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One Fine Massage


When I graduated from Massage Therapy college many years ago, I never imagined all of the wonderful experiences I would have. Many of my sessions with women were strictly therapeutic, but about 10% or so made it obvious they would like a bit more touch than might be considered "normal" in a simple rubdown. I soon learned to offer those services, and in short order developed a nice clientele by word of mouth.

I also did many sessions with the husband present, and I found it very enjoyable to offer those services, but kept it to a hands on situation. Not one time over the years did I ever actually have sex with a client, although there were many sessions involving oral and sexual touch.

My wife, Lee, never really showed an interest in massage, but I often had a fantasy where I would like to see her receive a massage from another masseur, and see if she would allow the types of touch I offered.

I approached her on the subject many times, she always rejected the idea. The best I could get her to do was go topless on a beach a few times, and even that was reluctantly. Lee is a small woman, in shape at only 115 pounds, with small breasts, and slim hips. She always felt her bust was too small, and as she got older, she wore more conservative clothing, much to my dismay. But my fantasy continued.

I even went so far as to get a gift certificate for massage from other therapists, she accepted those, but every session was strictly therapeutic, as far as I knew, and she never even talked about it.

One day I was teaching a class at the school, and I noticed one of my students, Carey, was a bit different than the rest. For one thing, he was a bit older than the norm, about 40 or so, and he seemed to create a sensual reaction in the other students that was obvious. I also noted that when working with the female students he would develop an obvious bulge in his pants, and never made any effort to hide it, seeming unconcerned.

This gave me an idea, so I invited him to work with my wife in an "after hours" setting. I had done this before with other students, that showed special potential, but the sessions were always straight, with full draping, not even a peek. Lee was used to this, so when I asked her if she would be the model for a session, she was quite willing.

Carey arrived right on time, and Lee went into my home office, and got on the table under the usual draping. Carey and I came in, and he started the massage, working first on Lee's legs. After just a few minutes, he was working on her fanny, and slid the drape aside as he worked. I glanced at Lee, and noticed the unmistakable signs of arousal, the same reactions I had seen in class.

Carey moved the drape down, so he could do the strokes down the back and sides, and as his hands came down to halfway down her buttocks, I took a chance, and told him to work lower. I saw Lee shoot me a glance, then she just relaxed, as Carey pushed the drape down to the top of her thighs.

I showed Carey the motion where one's hands come up the back of the legs, the thumbs are allowed to drift into the cleft between the butt cheeks, and the thumbs press forward, and spread. As Carey did the motion, I could see Lee's pussy pop into view each time, just for a moment, and she was obviously wet.

We had her turn over, and after a bit more work on her legs, I told Carey I would show him the proper way to work on the breasts, something Lee had never allowed before.

Carey moved the drape down, all the way to Lee's pubic hair, and began to work on her breasts. In short order, her nipples were like little stones, sticking up almost an inch, like they always do when she is completely aroused. I noticed Carey was sporting a nice bulge, too, but he still had said almost nothing, just followed my instructions. Then he moved down to work on the front of her legs, doing the lifts from underneath up the thighs, all the way to her crotch.

Then he glanced at me with a questioning look, I just nodded. He ran his hands up Lee's legs, then across her pussy lips. She offered no resistance, so he did it again, lingering, then began to touch and tease around her clit. She exploded in a fine orgasm, then Carey leaned forward, and licked her to another one.

Lee's legs were up, spread wide, accepting it for the first time.

After the session, Carey left, and Lee took a quick shower. She came out, and I asked her how she liked it. She smiled at me, and told me she loved that massage, and asked if it would be OK to do it again! I readily agreed, fantasy fulfilled! Then she surprised me. She said, "Next time, I want him to fuck me!"

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