tagGroup SexOral Exam Ch. 03

Oral Exam Ch. 03


A woman's tongue gently caressing my balls: that is an extraordinary feeling! To me, the wet licks and swirls are always a surprise. They comprise a moment that I always experience anew, since I can never seem to hold that sensation permanently to my mind. It is too startling and spontaneous; the memory is inevitably washed away by greater pleasures. And it is dirty, oh so gloriously dirty. Only the most naughty of vamps would lick my balls. Suck my cock, yes. Every girl-next-door does that these days. But to suck my nuts – and without prompting – that is an indication of someone very special. It is a sign of a proud slut that enjoys the sex just for the doing, for the raw unadulterated pleasure. Not just for their own "O," or really for the "O" of their partner, but rather for the kinky thrill of expressing one's desire without taboo. This is a woman who sees sex as a process, rather than an end.

My cock was still buried deep inside of Jessica when I felt a long lick at my scrotum. What an odd sensation! Where did a second tongue come from? God, that felt good! To my knowledge, Jessica and I had been alone in our humping. It had been deep and feverish, with my climax ending inside of her pussy. I had been staring into her eyes, thinking about whether I wanted to go again. That extra tongue took away any question.

I am sure that I jumped a little when I felt the mystery licker. I know Jessica let out an "Oooph" when my dick twitched inside her wet hole. I remember Jessica smiling at me devilishly, and a muffled giggle coming from the junction where our two crotches met. I looked back to see another one of my students playing tongue hockey with my balls.

Shannon. She was as cute as Jessica was beautiful. She had also played a starring role in my nighttime, masturbatory fantasies. I had often pictured her doing a wide variety of naughty things to me and my cock, but I had never held out a hope that one day she would be joining me and my current fuck buddy in a dorm room sex-fest.

Shannon was a tight, little package at a height around 5'. Her jet, black hair with red highlights was cut into a bob, framing her button cute face. Her lips, that were currently busy slathering my nuts with spit, were full and soft –bee stung. I am sure that they would look picture perfect around my cock. Her skin, while toned and firm, was milky white and creamy. Her breasts, as best as I could see, were amazing. They were perky B cups, capped with very suckable, red, gumdrop nipples. I couldn't wait to get a hand on those tits or her heart-shaped ass. Some spanking was definitely in order. She was being a bad girl. Shannon needed to learn, what happens when naughty little sluts suck on their teacher's balls.

"So what do you think, Professor? Do you like Shannon licking you while you are still plowing my pussy? Does that make you want to do dirty things to her too?"

"God, yes!"

" I bet you do, Professor? I bet you want to grope her little titties. I bet you want to suck on them all day long?"

"Oh, yeah"

"Would you like to finger her cunt? I bet it is all steamy and wet. She has been in my closet, watching us for the last hour. I told her that you were coming over, and she said she wanted to watch. Isn't that so naughty and slutty? I was hoping that she would want to join in. Her fingers were probably playing with that sweet, little pussy the entire time. Do you think it is juicy? Would you like to taste her cunt?"

I didn't say a word. I just acknowledged her by giving her two more swift thrusts of my cock. I could sill feel Shannon's pliant tongue playing with my balls. I could, at least, until I felt her begin to lick and rim my asshole. What a naughty bitch!

I pumped into Jessica again. "Oooooh. That turns you on baby? Fuck, yeah baby! I am your cunt, but so is she! If you asked, I am sure she would let you spear her pussy. Would you like that? Would you like to fuck another of your students. She told me she has bad grades too! Ooooooh! Do you think that if you fucked her she might learn something? Could you communicate with her cunt?"

"God, fuck, yeah – your CUNT is so great!" I rammed home a few more times. I had cum shortly before, so I felt no danger of releasing a load anytime soon. I just reveled in the raw power of the fuck. "I love your cock, Professor, but I think I had better share. My roommate deserves some of this action. She has been a very patient girl."

Roommate? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! That makes a lot of sense. I just hadn't put the pieces together yet. This was getting better with every moment. I gave Jessica a couple more hard thrusts and pulled my cock from her pussy. It came loose with a squelching, sucking sound and a plop. Jessica's twat was a mess that was now flowing free. Our combined juices had been mixed and pounded to a thick, white froth. The liquids were running out of her engorged cunt lips and down the crack of her ass. She looked so beautiful.

