tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Anniversary Dinner

Our Anniversary Dinner


It was Friday night, and as I left the office, I was already squirming in my car seat, thinking about what was about to transpire. My wife of 14 years today decided that we will be dining at a very quiet restaurant that has little alcoves, almost like private little rooms, with large booths and long table clothes for our anniversary.

Let me explain about my wife Judi, she is one amazing lady. She is near six feet tall and has hair that cascades down well below her shoulders. Her hair is strawberry blonde, and encases a face that you usually only see in magazines.

Her body is slim and her butt is heart-shaped, and her breasts are awesome to look at, and even more exciting to nibble on in person. She keeps herself tanned, and in shape all the time, and is a big flirt. She loves to get away from home for a weekend and she turns into a wild exhibitionist. She loves to flaunt her beautiful body and even wearing her normal classy work attire she turns heads everywhere she goes. So you can imagine what happens when she dresses wild and shows her body.

Well before leaving for work this morning she told me tonight was going to be an anniversary to remember. So, as I drive home I am sporting an erection just thinking about what might transpire.

Arriving home I am greeted by Judi wearing her silk robe and nothing else. To describe her body would be impossible to due it justice, so I will say she is a six foot tall walking wet dream. I kissed her, and wish her "Happy Anniversary", and she tells me to go shower so we won't be late.

Our anniversary is in September so it is cool in the evenings, so we both wore coats to dinner. When we arrived the maitre de' helped her remove her coat, and I heard him exhale very hard. The package that was under that jacket was a sight to be seen. She had on a wrap-around dress that split up the sides and was cut very low in the front. Her cleavage is amazing due to her 36C boobs. And her inverted nipples must have been excited, because they weren't inverted anymore. They were prominently pressing out the front of her silk wrap-around dress. Her nipples must have pressed out at least a half an inch on her silk dress.

We scooted around behind the table, as the headwaiter held the table out so that we were facing out into the room. The waiter, a young fellow of college age came over to take our drink orders ( I saw him look down Judi's cleavage at her awesome boobs) and we both chose our favorites, and he scurried away. When he returned he lit the candles on the table and we sat looking into each others eyes. I glanced down and saw Judi had the slit in the side of her dress positioned so that it was where I could reach right in if I so desired. Judi kissed me again and told me she loved me and I had made her the happier than she had dreamed of being. While she talked she massaged my now growing erection, and slowly unzipped my pants and eased my erection past the zipper very carefully. No sooner than that happened, the waiter arrived. Judi just covered it up with the table cloth hanging in our laps.

We placed our food order and got back to looking into one another's eyes. My penis was twitching from the expert handling it was receiving, and Judi dipped her head down and slowly polished the knob on the end of my dick. This of course felt wonderful and I was soon nearly the point of no return when the waiter walked up and decided to ask us if we needed anything. Judi sat up and smiled real big and told him we were just fine. She then went back to finish me off with him still standing there, and I motioned for him to go away. When she swallowed my seed I knew just how lucky a man I am to have such a sexy wife. I tucked my dick into my pants and gave her a big hug and a kiss. The wrap around dress was wrapped so that the breast closest to me was hard to access due to the way the dress was wrapped. So Judi untied the tie and loosen the wrap leaving her left boob almost exposed. I looked and the dress was down to her areola, and she was loving it, as the waiter brought our meals. She of course had him bring us everything she could think of that wasn't on the table, and when he came to put the steak sauce on the table she leaned forward, and the waiter was able to see her nipple for the first time. He didn't seem to want to leave us and started a conversation. Finally Judi said we would call him if we needed anything else. So we finished our salads and steaks, and sat holding hands.

Next the waiter appeared and offered us the selection of mouth watering desserts they had to offer. Judi loves desserts, and told the waiter to bring us a chocolate moose, and some cheese cake for me. The cheese cake was excellent, and Judi being playful asked if I wanted to taste hers, because hers tasted better than mine. I of course agreed, and smiled. She opened the flap to her wrap-around dress and exposed one boob completely, and smeared the nipple with chocolate moose. I of course loved the offer, and leaned forward to lick the frothy dessert off her yummy nipple. We repeated this several times until the waiter appeared as she was smearing another batch on her nipple. She looked at him and told the waiter it was our anniversary and she had to feed me. He smiled with a look of amazement, and couldn't take his eyes off her boob. I leaned forward with him still standing there and licked the dessert of her nipple and sucked the now fully extended nipple into my mouth and tugged with a sucking action pulling her nipple out another inch. Then letting it pop from my lips he stared at it in amazement. Judi then told him we might need a few minutes to decide if we wanted an after dinner drink. So he disappeared, and I continued to play with her body. As usual Judi never wears panties unless she is going to a doctor, or when her ass is totally hanging out of a dress or something. So tonight I was able to reach in and run my finger up the smooth and very damp shaved pussy while I was kissing her.

I told her I thought I was the Luckiest guy in the world to have such a sexy and horny wife. She told me the evening had just begun. When we decided to leave I signed the check leaving a nice tip, and the waiter helped us out by pulling the table out to allow us to slid out easier. Judi stood next to the waiter and asked him to tie the wrap-around dress for her. She then completely unwrapped it standing right next to him and flapped it open so he could see the whole package, and she just stood looking at him and smiled. He then tried to tie it for her and she told him it was too tight. So she undid it again and flapped it open and let the sides hang to both sides of her boobs. She then hugged the waiter and groped his now very erect dick tenting the front of his slacks. She then leaned forward pulling him between her huge boobs and rubbed his face back and forth with her boobs. He was in heaven and I was sporting and erection myself. So then she wrapped the dress herself and we thanked him for the service, and asked for our coats. We left him standing there in awe of what had just happened.

Judi gets very horny when she exposes herself, so as soon as we were in the car she had my hard dick in her mouth, and was sucking for all she was worth. I told her she had better save that for later, and she stopped. I just told her Happy Anniversary Sweet Heart!!

We drove across town to a dance place we liked that had an unusually large group of ladies who seamed to like to wear as little as possible. Judi fit right in at this place. We found a table that someone else had just vacated, and we sat down to watch the dancers. Judi excused herself and went to the ladies room and when she came back she had changed into a bikini top and a wrap around silk skirt that she had used at a beach in Mexico. She loooked awesome!!! She wanted to dance right away and we went out onto the dance floor, and began to dance. A very hot tune was playing and Judi moved to the music like she was a professional dancer. Her boobs were hanging out the sides and top of her bikini top, and she was loving it as much as I was. She ground her hips into mine on the dance floor and rubbed me like she was planning to devour me right there. The outline of the tiny g-string bottom clearly showed through the silk wrap while we were out on the dance floor with the bright lights. I mentioned it to her and she said how much can you see? I told her I could see the print of the fabric through the material, and her whole bottom looked naked. She smiled and said great!!!!

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