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On The Couch


A year after my divorce became final I threw a little barbecue party for friends and neighbours as a sort of private celebration. Friends I invited because they truly were friends who'd stuck with me through some difficult times. Neighbours, because my friends could get a bit noisy sometimes, especially when someone else is laying out a couple of kegs.

Most of my neighbours are OK. I get on reasonably well with them. A couple of them are assholes, but they probably think the same of me and some of my friends. Come to think of it, a couple of my friends are assholes, but they're still my friends.

Included with my neighbours are James and Anne. I prayed that they wouldn't be able to come, but the good Lord ignored my most fervent prayers. I have nothing against Anne. She is a lovely woman, both in personality and looks. It's James I can't stand. He's a born politician, and if you can think of something worse to call someone, then that probably applies to him as well.

Anyway, they turned up, and where Anne genuinely likes people and gets on with everyone, James just assumes that he does and that everyone loves him. He was circling the crowd, glad-handing everyone, eager to discuss the politics of the day, always assuming that he was right and we would all agree with him. In other words, being a total asshole. I could always spot where he was by watching people drift away from that area.

Despite James, everyone seemed to have a good time. Food was eaten and drink was drunk. Quite a bit of drink was drunk, James especially eager to accept when free booze was on offer. A number of my friends and neighbours had brought along a couple of extra bottles, but not James. All he brought was an opinion, an appetite and a thirst. At times I don't think he even realised that his wife was there.

Eventually people started drifting off home. Friends first, oddly enough, generally because they had further to go. Then the neighbours started making a beeline for their own residences, until there was only James and my good self left.

James was blotto, barely able to stand. I assumed that Anne had given up on dragging him away while there was still free beer available and gone home early. Unlike James, she had not been drinking.

I steered James out of the yard and walked him down the street. All things considered I suppose I had a moral responsibility to deliver him home in one piece. He staggered up to his front door, managed to open it and reeled inside. I closed the door behind him and went home.

The cleaning up I decided would wait until the morning. I did a quick check around the backyard to ensure that I hadn't left any unconscious guests out there, and then thought I'd better do the same for the house.

It was a good thing I did. Anne was asleep on the couch in the front room. Apparently she hadn't gone home; simply come inside to rest while waiting for James.

I think I might have mentioned that she is quite lovely to look at. A very shapely figure and lovely long legs, which were currently on full display. Her skirt had ridden up in her sleep, revealing lacy panties and a lot of silky smooth thigh.

I think I may have had one or two beers too many, even though as host I had considered it my duty not to get pissed with everyone else. Nothing else could explain my behaviour.

Moving slowly, I eased her panties off and started stroking her legs and inner thighs, gradually moving along her legs until I was gently massaging her pussy. A nicely shaven pussy I noticed, and I was soon trailing my fingers all around it while Anne moaned and shifted restlessly.

One leg slid off the couch, leaving her wide open to my advances. I knelt on the couch and pressed my cock lightly against her pussy. Reaching down I eased her lips slightly apart, letting them close upon the head of my cock. I wasn't actually inside her, at this point, but it would only take a nudge.

Reaching over I started undoing the buttons of her blouse. Easing it open I was pleased to find Anne was actually wearing a front opening bra. It was the work of a moment to undo it and expose the treasures beneath.

I started stroking them, rubbing the nipples around with my palms and enjoying the feel of her. I was quite startled when she suddenly spoke to me.

"Are you intending to rape me while I'm drunk and half asleep, Mike?" she asked me quietly.

I laughed.

"Certainly not," I said. "For a start, you're not drunk. I watched everyone and if you had more than a couple of glasses of wine I'll go he. You should be able to tell that I'm in a position to ravish you if I wanted to, but haven't. If you haven't looked I'll let you know that yes, that is my cock pressing against you and wanting to enter you.

All I've been doing is admiring your body while waiting for you to wake up. Now that you are awake, I'm waiting for you to say yay or nay to my driving home and ravishing you.

