Once You Go Black...


When his cock stopped pumping out sperm and started to shrivel she sucked the head clean before releasing it. Sliding up his body she licked up the streams of cum deposited all over his stomach and chest. Once she had cleaned it all she ran her hand over his muscular body. Gnawing his nipples and tracing her fingers over his lips she moved up and kissed him before rolling off to one side, where he captured her with his arm holding her close.

"I'm ready for more whenever you are," she cooed into his chest as it rose and fell with his deep breaths.

Several long minutes passed as they recovered. She felt him stir and opened her eyes glancing down as his soft cock. Making a move towards it to suck it back to life she was surprised when he stopped her and pushed her onto her back. Karl kissed her along the neck and down over her body, stopping at her breasts to tease her nipples before sliding down between her legs. It was thrilling to know that he was about to treat her to oral sex for the first time and she saw it as a step forward in their strange relationship. Her willingness to play along with his demands had led to this reward in her mind.

Lifting one leg and tossing it over his shoulder he open her pussy wide and lapped up the juices that had pooled inside her lips. His skillful tongue tunneled up and down through her moist lips, swirling around the clit whenever it reached the top. At the same time his thumbed her ass and eventually slid the fingers of the same hand into her cunt. She could feel her entire crotch start to heat up in response and let out a tiny surprised shriek when he push her thighs together and then back, leaving her pussy and ass pointed straight up in the air. He licked from her ass to the top of her pussy a few times before rising to his knees and taking his stiff dick in hand.

Locking her arms together behind her knees she held her legs back so Karl could get back to fucking her. He guided his cock to her cunt and pushed inside deeply on the first thrust. Her entire body shook as his hips struck against her over and over. In no time her pussy was worked up again with the juices flowing freely once more. Withdrawing his cock he sat back and applied a small amount of oil to his cock. He dropped a few more onto her ass and rubbed it in before lining up for another assault.

The head slipped inside easily this time and he continued feeding the thick cock into her until he felt the resistance peak. Holding still for a moment he pulled out and then plowed back in. Thankfully, Amy found that he was able to judge the depth well and increased it in tiny increments. Doubled over like she was, her breathing soon became strained and she panted to get air into her body. She started massaging her clitoris again and was soon panting for a different reason.

His long cock sawed in and out of her ass over and over again. Each time he would pull back until just the tip remained inside and then ram it back in. His urgency grew as he fucked her ass like a man possessed. As his cock crept deeper, she felt ready to pass out from the sheer euphoria of the experience. It still hurt to have such a monstrosity jammed in and out of her ass, but it the discomfort was more than worth it.

When he hauled his cock all the way out her eyes flew open thinking he was going to cum, but he released her legs and pushed her hand from her snatch, driving his cock to the hilt into her cunt again. After struggling to accommodate his huge cock in her ass it felt almost like a normal cock in her pussy now. She could feel her asshole clenching and releasing as she rocked her hips to meet his merciless, stabbing thrusts. Her brow was beaded with sweat and it ran down her body in tiny rivulets.

He fucked her until she came again, her body convulsing as another river of cum leaked from her pussy around his cock that was still buried inside. When her body stopped twitching he got up allowing her to roll to her side and curl up into a ball, while resting her head on the pillow. She was ready to go to sleep after another spectacular night of sex with Karl and was sure she would spend the night dreaming of next week. After pulling a blanket over herself she snuggled into the pillow lounging in comfort on the soft king-sized bed.

The bed rocked with movement, waking her from her partial slumber. Her eyes fluttered opened and turning her head she peered over her shoulder to see what Karl was up to. He offered her a tall glass of ice water and she took it drinking eagerly, not realizing how thirsty she had been until the idea was planted in her mind. After the gulping down the cool, refreshing water she felt slightly renewed. Then she noticed his cock which was still erect and realized that only a few moments has passed since they had halted their coupling.

"We're not done yet," he announced snatching the blanket away once she had finished her drink.

