tagLoving WivesOur Dreadful Overseas Holiday

Our Dreadful Overseas Holiday


I can describe our disastrous holiday in a couple of sentences but that wouldn't do justice to what happened to me! My name is Judy and I am 32 years old. My husband Brian and I had saved up for a holiday in Spain for a couple of years. We had both wanted to go to Spain for years and we had planned the trip carefully so that we just didn't follow all the tourist routes but planned to visit some of the smaller more isolated areas of the country.

I am proud of my figure and I have worked very hard for years to keep it trim. We have two children and it was after their births that I realized I needed to work very hard to keep looking attractive. I have large but well shaped breasts but very long nipples (only when I am aroused) and I am particularly proud of my long and shapely legs. Now that you have a picture of me, let me tell you about Brian. He is tall and well built and he too works out to keep fit. He is a very pleasant man but a little on the weak side and leaves most of the decisions to me to make! He is not a wimp but he never takes the lead but I guess I love him so much that sort of thing doesn't matter.

We had no problems arriving in Spain and the two children Caroline aged 8 and Tom aged 6 were very well behaved. Our first venture off the main tourist route began on the third day of our 21 day holiday in Spain. We had seen lots of the normal sites and were anxious to move on to the less explored areas. This meant we had to make arrangements for a hire car and then drive to these more isolated areas. Our car wasn't very new and although it seemed alright we weren't too sure of it. We had maps and plenty of provisions with us and we were lucky the car was large enough to carry all of our gear. The children set themselves up in the back seat and amused themselves with their books and games. I took on the job of navigator and Brian was the driver.

All went well for the first 3 hours of our travels - we had seen quite a few interesting sites which we learned about from the brochures from the tourist office. After the 3 hours we started to head for the much less populated areas of Spain. We were surprised how isolated some of these areas were. We had expected the population to be spread more evenly over the country. We had been told there was an old temple or monastery in the area to which we were headed and wanted to have a look at that. We both have an interest in old buildings. We asked directions from some of the people we saw on the sides of the roads and also in some small villages and they all pointed us in the one direction.

At last we arrived at a larger village in fact it could be called a town. We found a small hotel just off the main street and asked about accommodation. We were pleased to find there was plenty of room and although we didn't particularly like the look of the hotel owner we decided this would be the best place for us to have as our headquarters. We arranged for two bedrooms (each had an extra room as well) to be held for us for two weeks and we told the owner we would be touring around and come back each night or if we were too far away we would be back the next day! He agreed to these conditions and, after paying a large deposit, we settled in our rooms for a rest. The children were excited because they were able to have a room for themselves and, of course, this gave us a little more space to ourselves. Fortunately the rooms had an adjoining door so we could keep an eye on the children although they were getting to the age where they were more responsible.

We were tired having traveled some distance over very rough roads and so we found a small café where we were able to get a meal. We then returned to our hotel rooms and dropped into our beds. The children were excited at being able to have the room to share and, although we knew they were growing up, they weren't taking much notice of one another yet! Brian and I flopped into bed and although he started stroking my body and playing with my nipples, I was just too tired to fuck and told him so! He grinned and said he would make up for it next time!

Next morning we woke up to a bright and sunny day and we were excited about what we might see during the day. We had a small breakfast and then set off on the road which we thought would take us to this old monastery. The roads became progressively rougher and the car was shaking itself to bits! We were enjoying the rough ride and were anticipating what we would see when we arrived.

We called into a rather small village which boasted a small hotel and a garage and two general stores. We decided to get some more gas and so pulled into the garage. When the dirty looking attendant came to our car he couldn't speak much English but Brian knew enough Spanish to make himself understood. Brian was getting better at speaking Spanish but I had almost given up. While the attendant was pumping the gas for us he pointed to our rear tire and told us it was going flat! Brian checked and sure enough there was a nail sticking out of the side and we could hear the air escaping! Brian asked if he could fix it and he smiled and told us it wouldn't take long! Two hours later the puncture was mended and the man was ready to fit the wheel to our car! Then the haggling began in earnest! Before he would fit the wheel he wanted to be paid! Brian tried to negotiate the price but for some reason the man refused to accept his money.

