tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Night To Remember...

One Night To Remember...


She looked at the clock and smiled. It was almost time to go home and she was finishing putting some things away, so that night she was leaving work on time.

She went to the back and changed clothes, then she walked to the bus stop like every weekend night, alone. It was a few minutes past 11 pm.

No one was around, the bus stop was empty so she sat down on the bench and looked up and down the street. No one was in sight. She reached for her cell phone and started to write an sms to pass the time. It was to a friend from work, to let her know she was heading home. She was half way writing it when she felt a presence near her. It was a guy in his early 20's, good looking, clean image, looked strong... He seemed not to care much about her because he leaned on the bus stop pole and didn't even look at her.

She hidd her cell phone in her hand bag because she felt something weird about that guy, she couldn't figure out if it was good or bad, it was just a strange feeling.

A few minutes went by and he moved closer and sat next to her on the bench, still didn't say a word and she was getting a bit nervous. He reached for his pocket and pulled out a pack of smokes. He turned to her and asked:

"Do you have a light?"

" No, I don't. Sorry but I don't smoke."

He leaned closer to her and said

"You know? I don't smoke either, I use this to break the ice, to start conversations."

She smiled but she was nervous. He seemed nice but she wasn't in the mood for talking with strangers. He saw her smile and smiled too, he felt that she was a nice girl and receptive. He asked:

"Can I know your name?"

"Ermm... it's Su."

She answered, wondering if she was doing the right thing by talking to that guy, but the bus was late and she was afraid of sounding rude to him. He moved his body to face her and then asked :

"I'm sorry if I sound too pushy but... I noticed you're very pretty and I just felt the need to talk to you."

She looked at him and smiled. He seemed nice and honest, so why not talk for a bit while the bus didn't come? They talked for a few minutes about nothing interesting, but then, out of nowhere, he asks her:

"Have you ever met someone and felt an amazing sexual desire for that person?"

She looked at him in disbelief! For a moment she doesn't know what to say, but finally she says:

"Not really. I need to know more about a person to feel that sort of things..."

He smiled and said:

"Well, I don't and when I looked at you I felt that strong feeling. I knew I had to have you."

She stopped for a minute, to think if what she just heard was for real, if he was serious. "What do you mean, 'have me'? You really think something is going to happen between us?! You must be crazy! I think we better stop talking."

She was afraid of what he might do, now that she knew what he wanted.

"Ok.", he said "I agree it is strange to even think about something like that, but...." "But what???", she asked.

"Well...you could...i don't know...maybe let me touch you a bit."

She couldn't believe what he had just said. Now she was really scared. The bus was no where in sight and no one was around. She looked at him and her breathing got faster because she saw in his eyes he was serious.

"Touch me?", she said, trying to look calm and somehow interested in him hoping someone would show up or even the bus.

"You mean my body? How? Where?"

He smiled, thinking that she was into it.

"If you could let me feel you for a little bit I'd leave you alone and go away."

She was shaking with fear, thinking that it would probably be better to let him do it and get it over with so she could go home and forget all about it.

"You promisse you'll go away if I let you touch me a bit? I don't like this one bit but I think there's no harm in that, if it really is just that... You won't try anything?"

He stood up.

"I promisse I just want to feel your body. You look so good I just have to... you know?"

With the thought of erasing that night from her mind, she said yes, hoping that it would all end soon so she could go home.

He looked around to see if there was anybody near by. He didn't see anyone. Then he spotted an unlocked door that leaded to a stairway to the first floor of a near by building. He asked her to go with him in there. She hesitated because it was kind of dark and isolated but finally agrees and goes with him. While walking next to him she looked back, hoping to see something the bus, someone, anything really! She just wanted to get the hell out of there.

They got to the unlocked door so he opened it and looked inside. It was dark but the street lamp was near so the first steps of the stairs were well lighted. He looked up and saw all the lights out in the building. Everybody seemed to be asleep. He asked her to go in and followed her inside, closing the door behind him.

"Ok, just take some clothes off for me.", he asked her.

With her voice barely coming out, she said:

"Can't I just lift my shirt or something? Do I have to take it off..?"

"Ok.", he says. "Let me do it for you."

He got closer to her and lifted her shirt, revealing her white skin and a black bra. He smiled and putted his hand on her. First, the stomach and then he started to go up untill he touched the bra. She felt his hands on her body... they were cold and she moaned slightly. His hands were soft and he was gentle with her. He reached her back and started to open her bra. At first she stepped back but he pulled her back to him. She said nothing, thinking that he will go no further than that. He then took her bra off and saw her nipples were hard. He smiled at her and touched her breasts. She was still afraid but that fear was being overcome by some sort of pleasure of being there, halfnaked with a stranger. She didn't do anything and letted him touch her.

He kept looking at her body and, with both hands, exploring her skin. She was standing up with her back to the stairs and he was in front of her, near the door. He looked at her and saw that she had closed her eyes in pleasure, so he moved his hands towards her pants and started to unbutton her jeans. She looked at him.

"Hey dude, isn't that too much? You said you would just touch my body and you already did."