Sore and tired as she was, Amy found herself powerless to resist. Lying meekly on the bed she spread her legs wide and arched her back lifting her well-fucked ass and pussy high in the air. She didn't care where he fucked her as long as that cock was put back inside her where it belonged.

Karl moved towards her and slid his cock deep into her pussy applying steady pressure until his balls touched her ass. He grabbed her ass cheeks tightly in his strong hands and gave her a few hard strokes before sliding his hands down her back and lifting her into his arms. She responded by linking her arms around his neck and gripping his waist with her legs. Rocking back and forth on his cock, she was able to grind her clit against his ridged pole. His hands found her ass again and began lifting her up and down the length of his shaft. They soon managed to synchronize their efforts as her hot wet pussy glided along his cock with ease.

Her entire body began to tingle as yet another orgasm approached. She began humping down on his thick cock frantically trying to spur her burning twat over the edge one more time. Karl was practically throwing her body up and down his cock like some sort of kinky amusement park ride.

"Unnnnnnnnh... unnnnnnnnnnh..." she moaned on the brink of cumming. "C'mon FUCK me!" she urged.

His response was immediate. Tearing her arms from around his neck pushed her back on the bed and fell on top of her to prevent his cock from slipping outside of her pussy. Holding her by the chin with one hand and balancing himself with the other on the headboard he pummeled her crotch with wave after wave of savage thrusts. Gritting her teeth and clenching her abdomen she tried to hold off her orgasm for as long as possible. Finally, she could take no more and came violently spewing what seemed like buckets of liquid from her snatch while he continued to fuck her without relent.

When he finally stopped and pulled out she was grateful. Her worn pussy had earned a rest and she knew she would sleep long into the morning after such a furious fuck fest. But Karl was not finished yet. He rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her by the hips to her knees. Her quivering legs couldn't hold her and she slumped back to the bed. Circling an arm around her waist he lifted her up again and slapped her hard on the ass once before spreading her puckered asshole with his thumb and index finger. Lining up his cock with her ass he eased his way back into her going deep into her with a single measured stroke.

Her legs buckled and threatened to collapse each time he slid his cock home. Karl held her hips tightly and pushed her face and shoulders into the pillow to stabilize her. The huge prick felt great in her ass, but she lacked the energy to respond and it was all she could do to stay upright. Moaning in delight as he continued to ravage her asshole she wondered if he'd ever finish with her and let her sleep.

After pounding her ass for what seemed like an eternity, he finally stopped and pulled his dick out of her. Her mind was in such a cock-induced daze that his stopping barely registered until he tossed her on her side and slid towards her head. Seizing her by the base of the neck, he rapidly jerked his slick cock aiming it towards her face. She licked her lips in anticipation and opened her mouth wide to accept his head as he leaned in. Soon she was coughing and gasping for breath as he fucked her face roughly. Thankfully he was already on the brink of cumming and soon pulled out to blast thick ribbons of hot cum all over her face with an accompaniment of loud grunts. Slurping the last of the sperm from the tip of his cock she fell back to the bed and was asleep almost immediately. It was only a short time later that he roused her awake again.

"Here, write your address on this," he demanded while shoving a pad of paper and pen towards her.

"Hmmmmmmmm," she sighed, blinking her eyes slowly. She grasped the pen and scrawled her address down before closing her eyes again. How had he gotten dressed so quickly she wondered as she fell in a deep sleep without realizing what she had just done.

"Housekeeping," shouted the woman's voice as Amy's eyes snapped wide open in alarm.

"Shit!" she shrieked when she looked at the clock that read 12:18.

It was past check out time and she was a complete mess. Rubbing the crusted cum from her face she remember how the night had ended and looked at the stained pillow and sheets in horror. A knock at the door startled her into motion. She jumped out of bed naked and raced to the bathroom where she ran the water over a face cloth and washed herself clean as best she could. Sprinting back into the bedroom she quickly donned the change of clothes she had brought with her and started stuffing things into her overnight bag. She still has the face cloth and threw it into the bag with her clothes from last night. Wishing there was room in the bag for the sheets and pillow she balled us the sheets to hide the stain and buried the pillow underneath. Just as the maid opened the door to come in she noticed the bottle of baby oil on the night table and snatched in up to jam it into the bag.

