tagErotic CouplingsOral Gifts: A Fair Exchange

Oral Gifts: A Fair Exchange


"I won't let you fuck me. But I'll suck you off."

She was sitting in the passenger seat of my car. She had half-turned towards me, a serious look on her face. Her steel-blue eyes held me with a piercing gaze through her wire-rimmed glasses.

We were parked in a remote area of the parking lot of the shopping mall, a safe distance from the mall entrance and the prying eyes of anyone who might know us and wonder what we were doing together.

Her name was Lisa. Well, actually that's not her real name; I've changed it for obvious reasons. You see, she was married to a friend of mine, or more of an acquaintance, really. From time to time I'd see them both in a popular pub in the city, the kind that's crowded and noisy, where you drift from group to group to make small talk, swap jokes, sip beer. More and more, I'd find myself talking to Lisa on her own, standing close to her amid the crowd, while hubby was off at the other end of the room.

Whenever they would leave the pub, she got in the habit of kissing me goodbye, just a friendly peck on the cheek, so I could feel her soft lips on my face, briefly, and smell a hint of her perfume. Once, fueled by more than her usual intake of wine, she had kissed me fully on the lips, when he wasn't looking, and I had felt the stirrings of lust in my chest and lower down as well.

Then we'd started meeting for lunch, just Lisa and me, ever other week or so, convincing ourselves we were just friends, innocently enjoying a meal together. But of course, the attraction was growing, and we started holding hands, and our goodbye kisses after lunch grew longer and more lingering.

Before long, we were skipping lunch; meeting in parking lots, sitting in my car, making out like teenagers. I can remember clearly the first time I cupped her breast in my hand as we kissed. She didn't stop me. She simply mewed into my mouth and I teased the bump of her nipple through her blouse.

The next time we met, I slid my hand under her skirt and up her nylon-clad thigh, gasping when my palm encountered cool flesh above the elastic top of her stocking. She broke the kiss with a chuckle and whispered, "Yup, hold-ups, not pantihose. I've worn them the last two times we met, wondering when you'd get brave enough to put your hand up my skirt!"

She had laid her hand in my lap and felt the thickness of my arousal, but that was as far as it went until the day she parked next to me, climbed into my car and bluntly said, "I won't let you fuck me. But I'll suck you off."

I looked at Lisa wordlessly, somewhat taken aback to hear her say that. No "hello, how are you, how's your day going?" Just the bald statement that she was willing to fellate me. Then she smiled and added, "You know what they say. 'Eating ain't cheating.' And I'm not going to cheat on my husband. Not with you or anyone."

She laid her hand on my thigh. "But I do want to taste you cock. And I'll let you eat my pussy if you want. But no fucking. Not now or ever. Deal?"

Grinning like an idiot, I told her it was perfectly fine by me and reached over to pull her to me. She put a hand up.

"No. Not here. Not now. Take the afternoon off work tomorrow. Go to the Hampton Inn by the thruway. Call me on my cell phone and tell me which room you're in. I'll meet you there at two o'clock."

The sunlight glinted on the lens of her glasses as she winked at me. She blew a kiss at me, and then she was out of my car, into her own and gone.

I stared through the windshield. My god, I thought. Tomorrow afternoon. I'll finally see Lisa naked. And get a blow.job.

I must confess at this point that I have a fascination for having sex (particularly oral) with a woman who is wearing glasses, and I can trace it back to a girlfriend with whom I had a relationship in my late teens.

She liked to give me both hand jobs and blow jobs because she loved to see me ejaculate. I mean she REALLY liked to see it, from up very close and never tired of being able to make a jet of cum squirt out from the tip of my cock. But usually she would flinch or blink as an automatic reaction as the spunk shot out (remember she was only inches in front of the pulsing knob-end of my prick) and she would be disappointed that she'd missed the best bit if only for a second.

