tagIncest/TabooOpposites Attract Ch. 02

Opposites Attract Ch. 02


Author's Note:

I want to thank all my readers, as ever, for reading my works and commenting on them.

I've taken the comments from chapter 1 of Opposites Attract to heart and updated the story with the explaination of how Sarah is a transsexual, which means that it isn't in this chapter, as I said it would be. It doesn't take anything away from the story I intended for chapter 2 though.

As ever, the characters that engage in sexual activity are 18+



Sarah moaned as Hope sucked her cock. Sarah's tongue was buried deeply in Hope's pussy, her moaning causing a vibration that caused Hope's own moans to vibrate her mouth around the cock inside it.

"Oh fuck," Hope moaned softly. "You're tongue feels so good."

"So does your mouth," Sarah replied.

Spurred on by the encouragement they gave each other, Hope and Sarah began to pleasure each other more feverishly. The sounds of the sucking and slurping filled the room loudly. It was almost deafening to the two girls causing the sounds.

Sarah started to feel a tingle welling up in her balls. She knew this meant that she was getting close to cumming and she was silently begging Hope for release by driving her tongue into her as if it were a cock. Hope's pussy quivered from the stimulation and Sarah knew she was close to cumming as well.

Sarah licked roughly, occasionally sucking and running her tongue around Hope's clit. Hope practically screamed around Sarah's cock as the mounting pleasure pushed her over the cliff. She came hard, her juices spraying from her pussy to cover Sarah's face.

Her pleasure caused her to slide Sarah's cock deeper into her mouth, the tight entrance to her throat stimulating the head of Sarah's cock and causing her to cum hard, shooting her load into Hope's mouth.

Hope swallowed Sarah's load as they both came down from their orgasms. When they'd caught their breath enough, the two sisters crawled under the covers of Sarah's bed and snuggled up, ready to sleep for the night.

Sarah reached over and set her alarm for the morning since she had work and Hope had school the next day. They shared a quick kiss and fell asleep in each others' arms.


Sarah's alarm beeped loudly and woke the sisters up. Sarah leaned over and kissed Hopes cheek before getting up and dressing in her bath robe before going downstairs to make them breakfast. Hope walked into the kitchen just as Sarah was finished making it. They ate silently, then Hope went upstairs for a shower and to get ready for school. Sarah followed when she heard the shower stop and got herself ready for work.

"You want a lift to school?" Sarah asked as Hope was walking out of the front door.

"No," Hope said. "I like walking there."

"OK," Sarah said. "Have a good day."

They hugged and Hope headed off as Sarah made herself a quick coffee before heading off herself.


Hope walked slowly to school. It wasn't a very long walk, only lasting around 20 minutes every morning. She enjoyed walking, it let her think about things that were going on in her life or things that she wanted to do with her life.

She was currently thinking about Sarah. She had no idea her sister was interested in her in the same was as she was interested in Sarah. She thought back over the last few days. There had been a lot of sexual stuff going on between the two of them. She blushed just thinking about it all.

Suddenly, there was shouting behind her. She knew exactly who it was and she decided to ignore them. It would only cause her trouble to rise to the bait.

"Look who it is," Said one of the group; a largely-built girl. "It's the ugly virgin."

Hope couldn't help a small, hidden smile, because she wasn't a virgin any more. Sarah had taken care of that.

"I wouldn't fuck her with a stolen dick," Said one of the boys in the group.

'I wouldn't fuck you either,' Hope thought. 'Your face would probably give me a disease.'

Hope found it ironic that most of the people that bullied others based on their looks were normally people that looked terrible themselves. She was also curious why being a virgin was any sort of problem in modern society. Well, she never let it bother her, though it sometimes did.

"Nah, her tits are too small," Said another boy in the conversation. "And she has practically nothing to her ass."

Hope put her hands in front of her and balled her hands into fists. Trying to not hit these people every day at school was hard. It was constant taunts and insults. Once or twice it had been physical: punches and kicks. Even from the guys in the group. They never hit her where it would show, though. Sadly, they were smart about that.

Hope carried on doing her best to ignore the group taunting her and slipped away in the crowds of students when she got to her school.


The end of school came slowly. After her last class, Hope ducked into one of the bathrooms and spent a little time in there. She did this to avoid her bullies on the way home from school. She didn't want them knowing where she lived because then they could torment her any time they wanted.

