tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOn the Dancefloor

On the Dancefloor


The dance hall is bright and airy. The wooden floors waxed to a shine absorbing the impact of every strut and step of your fellow dancers, the music and the calls of the instructor echo across the room as she calls out words of advice and encouragement, occasionally taking a student in hand when a little more guidance is required. The advanced class is pretty intense, the instructor almost relentless. She calls to change partners and you spin gracefully into my arms, a wide, unabashed smile of enjoyment on your face.

We step in time, moving to the music, both of us expert enough to move with a fluid grace, my confident steps leading you in this charged and sensual dance. The room whirls around us as we lose ourselves in the pleasure of the dance, my strong arms holding you close to me. You can't help noticing the firmness of my body, the lean muscles of my back rippling under your hand. The whole scene is so hypnotic; it takes a while to recognise the firmness pressed against your stomach is more than just my own body. Your mind snaps back to reality as you realise I have a raging erection pressed against you. In that moment, you look up, shock and outrage plain on your face. What you see instantly sparks fear in your heart. On the surface my face is still pleasant and smiling, but so close, you can see the dangerous glint in my eye, you notice the slight turn of my mouth gives my smile a wolfish demeanor. In that moment, my eyes lock hard onto yours, the hand resting at the base of your spine applies firm pressure, pressing you closer to me and all light drops away, no not the light, the whole room! Nothing is left but you and me, a faint light coming from where you know not, bathing us in an eerie glow.

Glancing down, the cry catches in your throat as you notice your clothes have disappeared. Mine have too, and my large, powerful cock stands throbbing and angry between us. Fear as you have never felt makes itself known, a sickness in the belly, your knees tremble and yet you are paralysed to the spot, unable to move, unable to cry for help. Totally and completely mine.

With your heart beating wildly in your chest, my eyes roving over your naked body with undisguised lust burning in them, the ever present erection making its presence known in your peripheral vision. Stepping back, I take my time in assessing this delicate porcelain figure I have before me- such a fine specimen of woman, I shall particularly enjoy having my way with this one. I drink in the sight before me, studying every curve and line of your body, making a slow circle around you. Every so often you feel my hand on your body, jumping slightly at my brazen touch as my rough hands care not for your privacy. My fingers brush your hair back, revealing fine collar bones and pert breasts. Something in my eyes instills such a sense of fear in you that you do not resist my caresses, the backs of fingers trailing the curve of your bosom, lightly raking the pale pink nipple. Slowly my hand cups your right breast, weighing it gently, marveling at its softness, this fine tender feminine flesh. Your eyes follow me as I move round you, my hand still holding its prize while my other brushes aside your hair to reveal slender shoulders. My fingertips trace down your spine, down, down, to the firm globes of your buttocks. Massaging the muscle firmly brings subtle, pleasant sensations, that dulls the fear and leaves a faint tingling in your body's where my hands meet your naked body. The softness of your breast contrasts beautifully with the firm, well toned muscle of your bottom, both please me greatly. Stepping closer cranks the fear back up, snaps you back to reality.

You can feel my warm breath on your skin. A sharp inhale fills my nostrils with your perfume before exhaling with a growl of animal lust that causes you to brace yourself for what is to come. My teeth sink into your neck, eliciting a cry of pain, pain which momentarily distracts you from the sudden movement of my hand between your legs. As the pain recedes to my kisses and languid strokes of my tongue, you become aware of my fingers coming into contact with the soft, sensitive flesh of your outer folds.

Ah what man can resist such temptations of the flesh! The intoxicating aroma of woman, the satisfying notion of knowing you have such power over another as you stand the perfect submissive to my every whim and desire to indulge myself in your body. I shall have fun taking you to the very limits. My arms snake round your body, your back now flush with my strong chest. A quick adjustment finds my powerful erection nestled between your legs, the full length throbbing a pulsing with menace against your labia. A long slow breath once more fills me with your scent and causes the blood to pulse so violently through my body you can feel it against your sensitive lips. My hands slowly begin to roam over your body, stroking your pale skin, warm wet kisses rain down your neck and over your shoulders. How wonderful it feels to be touched like this! My fingertips spreading a warmth in your body wherever they touch; the swell of your breast, the softness of your belly, the fine curve of your hips.