We came up with a solution (no pun intended). We bought her a non-prescription pair of glasses at a drug store, and she quickly learned to keep her eyes open, safely protected by the plexiglass lenses, as she pumped me to climax. I still have very vivid memories of looking down at her kneeling in front of me, completely naked except for the glasses, cheeks hollowed as she sucked on the bulging purple helmet and stroked the shaft with her hand. Just as my cock reared up and began to cum, she would pull my glistening penis from her hot wet mouth, and with her rapidly stroking fingers would coax several blasts of thick, white semen that shot out and splattered onto her glasses, coating the lenses and dripping down over her cheeks. She would often whoop with joy, proud of herself for once again successfully 'pulling off' her favorite trick and seeing the steaming, creamy 'prize' jetting towards her...

I shook my head to clear my mind of the memory from all those years ago. I turned the key in the ignition and drove back to work. The rest of that day and the following morning seemed to drag on forever. I complained of a serious headache at midday and told my co-workers I was going to have to go home early.

Of course I had no such intentions, and steered my car to the motel. I checked in and called Lisa with the room number.

I must have looked at my watch a hundred times, before I heard a gentle tap on the door. I opened it and there she was. Lisa. In the black linen suit and white silk blouse, her black leather shoulder bag matching the black Gucci pumps with the three inch heels. Seconds later she was in my arms and we kissed; gently at first, then more passionately.

She pulled back and looked at me. "Remember the deal. No fucking. Just sucking."

I nodded. Her lips brushed mine briefly then she broke the embrace. She glanced round the room.

"Look, I know this is kinda silly," she said. "But do you mind if I undress in the bathroom?"

I smiled and reassured her it was fine by me, but as she turned towards the bathroom, I placed my hand on her forearm.

"Lisa," I said. "I want you to do something for me. When you come out of the bathroom, please be naked. Except for your shoes... and your glasses."

She cocked her head to one side, looking a little puzzled, but nodded and went into the bathroom without another word. As the bathroom door closed, I began to strip off my clothes, my hands trembling with excited anticipation. As I removed my shorts, my cock sprang free, thick, hard and throbbing with the prospect of what was to come. I lay on the bed and wrapped my hand around my shaft, feeling the pulsing heat and imagining Lisa's lips softly engulfing its length.

The bathroom door opened, and I gasped as Lisa stepped into the bedroom.

"My god, sweetheart," I whispered. "I knew you were beautiful, but I never imagined you could ever look this good..."

She had complied with my request and her nudity was emphasized by the black leather shoes and her glasses. Her skin was milk-white, accentuating the contrast of her tea-rose nipples and the neat tuft of black silky hair that guarded the apex of her slit. Her slim waist flared out to generous hips and long, shapely legs. As she walked towards me, her full breasts jounced deliciously.

She bent over me as I lay on the bed and took my face between her hands kissing me, running her tongue in and out of my mouth while I reached up and cupped her naked breasts for the first time, hefting their weight in my palms, feeling the nipples crinkle and stiffen at my touch.

"Eat me, lover," she whispered into my mouth. "Eat my cunt and make me come."

I pulled her warm, supple body down onto the bed, her glossy dark hair spreading out over the starched white sheet. I dragged a pillow down from the top of the bed and, lifting her hips a few inches from the bed, placed it under her bottom.

Kneeling between her legs, I parted her thighs and watched the lips of her cunt peel open like a stop-motion film of a rose opening its petals, sprinkled with droplets of morning dew.

I lowered my face between her legs and paused, gazing at her moist, open pussy, somehow wanting this special moment to last forever. Lisa had other ideas. She placed her hands behind my head and pulled my face down until my mouth was pressed against her warm wetness and her silky hair were tickling my nose. I inhaled her fresh, musky scent and shuddered with the sheer eroticism of the moment. Slowly I began to lap; long, luxurious tongue strokes up the full length of her split-open labia.

Lisa mewed happily, her fingernails scratching at the back of my scalp. I began to dip my tongue into the slick tunnel of her cunt, probing as far as I could go, curling my tongue upwards, trying to reach her elusive g-spot.

"Omigod! This is fucking great," she moaned. "Lick me! Eat me! Eat my cunt! That's it! Right there... Suck my clit! Bite it! Suck it! Make me cum!!!"