Unfortunately, two of the girls from the group of bullies entered the bathroom a few minutes after her.

"Oh," one of them said. "Hey ugly."

Hope didn't respond.

"It's rude to ignore someone when they're speaking to you," the other said.

Hope tried to walk out, but they blocked the door.

"You're not getting away from here until you apologise for being rude." Said the first girl, Natalie. She then addressed the other. "Isn't that right, Beth?"

Beth nodded. She was the large girl in the group; short but chubby. Natalie was tall and stocky. Neither of them was very pleasant to look at, though Hope had the intelligence to not say that to them or even anywhere near them.

"Still not going to apologise?" Natalie said.

Hope stayed silent.

"I think she needs punishment," Beth said, as she walked behind Hope.

Beth grabbed hope from behind and held her there while Natalie punched her. Not somewhere it wouldn't show, this time. She aimed for Hope's face. Then the beating truly started. Hope was hit in the stomach and doubled over. Beth let her go and joined in, punching and kicking Hope hard.

Hope couldn't catch her breath to call out for help. She had to endure it alone. It was a thankfully short beating. When they were done, Natalie and Beth left her crying and whimpering in pain on the bathroom floor, a bruise raising on her cheek and blood dripping from her nose.


Sarah pulled her car into the driveway, cut the engine and got out.

She could hear the pounding of heavy metal coming from hers and Hope's room, even from outside. That wouldn't make their neighbours happy, they were in their later years and didn't much like loud noise.

Sarah let herself into the house and made herself a drink as she took off her jacket and hung it with the others before going upstairs.

She walked into her room, the noise from the CD player hitting her like a wall, but she was more concerned by the view that met her: Hope was sat on her bed, head down with tears streaming down her bruised and battered face while she held a wad of bloody toilet paper to her nose. Her School uniform was a mess too. The white T-shirt had large drops of dried and drying blood all down it.

Sarah turned the CD player down, so it could barely be heard and Hope looked up at her. She hadn't heard Sarah walk in and the music being turned down had startled her. Hope turned away but Sarah sat down next to her and hugged her gently.

"What happened, sis?" Sarah asked. "Who did this to you?"

Hope shook her head and buried her face into Sarah's shoulder. Sarah was careful of Hopes nose and gently held her close, letting Hope cry it out before speaking to her.

It took a while for Hope to calm down but when she did she pulled back and gave Sarah a tear-filled smile of thanks. Sarah gave her her own drink and let Hope polish it off.

"Now," Sarah started, "what happened?"

Hope told Sarah the whole story. She talked about the bullying before school and the beating in the bathroom. She also told Sarah about all the bullying that had happened before. It was always the same group of people and Sarah wasn't going to sit by and let it happen.

"Do you know where they hang out?" Sarah asked.

Hope nodded.

"Where?" Sarah said.

"The playground at the edge of the park." Hope answered.

"Well, let's go and pay them a visit," Sarah said, standing up.

"No!" Hope protested. "Do you know what it'll do for me if you talk to them?"

"Well, if I don't talk to them, I call school," Sarah said. "I'm not going to let this keep happening."

Hope nodded reluctantly and stood up, following Sarah to her car.

"Why are you doing this for me?" Hope asked as they set off. "You never seemed to care before."

"Of course I cared before," Sarah said. "I just figured you'd tell me when you were ready. Besides, I know what it's like to be bullied."

Hope nodded. She remembered some of the things Sarah had told her, when she was bullied. Of course, back then, Sarah had been a guy, striving to gain a handle on herself and who she truly was. The transsexual woman driving the car was the result of all that.

But Sarah hadn't come out of it unscathed. She'd lost friends over her sex-change. She hadn't let it bother her outwardly, because if they didn't accept her for who she was, they weren't true friends at all, so it didn't matter too much. It had caused some insecurities with her body though, she had questioned herself as to whether she was a freak, as those people had said.

Sarah had always hated bullies and any form of bullying. It wasn't right to pick on someone because of who, and what, they are or were.

It didn't take long to get to the park that Hope had mentioned and Sarah pulled up by the pavement.

"Stay here," she said to Hope.

Hope nodded.

"Be careful," She said.

"Hey," Sarah said, smiling gently. "I didn't learn Jiu Jitsu for nothing. I can look after myself."

Sarah got out and started walking towards the playground. She could see who she was looking for. They were the only people around.

