tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Night at the Gym

One Night at the Gym


It all started when I was at work late one night. I'd started a job as night janitor at a health club about a month earlier. I've always been somewhat of an exhibitionist, so it wasn't unusual for my thoughts to turn to walking around naked. I drove myself crazy throughout my entire shift thinking about it. I had never gotten naked at work (not at this job anyway), even though I'm usually there alone after closing. My mind was racing, I couldn't stop thinking about it! I knew that tonight was the night. I worked my shift with a cute, yet familiar, smile on my face.

Finally, it was closing time. The receptionist lingered for what seemed like forever. The customers were finishing up and leaving, slowly. People usually stood around and chatted for a few minutes before leaving, but it seemed to drag on forever tonight. "Why don't you all just shut up and leave! Don't you have a life?!" I kept asking in my head. I tried to keep myself busy, with moderate success. By the time everyone had left, I was dripping wet from the anticipation.

I walked through the building one last time, making sure no one was left. I was finally alone. It was finally time! I thought for a moment about where I would go, what I would do. I would go down to the weight room, because all of the walls are mirrored. I would then walk the building, naked, and probably masturbate in the main lobby, since it was the riskiest place. Then I would head back down to the weight room, get dressed, and finish my cleaning duties. I felt the butterflies in my gut building as I walked down the stairs. Everything was familiar, yet so different.

As I was turning the corner, I looked around one last time, the rush flowing through my entire body. I cracked a little smile, and untied one shoelace. I heard a snapping sound coming from upstairs. My heart stopped. Was someone still here? Impossible, I thought to myself. I had checked everywhere, and all the doors were locked. What was it? Should I go and investigate? I made my way to a window and looked outside, and decided that it was windy enough that it was probably the cause of the noise.

Smiling again, I untied the other shoelace and slipped off my shoes, then peeled off my socks, slowly. Like I always do, I laid them out neatly so that I could get them on in a hurry if I needed to. Snap! I heard the noise again, this time louder. My heart once again skipped a beat, and I froze. I told myself, "don't be a wimp!" So I wasn't. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed my nipples were rock solid, and poking out from my t-shirt. I got goosebumps at the sight! I took a moment to play with them through my shirt. It was so intense! I slipped one hand, then the other, under my shirt and tugged at them through my bra. I could feel the tingling and heat building between my legs. I peeled my shirt off, laying it out neatly in case something bad happened. I unhooked my bra, and let it fall to the floor. I stood there for a moment, looking at myself, topless, in the mirror. Snap! The noise again! I was somewhat less startled this time, but it still made me freeze for a few moments.

I shrugged it off and ran my hands over my breasts, rubbing my nipples with my palm. The light in this room was fantastic! I could see every little goosebump on my large breasts, and there were a lot of them. My hands found their way to my waistline, and I couldn't stand it any longer. I quickly undid my pants, and hooked my panties with my thumbs and yanked them down. Snap! I didn't even hesitate this time. I peeled off my pants, and like my other clothing, laid them out for a quick dressing.

I'd done it! I was completely naked. The air conditioning was still cranking, the maintenance guy must have forgotten to set the thermostat to turn off at night. Oh well, it was great. It was giving me the most fabulous goosebumps, and my nipples were still rock hard. I stood there for a few minutes, caressing my entire body. I even laid down on a weight bench and caressed my legs, and looked at my vagina in the mirror. It was gushing wet! I had shaved right before I came to work, and I could see every exquisite detail. I pulled at it, touched it, and rubbed it, all while watching myself. I reminded myself that I wanted to go up front and do this. I forced myself to stop, even though it felt incredible.

I stood up, and looked down at the large wet spot on the weight bench. I'd have to remember to clean that... I walked to the door, and peered around the corner. No one was there. I skittishly walked out of the weight room, into the hallway. Snap! I stopped, but only for a brief moment. As I gained more confidence, my breathing got easier. I was still shaking. I could feel the wetness between my legs growing. I walked up the stairs, slowly at first, towards the office area that led to the main lobby. As I reached the top of the stairs, I was practically running! I watched my breasts bounce in the reflection of the glass door at the top of the stairs. I was entranced.