Eventually the man asked Brian to walk a little way from the car where they began to talk agitatedly. I couldn't hear what was being said but Brian was shaking his head vigorously. After some 5 minutes of conversation Brian came over to me and asked me to come with him. I told the children to stay in the car and joined Brian and the attendant. Brian explained to me that the man wanted to play with my tits and wouldn't fit the wheel until he had done so! I was horrified when I heard this but more horrified when I saw the expression on Brian's face, which really said, "Go ahead and let him play with your tits!"

I realized this was probably my fault as I had been in the car wearing only a loose fitting blouse and a very short skirt because of the heat. Naturally I didn't wear a bra and had on a very small pair of knickers which didn't cover me properly but at least I was wearing panties which Brian sort of insisted on me wearing. He didn't mind at all when I didn't wear a bra but he was very fussy about my cunt being covered! Of course, while the man was filling our car and removing the wheel he would have been able to look at my breasts through the armholes or down the neckline which was very low. There were no sleeves in this blouse and it was certainly very open if someone really wanted to look at me!

Brian had made up his mind and I was going to let this man play with my tits! I was realistic enough to know that this man wasn't likely to give in and fit our wheel unless I did - so I shrugged my shoulders and told Brian to go back and stay with the children. I then followed the man into the small office! He was fat and sweaty and probably aged about 50 with a fat unshaven face but I didn't like the look of his massive hands. Once in the office he motioned for me to sit up on the desk. When I was in place he motioned for me to undo the buttons on my blouse. I slowly undid the buttons and then pulled the two sides apart showing him my bare breasts. He smiled as he looked at them and for a moment I hoped all he would do was look at them but he soon spoilt that idea! He reached over and grasped a breast in each hand and slowly began to massage my breasts but rather gently considering the sort of man he looked to be.

I must say I was getting some sort of smug satisfaction having this man caress my tits and I guess this was because Brian, the bastard, had offered my tits to him to do what he wished. The gentle massaging continued and I found I was getting a little aroused as he began stroking my nipples. After a while he leaned forward and took one of my nipples in his mouth. I didn't mind his mouth on my nipple but my poor breast was being scraped by his whiskered face! He saw my discomfort and pulled his face back a little and only had contact with my nipple. He continued to suck on my nipples, alternating between them, until I realized I was becoming quite wet between my legs. This man, despite my thoughts about him, was arousing me to a state which amazed me.

He took a slightly different attack by continuing to suck my nipples but now he held my breasts in his hands and was massaging them with a slow gentle motion from my chest through to my nipples! This was very erotic and I started to feel the sensations building up between my legs and realized I was about to have an orgasm. I just couldn't stop myself and suddenly I began to shake and then the waves of my orgasm overflowed throughout my body! I had cum just by experiencing this stranger sucking my nipples!

As I was coming down from my climax he continued to suck my nipples and they became almost too sensitive to continue. I think he realized this and pulled his face away from them and then he kissed me! His kiss was passionate and I felt a definite form of arousal again! He now slipped his hand up the inside of my leg and reached my very wet panties. He didn't hesitate but just pushed his fingers inside the panties and touched my cunt. He explored my genital area and eventually found my clit which he massaged gently. I just couldn't help myself and came again. This was quite enough and I pulled his hand from my crotch and hopped down from the desk, doing up my blouse at the same time. He thanked me and then left me to finish dressing and went out to the car and fitted the wheel for us!

As we drove off he gave me a very friendly wave and smiled at me. This wasn't lost on Brian who grunted and told me I would have to tell him all about it later on.

