tagSci-Fi & FantasyOne Life 2 Live Pt. 03

One Life 2 Live Pt. 03


Chapter 1:

Toby had just discovered that his two best friends Marty and Josh had injected themselves with his special serum called The Hicks. A formula that transforms nerds into hot studs. Toby also learned that his two best friends had taken his 18-year-old sister Erica and her best friend, who is the same age, Katie out for the night.

Toby figured there could only be one place Marty and Josh would go to test out their brand new bodies. And that was up at Lovers Mountain. One of the hottest spots to take a date. It was a very private area with no police or parents in miles, since it was at the top of a very large hill.

And of course, Toby's suspicious about where his friends would take his sister and her friend were right. In two separate cars, Marty, who now called himself Luke, had Toby's sister Erica in the front seat of his car. Josh, who decided to keep his name, had Erica's friend Katie in the front seat of his mom's station wagon.

"I had no idea your friends with my brother of all people. He's not very popular and so I don't claim to be his sister while I'm at school. I don't claim to be his sister anywhere," laughed Erica.

Erica Page was right up there on the top of the list as being one of the hottest girls in school. It was pretty much because she loved sex and was willing to fuck her way to the top. She stood only 5'1. Had long red strawberry hair flowing to the middle of her back, and she had an overwhelming plump chest. Toby, Josh, and Marty used to sneak into Erica's room to read her bras. Erica was a 38D and they looked out of proportion on her 5'1 body, it made her breasts look huge.

"Wow! You are so hot," Erica admitted to the new Marty.

Luke couldn't take his eyes off Erica's breasts. He grabbed Erica by the waist and pulled her closer. Her large breasts squished between them which prevented her from moving closer.

"Oh I love your breasts," moaned Luke.

"I was blessed. Since God couldn't give me height. What I lack there, I got stacked here," Erica gloated as she pushed her breasts harder into Luke's muscular chest.

The real Marty would have wet his pants already and passed out. The new Marty, or Luke, kissed Erica wildly on the lips. Their tongues swirled in each other's mouths. Luke moved his hands under Erica's shirt and felt up her large orbs, while still incased inside a massive satin bra.

"Hmmm! Lets get rid of these tops shall we?" Luke suggested in a deep voice.

Marty's new look had him a dead ringer of Johnny Depp. Except, Marty's new look had more muscles, taller, and probably a bigger cock.

Erica raised her arms and let Luke take off her tight top. The swells of her gorgeous breasts spilled over the cups. Erica helped Luke undo the four hooks in her bra and Luke pulled the straps down off her shoulders. He planted kisses on her bare naked shoulders while his hands grabbed the cups of her bra and pulled them away from her breasts. They were perfectly round with little sag and perfectly firm, yet heavy and huge on her small frame.

Luke pushed Erica back to get a good eyeful of his first pair of real life breasts. He cupped her breasts without hesitation and gave them each a few squeezes. He rubbed her fat pink nipples with his thumbs. They instantly became harden and Luke bent down and suckled one juicy nipple into his mouth. His first taste of real breasts and he loved it.

Erica lay back against the passenger door as Luke had his way with her large tits. He alternated back and forth between her tits. He gave them both hard sucks before trailing his tongue over her entire breasts and planting kisses on them. He squeezed her huge knockers around his head and licked between them. Erica moaned and held Luke's head between her tits.

"Hmmm! I love the way you suck my tits. Its like you've never sucked tits before," Erica moaned.

Luke fed off Erica's jugs like a starving man. He sucked as much of her whole tit into his mouth as possible. He switched between breasts, trying to suck on them whole. Luke's cock filled up the front of his jeans to capacity as he groped, sucked, and slurped Toby's sister's chest.

After 10 minutes of just sucking Erica's big boobs, Luke led a trail of kisses down Erica's stomach. His hands felt up the front of her tight jeans and she was soaked. Just like her big tits were from Luke's saliva. Luke pulled down Erica's jeans and kissed her bare wet thighs. Erica kicked off her flip flops and took off her jeans. By then, Luke had Erica's wet panties on her ankles and his mouth sucking away at her pussy. His hands reached up and fondled her wet breasts.

"Ahhhhh! Ooooohhhh!" moaned Erica as she flopped her bare feet up on the dash board of the car and on top of the driver's seat.

Luke found Erica's clitoris and sucked on it for all he's worth. He removed one hand from her tits and used two fingers to thrust in and out of her wet twat.

"Owwwww," howled Erica as she arched her back and shoved her creamy cunt into Luke's munching mouth.

