really giving me what I needed. I happened to communicate that to one of my online friends - my favorite actually, who has given me such good orders in the past. He requires written "proof" of my completion of the tasks, and it's the carrying out of his orders that I have reported on previously.

I was given a task to complete (then write about) which, as soon as I read it, made me tingle and beg for an orgasm (which I wasn't allowed). He always starts me off with orgasm denial for at least a day or two prior to any tasks, because he knows it just makes me bolder and more willing to do wild things! This particular time, which happened several weeks ago now, had me holding off from orgasm for three days prior to finding out what the task was, then having to hold off until I found time to complete it which was another two days. I was, in that time, encouraged to fantasize and even play with myself as much as possible, but never letting myself go. So for those several days I had my hands in my panties almost all the time. So much so that the last day I could hardly stop touching myself (which is tough in an office! But not difficult in the women's room!).

I took off early on a Thursday afternoon, having asked on Tuesday (when I got my orders) to leave early to take my car in (so I said). I quickly drove across town to a national restaurant chain that is open 24 hours a day. In the somewhat busy parking lot, I took off my work clothes - all of them. Sitting naked in the front seat of my car, I put on a pair of high heels - black, with a kinky buckly strap. Next I reached back and pulled the summer sun dress off hanger on the strap by the door of the backseat, showing off to anyone around (no one that I could see, unfortunately). My heart was already pounding... not from doing this, though I was enjoying it. I've done a lot of stripping in the car and it's honestly not that exciting anymore. My heart was pounding because I was about to do one of the most humiliating things I've ever done!

I slipped the thin dress on, knowing that while it wasn't see-through, there really wouldn't be any doubt that I wasn't wearing a bra or panties to anyone that was paying any attention.

Then to make it worse (or better, depending on how you look at it), I pulled down the top, clipped a clothes pin vertically to my left nipple, took the elastic that I had attached to it up and behind my neck, then down, clipping the clothes pin on the other end to my right nipple. I had measured the elastic and made it snug enough to pull my nipples and breasts up. I had tried it out at home the night before and made the elastic short enough to really pull the nipple. This dress wasn't see-through enough to see the clothespins, but my nipples were pretty obvious, and it was obvious that I had something under the dress that was attached to my nipples, and the elastic was as plain as day. I couldn't believe I was going inside someplace public like this.

The final step - blood red lipstick. I knew from my preparations the previous night that I looked okay, but definitely slutty. Not like a prostitute, just like a kinky, easy slut. Really it was the lipstick and the high black heels, because neither went with the simple knee-length summer sun dress.

I grabbed my bag and in I marched, getting two honks from cars going by on the street. Did I really look THAT slutty? I guess I did.

The older lady at the cash register gave me the once over, not approving, but led me to a booth by the window. The busboy cleaning the table nearby nearly dropped his plastic bin when he saw me. Part of me was loving it, but part of me doesn't like to be *this* obvious about my kinky side in such public places, especially one where police officers routinely take their breaks.

But it was after lunch and before dinner, so I hoped I was safe. The waiter loved how I looked and tried to chat me up, but I was too embarrassed to say much. I ordered a soda and a slice of pie, quickly went through both, and left plenty of money for the bill and tip.

Walking out was when the main event started. I headed for the bathrooms, my nipples pulled up, my pussy sopping wet (did I have a wet spot from sitting on my dress?) my high heels making each step a little sex dance, and at the last second went into the men's room instead. (I had been given leeway to use one or the other, but had been encouraged to at least try the men's room and see what it looked like).

Inside, there were two urinals and two stalls. I chose the last one, which was a large handicap accessible one, and went in, closing the door behind me. Because it was so large, I decided to carry through in the men's room, instead of the safer women's room.

Now the moment of truth. I pulled off my dress, standing, once again, naked in another men's room, this one probably much more active than some of the others I've been in. From my bag (not a purse, really, more like a cloth shopping bag) I pulled out another pair of clothes pins with elastic, a thick, long, unpeeled carrot, and a thick, long, unpeeled cucumber.

