tagGroup SexOne Life 2 Live Pt. 05

One Life 2 Live Pt. 05


Chapter 1:

Toby was hard at work in the basement, recreating the growing formula, The Hicks. Bree McGee, who was spending the night at Toby's house, heard a bunch of strange noises coming from the basement.

About a half an hour later, the strange noises stopped. Bree didn't know what Toby was doing in the basement, but she got worried because the sounds just instantly stopped. So she got up and walked over to the basement. Her giant titties bobbed, naked, under her shirt with each footstep she took. The door was closed and locked with a do not disturb sign on the doorknob.

"Toby? Toby?" Bree called out. "Are you ok down there?"

She got no answer.

Suddenly, the door opened and standing before Bree was a handsome, 6'1, medium built man, with dirty blond like hair and blue eyes. Bree's heart pounded rapidly, which made her large breasts rise and fall as she thought she was in love with the gorgeous man before her.

"You're not...Toby," Bree said surprised.

"Oh. Toby! He's sleep. I'm his cousin from out of town. My name is Jordan," Toby, as Jordan, said. He extended his hand for a shake.

She hesitated for a bit, still not being able to believe her eyes.

"So what was with all the noise in the basement? Have you been down there that long? she asked.

Jordan became red in the face.

"Well... I came in through the window and Toby, that idiot, had a bunch of his science stuff in the way and the shit fell over. So Toby and I were cleaning up the mess. Sorry that we made a lot of noise," Jordan explained as he covered up the truth.

"Oh no. It's ok. I was just worried a little bit. That's all," she responded.

"You look very stressed out and tense. Looks like you need a massage," Jordan suggested. "Why don't you lie down on the couch over there and let me massage your back for you?" Jordan suggested.

"Really? That sounds great. I bet you have wonderful hands," Bree said lustfully as she gazed into Jordan's eyes. He winked at her and she sighed with happiness.

Jordan took Bree by the hand and laid her down on the couch. Her huge tits made soft cushions for her to lie upon and they bulged out from her sides. Jordan felt his cock growing. Her large shirt rode over her plumped ass. His eyes traced the curves of her large ass and all the way down to the wrinkled soles of her tiny feet. He savored the moment in his head and then realized that he didn't have that much time before morning arrived.

Chapter 2:

Jordan slowly massaged Bree's shoulders. He could hear Bree moan with pleasure and delight.

"Is that better?" Jordan asked.

"Oh yeah!" Bree moaned back.

While massaging her shoulder, Jordan couldn't feel any bra straps. He already knew she wasn't wearing a bra from the massive weight of tits hanging down like bowling balls while she would stand up. He felt his cock harden and accidentally pressed it up against Bree's leg.

"Oh my!" Bree said shocked. "Looks like someone just sprung to life."

Jordan just smiled and laughed it off.

"It happens when I'm around pretty girls like you Bree," Jordan said smoothly.

Bree giggled like a schoolgirl, reached down and touch the front of his jeans.

"Hmmm! Looks like you have a monster down there," Bree said and winked as she unzipped Jordan's pants and slipped her hand inside.

She fondled his semi-hard giant through his boxers. She felt it growing with each jerk.

"Oh Lord! Its feels lot bigger then it looked on the outside," gasped Bree.

Jordan groaned and continued to massage down Bree's lower back until his hands were full of her ample ass cheeks. Bree started to lose the one-hand grip around his large cock. Jordan mauled and pawed Bree's thick ass through her cotton panties. He moved one hand between her legs and up to feel the front of her panties, which were wet from Jordan's massage. He slipped his fingers into the slit of her panties and thrusted a finger into her moist snatch. He couldn't feel any hairs on her cunt with his other fingers.

Bree moaned lightly as Jordan fingered her tight cunt. She jerked and pulled his cock up and down, side to side. Jordan's body felt a tingling rush and his cock grew harder and expanded from Bree's one hand. Her one hand could only grasp one side of his large cock.

"Let's go to my room where we can have some privacy," suggested Jordan.

He removed his hand from her cunt and helped her to her feet. They walked upstairs, side by side, not looking away from each other's eyes, as they entered Toby's room.

Chapter 3:

Jordan and Bree sat on Toby's small but fuckable size bed and faced each other. Jordan's eyes kept drifting from Bree's cheeky face to her unbelievable monstrous tits slightly swaying back and forth, naked under her shirt.

Bree smiled at Jordan and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. She lifted it up over her head and freed her huge tits, to the delight of his staring eyes and drooling mouth.

