tagGroup SexOur Family Physician Ch. 01

Our Family Physician Ch. 01


I'm a male in my late 40s who lives a fairly average lifestyle. Nothing risqué or unique until recently. My wife and I have talked a number of times of swapping or threesomes but we've never been in a safe setting to act upon our fantasies. I always figured it was just 'married couples talk'—nothing would ever actually come of it.

My wife Diane is a 48 year old blonde with a nice body. She stands about 5'9" in height so she's not tiny. She's not a model but she has a nice shape. She exercises regularly and watches what she eats to maintain a nice trim figure. I know that other men (and women?) will check her out—I've seen it many times in stores and restaurants. Diane doesn't wear anything too revealing nor does she flaunt her body to others but she clearly has kept herself in a form that will draw a man's eyes to her. We have joked about it from time to time but the most risqué activity I have been able to get her to do is to go braless while we are on vacation in some strange city where we don't know anyone. Diane's 36B chest will draw attention if she's wearing the right top with nothing underneath—where there is little left to the imagination, if you know what I mean. She's always been nervous about such displays but as she's done it from time to time, she's gotten a little more comfortable with the idea of strangers staring at her pert bosom.

* * *

My wife and I were invited to an outdoor party at a friend's house recently and while we knew some of the other attendees, there were many new and unfamiliar faces. One face that we recognized but had not expected to see was our primary care physician. Both my wife and I see this physician for physicals and other general health-related issues. Her name is Susan.

Susan is about 40 years old and we knew from our recent appointments with her that she has just been through a divorce over the last year or two. She's a mother of three boys and prior to the divorce she was 'plump' for a woman of her height. She used to wear baggy dresses to cover up her obvious excess body weight but in the last 18 months she has lost a lot of the excess weight and during my last physical, I couldn't help but both admire as well as fantasize a bit about her newfound form. She's shorter than Diane (about 5'3" tall with shoulder length brown hair) and I had never seen her wearing pants until now.

Upon seeing my wife, Susan was proactive in her greeting: "I know you two!" and proceeded to shake our hands. Turns out she knew almost nobody at this event other than the hosts and ourselves. The three of us conducted chit-chat for quite a while until we decided it was time to get something to eat. After putting some food on plates, we went further from the house into the backyard and found ourselves generally alone as we stood along a wall adjacent to the patio. We were enjoying glasses of wine and the evening temperature was comfortable.

Being the last to arrive, as I made my way to the two women, I couldn't help but look at both my wife Diane as well as Susan, both of whom had their back to me. My wife's rear end, its shape so familiar to me with natural rounded form, matched nicely by Susan's own rear. Susan had on white pants and I could make out her panty lines through the material of her pants. I couldn't help but feel a little blood begin to rush down and start to stir things up in my own pants.

As we ate, we talked in general around a number of topics. Eventually the discussion turned to Susan's family. She casually mentioned that her ex-husband had the three boys that weekend and she was still having problems adjusting to being without her sons for more than 48 hours at a stretch

I casually mentioned, "You need to find yourself another man and then your weekends will be something that you can look forward to."

Susan's response was very non-committal in regards to dating. While I couldn't be certain as to my wife's perspective, it sounded to me like Susan was feeling burned by her ex-husband and other men were far from her mind. As our discussion about her recent lifestyle change continued, I tried to put some humor into the conversation.

"Well, at least you don't have to worry about closing the bathroom door when you're home by yourself."

Susan laughed and said, "That's true. With three boys just learning what a woman's body is all about, I have to lock myself in to gain privacy."

Diane asked, "Do your boys peek on you?"

"The oldest two have a couple of times."

"What do you do? Does that bother you?" asked my wife.

"I was raised in a very conservative household as a kid so I never saw my dad naked. Heck, I didn't see a naked man until...well, until I was older," was Susan's response.

Without thinking, I added, "Well, I guess it's only fitting that they see you naked."

Susan responded with, "What do you mean by that?"

"Well, you see naked people all day long every day—including the two of us—so I think it's only fitting that somebody gets to see you naked. Even if they're your sons and they're peeking at you," I replied.

Both Diane and Susan laughed. Susan responded by saying, "It's not the same thing. They're just kids looking at the only female in their lives that they can look at to see what's hidden in my clothes."

"Well, I think it's only fitting that you have spies looking at you. After all, you've seen both of us naked several times and we've never seen you. Something about that isn't fair. Maybe we need to have the doctor disrobe during exams—that seems like it would be fair to me."

Diane replied, "I don't think that's a good idea. I'm sure that things would be just a tad embarrassing for you if Susan were naked while giving you a physical."

Susan added, "Well, I wouldn't have to ask any questions about E.D. problems, would I?"

We all laughed at that quip.

I said, "Well during my next physical I think I'm going to ask the nurse if the good doctor would be so kind as to disrobe during my exam. What do you think her reaction would be?"