Kneeling right in front of the toilet, I was greeted with the site I had hoped for, even craved, and why I had chosen the men's room over the women's: many drops of pee all over the seat, and an unflushed toilet full of stale urine. Kneeling there, I undid the clothespins from my nipples, which hurt like hell, then quickly attached my other ones, with slightly longer elastic. One to my left nipple, then around the base of the toilet, noticing how dirty and disgusting it was back there, then clipping the other clothespin to my right nipple, the distance short enough that I was forced to bend over, my face at the level of the toilet seat, breathing in the stench.

I had been turned on for days, and especially since getting out of the car dressed like a slut, but now I was almost out of my mind. I grabbed the carrot and rammed it home in my sopping pussy, not doing much for myself but getting it wet in a hurry for step two... pushing it slowly but firmly into my asshole. That I felt, and it felt good, thinking of the carrot sticking out, feeling it fill me there on my knees.

Reaching out I found the cucumber, which was much bigger than the carrot and felt absolutely wonderful as I pushed it into my pussy with my hand, my left hand holding the carrot in, feeling it in my knees on the floor, my abs as I held myself bent over there on the floor.

I knew then that it definitely wasn't going to take long to send me over the edge. My fingers pushed that whole huge cucumber into me while my thumb rubbed my clit and my other hand started pushing the carrot in and out of me. At that point I didn't care who walked in, would almost welcome a real cock in my ass or pussy!

I lowered my face below the rim of the toilet, feeling my orgasm come on me, hitting me as I pushed my face into the pisswater, and I did as I had been ordered to, letting my ass grab the carrot long enough for my hand to reach out and push the lever down on the toilet, flushing my head as I came over and over again, my ass clenching the carrot, my pussy grabbing that huge cucumber, and my thumb hammering away on my clit, my nipples clipped.

What an intense experience: roar of the toilet with my head in it, the orgasm, the knowledge of my face in the piss for a second before the water rained down on my hair and splashed up from the sides and bottom of the toilet as it refilled.

Overwhelmed, I started to sit up, forgeting about the nipples and the elastic that were meant to keep me in place if I tried to back out at the last second, and the my right nipple suffered as the clothespin yanked off and I almost screamed! I undid the left one, pulled the carrot out of my asshole, and, my face and hair dripping, sat down naked on the dirty floor, the realization of what a dirty slut I was sinking in even further. I wiped my face off with my hand, the cucumber still half inside of me, and stood up on weak legs, preparing to get dressed and get out, when the door opened and two men walked into the bathroom talking about getting back on the road.

I sat down quickly on the toilet (my mother would be shocked that I wasn't using any paper on the seat! Which struck me as pretty funny given what I had just done to myself!). I realized that the high heels would look pretty out of place if one of them happened to look under the door, but, now silent, I heard them start to pee.

Well, this was too much for me to pass up, so I started the cucumber in and out of my pussy, this time with my other fingers really working my clit, and by the time they flushed I came again, silently, my face and hair still dripping onto my breasts and legs.

When they left, I wasted no time pulling the cucumber out, putting it and the clothespins and the carrot in my bag, pulling my dress back on, and listening for my chance to go.

Hearing no one, I unlocked the stall door and headed out, taking a quick glance in the mirror at myself as I left, looking very much, I thought, like someone who had just flushed her head in the toilet!

As I opened the door, a man was about to walk in, I hurried past him, my face completely red I'm sure, and quickly (as fast as the heels allowed) down the hall and out the door, to my car, ashamed now, amazed at what I had done, but at least feeling like that wild part of me that craves this stuff had been (temporarily) satisfied.

The drive home was uneventful, as was the rest of the afternoon (two more orgasms, laying on my bed, naked except for the heels, my face still unwashed).

Of course for dinner I had a salad - no dressing - with the (washed) carrot and the rather interesting tasting cucumber. :)

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