tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOne Last Great Romance Ch. 01

One Last Great Romance Ch. 01


Authors' note:

This story is based on Desperate Housewives and it takes place after Season 4 although there are some differences. It's a Julie/Susan pairing so if you don't like mother/daughter stories you should read no further.


The water pounded against the window so hard that it made the baby kick. Automatically and without even thinking about it Susan Delfino laid a hand on her bump. The baby quieted and stilled. Susan resumed looking out - it was and wet and dull. It matched her mood. The rain was torrential, it came down so hard it was literally like a tap had been turned on, a constant flow of water cascading down from the Heavens.

Where Mike was.

Susan wiped away a tear; she had to be strong for the baby's sake. 'Maynard James', 'MJ', that's what they were going to call him after Mike's Grandfathers. Now Mike would never call his son anything, never hold him in his arms or take him to play baseball in the park. It had been a stupid lapse of concentration, a one in a million piece of bad luck that had left Mike's truck a twisted lump of metal and rubber and Mike an twisted lump of flesh and bone within it, dead before the ambulance arrived.

She sat there, looking out, so long that the dingy sky went from dark grey to black. That would have matched her mood even more, but slowly the clouds moved away and out came the moon and its surrounding stars. Susan remained in place, lost in her thoughts and memories; she was still there when the lights of a car shone through the windows as it pulled into the drive. It forced Susan out of her reverie and she got to her feet, her back ached both from the bump in front and the realisation she had been sitting in the same place and position for close to an hour.

The front door opened and in came Julie, the eighteen-year-old had been a rock in the months since Mike had passed away. And tonight was no exception. The teen held up the bag of groceries, "I'm back," she said stating the obvious, "I'll get the rest from the car." She cast a look at the table, the dinner dishes were still sitting there, a dinner, that as normal Julie had cooked. Susan had meant to wash them up, but somehow she had forgotten or, perhaps it just hadn't seemed important. The teen saw her Mom was following her glance, she shook her head and motioned for her Mom to sit back down, "Don't worry, I'll wash up when I've finished packing away."

"Thanks," said Susan. She remained standing for a few moments, it seemed like she would be taking Julie for granted if she sat back down, but if she made a move to help with the groceries or to do the dishes it would seem like she wasn't listening. She compromised, "I'm going to go upstairs and have a shower and have an early night."

"Okay Mom," said Julie.


Julie looked in the mirror as she brushed her long hair; she'd always been proud of it, it's length, its colour, its texture. Her neighbour, Danielle, said it was her best feature. Though with Danielle Julie wasn't sure whether it had been a compliment or a way to say she had next to no boobs and her ass was skinny. The teen shrugged, she had more important things to think about than her friend's back-handed comments - like her Mom.

It wasn't that Julie didn't think her Mom should mourn - she should, she had lost her husband in tragic circumstances. It was just that the mourning was going on too long and was too deep. Her Mom needed to snap out of it and get on with her life, especially with a baby on the way. What, the teen decided, her Mom needed was a man - someone to bang her back into life. A small smile crossed her face at the irony of that, Julie had thought her Mom needed Mike to get over her Dad, now she needed another man to get over Mike. She wondered if that was her Mom's fate, a series of romances, all of them ending badly and all needing a new lover to reawaken her Mom's ardour. She sighed and put down the brush; sadly single men in Fairview who weren't gay, psychotic or dead (or all three) were as common as three legged elephants.

The teen left the bathroom and started to head towards her own room. Outside her Mom's room she paused, she could see the light was on, it spilling onto the landing through a crack under the door. Through the same crack she could hear low little sobs. Part of her said to ignore it, go to bed and sleep and let her Mom cry it out. But more of her said she had to go in - though she wasn't sure how much of that was to comfort her Mom and how much it was to tell her she needed to buck up.

She opened the door. Susan was sitting up in her bed, looking at a photo album. For a moment she didn't see Julie and the teen kept silent looking at her Mom.

It was some sight. Despite her Mom's red, puffy eyes she still looked more beautiful than a woman in her early forties should be. The pregnancy enhanced her, even in her misery she seemed to have a glow, a radiance about her and the bulge of her milk-filled tits pushed them over the top of the silk negligee she was wearing so that the brown nipples were visible. Julie felt herself becoming aroused and old feelings resurfacing.

