tagLoving WivesOur Erotic Weekend Away

Our Erotic Weekend Away


(The following is a true story. It's a story of lust and passion, and I even have some digital pics to remind me of that weekend, but I can't bring myself to share them in respect of our privacy.)

My wife and I were on our way out of town for a little weekend getaway. My somewhat shy, reticent wife had agreed to make my weekend somewhat of a treat for me. She had said that if I would take her away for a couple of days of rest and relaxation, then she would entertain me with whatever sexual favors I might imagine. I really doubted that she would ever give into my deep lustful fantasies. Lately, the only way I could get a blowjob was to ask for it, and I doubted that she would do anything as kinky as I was capable of coming up with. But a trip away is always nice and I figured I had nothing to lose.

We checked into our hotel room and unpacked and started laying out our evening clothes for dinner. We both wanted to shower before going out so I got a shower and came out and laid on the bed and made myself a pre-dinner drink. Melina showered while I lay on the bed covered in a towel flipping channels. When she came out from her shower I lustfully eyed her large creamy breasts. She has the smoothest, creamiest light complexion, and her heavy breasts looked so inviting with her brown nipples erect from the cool air in the room. I pulled my towel away and started to rub my cock in front of her. She laughingly told me to stop, and I reminded her of her promise -'to surrender'- to my lusty passions. She reminded me of a night of fine dining and store shopping. Alas, I rose up and got dressed.

As I got dressed and watched her as she begin to dress I was thinking of everything but supper and shopping. As she was pulling her tight jeans over her plump but oh so lovely ass, I reached over to her bra lying on the bed.

"You won't need this tonight. Go natural for me. I want everyone to see your big titties and wish that they were going to be loving on them later."

She grinned at this and since she's always been something of a closet exhibitionist, she readily agreed.

We went to a nice restaurant nearby, and as there was a line to be seated we headed to the bar. She had some wine and I had a nice rum and cola. When the bartender turned his back on us, I would reach over and feel of her full heavy breasts. She would give me one of her -'Stop being so bad!'- looks, but wasn't too quick to make me stop either.

Later after being seated I unbuttoned another button on her tight denim shirt. Now her shirt was practically open halfway.

I watched her make a trip to the restroom and saw other men and women eyeing her as she made her way. As we were having our orders taken I put my hand on her crotch under the table. Our server was a very good-looking young male. I knew my wife would be attracted to him, so I made a desperate attempt to pull down her pants zipper as I pretended to look over the menu. My wife quickly, but somehow discreetly positioned her legs and lower body so that I could indeed pull down her zipper. I'm pretty sure the server heard it though he showed no signs of being aware of it. As she proceeded to give her order I moved my fingers beneath her panties and buried my index finger deep into her now wet hole. I could feel her tense up somewhat, but as close as we were seated, I just moved my body closer to hers and looked her in the eyes as she finished her order, my finger seeking her G spot.

We enjoyed some good seafood and wine and rum and actually left the sexual deviant thoughts behind for the time being. Or so I thought. After about the third time to ladies room to relieve herself from her glasses of wine, my wife made her way rather tipsy like back to our table. There she handed me a surprise. I felt her hand touch mine under the table. She passed me her red panties she was no longer wearing. She was grinning a mischievous grin and I felt like I was indeed turning my wife into a sexual play toy. Having quite a buzz on now myself, I pulled the panties to my face and inhaled her intoxicating juices in my face without discretion. It only took a few seconds, and I doubt anyone noticed, but it was a huge turn on all the same.

I placed some bills on the table to cover the meal as well as a tip, and left the damp musky panties on the table between our plates as yet another tip for the server. I'm sure we both briefly thought of him masturbating into her panties that night as he lay in bed. Perhaps that was his highlight that Friday night. Ours was just beginning.

In the car we begin to kiss very passionately, our hands all over one another's body. I thought she was going to want to fuck right there in the parking lot. I didn't think that was a good idea so I suggested getting back to the room as quickly as possible. She wanted to go a grocery store across the street and pick up some wine for the room and I was all for that so we made the short trip in no time.

Once inside my now very tipsy wife was all about wandering around the store trying to expose her well-endowed chest to anyone who might want to take a gander. We picked up some wine and some munchies and headed to the checkout. As I was paying with a credit card, I felt her hand on my crotch. She was returning the favor. This time it was a young girl we were lightly exposing ourselves to, and it was me who was to be the exhibitionist.

While the checker was taking care of the business end of the credit card, I felt my cock spring out of my pants. Being as close as we were to the conveyor belt, she couldn't possibly see or have any idea of what was happening, but let me tell you, it was very erotic to feel my wife caressing my ever hardening cock in front of this young girl in front of me. I pulled up my zipper and paid for our purchases and we returned to the hotel room.