Marty has never tongued pussy before but was already in love with doing it. He nibbled and sucked Erica's sweet clitoris, which brought her to an earth shattering orgasm.

"Ughhhhh! Oooohhhhh god!" cried Erica as she came.

Luke lapped up her sticky cum and give her pussy one final suck. Luke stood up and dropped his jeans. Erica sat up and reached her hands into Luke's boxers and pulled his the largest cock she has ever seen or felt.

"GOD! This is a monster!" gasped Erica.

Erica slowly lapped her tongue around the giant cockhead of Luke's dick.

"Ohhhh yeaaah!" moaned Luke as his cock received it's first female attention.

Erica jerked Luke's cock while she sucked more and more of it into her mouth. His huge balls swayed back and forth with each intense suck.

"Are you ready to fuck me big boy?" Erica teased while she jerked his large cock.

"Oh god yes!" moaned Luke.

Erica suckled Luke's cock harder and swallow more of his thick shaft down her tiny throat. Once she finished savoring the taste of his cock, she sat up against the passenger door and spread eagle.

Luke rubbed the tip of his cockhead up and down Erica's very wet vagina. Luke slowly eased his cock between her puffy and large pussy lips.

"Oh god! Feels so warm!" moaned Luke as his cock felt pussy for the first time.

After Luke eased his huge prick inside Erica, she slowly thrusted in and out. Erica gasped and moaned to each thrust.

"Ohhhh your dick is so big!" moaned Erica.

Luke increased his speed and banged Erica harder and faster. Her backside constantly bang up against the door and her thighs wobbled and trembled with each thrust by Luke. Her massive melons flopped up and down for Luke's delight.

"Aggggghhhhh god! Ohhhhhhhh shit!" cried Erica as the huge dick spread her pussy open like no dick had ever done.

Luke pressed his body against Erica's and held onto her tight. He lifted and dropped his hips up faster between Erica's legs, fucking her with no mercy. Luke kissed Erica had she moaned and cried out in pain and pressure.

The station wagon next to Luke's car was also rocking. Josh got his first feel and taste of pussy. Erica's best friend Katie was on top of Josh and rode him like a wild bronco. Katie wasn't as nearly as hot as Erica but she was cute. She was a bit thicker then Katie and taller. Her tits weren't as huge as Erica's, but they were still round, fat, and heavy for Josh's desire. He sucked on Katie's medium fat tits while she bounced on his cock hard.

"Ughhhhhh! Ohhhhh yesss! Ohhhhhh!" cried Josh as he was getting the fucking of his life and the only fucking he has ever had.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cummmmming!" shouted Katie.

Katie's ample ass bounced off Josh's thighs with squish noises as she reached her peak. She let out a long silence moan as she came all over Josh's big dick. Josh continued to thrust his cock up inside Katie until he was ready to explore. He pulled out of her creamy cunt and stood over her face. The next thing Katie knew, her entire face got blasted and drenched in thick blobs of cum.

Josh breathed heavily as he jerked off on Katie's face. After he finished easing the last drop of his cum onto her face, he fell backwards and tried to catch his breath.

Luke had Erica in between the seat, her bare feet resting on the top of the seats and her legs spread wide as he pounded her pussy with intensity. Like it was the last pussy he'd ever taste. Luke had his mouth full of Erica's big jiggling tits as she reached her climax. Her pussy compressed Luke's drilling monster tightly as she began cumming.

"Ahhhhhh fuuuuuuuck!" cried Erica.

"I'm....almost...ready!" Luke said breathing heavily as he fucked Erica.

Luke immediately pulled his cock out of the large creamy hole known as Erica's pussy and shoved his cock in her mouth. He jerked his cock between her lips and Erica wasn't ready for the surprise liquid that overflowed her mouth. Erica tried her best to swallow every drop of cum unloading down her throat. Cum leaked out on the sides of her lips. Luke felt weaken all over as he finished emptying his semen down Erica's throat. He fell back against the dash board while Erica stay in her spread eagle position.

"I did it! I finally lost my virginity," Luke gloated happily.

Just then, Luke started to feel a weird vibe surging through his body. He threw back on his clothes and as he left his car, Josh came out of his mother's van in his boxers.

"Happening to you too huh?" asked Luke.

"Yeah man. I think the Hicks is wearing off. We need to get the fuck out of here before they found out we're a couple of nerds," said Josh.

"We can't leave them with our rides?" Luke warned Josh.

Erica and Katie got left on Lovers Mountain as Marty and Josh rushed to get back to Toby's house.

Chapter 2:

"TOBY! You down here?" called out Marty as he returned to his original form. So did Josh.