Susan then added, "I don't think Connie would be too receptive of such a question. Anyway, seeing people naked isn't a big deal. After awhile everyone looks the same. Honestly."

"Well, that's easy for you to say Susan—you've seen both of us totally naked and we've never seen you," I replied.

Without missing a beat, Susan said, "You've never asked to see me naked!"

I just happened to look at my wife when Susan said that and our eyes read each other exactly the same. She quickly smiled as I replied to Susan.

"So all I have to do is ask and you'll be fine undressing for us?" (I specifically said "us" rather than just "me" to see where this might go.)

Susan replied, "Not exactly. If you asked me to do that, you'd need to ask me another question as well."

Confused, I didn't know how to respond but as always Diane came to my rescue.

"What is the second question Susan? I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean."

"The second question is simple. You need to ask me if I can recommend another qualified primary care physician because if you asked that first question, our relationship is such that I can no longer provide you with your medical care."

Susan didn't need to say more—I knew where this was headed.

As we silently allowed what Susan had said to sink in, we ate our food. Finally Susan broke the silence.

"So? I go to far with you two?"

Diane replied with nervousness in her voice, "Well Susan, I'm not exactly sure what to say at this point. You sort of threw out something to us and I'm not certain if it was 'an offer' or if you were talking just to lead us on?"

Susan didn't hesitate in her response.

"Let me put it this way: I'm divorced. I have nothing else planned for this evening. And I told you that if you wanted to see me naked, all you had to do was ask," she said with a smile.

My wife and I looked at each other and I took the initiative to reply. Leaning in closer to her Susan's face but looking straight into her brown yes, I dropped my voice and politely said, "Susan, both Diane and I would be very interested in seeing you naked. If you're willing, we'd like to invite you to our house. We can leave here whenever you're ready to do so."

Susan looked at both of us and gave us a playful smile. "Let's go!"

We took our plates and threw them away, casually went to our hosts and said goodnight to them and discretely left, my wife and I a minute before Susan. We waited in the front yard for Susan to come out the front door. As she walked towards us, I could tell she looked both happy as well as a little nervous all of a sudden. I also realized I was undressing her as she walked towards us--"What's she look like under those clothes?"

I indicated where our car was parked and as it turned out, she was parked two cars ahead of ours along the street. I told her to follow us and that I'd drive slowly so we didn't get split up.

As we got into the car, I looked at my wife and she smiled at me. Diane looked both happy as well as nervous, much the same as Susan had looked. As I started the car, I took Diane's hand in mine and squeezed it. I put the car into park and slowly pulled out and headed home, with Susan following behind.

"Do you think this is a good idea?" Diane asked me.

"Well, we've talked about this for several years and I guess if we're ever going to do something like this, this is the night to do so. We both like Susan, she's obviously somebody we trust and can count on to be discreet. Obviously neither of us know how tonight will work out but tomorrow at this time, we'll both have each other and if we determine it's not something either one of us enjoyed, we can say 'we tried it' and we let it become a memory."

"I love you," replied Diane.

When we got to our house, I let Diane get out of the car in the driveway and pulled the car into the garage. When I exited the car and walked out of the garage, Susan was out of her car and quietly chatting with Diane. I looked Susan in the eye and saw a lot of nervousness and fear in her.

"Let's go inside ladies."

Once inside, we went into our living room and I indicated the women should sit on the couch while I moved a footstool from one of the chairs up facing the couch and sat down it to view the two gals.

I decided I should be strong and make Susan feel as comfortable as possible. I assumed that Diane would expect that and if I did say something that Diane didn't agree with, she'd speak up readily.

"Susan, I want to be open with you. Diane and I have never done anything like this before. Heck, I don't know if we even know what 'this' actually is! We've talked about it for years but I doubt either of us thought we'd ever actually have an opportunity to be with another person in a situation like this. I know you're nervous--I can see it in your eyes--but if you can't tell, we're both very nervous as well."

Susan smiled and looked at me and then Diane. She replied, "Yes, I am nervous. For many different reasons and they're probably not the same as your reasons. First, my main concern is privacy. I know deep down I can trust you two but it's still a little unnerving. Second, uh...this is embarrassing to admit to you two but I've only been with one other person sexually. And I divorced him. So I don't really know what you'll think of my lovemaking skills. Third, since I was young, I've always fantasized about being with another female in a sexual sense but I don't know if I know exactly what I should do to please you Diane. And finally, as much as I'm looking forward to what I think we're going to share tonight, I am concerned that I could somehow impact your marriage once we've all shared, well, shared body fluids with one another," she said with a slight giggle.

Diane laughed and said, "Well since you put it THAT way..."

"I'm being serious Diane," replied Susan. "This is a big step for all of us--you two especially. You're married, have a great marriage from all I know of the two of you and you're inviting a divorced mother of three into your privacy. Into your bedroom."

I decided it was time to begin in earnest or I thought we'd probably end up talking ourselves out of this evening together.

"Susan? Stand up please."