But my attention needed to be else where. Shannon looked up at me from all fours. I reached around and gave her teen ass a smack. She squealed and sized me up with her hazel eyes. She licked her lips and grinned.

And then she sprung. She moved quickly, leaping from the doggie position, to try to tackle me. I was caught off guard and fell back onto the bed. I was surprised by her sheer wanton enthusiasm. Shannon now sat on top of me. My cock was mercilessly outside of her pussy, helplessly resting between the cleft in her legs. She took both of my hands by the wrist and held them above my head. She was leaning over me, giving me a perfect view of her amazing breasts. They were gloriously rounded, like sloping, tear crops without a hint of sag. I raised my head to try to take one her nipples into my mouth.

Shannon took one of her hands off of my wrist and slapped me lightly on the cheek. She said, "Uh uh! You don't get to suck me. I get to suck you!" I lay back on the bed, as Jessica laughed at my obvious surprise. So that was how the games would be played.

Shannon spoke again, this time in a cute, little girl voice, "You know professor, I was soooo jealous of Jessica when she told me that you fucked her up in your office. She said your cock was freakin' amazing. It fucked her tight, little cunt so well. I'll tell you a secret. I have wanted you since the first day of class. Everyday I go to class and my pussy gets all wet. The juices just drip down my legs. I have to carry an extra pair of panties around so I am not all damp when I go off to my psych class, " Shannon giggled. She bent down and flicked her tongue over my nipple. She then gripped it lightly between her teeth, biting down gently. She came up another time. "I am serious, Professor. I have wanted to fuck you. I have wanted to feel you inside of me. Often, it is all I think about. That is why I can't seem to do well in your class. I just sit there all mushy, unable to think of what to say, wanting you so desperately inside of my cunt."

I smiled at her, "You know Shannon, I think that was one hell of a persuasive speech you just gave. I think you have thoroughly convinced me to fuck you. I think it is worthy of an 'A.' I wouldn't worry about that."

Shannon didn't say a word. She just leaned down, grabbed the back of my head, and kissed me. I am not sure that I have ever felt a kiss so full of desire. Her lips locked to mine with a passion that I never could have expected. Our tongues went in search of its mate, entwining in a dance. She held me tight, and I brought my hands around her back. I needed to be closer, as close as possible. The kiss was so desperate, and the desire only continued to build.

Eventually our tongues unlocked, and our lips parted. I felt her sliding down ward giving me little pecks and bites as she went. I cocked my head and looked over at Jessica. She was propped up on a pillow, leaning back against the wall. Her golden, blonde hair had fallen down to her shoulders. She looked at me and smiled. She puckered her lips in an air kiss as her fingers idlely rubbed at her pussy. I loved the wet squishy sounds as her fingers worked in and out of her cunt.

Shannon was now at my stomach. My dick was turgid with excitement. It was a pole sticking up in the air. Shannon said, "Hmmmmmmn. While your dick is all hard, it seems to be a little messy. It seems to have cum all over it. I can't have that. I only take clean cocks inside of my pussy." With that, she snarfed down the length of my shaft. She bobbed up and down, taking me deeper into her throat each time. I could hear the gagging reflex, and could feel her tongue licking the underside of my shaft. While quite good, she was definitely a different cocksucker than Jessica. Unlike Jessica, Shannon was not about the licks, kisses, and nibbles. Shannon, went right for the deep-throat. She was trying to fuck her face on my shaft

"Jessica, you taste so good on his dick," Shannon groaned, "but I need to feel him fucking me." I heard Jessica moan as she watched the scene before her. Clearly Shannon's words – the dirty, little tramp – were impacting her too. Shannon grabbed me by the shaft and rubbed the head against her waiting hole. I felt myself lodge between her lips and slowly she descended onto my dong. She was tight. Shannon worked her way up and down, each time taking in a little more of my shaft. It was smooth and warm and very wet. Both of us grunted as Shannon fucked her way onto my shaft. Deeper and deeper, I went until I eventually bottomed out.