From the nearly deserted parking lot to the Hotel entrance, I had completely opened my wife's shirt. Her large milky white breasts were there for the viewing. She walked along beside me, holding my hand as I let anyone who might be peering out their windows have a look at her gorgeous breasts.

As we made our way down the empty hall I acted on my sexual urges. I pushed her against the wall in the middle of the hall and began to feel her breasts and caress her nipples. I quickly put a nipple in my mouth and pushed my palm against her pussy. Half hoping we wouldn't be caught, half hoping we would, I sucked her hard nipple in and out of my mouth. I had started to try to pull her pants off when she thought enough to drag us both a few more feet down the hall to our door. I was delirious with passion. I wanted her. I wanted to lick her, to taste her, to please her. Tonight had already been a new experiment for us, I wondered where it would take us next.

Inside the room I removed her shirt, which was barely on anyway. Undid her jeans again. Pushed them down over her sexy hips. Got on my knees and licked her belly as I continued to pull them down. I could hear her begin to moan as my tongue found her pussy. I sucked one of her lips inside of my mouth and pushed her jeans down to the floor. My hands cupped her nice full ass cheeks as I pulled her lower into my mouth. I wanted to suck her and give her pleasure. I wanted to make her come. Come for me. I was delirious with lust, full of passion. I pulled her pants off and directed her to the bed. I asked her to lay face down for me and let me please her bottom for her. She somewhat reluctantly laid down on the bed and I began to slowly lick the backside of her legs leading up to the temple that I call her ass. I licked her legs and the inside of her calves until I couldn't stand it anymore and I began to lick the surface of her ass. With broad strokes I let my wet tongue cover every inch of her round bottom. She began to moan as I covered her round bottom with broad strokes.

When her breathing got lower and more fast paced I delved into her sweet crack. I made long wide brush strokes from the bottom of her smooth pussy to the lower part of her back. Whenever my tongue brushed over her tiny hole she gasped. I gradually shortened my strokes and concentrated on licking her asshole. With both hands full of her creamy ass cheeks I rimmed her bottom over and over. She started squirming on the bed, trying to grind her pussy against the mattress. I pushed my tongue inside her bottom for a brief second and she came off the bed. She rolled over and pushed back towards the headboard. Up on one elbow, she reached between her legs and pushed two fingers inside her wet pussy. Then she eyed my swollen cock standing straight up for her. She then she made a gesture that almost made me come on the spot. She kept one hand on her pussy, and she pointed to her open mouth with the other. I moved in front of her open mouth and let my hard cock push its way inside of her mouth. She bathed my cock with her tongue and massaged my shaft with her full pouty lips. I ran my hands through her hair and told her how good it felt as she was sucking my cock.

I occasionally pulled out of her mouth and rubbed my wet cock across her face. She would let me do this for a second or two and then hungrily suck me back into her skillful mouth. I told her that the handsome young server was probably lying in his bed stroking his cock thinking about her. Her panties in his hands. Her panties wrapped around his cock. Maybe he had them in his mouth. She sucked more forcefully. I had to pull out before I came too soon. I moved between her legs and easily slid my cock into her hole. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and whispered that she was the best in the world. She smiled and told me to keep fucking her. That she wanted to be fucked hard. Fucked over and over. Fucked hard and dirty. She told me that since she had been such a dirty girl tonight, that I should use her like a dirty girl. I quickly took advantage of that comment and told her to suck the juices off of my cock. Something she would never do before. I moved my wet cock toward her mouth and she opened again for me.

"Taste the pussy. Taste how good it is."

I called her my dirty cocksucker and she moaned and asked me to go down on her. I buried my face between her thighs and sucked her lips in and out of my mouth. She moved her hips off the bed and pushed into my face. She was wanting her ass licked again. I ran my tongue into her crack.

"Is this what you want?"


"Then ask me for it."

"Lick my ass! Lick my ass PLEASE. It feels so good!"

I licked her tiny hole and sucked on her lips and licked on her clit. I desperately wanted to please her and bring her to a mind blowing orgasm. From the sounds she was making and the things she was saying I knew it wasn't far. I licked on her clit until she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me so tight into her crotch that I couldn't breathe. She came with a high pitched scream that left me nearly as satisfied as her.

Exhausted, we both lay beside one another. With my left hand I held her hand, with my right I massaged my still hard cock. She rolled her head over to watch. I'd never masturbated in front of her before. It turned me on that she was watching me. I started to pump my cock up and down. She lay motionless and watched me pleasure myself as I'd done so many times before. I stroked faster and faster and tightened my grip on her hand. I started to tense up as I felt that great rush of ecstasy coming. In seconds I was shooting long spurts of white cum across my chest. It was one of the most exciting orgasms I'd ever had. We were both exhausted and fell asleep holding hands.

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