"I have the biggest tits in my whole junior class. 36DDD!" Bree gloated and blushed.

Her tits were titanic sized. Huge and round bottoms that rested on her ribcages. Her mountains sloped from the middle of her chest in circles. Her small cherry nipples were dead center on her coffee mug sized pink aureoles.

Jordan gave each big tit a squeeze with his hands. One hand alone wasn't good enough to grasp the sheer size of her huge jugs. He brushed his thumbs over her small soft nipples and they became arouse to his attention. Small moans escaped from Bree's mouth.

Jordan squeezed one of Bree's large tits, opened his mouth wide, and sucked almost the entire front part of her fat tit into his mouth. Bree moaned to the pleasure of Jordan as he tried to suck down her juicy tit. Jordan's tongue licked around her aureole while he kept his mouth closed over an ample mount of tit flesh.

The sounds of Jordan sucking and slurping the big tit filled Toby's room and could barely be heard from outside the door. He released the tit from his mouth. The tit glistered in his saliva. He pressed his tongue against her nipple and slowly began to lick all around her entire breast. He left no spot on her breast untouched by his tongue. Then he sucked the nipple into his mouth and took the aureole between his lips as well. He pulled and chewed her rock-hard bud. Bree literally felt like cumming and tried to restrain herself. She couldn't contain her loud moans and grunts.

Jordan released her first tit from his clutches. He picked up her other tit with both hands and did the exact same thing. He sucked, slurped, licked, and chews her massive tit until his heart was content, but even then he wanted to savor her enormous breasts for hours on end.

Bree's massive knockers had never been sucked on so passionately by anyone. She knew right away that Jordan was a breast man. Both her giant tits were soaked from his ministrations.

Jordan leaned Bree back onto the bed and pulled down her damp panties. He couldn't take his eyes off her wet breasts as they lay out on her sides like huge fluffy pancakes. He sniffed her panties before he tossed them to the floor. Bree was naked except for her ankle socks, which Jordan thought was hot.

Jordan stood up, undressed, and stood completely naked in front of Bree. Bree's eyes were immediately drawn to Jordan's oversized cock. She had never seen a white male with a cock so overly enormous before. Even his hairy balls were the size of coconuts.

"Relax Bree baby. This will feel very good," Jordan said smoothly.

He lay on the bed with his head between Bree's legs. He kicked her inner thighs and slowly nested his face into her hot cunt. He held her legs up by her calves and gave her pussy a hot licking.

Bree gripped the bed sheets, tossed and trashed her body and head as Jordan eats her pussy. She had never felt someone with so much skill with their tongue. He sucked Bree's clitoris and made her knees trembled with pleasure. Jordan lifted his eyes from her cunt and tried to see her face, but it was hidden above the mountainous flesh of her giant hooters. Just staring at her hooters as they wobbled and jiggled on her chest, turned Jordan into a savage beast as he eats her pussy.

She arched her back and ground her sweet cunt into Jordan's face as he wedged his tongue in and out between her fat cunt lips.

Bree's body trembled with pleasure and her orgasm skyrocketed through the roof. Her pussy released her cum all over Jordan's face. Jordan continued to lick and suck her cunt until her orgasm slowly faded.

Jordan stood up on the bed on his knees, with his monstrous cock poked at Bree. She couldn't believe how thick and long it was. He rubbed his swollen cockhead against her creamy pussy and Bree gasped at the size of the cockhead rubbing against her. Her pussy lips slowly parted for his long meaty prick. Jordan pushed forward, holding onto Bree's waist and got most of his juicy fat cock inside of her.

"Ohhhhhh! Bree moaned as she felt the huge cock filling her cunt up.

Jordan looked down at Bree's flushed face. He smiled at her and she smiled back as he slowly thrust his manhood inside of her. Bree panted heavily as the pace quickened.

His massive cock slid in and out of her juicy hole. Jordan couldn't believe how wet and loose Bree's pussy was. Her knees were bent to either side of Jordan as the heels of her sock-covered feet, rested on his ass. Jordan thrusted his cock harder inside Bree.

"Ahhhhh fuck! Uhhhh! OHHHHH! Unh! Unh! Unhhh! Oh YEAH!" Bree cried as he ransacked her sweet cunt.

Jordan was able to thrust his entire large cock inside her slippery pussy. Her pussy swallowed his cock to the very core as his giant balls swayed and flopped against her cunt. He looked down at Bree and was memorized by her humongous titties as they flopped up and down her chest like fish out of water. Her small rubbery nipples dragged up and down his chest and he loved it.