"Sorry I'm late leaving," she mumbled as she brushed past the maid on her way into the hallway.

She kept her eyes down and she wandered to the elevator and took it down to the lobby. There was no way she could bring herself to stop and see if she owed money for the late check out. If Karl was charged for it she'd pay him back next time they got together. Once outside she asked the valet for her car and waited nervously for his return. She tipped him with a twenty when he returned before she jumped in a sped away without ever having made eye contact with him.

During the drive home she was distraught as tears flooded her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. How had she turned into such a filthy whore? Why was she allowing herself to be used by this married man instead of looking for man who loved her to settle down with? Where was all of this leading? The pleasant ache between her legs was the only answer to her questions. She knew there was nothing she wouldn't do for Karl and feared what he'd make her to do next.

When she got home she went to bed and cried herself to sleep. She felt as though she'd made a complete mess of her life. All she could think about was how soon she would get the shit fucked out of her by Karl again. No matter how much she tried to tell herself she should end it and move on, she knew it was too good to resist. Karl had known it would happen that first night when he promised to make her his whore. If he came through her bedroom door right with a branding iron to leave his mark, she knew deep down she'd bend over and let him do it. For the rest of the weekend and early into the next week she tried to convince herself to e-mail Karl and end it, but her resolve wavered as her hunger for his big juicy cock grew.

On Wednesday night she was drinking a glass of wine and watching a movie when a knock at the door startled her. She hadn't buzzed anyone in and wondered who it could be. She tried looking through the peephole but whoever was outside had covered it blocking her view. There was another louder knock that rattled the door on its hinges. She was getting scared now and thought she should call for help.

"Who is it?" she asked standing nervously near the door.

"I'm here to fuck my whore now open up!" shouted the voice in the hallway.

It had to be Karl. Who knew if her neighbors had heard what he'd just said? She unlocked the door, fumbling with the chain in her haste. Flinging it open, she ushered him inside praying that no one had seen or heard him.

"How did you find me?" she asked, having no memory of writing down her address for him.

"What does it matter?" he shot back. "I came here for some of that hot white pussy, not to answer your questions. Now get those fucking clothes off before I go find myself a new whore who knows her place."

Standing motionless and staring at him in disbelief she didn't budge. She'd been trying to build the courage to tell him it was over and now here he was invading her sanctuary. He must have figured out I work at the lab and got my address there she thought. How could she have let this happen? She knew she should have run that first night when she saw him but now it was too late, she was trapped.

"NOW I SAID!" Karl shouted as she stood there gaping at him.

First she started to strip and then she started to cry. All week she'd been an emotional wreck and now here he was proving all her worst fears were true. By the time she was nude her eyes were red and puffy with tears and she was sniffling and shaking with all the conflicting emotions.

"Quit your crying," he demanded before dropping his pants and sitting on her couch.

Wiping her damp cheeks with the back of her hand she walked towards him and kneeling down she got to work. He let her suck his cock until he came in a flood filling her mouth with his salty sperm. Her pussy hot wet pussy was screaming to be fucked at that point but she sat on the floor meekly, waiting until he was ready to use her again.

"See that's not so bad," he said a few minutes later looking down at her. He stood and lifted her to her feet before adding, "Now take me to your bedroom."

He ended up staying for a few hours where he fucked her over and over again. Moaning and screaming like a dirty slut as she came countless times, Amy was sure the neighbors must have heard her but she couldn't have cared less. He had work early in the morning as well, so he didn't stay too late.

"There'll be no more hotels," he explained while getting dressed. "From now on I'll show up here whenever I feel like it so you better be ready for me. And if you're going to keep crying when I get here or take your time opening the door I'll find myself a new whore to take your place," he warned as he left the bedroom. Hearing the front door close behind him she got up to lock it. As she headed back to bed she hoped he'd be back tomorrow night.