My touch is hypnotic, even with the constant reminder of the danger nestled between your legs, you find yourself unable to resist me. Leaning slightly into me, I know you are now totally mine, there is no going back from this. Taking your hands in mine, I bring them up to join in this erotic exploration of your body, my hands guiding your slender fingers to touch yourself in such intimate ways usually reserved for the privacy of the bedroom. Your body begins to react to this constant stimulation, and our movements increase in their urgency, no longer slow, gentle strokes, but firmer, more insistent caresses. Gathering your breasts in my hands, squeezing and kneading, enjoying how easily they yield to my touch, your nipples highly responsive to the rough pinching and pulling that leaves them standing erect and a deep, dark red. Your own hands drop down to meet the throbbing monster between your legs, slowly being bathed in the moisture of your own oozing pussy. Grasping the large member, you are pleased at its reassuring thickness, firm, solid and unyielding as you press the head to your tingling clit, rubbing the head against the magic pearl that instantly excites us both beyond reason.

Quick as a flash, I grab your wrists and pull them away, spinning you in my arms until you face me, confusion plain on your face at the cold anger in mine. "This is done my way, not yours, you do as I wish, not as you wish". The words echo around the hall, and chills you to the very core, now filled with the worry of what punishment your transgressions will warrant. Holding your gaze, you fail to notice my hands as they come up to pinch your nipples violently and without mercy. You can't help flinching at the sudden pain, but this flinch only incites my anger further, a quick slap to the tender flesh of your breast leaves an angry red mark. Pushing your breasts back out, the other nipple quickly receives the same treatment, a painful wrench that leaves the tender bud throbbing with pain. Flinching again invites the same punishment, a sharp slap to the side of your breast. You soon learn not to flinch but to take your punishment with stoic pride, your breasts pushed out, back straight and your chin held high. Your breasts still throb with pain, but with each pinch, every pull of the sensitive nipple you notice your a fire in your pussy slowly building. Something about taking this humiliating and painful punishment is having the strange effect of turning you on in a way you would never have thought possible. I'm pleased to see you begin to welcome my every pinch with fierce determination, a slow burning pleasure in your eyes. You are ready. From where you know not, but suddenly there is something in my hand, a chain that sparkles seductively with a small clip at each end.

Your curiosity is sated when I smoothly attached one clip to your nipples followed by the other. The steel bites deep into the super sensitive nubs, producing new waves of searing pain floods your body initially, but soon subsides to a dull ache that strangely excites. The chain hangs loosely between your breasts, the sparkling silver cool against your skin. A gentle tug tests your new adornment, tugging at both nipples simultaneously, stirring further pain and causing your pussy to leak its creamy juices even further. Already I can smell your hot excited sex in the air, and it pleases me greatly.

Taking you by the chain, I lead you in a slow circle, the sting in your nipples inciting you to follow quickly- my new sex slave, beautiful and perfectly submissive. Sitting in a chair that wasn't there before, you are guided and draped over my lap, your firm round buttocks pale in the faint eerie light. My firm erection presses into your midriff and you are keenly aware of the weight of the chain pulling on your nipples as it dangles and sways gently. My warm hand strokes the smooth cool skin of your behind, raking my nails, soft at first, then a harder, until your pale white ass is criss crossed with red nail marks. Marking my pretty slut accordingly sends a new wave of lust rushing through me which jolts my cock against you, reminding you of how close that gorgeous shaft of pleasure lies. You are almost overwhelmed in your sudden, desperate need for it. The sharp sting of my hand meeting your tender buttocks breaks you out of your reverie. Two more follow, leaving your ass throbbing almost as much as the cock pressed against your tummy.

Reaching my hands between your legs to your heated wet sex, the other tugs sharply on the chain fastened to your nipples. I am rewarded with a sudden gush of hot sticky fluid that I quickly use to smear over your burning buttocks. The cool air meets the moisture and offers some relief until my hand once again rushes through the air to bite hard, your gentle whimpers music to my ears. This wonderful punishment continues for some time, the pain in your ass alternating with the sting felt in your nipples, never allowing one to dull for too long before reawakening it with a sharp slap or a firm tug. And always my ever probing fingers dipping into your hungry pussy, massaging those sensitive walls, drawing out your cream to smear over your inflamed ass, sometimes offering you a taste of yourself which you hungrily lap up, enjoying the sweet, musky flavour on my fingertips, imagining sucking on my the powerful cock underneath you- how long before you can feel it inside you!!? Soon your pussy is awash with its juices, your ass thoroughly lubricated; finally you are ready for me!