With my thumb and forefinger, I formed a "vee" above her pussy and pulled the flesh back, urging the hard nub of her clitoris from its pink hood. I closed my mouth over it and sucked, flicking my tongue over the rigid, slippery button.

Lisa squealed and clutched my head tighter against her groin, working her hips rhythmically up and down. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming! Don't stop! Suck it! Suck it! Aaagh! I'm cumming!!!"

My mouth and jaws were aching but there was no way I was going to stop now. I intended to give Lisa an orgasm she would never forget. I continued to lap and lick at the puffed, raw, pink lips of her pussy and to skitter my tongue over her tender, quivering clit as one orgasm followed another and she writhed on the hotel bed under my relentless mouth.

Finally, she pushed me away, whispering, "No more, no more..."

I sat up and looked down at her. Her body was moist with her perspiration cum-sweat she later called it and strands of hair were sticking to her cheeks and forehead. She blinked at me and smiled, lifting a finger to my face and stroking my wet cheek. "Your face is all covered with my cum," she said softly.

"Don't worry," I replied. "I'll return the favor in a minute."

"Mmmmmm. Good. Just give me a moment to stop shaking."

It was more like five minutes, but I was happy to let Lisa set the pace. I lay next to her, marveling at the erotic beauty of her breasts rising and falling, rapidly at first and then more slowly as her breathing returned to normal, and the fine sheen of her perspiration dried on her skin under the room's air-conditioning.

She looked over at me and smiled and reached out to squeeze my hand. "You know what? That was the best... I mean really the BEST fucking orgasm I've ever had!" she told me with a catch in her voice. "He doesn't really like to eat me," I knew whom she meant by 'he' "I can tell. Oh, he'll do it, if I ask him, or if I really push my muff right into his face so he has no real choice. But you... You're different."

She shook her head a little in wonder.

"You really seem to enjoy it!"

I smiled back and nodded. She leaned forward and kissed me. "Your face tastes of pussy!" she giggled.

"And how would you know what pussy tastes like?"

She just gave me a Cheshire Cat smile then glanced down at my cock. It was still fully tumescent, standing out rigidly at right angles from my body. She ran a hand over my chest and belly and down until she could hold the shaft softly in her palm. She ran her thumb across it's width.

"I love this vein," she murmured. "Standing out, all gnarly, against the smoothness. I can feel it pulse."

She squeezed my cock, then formed an open fist and began to run her hand lightly up and down its length. As we lay close beside each other, I could feel the tip of her breast stiffen with desire as it brushed against my arm. I groaned with pleasure. She moved a delicate forefinger to the little slit at the very tip of the bulging cockhead.

"Pre-cum," she said simply, and began to draw little circles, finger-painting my glans with the warm, clear liquid.

She started to move her body, then swung her long legs off the bed. She knelt down beside the bed, one elegant arm leaning sideways on the rumpled covers, and pushed her dark hair back with the other hand.

"I want to do this properly. It's our first time." She reached out and stroked the hard flesh of my thigh. "Stand up. I want to suck your cock while you stand in front of me. I want to look up and see your belly and your chest. I want to see your face looking down at me. I want to look into your eyes when you cum!"

As if in a dream, I got off the bed and obediently stood in front of her, hardly likely to resist this particular demand. She sat back on her heels for a moment, hands on her smooth thighs, staring up intently at my penis as it pulsed slightly just above her face.

She lifted her left hand, palm up, between my legs and gently cupped my ball sac. Slowly, she moved her fingertips, feeling the weight of my balls moving to her touch. Suddenly she reached a long fingernail further back between my legs and lightly scratched the tender flesh between my anus and my scrotum, giggling as I started.

Then, with her right hand she took just the bulbous end of my penis between thumb and forefinger and squeezed. I looked down and could see a mini-stream of pre-cum leak from the tip and begin to form a gossamer thread. Lisa leaned forward beneath my cock and caught the clear droplet on her outstretched tongue before it could fall. She looked up at me, eyes sparkling.