We drove on for another 3 hours and, apart from having a light snack from the food we brought with us, finally reached another small village. Fortunately there was a gas station and we decided to fill up the tank not knowing when we would be able to do so again. Brian negotiated the filling of the tank and I stayed in the car with the children. When the tank was full the man asked Brian to come into the office with him to pay. It wasn't long before Brian came out to the car and told me to come with him to the office. Oh, not again - it was obvious the bush telegraph was working overtime and news of my last episode with the attendant had been spread far and wide. Brian told me to let the man look at my tits again and then he left me and returned to the children in the car.

This man didn't look any more attractive than the other and he was much rougher and really mauled my breasts once I had undone my blouse. Instead of looking at me with my blouse still over my shoulders, this man wanted my blouse off completely and I had to oblige. He quickly grabbed my breasts and squeezed them hard and then began to suck my nipples hard! He was hurting me but I knew it was useless to argue with him. I could tell I wasn't likely to cum with this man and decided I just had to put up with his mauling. He didn't waste any time and held one tit with his hand, his mouth on my other nipple and then he thrust his hand up my leg grabbing me firmly and worked his fingers into my cunt! I had had enough of this and pushed him roughly away and then retrieved my blouse, buttoned it up and returned to the car. Brian had a big grin on his face which told me he enjoyed me being felt up by these strangers!

I couldn't really tell Brian what a cunt I thought he was because of the children but the look on my face must have told him something. We arrived at our destination and spent a wonderful hour wandering through the deserted and somewhat derelict monastery and generally enjoyed ourselves. For the first time the children moved off by themselves and I had a chance to tell Brian just what I thought of him. I called him lots of names and told him he had better forget doing that to me again otherwise he might find himself in deeper than he thought. He considered this and then told me, "Darling, I really enjoy the look on your face when you have come out from having your titties played with! I get a real kick out of thinking about you being played with by strangers! I wonder what we can come up with next!" I called him a right royal bastard and walked off disgustedly!

Brian had treated me as a slut and thought it funny that I should be used by others. I was seeing a new side of Brian and I didn't like what I was seeing! At the end of the day we returned tired but happy from our long day of exploring the countryside. We all flopped into bed after our evening meal and were quickly asleep. I was asleep until that bastard of a husband began playing with my clit and woke me up! I wasn't in a good mood and told him so. He asked me what it was like to be felt up by the two men. I didn't tell him much but I could tell he thought the men had only felt my tits through my blouse and he didn't realize I had let them play with my bare tits! I didn't like him very much at this time and rolled over and went to sleep.

Next day we set off again to do some exploring but nothing eventful happened perhaps because we didn't need any gas not having traveled very far. We were again tired but happy and retired to bed early. Brian badly wanted to fuck me but I told him to piss off as I was still mad at him. He didn't like it but he knew it wasn't likely I would change my mind and he certainly wasn't going to rape me!

We thoroughly enjoyed the next few days driving about and looking at all the wonderful sights we could see in Spain. We were very happy with our hotel and the manager was very helpful. At least we had somewhere to sleep each night and our arrangements were working very well.

Then disaster struck! We were about 40 miles from our hotel and had left the car at the base of a hill so that we could climb to the top and look around. While we were at the top we heard our car engine start! Looking down we saw our car being driven off by a couple of men. Worst of all our car contained all of our papers and money. My handbag had been in the car as well as Brian's wallet so we were on the top of a hill, miles from anywhere, with no money and only what we stood up in!

The car had been locked but of course that wouldn't deter criminals and we were now the victims of this robbery. We walked down to the bottom of the hill and stood on the roadway wondering what to do. We hadn't passed any people on our way here and we hadn't told anyone where we were headed! We were in a dreadful mess.

We decided to walk back along the way we had come in the hope we might see someone or at least get some help. We must have walked about 3 miles and we were very tired and footsore and the kids were starting to complain. We couldn't blame them for being cross - it wasn't our fault the car had been stolen.

