tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOrdinary Women - Vanessa

Ordinary Women - Vanessa



Vanessa was an ordinary woman. She was just in her mid thirties. She had married Ron just over 10 years ago. She was 5'6" and had a pretty good body. Not overly large in any area but nice. She and her husband had no children as they were still working on their careers. Her job gave her just about all the adventure she needed or, at least, it had. Her company had downsized and she had been laid off. Ron had not had the same problem, in fact, his job had expanded. He was on the road a lot and, even when he was home, he worked long hours.

Vanessa hadn't had any luck finding a new job so far. She scoured the papers but not much was going on. Money wise she didn't have to work. Ron made good money, especially now, but she was restless and wanted to get out and do something.

When she woke that morning, Ron had already left. He was going out of town and wouldn't be back for a couple of weeks. Vanessa felt useless. She had the whole day and nothing to do. She was at loose ends and didn't know what to do. She got up, took a shower, put on a robe, and went downstairs. It was odd to think that she could run around all day in a robe if she wanted. She use to look forward to dressing in nice clothes for work and now she wore an old robe.

She passed the morning watching TV. Even with cable, there didn't seem to be much on but what else did she have to do. She started to go upstairs to put on some clothes and go out to the mailbox. Maybe there would be something exciting in the mail, although she doubted it. At the last minute, she decided the hell with changing; she went to the mailbox in her robe. It was a nice warm day anyway.

As she went out, she saw several of her neighbors out tending to yards and such. Maybe later she would come out and mow her lawn. There didn't seem to be much in the mail. Oh, wait, what's this? A naughty clothes catalog! This might be interesting. She'd have to wait till she was inside though. As she went back in, she noticed several of her male neighbors had stopped and were looking in her direction. Guess they hadn't seen her much before and were wondering who she was. Oh, well.

When she was back inside, she started looking through the catalog. There were a lot of things in it that should only be worn in private. In public they would get arrested or be covered up and not seen. There were some interesting things that could be worn in public like one piece shorts and tops and very short shorts. A plan for some excitement began forming in Vanessa's head.

She went upstairs to look through her closet to see if she had something she could use. Looking through her clothes, she found an old pair of jeans she could make into shorts and a lacy scarf that was big enough for a top. She cut the jeans and tried them on. Nope, not short enough. She cut off more until it seemed as if her ass cheeks were barely covered and, if she bent over, they were hardly covered at all. The scarf required some special tying to keep it from falling down but she finally got it right. Now did she have the guts to go outside? What the hell, what else did she have to do but sit around all day?

She went into the garage to get the lawn mower. As she pushed it outside, she looked around to see if any of her neighbors were out. There still were several. When she had the mower out, she made a big scene bending over at the waist to look at the mower. The thought that anyone who looked could see a lot of her ass caused her to blush. 'In for a penny, in for a pound', she thought. Let them look as much as they wanted. She moved around to start the mower. The jerking of the starter cord caused one her tits to fall out of the top she was wearing. She quickly moved the scarf to cover it back up.

Now that the mower was running, she looked around to see if she was being watched. Her quick look showed that at least two of her neighbors were watching. She pushed the mower to the grass and started mowing. The mower didn't move through the grass well so, she pushed the handle against her stomach to help. The vibration of the mower moved into her pussy as she mowed. It felt wonderful.

At the end of each pass, she looked around to see how her neighbors were doing. There were several more now and most of them were not even pretending to do yard work. They were just watching her. The vibration and the lookie-loos were turning her on. At the end of the next pass, she stopped and pushed the mower handle down to make the turn. The vibrating handle hit right on her pussy. She stopped and held the handle against her pussy. The vibration pushed her over the edge into an orgasm. She was humping against the handle as hard as she could.

When her orgasm had washed over her and started to fade, she moved the handle out of her crotch. Her shorts were soaking wet. In the throes of her orgasm, the scarf had slipped off her breasts completely. She looked around at the audience she had gathered. Suddenly she was embarrassed beyond belief. She let go of the mower and ran for the house.

Once she was inside, the embarrassment she had felt outside began to leave her. Vanessa had found a relief to her boredom.

Vanessa was no longer an ordinary woman, she was extraordinary; especially for her neighbors.

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