He pounded her pussy harder and faster. She lifted her legs into the air and her feet flailed high.

For the next 15 minutes, Jordan pounded Bree hard into the bed. The bed board thudded into the wall several times and the bedsprings were literally springing off. He gathered up her huge titties and kissed and sucked on them all over while he thrusted his giant dick in and out of her snatch.

Bree lost control of her body and reached a powerful orgasm. She came and came hard as Jordan thrusted his dick in and out. The wetness of her cum only made it easier for Jordan to cram his cock all the way up her cunt.

"OHHHHHHHH GOD!" cried Bree as Jordan became a jackhammer and fucked her harder into the bed.

He pressed his slick body against hers and penetrated her cunt. He lifted his ass into the air and thrusted down hard inside her pussy. He resumed nailing her cunt like a jackhammer and sends her into another powerful climax. Her cum doubled the amount before and soaked his huge balls as they bounced against her cunt opening.

Jordan fucked the shit out of her for another 15 long minutes and felt his orgasm rising. Bree's body was in a world of it's own from the massive sensation of another orgasm as it rushed through it.


Her pussy had been stretched to the limit by Jordan's dick. She couldn't take another hard pounding like Jordan just gave her. Her entire body was weak. She felt like a rag doll while Jordan thrusted inside her for a few more seconds before he finally lost it. He pulled his cock from her drenched pussy and aimed his cockhead at her watermelon titties. His cock trembled and shot out a jet steam of hot white cum all over her wobbling tits. More gushed out from his penis and spewed underneath her tits, on her belly and her sides.

Bree was in awe as she lay in Toby's bed, with cum all over her upper body. Jordan lied next to her and then hopped up out of bed.

"What's wrong?" Bree asked curiously.

"I just remember I had to go do something elsewhere and I'll be back soon," Jordan said as he just scrambled up shit to say.

Jordan quickly got dressed and scooped up some left over cum on his boxers, before he took off and headed back downstairs into the basement, where he transformed back into nerdy Toby...

Chapter 4:

It was late into the afternoon. Toby was still in the basement working on his formula The Hicks. Toby figured instead of always finding Tommy for cum, he would recycle the cum he already had. It was very experimental and Toby was willing to take the risk.

Five minutes later, Toby had finished making the brand new serum and he was ready to test it out before heading off to work. All he could think about while preparing to drink the new serum was getting his hands on big-tittied Leslie. He took a large gulp of The Hicks. Once he swallowed it, he didn't feel any different. He wondered for a bit.

"I guess recycling cum isn't going to make me Jordan again," he said to himself in a disappointing voice. "Guess I better try and find out where Tommy is going to be tonight.

As Toby stood from his stool, his crotch started to itch and burn.

"Oh God! I hope Bree didn't give me anything!" he said in shock and concern.

Toby felt the skin on his penis get tighter and start to stretch out further.

"OH GOD!" he said scared as he looked down at his crotch.

A massive bulge started forming in front of his jeans. Toby didn't know what to expect as the unnecessary growth spur stopped. Toby immediately took off his tight jeans so his crotch could breathe. He looked down and saw a giant cock, thick all around and very hard, pointing forward, complete with huge hairless balls. The cockhead had ballooned to the size of a grown mushroom.

"Oh lord! What have I done?" Toby pondered. "Instead of turning into Jordan. I just grew an enormous cock!"

Toby swayed his hips and watched his super-sized dong sway and swing against his thighs. His massive balls jiggled and bounced wildly underneath. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"Awesome!" Toby said as he gripped one hand around his cock. He could barely grip it all around.

Toby pulls his underwear up and unfortunately, his giant cock ripped a hole right through them.

"Oh SHIT!"

Toby tried to force his high-water jeans back on but they were extremely too tight for his cock.

"Damn! It's a good thing my parents, Erica, and Bree are gone," he said in relief.

Toby headed out of the basement and went upstairs to his room. When he opened the door, he saw a body forming under his bed sheets. He had no idea who it was. He looks down at his monstrous cock as it just flops loosely in the open and then back at his bed.

Toby quietly tiptoes pass his bed and gets into his underwear draw. He pulls out a pair and tries them on. As soon as they fit tightly around his waist, the massive bulge in his crotch was just too much. His huge cock burst through the front, just as the strange person in his bed, sat up and immediately fixed their eyes on his large dick.

"BREE!" blasted out Toby surprised. "What are you still doing here?"

