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Here we were. Two thirty-something couples about to venture into something so totally new and out of character for us. None of us had extensive sexual histories or experiences…more the typical one or two others before meeting our respective spouses. We'd been married for 12 years, Tom and Kristen for 8. We had four kids between us, ranging from 3 to 9, good jobs, community activities, responsibilities, and real lives.

Yet, here we sat, on the verge of something completely out of the ordinary for four exceedingly ordinary people. The conversations we'd had with each other over the past few weeks led us this room, this night, this moment. It was a typical businessman's suite at a downtown hotel. Two non-descript rooms. One with a king-sized bed with the standard polyester floral bedspread, extra pillows and view overlooking what counted for skyline in our small city; the other with a soft, blue padded sofa that I assumed folded out. The rose-colored carpet appeared to be new. The seal on the wet bar had been cracked long ago, supplemented by the two bottles of Domain Chandon, the first of which was nearly empty.

We were good friends, the four of us. We met 3 years ago when Kristen and Tom moved to town to work at the same company as Karen and I. We instantly clicked with them…similar interests, similar dreams, similar pasts, but different enough to find each other captivating and more than enjoyable to be around. We'd spent many evenings double dating, or having dinner or cookouts with the kids. There was even one semi-disastrous weekend camping in the mountains with all the kids last year…don't ever try to take a couple of 2-year olds on a two-day camping trip without packing in the right toys!

Our journey to this room had started innocently enough. We are a reasonably attractive pair of couples, in decent shape, though not a supermodel among us. Through the last couple of years there were, of course, the standard suggestive conversations, flirtatious innuendos, and gentle teasing that goes along with any close friendship. We'd never seen each other naked, though I know there were a few sneaked peaks when opportunities presented themselves. No one had gone much beyond the New Year's Eve kiss, which seemed to linger just a little longer each year, as we grew closer.

Karen and I often joked about taking on new partners, and Kristen and Tom were often the unspoken focus behind those conversations. Not that we ever intended to do anything about it…it just helped us tease each other a little before making love. But whenever our talk of sharing each other took on a more serious tone, we both quickly backed away, assuring ourselves that it would never happen. Tom and Kristen, we found out later, had discussed the same things in almost the same way, but had on occasion actually fantasized about us while they made love to each other.

Behind the scenes, though, there had been some private conversations moving us down the path to this suite tonight. Tom and Karen shared an office. During slow moments they often talked about more personal things. They'd talked about the routines of married life, things that happened during young love that don't happen as often anymore, even some things they wished might happen sometime down the road. They even confessed to a generic desire to experience someone else, though never wanting to cheat on their spouses.

Meanwhile, Kristen and I spent a week at a conference not long before tonight. Being good friends already, and not knowing many other folks in attendance, we spent a lot of time together. As the week went on, after having three meals a day together, drinks at night, and long soulful conversations, we grew more and more comfortable together, almost feeling like we were an old married couple. As a matter of fact, several of the other conference participants commented on how great it was that a married couple like us could work and travel together. By the end of the week, we weren't even trying to correct those folks.

During one of our late night bar conversations, I asked Kristen if she'd ever been really tempted to fool around, assuring her that this was not a proposition. She didn't take it as such, but said that of course she'd been attracted to others during the 8 years of her relationship with Tom, but she'd never acted on the impulse or the opportunities. She said that there's no way she could ever cheat, but that if Tom knew and approved, or better yet participated, then that would be entirely different. She smiled at me then, her silvery blue eyes sparkling in the dim bar lights, leaving the possibilities wide open.

Do you think you and Tom and Karen and I could ever get up the courage to try something like that, I asked. Tom really liked Karen, she said, and he often compared Karen's taller small-breasted figure to her own. It might have been the beer, but I told Kristen that I found her very attractive as well, probably for the very same reasons…the contrast of her larger breasts and smaller, shorter frame with the woman I'd grown so comfortable with.

We left our conversation in the bar at that, but from time to time after the conference we'd quietly ask each other if we thought it might ever happen, if we'd actually talked about it with Tom or Karen. And indeed, the conversations had begun in earnest in both our homes. I shared the idea with Karen and forced the conversation a bit, letting her know that this was a real possibility. Kristen, one night, told Tom that I would be willing to share Karen if we were all together. Tom and Karen, in turn, began talking among themselves about the possibilities.