They heard a car pull up in the driveway. They looked outside the basement window and it was Toby. He had retrieved his sister and Katie from Lovers Mountain. Once Toby got into the house, he immediately left the girls and headed to his basement.

"I don't even know what to say gentlemen," Toby said in a disappointed voice.

"We're not virgins anymore," Josh said with a huge smile.

"Of course not. You fucked my sister and her friend. No to mention, you guys left them up on the mountain by themselves with no way home!" scolded Toby. "My parents would kill me if anything happen to her. Then I would have killed you two."

"Take it easy man. We're sorry. We just had to see how the Hicks worked," said Marty.

"Well thanks to your curiosity, I now have no more Hicks. Do you know how hard it was getting that semen from Tommy. It was very hard. Now I have to get some more and hopefully get enough to last me for a while until I can figure out how to make the change permanent," said Toby.

Chapter 3:

As the weekend passed, all Toby could think about was his sexual experience with Miranda and her friend Mona. He enjoyed it and wanted more of it.

Monday morning rolled around and Toby quickly headed off to school, to get the lowdown on his favorite person. Tommy Hicks. Luckily for Toby, he found Tommy underneath a stairwell talking to a large, gothic looking guy. The guy had a purple Mohawk.

"Tommy? Talking to a gothic?" Toby questioned himself. "Something isn't right about this picture and I need to find out what is it."

Toby rushed to the stairs without being seen and stood above Tommy and the gothic.

"I'm telling you Tommy. She has some of the biggest tits you could ever imagine. I think your going to enjoy her company this weekend," the gothic guy said.

"Who is Tommy fucking now?" Toby asked himself.

"Mr. Page. Aren't you going to be late for class?" said the school's librarian Miss Duncan as she caught Toby on the staircase.

Toby knew the librarian since he's always in the library. Miss Virginia Duncan wasn't a normal librarian. She wasn't an old fart like some. She was in her mid 30's. Very beautiful with or without her glasses, hiding her gorgeous green eyes. She had long autumn hair, that reached down to her very endowed chest. The few buttons she had left on her business shirt, looked like they were about to pop off. Toby tried to keep his eyes off Miss Duncan's chest and focus on her face.

"Yes Miss Duncan. I'm sorry. Bye!" Toby blurted out as he ran up the stairs.

Tommy and the gothic guy stayed under the stairs until Miss Duncan had left the area. They continued talking about the busty chick Tommy planned on screwing this weekend.

During lunch, Toby sat as close to the jocks table as possible, without giving away his ease dropping. A few jocks spotted him and tossed their leftovers onto him. Toby ignored the food hitting him and kept listening to Tommy speak about the girl he's hooking up with this weekend.

"First it was that Emma nerd chick from band. She had some big tits let me tell you. Some gothic guy with the right price, dropped a dime on one of his female friends. Her name is Daffney and he told me that, she might have the biggest set of tits out of every female student in school," Tommy bragged.

The jocks started shouting and hooting like wild animals about Tommy's new fuck. But one of the jocks asked Tommy about Sofia.

"She isn't giving it up until marriage. Sofia is the hottest girl in school but I be dammed if she's going to ruin my fucking sex life," Tommy said. "I invited Daffney over this weekend to get high. My parents are going to be gone. The gothic guy told me that Daffney fucks better when she's stoned."

The jocks hooted and cheered Tommy on. Toby had a disgusted look on his face.

As lunch ended, Toby spotted Tommy's girlfriend Sofia by the drinking fountain. She looked lovely as ever in a white flower dress and her large soft breasts bulging from the top. Nice light brown stockings and open-toe sandals. Toby wondered how she ended up dating Tommy. And why Tommy just couldn't commit to her.

Sofia looked over her shoulder and saw Toby dazing at her. She smiled at him and Toby snapped out of her daze.

"She just smiled at me! Or was I dreaming?" Toby questioned himself.

Chapter 4:

The week flew by and Tommy explained to his current girlfriend Sofia, that he couldn't make their plans. His excuse was that he had to baby-sit his little cousin. She offered to help but Tommy told her that his cousin was sick with some kind of rare diseases and he didn't want her catching it. Sofia brought it and made other plans for Saturday.

As Toby woke up from his sleep, he looked outside his window and saw next door neighbor Mrs. Tracey McGee doing her morning jogs. Toby's cock jumped up at the sight of Mrs. McGee's enormous bouncing breasts. Her tits flopped in all directions, even with two bra sports on to help stop some of the bouncing.