I touched the door to open it. Snap! It was still coming from above, as if from the roof. It was much louder this time! I considered aborting my mission and heading back down the stairs, but the heat between my legs would not hear of it. I quickly decided that I was just being paranoid, and determined that I would press on. I was committed now. I pulled the door open and stepped into the hallway. Just ahead and around the corner was the main lobby, with its glass wall looking out into the parking lot. The lights were off, except the few that stayed on all night. I walked quickly down the hallway, and stopped at the corner. I peeked around it, no one was there. I slowly came around the corner and stepped onto the cold tile floor. It sent a jolt through my system. I was doing it!

I walked around the desk, toward the front door. There are benches that line the sides of the lobby, and I sat down on one of them. I looked around one more time, and laid on my back. I began caressing my body, first my sides, then my legs and my feet. I scraped my fingernails along my inner thighs, and it drove me crazy! Snap! I didn't even care anymore. My hand inevitably made its way to my waiting pussy. It was positively soaked. I made a note to remember to clean this bench when I was finished, it would certainly need it. I ran one finger along my lips. Snap! It barely even registered this time. I shoved my finger into my slit, and grabbed my nipple with my other hand and moaned softly.

I continued rubbing my finger along my slit, ever so slowly. My finger brushed against my clit, and it made me yelp! It was rock hard already. I rubbed it, gently, and squeezed my nipple even more. My legs shot up into the air, and I rubbed my clit harder, and with my other hand, rubbed the slit once again. I moaned softly as I began rubbing faster. I shoved two fingers into my hot pussy, and I lost it. I came harder than I ever had before! I almost blacked out. Snap! I continued banging my twat for what seemed like forever, as wave after wave of orgasm racked my entire body. I realized that I was moaning, loud.

I shuddered a few more times, and slowly pulled my fingers out. I looked up just in time to see the headlights pulling into the parking lot. Shit! I took off into a full sprint, and nearly slipped on the tile floor! I bolted through the door, down the stairs, and turned the corner into the weight room. I began putting my clothes back on, as quickly as I could. I pulled my shoes on just as I heard the front door deadbolt being opened. Fuck! Who was that? I ran to the laundry room in a panic. I listened to the footsteps, and as they started clomping down the steps, I realized that I hadn't picked up my bra! I had meant to put it in my pants pocket, as there was no way I would have had time to put it on. But I'd forgotten, and now one of my co-workers was here, and headed this way. I knew I was busted. I almost started crying. I decided I had to at least try to grab it.

I reached for the door handle, but it opened towards me, and startled me. It was the maintenance guy. He gave me a funny look. I knew I was sweaty and panting. "I, uh, just wanted to let ya know I was here, I'm gonna be working on the air conditioner. She's been gettin' stuck on sometimes, sticky relay and all... " He glanced at my shirt, and I knew my nipples were rock hard and poking out something fierce. He blushed a little and started to say something, but stopped at the last second. He mumbled something about being on the roof and quickly left. Did I get away with it? As I counted my blessings, I grabbed a bottle of spray cleaner and took off towards the weight room. Just in time to see him bend down and grab my bra.

He picked it up and turned around, and said, "This here belong to you?" I said yeah, it must have fallen out of my jeans pocket. I could feel my face turning red. I said something about it being hot and since I was the only one here, I took it off since it was making me chafe. He blushed bright red this time, and handed it to me as he walked past and smiled. I couldn't help but notice he was staring at my chest openly now! I must admit, it turned me on. A lot.

I didn't bother to put on my bra that night. As I went about my duties (including cleaning the weight bench and the bench up front) he found many excuses to come in and grab this or that, or to adjust the thermostat. I thoroughly enjoyed the attention! I even tucked in my shirt to show off my chest a little more. I could feel myself getting wet all over again.

He came into the laundry room as I was finishing up and said he was finished, and that he would see me tomorrow. I smiled and wished him a good evening, and he tipped his hat and left. I finished up and set the alarm, and went home and masturbated two more times that night! It was a night I would never forget.

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