Without the four of us ever talking as a group, we ended up here on the sixth floor with a view of the city and two bottles of California champagne. Tom had jumped at the chance when Kristen brought it up, almost too quickly Kristen later laughed. Karen, at first thinking it was more joking on my part, agreed only after steeling up the nerve to talk it over with Tom in the office. Kristen and I had talked and emailed each other for several days, gauging our own interests and comfort levels, our spouses growing excitement, and then finally, how to make it all happen. In the end, she reserved the room, I arranged for my sister to add our four kids to her three for the night, and we brought the champagne.

And here we sat, softly, nervously talking with our best friends. It was comfortable as it always was when we were together, but the usual small talk thinly shadowed what we knew would or could happen tonight. Karen sat close to me on the sofa, closer than usual. She'd kicked off her sandals, her heels resting on the coffee table. Kristen sat cross-legged at the foot of Tom's chair, her arm resting softly on his thigh. We were all nervous…that much was clear. We needed a push…someone to say the one thing we needed to take us to the next step.

And that little push came from Karen, my shy and quietly sexy wife. After a long silence spent smiling into our plastic champagne flutes, she quietly said, Are we going to do this or what, guys? Simple words, but just enough to break the tension.

I suppose you're wondering why I've called all of you here, Tom joked. We all laughed nervously, and Kristen asked how we were supposed to do this. We could just all get naked, Karen suggested, or should we get naked one at a time? How about if we start by Tom and I switching places, I said. And almost instantly, Tom stood up and moved to the couch. I gave Karen's hand a squeeze, exchanged brief soft smiles, and moved to join Kristen on the floor. Tom was clearly stretching his khakis at this point, and I could feel my jeans beginning to tighten as I turned off the overhead light, leaving only the light next to the sofa on.

Tom slipped on to the couch next to Karen, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Karen naturally leaned into him as if she'd been doing this all her life. She took his hand in hers and draped it across her chest. She slowly began sliding her hands up and down his forearm. He leaned in and gently kissed her on the cheek. She closed her eyes. His fingers spread apart and he began softly massaging her belly, gradually sliding his hand up to her small breasts, running his palms over her soft mound, exploring, not yet squeezing.

I sat down cross-legged across from Kristen, and took her hands in mine. We watched our spouses share a first kiss for a few moments, then looked at each other and smiled. I leaned in and kissed her. Soft, tentative kisses at first. Her tongue curled softly out of her lips, meeting mine. Our tongues danced together for a brief second before she leaned in, opening her mouth completely for me. I let go of one of her hands and my fingers caressed the smooth pale skin of her thigh, squeezing softly, slowly working higher we kissed.

Karen had turned towards Tom who now had his hand under her shirt. I could see him squeezing first one breast, then the other. Karen's eyes were still closed…she always preferred kissing with her eyes closed…her tongue dancing circles around Tom's lips. From where Kristen and I sat, we could see her legs spread apart, her white cotton panties peaking through the short skirt she wore. Karen's hand reached out to feel the hard bulge in Tom's pants, caressing him first with her finger tips, then squeezing his shaft between her long fingers, gauging his size and shape beneath his trousers.

Kristen and I broke our kiss long enough to watch our partners play. They appeared to be oblivious to our curious eyes. My fingers continued to caress Kristen's thighs while we watched. Her hands, following Karen's lead perhaps, slowly covered my cock, silently comparing something new with what she had always known. She unbuttoned my shirt with her other hand and her fingers explored my chest. I love a hairy chest, she said as her fingers brushed across my nipples. She peeled off my shirt as I leaned back on the floor, bringing her with me as I reclined. She crawled on top of me, her belly pressing into my cock, and took one nipple then the other into her mouth, sucking and licking them each in turn.