Her tits were a main attraction to Saturday mornings for Toby and other men in the neighbor, weather they were married or not. Male drivers would stop their cars, not even being at a red light or stop sign, just to watch and jerk off to Mrs. McGee jogging up and down the neighborhood and bouncing her humongous knockers.

"I can't wait to be Jordan again," Toby sighed.

As the evening rolled around, Toby parked his car across the street from Tommy's huge Hollywood looking house. Daffney's mother pulled up in front of Tommy's house. Daffney told her mom that she made a new female friend and that she was staying on night at her house. Daffney's mother left, trusting that her daughter was telling the truth.

Toby wasn't into Goths but Daffney was something special. She wore a black skirt that barely covered her pasty thighs. See-thru black stockings and long leather boots that came up to her knees. A black wife beater that did no justice in covering up her big breasts. They bobbed and flopped, even with her bra on. Her black hair was tied into pigtails and her eyes were surrounded by dark-heavy eye shadow. Her lipstick was a dark crimson color. Her nose, tongue, ears, and left eyelid were pierced. She looked like a freak. But a freak with huge breasts.

Daffney rang Tommy's doorbell and he immediately answered the door. His tongue dropped at the sight of Daffney. Toby knew it wasn't the way Daffney looked. It had to be her massive assets.

Tommy invited Daffney in and closed the door.

"Now, how to get some fucking semen?" Toby pondered.

Toby stepped out of his car, dressed in all black. He picked up his ski-mask from the passenger seat and went off to Tommy's house. The house had a huge window on the side of it. The curtain was open, so Toby had to sneak under it. He stopped to take a look inside. He saw Daffney sniffing some white powder, which Toby figured had to be coke. Tommy sat there, rubbing his growing dick while watching Daffney inhale the coke.

"This is some powerful shit," Daffney said as she turned to look at Tommy and he smiled at her.

"Lets have a drink, shall we?" Tommy suggested.

He poured both her and him a glass of Liquor and mixed some coke-a-cola with it. The two sat there getting drunk and wasted. Toby couldn't believe what was going on.

As Tommy leaned over to kiss Daffney, he spilled his glass of alcohol, all over her top and skirt.

"Oh shit man! My mother is going to freak if she smells this," Daffney said.

"Why don't you go upstairs to my room on the left and pick out a nice shirt to wear and I'll wash your clothes in the meantime," Tommy said being generous.

"Well this is a first for Tommy. He's actually being nice," Toby joked.

Daffney headed upstairs to change. After she left the room, Tommy put on an evil grin and snorted up some more coke while he awaited for Daffney.

10 minutes later, Daffney returned downstairs. Tommy turned around and his cock harden at the her sight as she wore a see-thru white flannel shirt, a black thong, and her dark stockings. Her huge tits sloped out from the middle of her chest and curved in just the same level as her bellybutton. They swayed back and forth inside the shirt from her coming downstairs. It took a few seconds for her tits to settle down.

"Why don't you come over here and get more comfortable?" suggested Tommy as he tapped on the seat next to him.

Daffney tumbled over to Tommy and fell right into his lap head first. Tommy felt her giant braless tits smash against his thigh as his cock poked her in the face.

"Looks like someone needs a good sucking," Daffney said giggly.

Daffney unzipped Tommy's pants and reached inside with one hand. She pulled out his large boner and jerked it.

"Wow! This is one fucking huge dick," Daffney gasped. "All my other boyfriends or fuck buddies have been 6-7 inches. This looks like its close to 10!"

"Try 12 love," Tommy corrected Daffney.

"GOOD SATAN BOY! I don't think I'll be able to fit all that in me," Daffney warned.

"Don't worry Daff. We'll try and see," Tommy assured her.

Chapter 5:

Toby watched through the giant window, horny as fuck as Daffney bobbed her head up and down Tommy's big hard dick. Daffney tried to swallow Tommy's cock but only could fit 8-inches between her black lipstick covered lips. Her hands fondled his giant balls and she couldn't believe how soft and heavy they felt.

"Hmmmm! Ohhhh yesss!" moaned Tommy as he held the back of Daffney's head and helped push her down onto his cock.

Tommy help Daffney's head still while her mouth was full of cock. Daffney savored the taste of Tommy's fleshy organ. Her tongue probed his peehole and licked around the ballooned cockhead.

"OH god! You're so good," moaned Tommy.

He took his hands off her head and moved them down her back. Tommy grabbed a handful of her snowy white ass and massaged it. Her big tits rocked back and forth on his thighs. Tommy felt her big nipples as they dragged up and down his thigh.

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