I just lay there waiting for Shannon to adjust to my cock inside of her cunt. Her breathing was heavy and her head was thrown back. After a few moments, though, I could feel her relax. I could see the tension leaving her body. And then she began to ride me. It was slow at first, just little forward and back movements. The warmth of her pussy seemed to magnify as I felt the friction on my cock. It was slow, easy, unhurried – a great first fuck! Shannon was totally in control. I just stared up into her face that was riddled with pleasure and emotion. Gradually, though, she picked up steam as our grunts and gasps came more forcefully. I moved my arms up her legs and found her ass. I spanked her twice, groping her butt cheeks afterwards. I pulled her forward onto my dick, trying to make each thrust go deeper into her hole. The juices from our fucking were flowing copiously now, running down our legs onto the sheets below.

"Ohhhhhhh, God!!! That feels fuckin' gooooood!!!" Shannon screamed. "Oh fuck! I love riding your COCK!!! YOUR COCK FEELS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!" Shannon moans were deafening. I am sure the rest of the dorm residents were able to hear her obvious pleasure. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

Her body tensed and Shannon threw back her head. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Her hips stopped moving but I could feel her pussy walls twitching spasmodically on my cock. She became very still and then fell onto my chest. Her hands went to my head and gently ran through my hair. She rested a moment, my cock still inside of her, then fell down onto my chest.

Shannon said amidst several gasps, "That was so good. I needed that cum. Ooooohhh. I think you need one too, though. I want you to use me. Fuck me like a dog. Make me your slut that you just pound away on. I am nothing but a hole for your dick. Don't worry about me getting off again, just fuck me." She rolled over and put her delectable ass up in the air. She pulled her butt cheeks apart with her hands, opening up the hole of her cunt. I could see the slot where my dick would go. I took my cock in hand, and thrust inside of her.

She was so smooth and silky. Shannon could easily take my whole length this time, since I had loosened her up from before. I didn't waste any time now. This was not slow and sensual; nor was this getting to know each other sex. This was about getting my rocks off, pure and simple. Jessica grinned at me. My schoolgirl, grade-whore knew what was happening, and she seemed to be relishing every moment of it. Jessica scootched down the bed and placed her slit in front of Shannon's grunting lips. "Eat me, you little slut. You want him to fuck you?" Jessica spat, "I WANT YOU TO EAT ME!" Shannon tongue extended, and she buried her face in Jessica's twat. I couldn't really see what was happening in front of me, but it sure seemed pretty effective. Jessica moaned, "Lick that clit, bitch! Lick it! EAT MY PUSSY!!!"

In and out, I pounded out of Shannon's sloppy, wet hole. The scene before me was too much. I wasn't sure if I could take much more. This was just too damn hot. These two little sluts were a long way from the couple of grad-students that I had bagged. These horny teens were complete sexual dynamos. Jessica and Shannon were completely unfettered by inhibitions. They knew that they were smokin' sexy and loved every moment of it. They were pure, filthy, horny sex.

I was rutting deep and hard into Shannon. Every time I hit home I could feel her ass jiggle and I could hear the smack of wet flesh on flesh. I grabbed her hair and yanked upwards. Jessica let out a disappointed moan as Shannon's tongue was pulled from her pussy. I kissed Shannon's neck as I fucked her. My other hand grabbed her tits, and pinched her nipples. Shannon grunted. I whispered into Shannon's ear that I was going to cum. I asked her where she wanted it. She moaned back, "My face."

I pushed Shannon back to the bed and whirled her around. She was going to be my cum-dumpster. Shannon looked up at me with expectant eyes. She was breathing heavy, "I want your cum. Give me your cum!" I jacked my cock a few times and watched as the thick, hot ropes of jizz splattered on her face. Some cum landed in her open mouth, while more striped her chin, forehead, and hair. As cute as she looked before, she looked even better now with her face sprayed with in my spunk.

Jessica leaned over and in a sultry voice said, "Gimme some of that." The two women lay down on the bed and began to lick and kiss the cum each other's faces. They were now making slight cooing sounds as their touches became caresses and gentle rubs. I fell to the dorm bed, scrunched against the wall. Three people was a tight fit in one of those suckers, but it could work if there was some spooning. So spoon I did....

I woke up several hours later sporting a woody and needing to pee. The clock by the bed read 3:32 a.m. I carefully crawled from my position, while trying not to wake either of my two sleeping beauties. I put on my pants and went to the door. I looked back and marveled at the two teen goddesses snuggled up together in post-coital bliss. I carefully turned the lock so I would be able to get back into the room, opened the door, and peered outside. Everything seemed peaceful.