Raising you up, I am forced to support your weight as your legs wobble unreliably underneath you, another tug on the chain brings a small gasp of pleasure and dreamy smile. Straddling my engorged member, my hands firmly gripping your hips while yours steady yourself on my broad shoulders, the moment you have longed for for so long comes. Effortlessly, you sink down onto me, your aching pussy swallowing the full length of my cock with ease as your breath whooshes from your lungs. Without thought you try to move, to start the gorgeous motion of fucking, but my hands remain firm, holding you perfectly still, unable to move. The initial pleasure gives way to intense frustration as all you can feel is your pussy, stretched around this throbbing monster, pulsating with desire. Your clitoris is literally humming with the need to be stimulated. Ah this exquisite torture!! Soon you become aware of every minute detail of our bodies joined, the musky smell of our sweat mingled with the scent of sex, the firmness of my body against your own softer feminine form. You can feel my heart beating in my chest, your own is pounding, causing the chain between your breasts to tremble.

And then it begins, with a subtle, barely felt move of my hips, the great monster that has so fully penetrated you shifts inside, stimulating you anew. The swivel and rotation becomes more pronounced and soon you are moving your own hips to meet it, grinding your clitoris eagerly against me, each time sending waves of sexual pleasure through your body. Our hand begin to roam, mine stroking the curve of your back, grabbing the flesh of your ass, lifting you to provide better access to spear the very depths of your being. Your hands are in my hair, on my chest, tugging the chain on your nipples, losing yourself in a masochistic reverie. With every moment that passes our desires deepen, the rhythm rougher, harder, no longer a smooth sexual rocking, you find yourself bouncing hard on my cock, driving the your full weight down onto me, feeling the thick flesh penetrating deep inside your hungry cunt, stretching you to your very limits. Your breasts bounce and sway wildly, your hair a scattered mess around your shoulders. The sharp staccato of your breathing is a clear indication of your impending orgasm, so close that you can't help emitting a loud wailing cry that fills the air, when you suddenly find yourself lifted, leaving you empty and desperately needing release.

I do not deny you for long, a minor shift and you can feel the bulbous head pressed against your asshole, now slick with your cream. Lost in the sexual depravity, you don't wait for a slow entry, eager for my cock inside you. The thick cream provides excellent lubrication and my shaft easily defeats the tightness of your anal ring, once past, the full length of my cock fills you completely, stretching your ass wide. You waste no time, eager to get back to that state of sexual ecstasy. With my strong arms supporting your weight you are able to lean back a little, my cock sinking further into you while at the same time giving you full access to your hungry pussy. Your fingers plunge deep into your moist crevice, our hips picking up a rocking rhythm that leaves you dizzy with desire. Striking your sensitive clit you set to rubbing with such a fervour as you have never known. Gathering the chain between my teeth I am able to tug and pull at will, sending bolts of pleasure to your swollen pearl, adding to the intensity of this crazed sexual orgy. Our bodies are tight and trembling with imminent orgasms, every movement more insistent, harder, faster, rougher. And as your orgasm is about to hit, your fingers leave your clit, throwing your arms around my neck, relying on the strong powerful thrust of my cock in your ass and the grind of your clit against my hips. The chain drops from my mouth and our lips meet in a kiss hold no hint of tenderness, pouring our lust and our desires into each other, our lips locked in a hot wet exchange even as my cock swells inside your tight ass and floods that tight crevice. Your own orgasm is a powerful force that hits without mercy, racking your body, every muscle contracting, throwing you forward into my arms which come up to support and envelop you, our bodies shaking together as our orgasms race through us.

A voice penetrates the sexual haze you find yourself in. You struggle to open your eyes, to break the spell of sleep which threatens to consume you. Light floods the room. We are back on the dance floor, still in the same hold we first started. Other dancers continue there steps around us, nobody notices any change. My face is open, friendly. Your brain finally processes the words, I'm asking if we should try a different routine. Mind clouded in confusion, you can do nothing but agree and let him lead you through the steps while you try to make sense of what just happened.

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