You don't have to answer just yet. I'm quite happy to play with these glorious breasts while waiting for you to make up your mind.

Um, I think it's only fair to tell you that if you say yay, I'll be driving into so far and so deep you won't have time to do more than scream before you're firmly nailed to the couch."

With that I bent down and started sucking on one of her nipples, while one hand played with her other breast and the other went wandering downstairs to press against her pussy, pushing it firmly against my cock, heightening her awareness of it being poised there.

"Just how much have you had to drink, Mike," Anne asked.

"Not much, really," I said, "but apparently enough to lower my inhibitions. You have a very soft body you know. Full of lovely curves and things."

"What makes you think I might say yes?"

"I don't think any such thing," I pointed out. "It's just that I really want you and hope you'll agree."

"And if I say no?"

"Then I'll probably have a tent-pole under the bed for the rest of the night. No is no, unfortunately. Are you saying no?"


I paused. What did that mean?

"Have pity on me. Apparently I've drunk enough that my mind is not working smoothly. Is that no, I can't ravish you, no, you're not saying no, or no, you haven't made up your mind."

Anne giggled. "Maybe this will tell you," she said, and pressed her pussy up against me, accepting the head of my cock inside her.

She was hot and wet and felt wonderful.

"Quite sure?" I murmured.

At her nod I did as promised, driving in so hard and fast that before Anne had time to do more than squeal I was fully inside her, pinning her to the couch. I looked down at her, laughing, and found her looking back up at me, startled but also laughing.

"A man of your word, I see," she murmured.

I grinned and started moving within her, finding her eagerly pushing up to meet me.

For a while we just enjoyed ourselves, letting our bodies make the running, moving together with mutual satisfaction. Excitement was building within both of us, but I had no intention of letting things end like this. I wanted more and intended to have more.

I suddenly pulled out, leaving Anne protesting.

"Roll over, woman," I told her, encouraging her to do so.

It only took moments and she was resting her head on her crossed arms looking back at me, poised behind her where her bottom reared into the air, presenting herself to me. Anne seemed to hold her breath for a moment and then let it out with a squeal as I drove into her, hard and fast, asserting my dominance over her.

Again our rhythm came together, Anne's bottom bobbing up and down as I drove lustily into her hot wet pussy. I pounded her, every so often giving her a slap on the bottom to encourage her to greater efforts. Anne was squealing and bucking against me, excitement causing her voice to tremble. It wasn't long before we were again heading towards a climax, but I was still not ready to finish.

Anne was shocked when I suddenly pulled out a second time. She was gasping and protesting as I swung her to her feet. She was even more surprised when I lay back on the couch, indicated my erection and demanded that she mount me and pleasure me.

Laughing, she straddled me, and then sank slowly down onto me. She started off by rocking, leaning back and then leaning forward, the movement causing a slow drag against my cock and kept her excitement levels high. She was breathing hard (so was I for that matter) as she rocked, flushed and sweating.

Soon, that rocking movement wasn't enough for her. She started bouncing, lifting herself up off my cock and then driving back down onto it, with me giving enthusiastic upward thrusts to meet her.

Anne seemed determined that I wasn't going to be able to pull any more position changes. Her hands pressed firmly against my chest, making sure I stayed there while she demonstrated her sexual abilities. By now I was so close to a climax I wouldn't have the strength of mind to stop and pause for a moment. Instead I just thrust up as hard as I could, meeting her halfway as she pressed eagerly down.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? If they were like Anne and me they couldn't give a damn. They were just so relieved to finally come that nothing else mattered. Afterwards, Anne collapsed against me, lying on top of me, the pair of us still joined.

Somehow we managed to not fall asleep. We both had a quick shower and dressed, and then I escorted Anne back to her house. Letting herself in, she damn near tripped over James who was sleeping on the floor just inside the front door. She shook her head, stepped over him and headed towards her bedroom while I closed the door and went home.

We had both agreed that what had happened was a once off. It wouldn't happen again.

We were both lying through our teeth.

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