I crept down the hall to the dorm bathroom. Since this was strictly a girl's floor there was only a female facility. I needed to be quick, which wouldn't really be a problem considering how badly I needed to urinate. The bathroom was large and white, with tile flooring and sterile, fluorescent lighting. There was a row sinks and stalls, with an extra room that probably contained the showers. A large metal shelf against the far wall held several colorful baskets containing loofas, body washes, and shampoos – clearly the girl's bathing supplies. Instantly, a thought of Jessica and Shannon showering together entered my head. I pictured the warm water cascading down onto their soapy bodies. Their fingers were gently scrubbing their most intimate zones, making sure no dirt could possibly remain. Shannon and Jessica might even need to wash each other....

Snap out of it. I needed to pee. I walked into one of the stalls and closed the door. I did my business and – shit! Those were footsteps I heard on the tile outside my stall door. I needed to stay still and quiet.

"Hey, did you hear that noise earlier this evening coming from Shannon's room?" Whoever it was clearly saw my feet beneath the stall store. She continued, "It sounded like she was getting it pretty hard! I could hear her screaming in pleasure clear down the hall."

Oh, it just got worse. How was I to respond? I guess I just needed roll with it. I tried to make my voice a little higher and just said, "Yeah.":

The unknown speaker continued as the sink went on, "Shannon sounded like she got royally fucked. God, it has been so long since I have had a dick up inside of me! All the guys I date are complete idiots. Maybe I just need to go out to one of those bars and find some stud to pound me senseless. Who cares if he has brains, as long as he has a cock!" She then burst into a fit of giggles followed by an eerie silence. I could hear the wheels turning in her head. Crap. "Who am I talking to?"

"Um, no one..."

She spoke soft and low, "Open the door." I sucked in air, thinking for a moment, but I knew that I was trapped. She could call public safety, and I could be in some catastrophic trouble. I opened the door.

In front of me was a beautiful, sleepy-eyed, young coed. She had long, brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing a light, blue baby-T with a picture of a Care Bear on it. She was clearly not wearing a bra, as her nipples were poking prominently through the shirt. Her tits were perky, well rounded, and probably a little more than a handful. Dark blue sweat shorts clung to her hips, but barely. They looked like they would fall with one good yank. And that yank would reveal a tight, round, ass that needed to be groped and spanked – I was sure of it. In between, her shorts and top I could see her stomach. It was flat and well toned. Obviously, she worked out. To cap it off, she was wearing large and clumsy bunny slippers on her feet. Very cute!

This woman stared at me with obvious amusement. Her face crinkled up into the dimples of a smile. "So what have we here?" she said with a mock authoritative tone. "We have someone who is not where he is supposed to be."

I answered, "Look, I just came in here to pee. I'll be out of your hair now." I began to head toward the door.

I felt her hand on my shoulder. Her fingernails were painted bright, fire-engine red. "No need to rush. Who are you? You're not one of the typical freshman, frat-boy, wannabes that lurk around on our floor. You're older, different. Who'd you hook up with tonight?"

By this time, I had turned around to face her. I looked deeply into her green eyes and said one word. "Shannon."

I could see the surprise on her face as she scrunched her eyes in disbelief. I could hear a gulp in the back of her throat. She stared at me for a long moment. I could feel the tension building as she was thinking where this chance meeting could go next. She cocked her head to one side and said, "It sounds like you had a pretty good evening."

"I can't complain. It has gotten off to a pretty good start."

"Pretty good start, huh?" I could feel her hand through my jeans running up the length of my thigh. "Don't you think that is pretty cocky?" I smiled at the pun. "No, I don't. Especially considering what you were saying when I was back in the stall. I believe you said something about 'pounding you senseless?'"

She blushed a deep red. "Guilty." Her hand found my cock, gave it a squeeze, and dipped inside of my pants. She quickly went to work rubbing and kneading my shaft. Things were becoming pretty tight, so I unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and pulled on the zipper. I pushed them down and they fell at a pool around my ankles. She spoke deep and low, "Ooooh, that is s nice one. Shannon must be a very happy girl. I wanna see what it looks like when it gets hard." This beautiful brunette then spit on her hand and immediately went to work stroking me off. She had me turned on; I grew hard very quickly. I had never experienced a moment quite like this. This was sheer, anonymous sex – a hand job from the heavens. She moaned softly in my ear, "Do you like me stroking your cock?" I just nodded in the affirmative. "Good. I want to see you cum."

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