It was just after her Mom and Dad had separated that Julie had realised she was sexually attracted to her Mom. The way she walked and talked, the slinky seductive way her ass would wiggle as she bent down, the tight dresses she wore before she went for a night on the tiles - all had made the younger teen masturbate furiously in the depths of the night. Often she had fantasised about walking into her Mom's room and them making furious and passionate love on the bed, Julie ramming dildos into her Mom until the older woman was screaming in orgasmic ecstasy.

She had never thought about acting on these urges, her Mom would have been appalled and it would have damaged their relationship forever. And also she sure, that unlike Julie, Susan was not a lesbian. That was the other reason that Julie had never acted on them, just as she felt her desire for her Mom was starting to become overwhelming she'd met her first girlfriend. Just as quickly as they'd started her sexual feelings for her Mom had vanished to be replaced by feelings for the girl she was secretly making out with. Over the next three years Julie had a number of female lovers, some her own age, some older, some long-term, some quick and secret fumblings in the back alleys of Fairview. But looking at her Mom, so vulnerable and sexy with her tits almost popping out, the old feelings returned, reminding Julie she was currently girlfriend free and her hidden strap-ons hadn't been uncovered for weeks.

"Julie?" Susan looked up from the album.

For a second Julie was flustered, lost in her admiration of her Mom's sweet body, but she quickly recovered, "I just came to see you were alright? I thought I heard crying."

"I'm fine," said Susan, though the way she wiped away the beginnings of a tear suggested that she might not be telling the truth, "I was just looking at some old photos." She held up the album.

Sitting on the bed Julie took the album from her Mom's unresisting hands and put it on the bedside table. It meant that if Julie looked down she could see her Mom's tits unimpeded; she tried to keep her gaze fixed to her Mom's face, beautiful and sad though it was, "Mom, you need to move on. You can't live like this, there's a baby coming and he needs you to be a parent, not a weeping willow."

"I'm sorry," sniffed Susan, "It's just..."

"Just what?" asked Julie, she needed to be stern and she hoped her voice had the necessary hardness.

Her Mom shrugged and patted the bed beside her, "I get so lonely, at night, without Mike."

That was something, at least, thought Julie, if she was lonely her Mom might start considering another man to warm her bed and her heart. She decided that she had been tough enough and now it was time for some comfort, "It'll get better Mom. You'll meet someone and won't be lonely again."

"Until then?" sniffed Susan, "It's lonely now."

Julie paused thinking of what she could say that would make her Mom feel better. However, before she could Susan spoke again, her voice meek, "I don't want to be alone tonight Julie. Sleep with me."

For a second Julie misunderstood and her heart skipped a beat, then she realised her Mom was using the words 'sleep with me' in their literal sense about sharing a bed, rather than in their more common use. She smiled and nodded, slipping out of her robe so that she was just wearing her nightie and pulling back the sheets so she could snuggle in, "Okay. Just for tonight," she said.

Her Mom gave her a gentle smile, reached over and turned off the light plunging the room into darkness.

As was often the case with her mother it was a well-meaning, innocent move which was simply poorly timed as Julie had only just pulled the bed sheets over herself and the older woman. This would be no problem if Julie was merely going to sleep next to her Mom, however given the other woman's emotional state Julie had already committed to the idea of cuddling up to her mother, hopefully making her feel a little better in the process. So before she could stop to evaluate and coordinate a plan Julie found herself reaching over, luckily missing her Mom's baby bump as intended, however her hand gently landed on something soft.

Quickly Julie realised she was touching one of her Mom's barely covered boobs, and while she immediately corrected the mistake so that it surely couldn't be mistaken for anything except innocent and accidental, which it was, the teen was very grateful of the darkness. Sure, it was the reason for the accidental touch, but it was also the reason that her Mom couldn't see her blushing slightly and not acting like grabbing her mother's tit was gross or giggle worthy.

For a brief moment Julie thought about faking one or the other, or perhaps apologise, but as her Mom didn't say a word she decided it would be better to let the moment pass and be forgotten.