Over the next few months every night was a nerve-wracking experience. Most nights she was home alone and on edge the whole time hoping she'd hear a knock at her door. Her pussy would leak juices all night in anticipation, but most nights she ended up masturbating with Big Ben as Karl showed up only a couple of times a week. One night he showed up in a particularly bad mood because she hadn't been home the night before, having gone to a movie with a friend. He ended up fucking her ass hard all night to teach her a lesson that lasted long into the next week. After that she rarely left her apartment, not wanting to risk angering him again. Late one Friday night he showed up drunk when she had already started riding her toy. Seeing it as they entered the bedroom, he laughed and made her use it on whatever hole was free as he fucked her long into the night before passing out.

If hoping he'd show up on nights she was alone was bad, dreading an appearance by him when she had company was far worse. If anyone called she always made up some sort of excuse, or if that failed she'd go meet them somewhere. Once in a while someone would just drop by without calling and she was trapped. She'd always try to get them to leave quickly or make plans to go out and do something as soon as possible. Of all the people who like to stop by, her mother was the most unpredictable and the hardest to control. When she came to visit, she'd just want to sit around and drink coffee making it almost impossible to get her to leave. Miraculously, Karl never showed up once during any of the nights she had company. Though one night a delivery guy knocked on her door by mistake when her mother was there, sending her into a full-scale panic. Even thought she opened the door and saw it wasn't Karl, she still had to run to the bathroom to throw up afterwards.

It was on a Friday night a few months after Karl's first visit that things changed again. Amy has just gotten home and was listening to a new CD when there was a knock at the door. Weekend visits were the best because he always ended us staying late and as she rushed to the door her pussy was already starting to throb. She opened it expecting to see Karl waiting for her but was instead greeted by a hulking, heavyset black man with bushy hair and a full beard covering his ample jaw.


"It's raining pretty hard out there so Karl let me out at the front door before parking the car. He'll be right up but said we should go ahead and get started," he said in a surprising gentle sounding voice.

Stepping around her into the apartment he looked around while kicking his shoes off and unzipping his coat. She felt stupid for not realizing what was happening soon as she saw him. Who did Karl think he was to start offering to share her with his friends? Though she knew she should be furious with that asshole, her pussy was hotter than it has been in weeks at the thought of having two well-hung studs to please her.

"The name's Leon," he said extending his huge hand to engulf hers. "We should probably get started before Karl gets here, I know he can be hard on his women when they don't do as they're told."

Anxious to get a look at Leon's cock, she led him to the bedroom and let him sit near the head of the bed. She shed all her clothing except her panties and joined him on the bed. He had swung his legs onto the bed and was leaning back against the headboard eyeing her trim figure up and down. As she bent over and began to unfasten his belt his hands found her breasts. His fondling of her nipples sent shivers rippling through her body. The belt was cinched tightly and she struggled to loosen it with his girth pressed against it. Pushing her frustrated hands aside he stood up and removed his pants before siting back down in his same position.

Her eyes locked on the dark bulge protruding from his white briefs. It didn't even look hard yet and was already a nice size. She reached for it but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her close easily lifting her in his huge arms to suck on her nipples. She moaned in delight and ground her snatch into his growing prick when he lowered her to his lap. Griping the hem of his shirt she pulled it up and over his head as he lifted his arms for her. She rubbed her hands over his stomach and surprising muscular chest. He was a big man with a beer belly, but he wasn't nearly as fat as she'd initially thought.

Running he hands down his body she slipped them beneath his waistband to pull out his cock. She gripped it with both hands and stroked it slowly eagerly watching it grow. Licking all around the head with quick flicks of her now skilled tongue she savored the taste of his delicious cock. She started bobbing up and down on it as best she could, but he was a fair bit thicker than Karl so it was a tight fit. Amy continued to run both hands up and down his shaft as her saliva moistened it and pushed it towards his belly to have a taste of his huge balls. Soon his cock was rock hard and she sat back to admire it. It was about two inches shorter than Karl's but with a thicker shaft and his set of nuts were noticeably larger as well. She was just about to start sucking it again when she heard the front door open.

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