tagLesbian SexOpening Pandora's Box Ch. 02

Opening Pandora's Box Ch. 02


The ride was quiet and awkward as she drove me to my car. I didn't even begin to know what to say. My brain was rattling with thoughts that made so sense and my emotions were running wild.

"Here you are darling," she said pulling up by my car.

"Thanks," I said trying not to catch her eye and I reached for the door handle.

"You can't leave without giving me a goodbye kiss," MIcaela demanded.

I turned to kiss her and she pulled me in close to her passionately kissing me. "That's much better, now you may go. I'll see you Monday," she politely reminded me I'd have to face her at the office before I knew it.

"See ya," I said flustered as I left her car. I fumbled to unlock my car. I just said there for a moment trying to gain enough composure to drive myself home. The ride home was a blur. I immediately jumped in the shower letting the hot water run over my body. I found myself thinking of her as I slipped my finger inside myself. I fucked myself hard and fast, so fast I could feel my wrist begin to hurt. My knees became weak as I shuttered in orgasm and almost fell. What had she done to me? I long to be with her. I wanted her all to myself.

I got out of the shower and dried myself off. "Bling," I heard my phone go off in the bedroom in the distance.

"Hey sexy, meet me for lunch tomorrow?" - Micaela.

I smiled seeing it was from her. "Damon's at 12," I replied. Her reply was nothing more than a smile. I immediately began laying out something to wear. I must have laid out have a dozen outfits before settling on my ripped jeans, white longsleeve thermal, and black motorcyle jacket. I barely slept the entire night an awake at 6 am. I felt like a school girl again. I kept myself busy with laundry and errands until it was time to meet her. I already had a table when she arrived.

"How's it going," Micaela said with a smile.

"Good afternoon," I smiled back. "I'm anxiously awaiting some warmer weather!"

"Well, I could always keep you warm," she teased. Thankfully the waitress saved me from a reply to come take our orders.

"Are you okay with yesterday? Do you regret it," she asked. I could feel my face getting hot. I didn't know what to say. I hadn't really thought that through.

"...I...I don't regret it....." I replied.

"You say that with a lot of hesitation," she said pushing for an answer.

"No, I don't regret it. I just hadn't really thought about it much. Do you regret it?"

"No, I don't have regrets. I enjoyed it," she smiled. "My relationship with Mark isn't exactly common knowledge around the office," she added with a hint of let's keep this between us warning.

"I understand. I won't say anything," I reassured. "So what type of relationship do you have with Mark," I inquired.

"We have a mutual give and take relationship. He fulfills my sexual fantasies and I fulfill his," she said bluntly.

I was shocked at her blatent response, "And I fulfilled a fantasy you two had?"

"Yes, you did fill part of one. I have more fantasies you know," fishing for my reactions.

"More threesome fantasies," I said not really sure on how I left on pursuing that further.

"You don't like the idea of Mark's involvement?" She paused for a moment but before I could respond she offered, "I don't want you to do anything you don't want to. I like you. We can stop everything this instant. Just say the word. I don't want anything to come between us."

My mind raced with a response. I was intrigued by her and didn't want to eliminate all involvement with her. "I'm not sure about his involvement," was the only reply I could offer.

"...Well, I could always play with you alone. But perhaps keep him in the loop somehow," she said.

"Keep him in the loop," I wasn't sure where she was going with this but it somehow meant I would get her to myself.

"Maybe let him watch us? Maybe send him videos? Or tell him what we do. Let him be apart without physically being apart?" The idea didn't seem to bad. I could work with that. It gave me an open door if I ever wanted to test my boundaries again yet kept me from losing my butch image.

"Well maybe he'd enjoy a video of me fucking you," I grinned.

"With a toy? How does that work," she said confused but interested.

"Let me show you." I paid the tab and gave her directions to my place. My laptop had a webcam built in so giving Mark his view wouldn't be a problem though it may not be a high quality masterpiece.

The cold winter air left little intent on foreplay. I intended to warm her up, very quickly. I was eager to show her a whole new world. Her eyes seemed filled with wonder as I on my strap-on. I could see her eyes scanning every inch, most likely comparing and contrasting it to the "real thing." I had every intend on proving I could be every bit as good as a man, maybe even better. After all, there's no stick cum stuck in a woman's hair. It never goes limp or fails to get hard. No one's going to call me up needing to run out to buy a pregnancy test. I can be big, small, skinny, thick, real, colored, textured - the posiibilities are endless.

I took her hand and place it on my cock, "Go ahead, touch it." Once she seemed comfortable, I leaned in and kissed, reaching my hand between her warmth. I teased her for awhile until she was so wet I could fuck her with ease. She moaned loudly as I entered her. I started thrusting slowly.

"Oh my....mmmm," she let out of sigh of pleasure.

"You like that? How much do you like it?"

"FUCK ME! Baby, fuck me!" I grinned and followed her command. I fucked her over and over again to countless orgasms, completely forgetting the whole thing was caught on webcam. She had more stamina than anyone I had ever been with and quite frankly, far more than what I thought a woman her age may have. She was a natural at pleasing me. I was so sensitive that I couldn't touch myself for days after. She laid there in my arms and we practically fell asleep.

"I'm sorry but I have to go. I have my PowerPoint to finish for Mondays meeting," she said almost with a pout.

"It's okay. I will see you tomorrow," I said kissing her forehead. She left me with a kiss and a smile. As I watched her walk away I couldn't help but want her to stay. In that moment I realized something had changed. I liked her. I had started to fall for a woman I could never have. This was supposed to be for fun, friendship with a little sex but nothing more. She was so mysterious and enchanting that I couldn't lock Pandora's box up now that it had been opened........

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