"Hey!" Sarah shouted at them, "Which one of you is Natalie?"

A tall and stocky girl turned at the sound of her name and Sarah stormed right up to her.

"I'm going to talk, and you're going to listen," Sarah said.

"Or what?" Natalie asked, an arrogant tone in her voice.

"Drop the tough-guy act," Sarah said. "It doesn't scare me or impress me in the slightest."

"Who do you think you are, talking to me like that?" Natalie spat as she balled her fists in anger.

"I'm the 'ugly virgin's' sister," Sarah said. "You leave her alone or you'll have me to deal with, you understand?"

"Oh yeah?" Natalie growled. "What are you going to do if I don't?"

"You'll get a taste of your own medicine," Sarah said.

"Just beat her up lie we did to her weak and ugly virgin sister," Said the girl behind Natalie.

"You must be Beth," Sarah said. "This warning is for you too. It's for everyone here, for that matter."

"You think we can't take you?" Beth spat.

"Only weaklings gang up on people," Sarah said.

"Oh yeah?" Natalie said, swinging a punch at Sarah.

Sarah side-stepped and grabbed the big girl's fist then spun her around and pushed her arm up her back until it wouldn't go any further without breaking her arm. Natalie cried out in pain.

"I could easily break your arm," Sarah said. "But I'd rather not go to prison for it."

"Well you could still go to prison for what you're doing now," Beth said.

"No," Sarah stated. "She attacked me. This is self defence. And I have a video camera running in my car to prove it."

The last part was a bluff, but it was a bluff that they bought easily. Sarah didn't even have to back her words up in order to convince them.

"Oh, and before I go," Sarah started, "You think my sister is ugly? Take a good, hard look in the mirror. All of you are a lot less attractive than she is."

Sarah pushed Natalie out of her grip and started to walk away.

She was proud of herself for dealing with Hope's bullying problem without hurting anyone badly, much as she wanted to. Just as she was getting to the car, she felt an arm wrap around her neck from behind.

Her training took over and she side-stepped before elbowing her assailant in the gut. After she did that, she grabbed the arm and used her leg to trip them and then pulled them over her shoulder to crash down on their back on the concrete. It was Natalie and her landing had obviously hurt her.

"You just don't learn, do you?" Sarah asked, trying not to laugh. "You won't beat me in a fight. And if you use a group to fight me, you're a coward and a weakling."

Sarah was putting on the tough talk. It wasn't her but she knew when it was time to use it.

"Now go back to your little friends, when you're not to hurt to get up," Sarah said, stepping away. "Leave my sister alone, too, or next time I won't be at all pleasant with you."

With that said, Sarah climbed back into her car and drove away. Hope was staring at her, amazement in her eyes.

"What?" Sarah said, glancing at Hope.

"I thought she had you for sure," Hope said.

"Come on," Sarah said, laughing. "You saw me at the exhibitions that my Jiu Jitsu club put on. You've seen me do that before."

Hope nodded, still amazed.

"Anyway, that should hopefully teach them to leave you alone," Sarah said.

"Thank you," Hope said.

"Thank me later," Sarah said with a wink.


Sarah was tending to Hope's bruised face. Her nose was thankfully not broken, the punch had just caused it to bleed badly. The big problem was the bruise on her cheek.

"If mum and dad see this, they're going to go mental," Sarah said.

"Yeah, and they're back in a couple of days, too," Hope said, sadly. "It won't go away in that time."

"All you can do is cover it up as best you can," Sarah said. "Foundation will do for anyone seeing it from a distance. Closer up though and it'll be obvious."

"What shall I day to mum and dad?" Hope asked.

"That you fell down," Sarah said simply. "It's simple and reasonable. Just say you tripped and banged your cheek. They'll believe it."

"What about us?" Hope asked. It was a question Sarah had been considering a solution for already.

"Two options," Sarah said. "One: we stop. Two: we be extremely careful and carry on."

"I don't want to stop," Hope said. "I love it too much."

"I agree," Sarah said. "We'll just have to be careful and quiet then."

Throughout the conversation, Sarah had been gently cleaning up the blood from Hope's face. She took a small ice pack and a gauze pad.

"This is going to be cold," Sarah said, handing them to Hope as she took some medical tape. "Hold them to your cheek, gauze on top."