"Mmmm! Sweet!"

"There's plenty more where that came from, honey!" I answered, hands on hips, in a mock tough- guy style.

"Oh, I can tell," she said, hefting my heavy balls in her palm. "And I want to drain every last drop. Straight into my mouth and down my throat. Would you like that? Would you like to watch me suck your cock and swallow every drop?"

She was stroking the length of my shaft in her right hand.

"Yes... oh god, yes! Suck me, Lisa! Suck my cock! I want to come in your mouth!"

Lifting up from her sitting position to her knees, Lisa's face was now level with my throbbing penis. "I've wanted to do this for soooo long," she whispered, lifting my cock and examining it closely from all sides. "Ever since I first saw you, I wondered what your cock looked like. I'd lay awake at night wondering what it tasted like."

She was stroking the thick veined rod more urgently now, sometimes dabbing at the tip with her tongue as she spoke.

"I started giving 'him' blow jobs, more than I've ever done before, imagining it was your cock in my mouth, and I'd come while I was sucking him, thinking about it. He must have wondered what he'd done to deserve it...!"

She looked up at me, her eyes dark with lust. "I've been dreaming about this. About feeling you come in my mouth. About the taste of your cream... When you come, please don't pull out of my mouth. Please? Let me take it all. Please?"

There was almost a manic glint in her eyes as she pleaded with me. I ran my fingers through her luxurious dark hair and simply nodded. She smiled shyly and leaned forward.

And then suddenly, at last, my cock was engulfed inside Lisa's hot, wet mouth! Her tongue was swirling round my cockhead, tickling the sensitive underside, while her hand stroked the thick base of my penis, her fingers barely able to encircle its girth. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, savoring the exquisite sensation of her suctioning mouth and dancing fingers. I became aware that I'd held that position for nearly a minute barely breathing.

I opened my eyes and looked down and locked onto Lisa's earnest, penetrating gaze, as she stared up at me through the lenses of her wire-rimmed glasses. I knew she was trying to judge the nearness of my climax.

Suddenly, I felt it begin to build in my balls and she sensed it, too. With both hands I gripped the glossy, dark hair behind her ears. She reached behind me and placed her hand of my taut buttocks, urging me forward rhythmically to meet each sucking stroke. We were locked together, neither of us prepared to let go, racing towards the inevitable.

And then I was coming.

Like a liquid rocket, lifting off from my balls and racing up though my shaft, the essence of my orgasm was about to burst forth! Lisa felt my cockhead bulge in her mouth and whimpered with anticipation. I roared out loud and held her head tightly in my hands. We stared, mesmerized, into each other's eyes as the first bolt of semen shot from my penis and hit the back of her throat.

Her eyes widened but never left mine as I grunted again and again, with each new blast of steaming hot come that shot from the pulsing mushroom head of my cock and across her dancing tongue. Her beautiful red lips formed a perfect seal around my cock. I could see her cheeks bulging and her throat working as she continued to suck and swallow, suck and swallow...

Finally, the spasms faded and I took a deep, trembling breath. She smiled at me and blinked for the first time since I had started coming. My glistening wet cock slipped from between her lips, a string of moisture still joining us, as if reluctant to break apart. I took my cock in my hand.

"I said I'd return the favor!" I said, and began to wipe the tip and sides of my penis across her nose and cheeks as she laughed happily. I lifted Lisa to her feet and we embraced, still giggling, and tasted each other's juices on our mouths and faces.

We showered together, pausing frequently to explore each other's newly discovered bodies once again, then dressed quietly in the afterglow of both our lovemaking and the dwindling sunshine filtering through the motel curtains.

Finally, Lisa said, "Want to do this again sometime?"

"Of course!"

She opened the door to leave, then paused and turned with a smile. She kissed a fingertip and put it to my lips. "Yes. Me too. But not too often, alright? Just to keep it exciting. And this is just our little secret. Between you and me. Agreed?"


But I'm sure she wouldn't me telling... *you!*

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