Toby gasped as the bed sheets rolled off her still naked body. Her huge tits were bare in front of his eyes. His giant cock started to throb.

"TOBY! OH MY GOD TOBY! You're dick is enormous! A lot bigger then your cousin Jordan! MY GOD! Why didn't you tell me you were so...so...so...HUGE!" Bree said astonished.

Toby began sweating feverishly as he stood with his cock out in front of a gorgeous, big tittied girl.

"Well I...I...I don't really know?" Toby said dumbfounded.

Bree moved closer to the edge of the bed and came face to face with his large cock. He cockhead throbbed and turned red. Bree lightly blew on his cockhead. Toby wanted to die. Bree snaked out her tongue and began licking around his ballooned cockhead.

Toby became weaken in his legs and losing breath. This was the first time in his life, where a girl actually licked his penis. But Bree was prepared to do more then just licking. Bree opened her mouth wide and engulfed half of the giant penis between her soft lips. Toby curled his toes and stared blankly at the wall in front of him. Bree bobbed her head up and down his meaty cock. He grabbed the base of his thick rod as best as she could. Even with both hands. She sucked, slurped, and moaned while sucking the biggest and juiciest cock she has ever seen.

Toby felt like he was in heaven. His very first blowjob and he didn't want it to end. Every time Bree pulled her mouth up from his shaft, his cockhead stayed in her mouth and large amounts of slobber poured down his thighs, balls, and her chest. She pushed Toby back a little bit so he could sit on the edge of the bed. She released his cock from her hands and placed them on his ass. She kneaded and massaged his soft ass cheeks, while she bobbed her head faster and faster, lowing her mouth further down his manhood.

Bree started sucking his cock slowly again. She savored his long, juicy shaft between her lips. Toby felt her giant soft breasts swaying up against his legs. Her hard rubbery nipples pointing into his skin. Toby swore he was ready to lose it right then and there, but he held back and continued to enjoy the sweet blowjob.

Bree sucked his cock harder and faster. More saliva poured out of her mouth. She used her tongue to slither up and down his shaft while deep in her mouth. Toby felt his cockhead bushing the back of Bree's mouth. His huge balls jiggled inches from her slobbery chin. Toby moaned and groaned like never before.

Bree took the cock out of her mouth and sucked on one of his giant balls. She vacuum the testicle in her mouth and gave it a good suck. She did the other one the same way. She then bathed his balls with her tongue and rubbed his giant slobbery man pole all over her face. Bree roughly grabs his cock and eased it back into her mouth.

Bree started sucking with all her might to get Toby to blow his load. She rapidly sucked and slurped his cock. She crammed her mouth with as much of his cock as possible. She nearly vacuumed the skin of Toby's cock. He grabs onto Bree's shoulders and helps thrust his juicy cock in and out of her mouth.

Toby moaned but Bree's sucking noises drowned his moans out. She squeezed Toby's ass and buried her face in his stinky crotch. Her lips formed a large O around his cock. She held the long, thick cock in her mouth. Her cheeks started to turn blue. Her eyes started to roll. She slipped the cock out of her mouth with a loud slurp. His pre-cum oozed onto her lips and corrected with his peehole.

"Oh God Bree!" moaned Toby as he looked down and saw his monstrous prick, dripping in Bree's saliva.

Bree jerked and stroked his massive member in her hands. She sucked back half of his dick into her mouth and started to suck for all she's worth. She was determent to make Toby cum. She sucked and sucked and sucked. She pulled and jerked his meat and got his pre-cum to ooze again. He was close to finally cumming.

Toby arched his back and closed his eyes as he felt this first orgasm rush through his body. His balls tighten up and he felt the cum urging through his shaft.

"HERE I CUM!" moaned Toby.

Bree pulled his cock from her slobbery mouth and he explored all over her face and hair. Large jet streams of the milky and whitest cum she has ever seen, plastered her face and oozed in her hair.

Toby started to breathe normal again after his first and very intense blowjob. Bree dropped his big dick. Even after Toby had emptied his balls, his cock remained a giant organ between his thighs, just not standing upwards. Bree used Toby's bed sheets to wipe the bucket of cum off her face.

"Wow Toby! I never knew your cock was so huge and those balls of yours were so loaded!" she said surprised. "I think my mom would love for you to come over for dinner tonight Toby. Think you can make it?

Toby opens his eyes and looked at Bree.

"Sure," Toby replied with confidence. "But I have to be at work at 8."

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