Hope did so, gritting her teeth from how cold the ice pack was as Sarah taped it in place. Sarah checked that is was secure and nodded, satisfied.

"That'll ease any more swelling," Sarah said. "You're god to go. Dinner time?"

"Yeah, sounds good," Hope replied, smiling.

"What do you want?" Sarah asked.

"You," Hope said, grinning mischievously.

Sarah spanked her butt softly.

"Later," she said. "What do you want for dinner?"

"Lasagne?" Hope asked.

Sarah nodded and got up to go and cook.

"Give me a hand with it?" Sarah called back to Hope.

"Sure," Hope responded and joined her in the kitchen.

They cooked together and ate their lasagne before washing and drying the dishes and sitting down to watch evening TV.

As it got dark, the better shows came on and the sisters settled on an action film about a bank robbery gone wrong. Sarah didn't really pay much attention to it, more interested with softly running her fingers through the hair of Hope, who was laying against her. Just as the film was going off, Hope stretched and stood up.

"I'm going for a shower," she said.

Sarah nodded and settled herself to watch whatever was on next. When Hope left the room, Sarah got up and closed the curtains to stop the glow from the street lamps from lighting the dark room and she sat back down in the glow of the television. Sarah started to doze off, her eyes closing slowly. She could still hear the TV but couldn't follow the sounds to interpret what was actually happening on the screen.


Hope got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself before looking in the bathroom mirror at her bare cheek. It was obviously bruised and also slightly swollen. Just thinking back on how and why it had happened made her angry at the two girls that had done it.

"Bitches," she said to herself.

She went to the bedroom and had an idea while she dried her body. She smiled at the daring of it and wrapped the towel around herself again before heading downstairs. When she walked into the living room, she was slightly disappointed to find Sarah asleep on the sofa.

Hope had another idea though, and she thought it was perfect. She shed the towel, letting it fall to the floor and bunch around her feet, leaving her naked. She then walked quietly up to the sofa and knelt on the floor, leaned over Sarah and unzipped her pants as gently and quietly as possible.

Hope knew that Sarah was a fairly heavy sleeper but for caution's sake, she waited a few minutes before gently reaching through the zipper on her sisters pants and carefully puling her soft cock out of her undies and into the open. Hope smiled when Sarah didn't stir and she leaned down to lick the cock that she was holding loosely.

Hope started licking and kissing the soft shaft of the cock she loved so much and grinned when it started to harden in her hand. Without waiting for it to be fully hard, she sucked the tip into her mouth and ran her tongue in circles around it before taking it deeper into her mouth.

Sarah moaned softly in her sleep and stirred slightly to rearrange her position on the couch as Hope sucked her slowly hardening cock.

Hope pulled off and softly stroked the saliva-covered semi-hard cock with her hand before going back to sucking it. She alternated between sucking and stroking her sister's cock to full hardness and then started sucking with a passion. Sarah moaned louder in her sleep as her cock was stimulated by her sisters mouth.


Sarah started to wake from the blissful oblivion of sleep and she instantly knew something was different. She couldn't put her finger on it though, she just knew she felt better waking up now than ever before. It didn't take her long to realise what was happening though.

Someone was sucking her cock but through the sleepy haze in her mind, she couldn't instantly think who it might be. A moment later her mind snapped alert and she sat up on the couch to look down on her naked sister giving her a blowjob. Hope's hair was still wet, so Sarah couldn't have been asleep for long.

Sarah cleared her throat and Hope looked up at her and gave the best smile she could considering there was a rock-hard cock in her mouth.

"Best alarm ever," Sarah said with a smile.

"I thought so," Hope said, stroking Sarah's cock slowly and gently. "Care to get some use out of this cock right now?"

"Of course," Sarah said grinning.

Sarah stood up and took off her pants and panties before lifting her top over her head and taking her bra off, discarding her clothes on the floor in a messy pile.

"Sit on the couch, lean back and open your legs," Sarah instructed.

Hope did as she was told and her pussy came into Sarah's view in the light coming from the TV. Sarah's cock throbbed in anticipation as Sarah knelt down in front of the couch and lowered her hed to her sister's pussy.

"I love when you lick my pussy," Hope said.

Sarah didn't say anything. Instead, she responded by licking slowly up Hope's pussy to her clit, circling with her tongue and sucking softly. Hope moaned with pleasure, shivering as her body was stimulated.

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