When she looked down to see where his hands were, she saw his pants with a huge volume inside of it. She suddenly felt something in her and started wondering how big it really was... and it looked thick too. She then looked at him and he smiled. Somehow, she was getting aroused with all that situation: the two of them, total strangers, on a building with people, almost naked... For a moment she felt like going for it, forgetting all about the time, about her mother waiting at home, about the bus. She was just imagining how his dick would feel like inside her. He noticed her looking at his pants and asked if she wanted to see it. She hesitated but said yes; she was getting too into it to put her clothes on and leave. She just couldn't leave..!

He pulled down his pants and boxers and letted out his dick. It was the biggest she had ever seen. It looked like the ones in porn movies. She started to imagine that huge dick in her, deep inside.

"Touch it", he said.

She reached for his dick and felt its power. It was pulsating, hard and very long. She starts to stroke it slowly while he started to take the rest of her clothes. He pulled down her pants, untill it reached her ankles and then her underwear, revealing her gorgeous white and soft skin. He putted his hand on her pussy and with his big fingers rubbed it softly, feeling her pubes. She closed her eyes and kept touching his dick, feeling all of it. For her it seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and that turnned her on even more. If she had had any doubts about doing it there and with him, they were gone! She now knew that she had to have him inside her. She stepped back a bit and sitted on the stairs. He followed her and stood in front of her, taking his shirt off, revealing his welldefined muscles. She grabbed his dick and started nibbling on the head while he caressed her hair and putted one hand on her breast. She then started to put his dick in her mouth but she couldn't even go half way – it was too big. She started stroking it while licking. She moved her head, back and forth, grabbing his dick with her two hands now.

Finally, she leaned back on the steps and opened her legs. He grabbed her both legs, spreaded them even more, moved his head between her legs and started to violently lick and soflty bitting her pussy. She grabbed hard the nearby mailboxes because of the immense pleasure she was having, feeling his tongue in and out of her, his fingers rubbing it and going in hard. She leaned her head back and moaned loud. She had just had an orgasm, the quickest she ever had. He noticed it and slowly stopped licking her. He then picked her up, pulled her up to a higher step and putted his body close to hers. He had put his dick near her pussy, stayed that way for a bit and looked at her. Without warning, he shoves his whole dick in her, hard and deep and she opens her mouth but no sound comes out. She grabbed his arms hard while he stayed deep inside of her for a moment. She started breathing heavily. He then started to move his dick in and out her pussy, long and hard strikes and she grabbed him even harder, feelling his whole dick in her. It was so big and hard that he kept slamming his dick deep into her, as deep has he could. She had never felt anyeone so deep inside her and she was feelling her pussy hotter and hotter from all the pounding of his cock. He grabbed her legs and liftted them over his head, close together, and kept on fucking her hard. She putted her hands on the steps to keep her body still. She had never been fucked that hard before. There was no love, no feelings, no thinking about consequences just a raw, hardcore fuck between two strangers. She felt she was almost cumming again so she tried to hold it in to enjoy that moment even more. Suddenly, her cell phone rings. She thought it was probably her Mom, wondering where she was but she didn't even reach for the phone. There was no way she was going to get out of there now! He was fucking her so hard that she had the biggest orgasm she had ever had and grabbed him so tight with her fingernails that he started to bleed a bit. She moaned like she had never moaned before and for a minute she feared that someone living in the building had heard her, but of course she quickly stopped caring about it. She was letting her moans out freely now and as he realised she had came he started giving her strong but slow strokes, putting his whole dick inside her. Then he started bangging her even harder and harder with the one purpose of him cumming too. After a few minutes, he came inside of her. She felt his hot cum inside her pussy... it seemed it never stopped cumming. She felt so much cum in her but he still kept fucking her hard, closing his eyes with pleasure, while the last of the cum came out. He then started slowing it down untill he stopped, gave her one final stroke and letted his huge dick stay inside her a little longer. He putted his face next to hers and asked with a soft voice:

"So...do you regret having come here with me?"

She was breathing hard but she managed to answer.

"No, man. It was the best fuck I have ever had... I had never felt like this before, so thanks."

He took his dick off of her and she looked at it. She couldn't believe she had had all of it so deep inside her. She rubbed it and putted it in her mouth one last time. It was still pulsating and still hard as a rock. They stood up to get their clothes. She putted her hand on her pussy and felt it was hot and there was still his cum coming out of her. She looked for her clothes, found her panties and putted them on. He approached her and putted his hand in her underwear, rubbing her still shaking and hot pussy.

"I loved your pussy... so tight, so hungry. It really needed to be fucked hard like that."

She smiled at him and went looking for the rest of her clothes. She found it and saw that he was getting dressed too. When she finished getting dressed and picked up her cell, it was 00:30. She letted out a small scream and said:

"Oh my God! What am I going to say back home? I'm late as hell!"

He smiled and said:

"Even if you do get in trouble, I bet you'll never regret this..."

With a worried look on her eyes she said:

"I won't... i'll remember this my whole life, but I still got to find an excuse to tell my parents!"

"Hmm... let me see.", he says. "Well, you can say you got fucked hard by a total stranger on the dark steps of an old building." ; )

The end

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