Perhaps in another time and another place that would have been it. But it wasn't.

For the first five, maybe ten minutes Julie quietly made a list of all the things that she would have to do tomorrow, re-evaluat the last five books she'd read, look into her choice of colleges, and briefly reconsider Danielle's latest offer to go to a 'party', which could be anything from a massive rave to two guys with some stolen beer. The whole time she cursed herself for not requesting some time to read before they went to sleep, and part of her wishing she was back in her own room where she didn't have too fill her mind with thoughts to keep away far more inappropriate ones. Then finally Julie began to notice something was wrong.

Her Mom's breathing and heartbeat were erratic, and her body was stiff, like she was nervous or something. Automatically Julie moved her hand down to her mother's swollen stomach to see if there was something wrong with the baby but her little brother seemed oddly subdued, leading Julie to frown and wonder what could possibly be the cause of these reactions.

Julie had heard the worst thing about studying medicine was that you often feared the worst because you knew just how badly things could get. That was proving to be true, even for someone reading above their academic level for 'fun', Julie desperately searching her mind for any pregnancy related complications, many of the things flashing through her mind being fatal for both the mother and infant. Then, while listing the side-effects of pregnancy in her mind, she stumbled across a rather simple answer which had her own breath and heartbeat become erratic while her body stiffened.

Cautiously testing out this theory Julie slowly moved her hand up until was in its original position, only instead of an accidental pressing she intentionally cupped her Mom's boob, her index finger slowly sliding up until it reached her mother's nipple which she could easily feel under the soft negligee. The little gasp and then moan that escaped the older woman's lips were enough to prove Julie's theory correct, although again she had found herself in an act she was already committed too, and truthfully there was something thrilling about finding her mother's nipple to be so hard.

"Mom, are... are you-" Julie began, honestly unsure what to say.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry sweetie." Susan whimpered, feeling so ashamed in that moment that she wished the Earth would swallow her whole, "I... I'm, I'm just so sorry."

"Shhhhh." Julie cooed, lifting herself up slightly so she could look at her mother, her eyes now so adjusted to the darkness that she swore she could see the horror on the older woman's face, "It's natural for a pregnant woman to be very hormonal, and part of that is a little horniness. It'll pass."

"I don't think it will." Susan moaned, the next part just slipping out, "I swear, I'm horny all the time, and the only thing that changes is how much."

"So, let's do something about it." Julie said supportively.

"I... I can't." Susan said softly.

"Why not?" Julie blurted out, quickly clarifying her statement, "I mean I know it must be hard, but you don't need a lifetime commitment, or a great romance, you just need to get laid. You just need a distraction, something to take your mind off things and make you feel good for a little while."

"I told you, I can't." Susan said firmly, before adding a little more softly, "Besides even if I could, I'm a whale. A big, fat ugly whale."

"No." Julie said softly, "You're beautiful. Gorgeous. I swear Mom, your glowing and it's making you sexier than you've ever been."

Susan blushed fiercely, "That, that's sweet of you to say, but-"

"But nothing. I mean it." Julie pushed, "If you walk into a bar I swear, they'll be lining up."

Susan bit her lip, finding herself briefly considering it for a few seconds, then shaking her head, "No. I couldn't. Besides, I'm not sure I would really want to go home with a stranger in my current condition. And it's not like this town is overrun by great guys. And... and I've never been good at, you know, flirting."

Julie smiled at her mother's last comment before analysing that and the rest of her points. She could certainly find no flaw in them, Julie instantly imagining the rather painful process of her Mom trying and failing to hit on single guys before going home with an axe murderer. Obviously she didn't want that, but she didn't want her mother's hormones intensifying her feelings of horniness and loneliness.

"Honestly Julie, I'm fine. I don't need a man." Susan insisted.

From the tension in her voice Julie could definitely sense that her mother was far from fine, but maybe she was right about one thing. Maybe her Mom didn't need a man.

Yes, what Julie did next had a lot to do with fulfilling her own desires, but it also genuinely had a lot to do with wanting to help the woman who gave her life. After all, it wasn't like women were any better than men in this town, as Julie knew from experience, so rather than continuing to try and force her Mom into a one night stand with a random guy or perhaps even a random girl, Julie made what honestly felt like the next logical step.