Is it time to get naked, I asked aloud to no one in particular. Oh, yeah, said Tom. He stood and pulled Karen up with him. He lifted Karen's white tee top up as she raised her arms above her head. She shook her dark blonde hair back into place as her shirt came off. She made no attempt to conceal herself from Tom or Kristen. Her small breasts, soft and round with pale pink nipples caught the chill of the air, or maybe the electricity in the room, and instantly hardened. Her nipples, tight and taut, poked straight out towards Tom. He reached out, cupped her breasts with his hands, giving each nipple a little squeeze. He slipped the elastic waistband of her skirt over her hips, leaving her panties in place for now. Her simple white cotton panties were bunched up between her round cheeks and she did nothing to straighten them. Around the corners, we could see the soft blonde curls of her pussy peaking out. Her thighs parted as Tom's fingers slipped inside her panties, exploring what I knew was a warm and wet mound.

Kristen stood and moved behind Tom, tugging his shirt out of his trousers as Karen unbuttoned him. I moved behind her, slipping up the bottom of her blue Peruvian dress up over her hips. Kristen unhooked Tom's belt and unzipped his fly from behind as I slipped my hands inside her panties. My hands explored the firm mounds of her ass, slid inside her waistband over her hips and caressed the tops of her thighs. My fingers found her smooth, hairless mound and one finger slipped easily and silently into her. Kristen moaned, pushing her ass back into my crotch. I pulled her panties down over her ass and hips and she quickly wriggled out of them, letting them fall to the floor.

Karen reached inside Tom's pants and pulled out his cock. She stroked him firmly as Kristen pushed his pants to the floor, briefs and all. Tom pressed closer to Karen and kissed her deeply. She stroked and fondled his cock and balls while he squeezed her ass cheeks both in and out of her panties. Their kiss was passionate and hungry. Their free hands roamed everywhere and anywhere they could.

I unzipped the back of Kristen's dress as she watched her husband and my wife make out. Tom's fingers were deep in Karen's pussy, her hand pulling and tugging on his thick shaft. Reaching down and grabbing the hem of the dress, I slowly pulled it higher, over her naked hips and ass. As I raised her dress, I studied the soft skin being revealed to me. Her ass was small and firm, two soft pale cheeks with almost no fat to them at all. Her back, covered in tight brown freckles was almost perfect. She lifted her arms, helping her dress pass over her breasts as the dress cleared her shoulders. Her long brown hair fell back as her dress dropped on the sofa.

Kristen turned to face me. Her breasts were the largest I think I'd ever seen. Round, full globes that I'd never really imagined in all the time we'd known each other. Freckles cascaded down between them leading to her milky white belly below. Her aerioles were dark pink, large, surrounding full and very hard nipples. I leaned in, whispering a quiet Wow as I pulled her nipple into my mouth. She held my head to her chest as I kissed and sucked and squeezed her amazing tits.

Kristen tugged at my jeans, unbuttoning the 501's one button at a time. My cock strained at the top of my boxers as she tugged the pants down to my knees. She quickly pulled down my shorts and I stepped out of them just as quickly. My cock stood out and up, long and straight, pointing right at Kristen. Mmm, nice, she cooed. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and pulled me closer to her, squeezing my cock as we kissed again. Two couples now, groping and making out like school kids at a Friday night party with their parents out of town. But naked, with new partners, and their old partners standing just a few feet away.

Our kiss broke momentarily and Kristen whispered, Do you want to watch for a while? I looked over at Karen and Tom. His cock rubbed against the blonde mound between her thighs. Karen held on to Tom's shoulders, legs spread wide, feeling this new man between her legs. Karen looked over at us, grinning as I caressed Kristen's full breasts. Kristen says we're going to watch for a while, I told her. She grinned back at us and said, As long as we get to watch soon too. Anything you like tonight, sweetheart, I promised. Anything.

With that, she dropped down on her knees, taking his cock in her hand. He leaned back on the arm of the couch letting Karen move between his legs. She held his cock straight up, licking and sucking his balls. Tom stretched back and moaned. His cock appeared a bit shorter than mine, but thicker, which was one thing that Karen said she always wondered about. She knew I was just a bit above average lengthwise but she was fascinated about what a thicker cock would feel like. Her tongue slithered up the length of his shaft, up and over the top, then back down to his balls again. Then, quickly, her mouth slipped up and over the top, swallowing the head of his cock. Damn, Tom moaned as his eyes rolled back.