At last a truck came along the road towards us and we suddenly had our hopes lifted at last. The driver stopped and said he had a message for us. He said, "Your car is at the camp of a bandit gang about 6 kilometers from here but you would never find it! I have been instructed to give the man and the children some food and water and to take the woman with me to the camp. If you obey all the orders from now on, they will return your car before dark!" He spoke very good English and we guessed that was the reason he had been sent.

Brian looked over at me and told me I had better get going with the man! I said, "Do you realize what these men will want to do to me? I will probably get raped and assaulted and all you do is say get going! You are a real bastard!" Brian replied, "Well, you obviously liked it before - go and see if they will only do that to you again!" What a stupid bastard - as if a gang of men would be content to just play with my tits! I certainly didn't want to go but when I looked at the children and realized they would have to walk back to the hotel I gave in. I kissed the children and told them I would be back soon and I stuck my tongue out at Brian and walked over to the truck with the man.

He drove the truck carefully over some very rough roads well off the road we were walking along and when we drove over a slight rise I saw smoke rising from a campfire amid some trees and, as we got closer, I was able to make out our car! Once in the camp I was dismayed to see there must have been more than 20 men here and they looked a very rough lot! The truck driver took me over to see the head man who definitely looked a bit better than the rest of the crew. He told me I was in a very difficult situation and hoped I liked to be fucked! He told me also that as soon as I satisfied all of his men I would be given the car and directions to drive back to Brian and the children. I tried to reason with him but he knew he held the upper hand and I had nothing to argue about.

He took me over to a rough bed in the middle of a clearing in the trees and told me I should take off my clothes! I tried to protest but he walked over to me and slapped me very hard across my face and told me to get started or I would be just raped instead of fucked! I wasn't sure what the difference would be but I wasn't wanting to find out. I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it off followed by my skirt and although I tried to keep my panties on, I knew they had to come off! I was standing completely naked in front of him and his gang! I knew I was about to be fucked and thought the only sensible thing to do would be to just let them have their way without protesting and then I could go back to Brian and the children.

The boss, who spoke very good English, told me he wanted to fuck me first and for me to get onto the bed! I knew better than to argue because my face was still very sore. I laid on my back and he took his clothes off and then climbed on the bed between my legs! To say anything more than that he fucked me would be wasting time! He just fucked me hard and long before he came in my cunt and pumped his load deep into me. I didn't have any sensation while he was fucking me and I just laid there and let him do what he wanted.

He made me stand up after he had finished and to stand with my legs apart. It took a little while before his cum started to drip out of my cunt but once it started he was satisfied that his men could see he had cum in me and told me to get back on the bed.

Over the next 3 hours I was fucked in every conceivable position in every possible hole! They fucked my cunt until it began to overflow and then they made me stand up as before and let the cum run out onto the ground. They laughed and clapped when it was running out of me and then returned me to the bed. My asshole was very, very wet with all the cum running out of my cunt and down between my cheeks so that when the first man turned me over and pushed his hard cock into my asshole, it went in reasonably easily. I didn't particularly like being fucked in the asshole but Brian had done it to me lots of times and I could take it fairly well. I should have said earlier that I had been fucked lots of times before I met Brian and, although he knew all about my previous partners (I had told him all about it when he had asked me) he didn't seem too upset.

My body was used by all of these men. They fucked my cunt and my asshole, and some of them only wanted to cum in my mouth. These bastards even shot their cum in my ears! Although I have always swallowed Brian's cum (and of course my previous lovers) I thought these men might taste different but I was pleased to find all semen tastes somewhat similar. Not all the same but similar! I swallowed so much cum I was beginning to feel sick. Still they continued to fuck me. I was amazed that my cunt and asshole weren't sorer than they were but I guess after the first half a dozen men, I was beginning to enjoy the fucking! I had cum myself lots of times and I felt like a real slut because I was enjoying the gangbang so much.

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