It helped that she just noticed she hadn't let go of her Mom's tit throughout this conversation, and that if possible the older woman's nipple seemed even harder than before.

As if she was dropping the subject and going to sleep Julie moved herself back down so she was snuggling into her Mom's body, strategically placing her mouth by the older woman's ear while keeping her hand on her mother's breast. Then, even though her throat felt suddenly so sore her words were barely audible, Julie whispered, "Maybe... I, I... maybe I can help..."

Susan smiled softly, briefly wondering why Julie sounded so nervous, before answering, "That's sweet honey, but you don't need to try and, and set me up... or, or anything."

As Susan was speaking Julie pressed her lips softly against her neck. Which was probably just some kind of weird display of affection... but at the same time Julie began slowly circling Susan's nipple with her finger through the negligee. Then her lips, which lingered for quite a while on that one spot, started moving up, then down, then up again, Julie gently kissing her neck while her fingers seem to become more bold, circling her nipple this way and that, and gently massaging it, and... all of a sudden there was a loud moan escaping Susan's lips.

Between her last sentence and that moan Susan had been frozen, her mind not only unable to comprehend what was happening but feeling like it couldn't even try. Then all of a sudden she moaned and then Susan was very aware something was happening to her. Not that she wasn't aware of it before, but while she still couldn't comprehend what Julie was doing Susan was horribly aware of what her body was doing. It... it was becoming aroused, or more accurately even more so, that yearning she had been regularly feeling becoming unbearable.

Suddenly Julie's hand was sliding underneath the silk negligee, waking Susan up enough to finally stutter, "Ju, Julie... wha, what are you doing?"

Ever so slowly Julie kissed her way up to her Mom's ear and whispered, "Helping."

Susan opened her mouth to try and ask what Julie meant by that, but then the younger girl cupped her aching breast which dissolved any words she might have been trying to get out into another long moan. Many moans then followed, more than half of them and attempt by Susan to talk but the mother had no idea what she was possibly going to say, her mind so overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings she thought she was going to explode.

After what seemed like an eternity Julie's lips moved up to Susan's cheek and then up to the corner of the older woman's mouth. On instinct Susan closed her eyes in preparation for a kiss, but Julie kissed around her lips and then made her way down to the other side of her neck, the teen moving her body so she was now resting on the opposite side. This meant she could play with Susan's other nipple, torturing it until it was painfully hard as the other.

As whimpers of frustration began leaving her lips Susan was forced to focus on the horrible thing she'd been either unwilling or unable to admit the past few minutes, or however long it lasted. Her perfect daughter was making a move on her. Her baby girl wanted to have sex with her. Her sweet little Julie wanted to fuck her.

Ignoring the twisted thrill that gave her Susan forced herself to sound as firm as possible as she scolded, "Julie stop. This is wrong."

Julie immediately stopped, although she was far from giving up, "Is it?"

"Yesssss!" Susan exclaimed softly, "You're... you're my daughter!"

"And I love you." Julie whispered, "And I want to help you."

"But-" Susan began.

"You said it yourself, you're not good at flirting, and finding you an available man, or woman, would be difficult. I guess we could get you a gigolo or something like that, but then you risk disease at a really, really bad time." Julie whispered firmly, before moving so she was looking her Mom in the eye, gently cupping the older woman's cheek and then softly adding, "And even if we could find somebody... they wouldn't love you like I do. Wouldn't be willing to do whatever it takes to take care of you. And that's all I'm doing Mom, taking care of you. Ok?"

For a few long moments Susan just stared up at her daughter. What Julie was saying... it almost sounded... reasonable. But it was wrong. Susan knew it was wrong, and she had to convince Julie of that.

So she began, "We can't-"

"We can." Julie cut her off, quickly adding, "Please Mom? I can tell how badly you need this, and I... I, I don't want you to be lonely anymore. Please... let me help you take your mind off everything. Just... let me help you..."

As she trailed off Julie pressed her lips to her Mom's cheek and then began kissing her way back to her mother's neck.

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