He won't last long like that, Kristen whispered to me as she watched intently. He never does. We lay down on the floor to watch the show, Kristen on her back, her breasts falling gently to the side. With my eyes on Karen and Tom, I explored Kristen's body, hands feeling the firmness and fullness of her breasts, her flat stomach, her soft thighs, and finally her warm, hairless pussy. Karen bobbed up and down on Tom's hard cock. We could see the shine from her saliva glistening on his shaft. I hadn't seen her this hungry for a cock since we'd started dating. I have to admit I was surprised at her enthusiasm for his cock, but surprisingly not jealous. Her fingers tickled his balls. She even tried to deep throat him a couple times, getting a bit more than halfway down his shaft before sliding back to the tip.

Oh God, Tom moaned. Not yet. But Karen didn't let up on him for a moment. He grabbed her head and held her close as he tensed, toes pointed straight out. A smile crept across Kristen's lips as Tom stiffened. My fingers slipped inside her tight hairless slit as Tom released. My sweet wife, who almost never swallows, never let go of his cock. Tom's body shook and stretched and arched as he pumped his come into her. Kristen moaned and spread her legs wider when my finger found her clit as her husband drained himself into my wife's mouth. Tom jerked with each lick and suck Karen gave him, until his dick popped out of her mouth. She smiled up at him, then over at us, a bit red-faced from what she had just done. With the tip of her finger she slipped a little bit of come off her cheek and licked it off.

My cock had never been as hard as it was right now, but our show wasn't quite finished yet. Tom slid off the couch, and stretched out next to us on the floor. He beckoned Karen over to him. They weren't 3 feet from us as he guided her hips to his head. She moved her ass over his face, as I've seen her do for me many times…one of her favorite activities…and lowered herself on to his mouth. She was facing us, her little tits hanging down over Tom's softening cock, and directly in front of Kristen and me. We could see Tom's chin sliding back and forth as he tongued her wet puss. My fingers were buried in Kristen's slit, fucking her slowly, teasing her clit as we watched.

Karen was a picture of sexual concentration now. Eyes closed, rocking back and forth over Tom's tongue, her moans gradually growing more insistent. She fingered her clit while Tom tongued her insides. I pulled my fingers out of Kristen, and reached over to play with Karen's nipples. As my fingers, sticky and wet from Kristen's juices, passed over her firm nipples, she opened her eyes wide and looked at us. Biting her lower lip, she pressed back on to Tom's mouth. Her fingers swirled furiously over her clit as she started coming. Oh god, yes, God yes, she repeated over and over. They were words I'd heard many times through our 15 years, but this time I was watching, not participating, and loving the chance to see her lose herself so totally in orgasm. She came harder and longer than I'd seen her come in years, before finally lifting herself up off of Tom and kneeling down beside him.

She turned around to kiss him, flashing us her wet, flushed pussy, her own slick juices coating her thick blonde curls. She and Tom kissed, his come and her come mixing on each other's tongues and lips. Thank you, I heard her whisper. No, thank you, he replied. They smiled at each other and she leaned down next to him. Are you two going to do anything, or just watch, Karen asked with a grin.

Kristen stood and said, Come with me. I followed her to the king-sized bed in the next room. Karen and Tom quickly followed. Kristen lay on her back with her head near the foot of the bed. Karen reached over and patted my ass as she walked by, telling Kristen to be gentle with me. Kristen motioned for me to stand by her head, my cock dangling over her face. Tom sat up against the headboard, spreading his legs to where Karen could sit with him. She crossed her ankles and his arms draped around her chest holding her close as they watched the unfolding scene.

Kristen leaned her head back and wrapped her hands around my ass. She leaned up and sucked my balls into her mouth. Her soft tongue swirled about my scrotum, forcing my cock to jerk and bob above her. She grabbed my shaft and slowly pulled it down to her lips. Her soft, warm lips surrounded my shaft on either side. Her tongue traced a line down the underside of my cock, all the way to the tip, then back down. She arched back and tongued my balls again, going almost all the way back to the crack of my ass. With her hand gently squeezing my shaft and her tongue tickling my balls, I wanted to come right then and there.

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