As she rose from the couch, I did the same from the footstool. I put my hands on her hips and moved my face to hers, bending slightly and as I looked her in the eyes, I put my lips to hers and softly kissed her--in full view of my wife. I never imagined I'd be kissing another woman (let alone my physician!) with my wife three feet away watching me.

Susan tentatively kissed me back and then we broke the kiss, moving our lips several inches apart but looking in each other's eyes. Instinctively we kissed again and I felt her mouth open every slightly--which I immediately and instinctively saw as the opportunity to search for her tongue with mine.

* * *

"Susan, if you don't mind, I'd like the privilege of undressing you. It's sort of a fantasy of mine."

Susan didn't respond verbally but rather simply smiled at me and nodded that she was okay with it.

"Why don't we go upstairs?"

I motioned her towards the steps and we all quietly climbed them towards our bedroom. I couldn't help but watch Susan's butt once again in her white slacks.

Upon reaching our bedroom, Diane flopped on the bed and watched me while I once again had some additional passionate kisses with our now-former physician. After a few minutes of tongue wrestling, I was hard as I could be and I was hoping Susan was in an equal state of arousal.

Breaking silently, I reached to Susan's chest and began at the top to unbutton the cotton blouse. The buttons came undone easily and soon I could see the swell of her right breast encased in a white bra. As I got to her waist, I reached to the button on her pants and unbuttoned it. The back of my left hand touched the skin of her stomach as I held the waist of her pants and I sensed her body tingle as the skin of my hand made contact with her belly. I then unzipped her pants slowly and moved my hands to her blouse, opening it completely and helping her to pull it off her shoulders.

As the blouse was removed, I looked at her breasts contained in her bra. Probably a little larger than I had fantasized about, I couldn't wait to see them in their naked glory. The bra was not sheer but I could see her erect nipples through the cotton material. I knew that Susan's nipples had to be long to poke the material like that. I took her blouse and gently laid it on my wife's dresser.

Looking at the doctor, I gazed down her stomach towards her pants, now unzipped and spread at her abdomen, I saw the white panties that had been covered by her pants. "Victoria's Secret" was emblazoned on the elastic waist. I looked up at Susan, making eye contact for a moment and she looked comfortable, relaxed--for the first time all evening.

I glanced over to where my wife was watching Susan and I. She had a starry look in her eyes--she smiled when I looked at her and reached up to her left breast to casually rub it. I don't know if Susan saw Diane do this or not but I realized that not only was I looking forward to the next few hours, I was now certain Diane was ready as well.

Leaning in to Susan, we kissed once again--our tongues wrestling with one another as my hands went to her waist once again, pushing her pants down over her hips and gravity taking them to the floor. We broke our kissing and Susan stepped gingerly out of the pants, where they remained in a pile on the carpet.

I looked at Diane once again, then quickly back to Susan.

"Diane, I think it's time for a woman's touch to help Susan with her bra."

Diane rose from our bed and stood next to us. She hesitated for a second before lifting her own top at the waist and pulling it up and over her head, tossing it to the floor. She also had a white bra on, with lacey cups that accented her smaller breasts. Quickly thereafter she unzipped her pants and let them join the blouse on the floor. Diane had on French cut panties--cut high on her hips--that were light blue in color. I quickly thought to myself, "How wet must the crotch of Diane's panties be at this moment?"

As I stepped back from in front of Susan, Diane took two steps to her left and addressed Susan. They both looked at each other, standing alike in their bra and panties, before their heads leaned to one another and their lips touched. So soft, so sensual to watch my wife kissing another woman for the first time in her life. I saw a quick exchange of tongues a time or two as they embraced passionately. Both women had their hands rubbing up and down the arms of the other, not quite certain how bold to be at this initial stage of the romance.

As they softly moaned, the faint sounds of their lips and tongues rang in my ears. I noticed Diane had moved her arms to Susan's waist and was rubbing the elastic waistband of Susan's white cotton panties. As my eyes focused more on Susan's pussy area, I could see not only her dark pubic hair pressing at the cotton material but I was quite certain I could see evidence of moisture having seeped into the cotton to darken the material.

At this moment, with my eyes looking down, I realized Diane's hands had made their way up Susan's back and she had Susan's bra in her fingers--clearly in the midst of undoing the hooks. As the garment became unclasped, Diane pulled the bra off of Susan's shoulders and down her arms, allowing it to fall quietly to the carpet.

Susan looked at Diane and then at me, however we both had our eyes focused on the breasts of our former physician, now standing in our bedroom wearing only a pair of panties and a smile. Susan's breasts, certainly a "C cup" if I wasn't mistaken, were round and firm. Dark red nipples highlighted her breasts with the nipples clearly erect. They stood out on her much longer than Diane's. I couldn't help but think to myself that my fantasies about the good doctor were somewhat off in that I had presumed her to have smaller, less enticing breasts.

As I absentmindedly licked my lips in anticipation of licking Susan's breasts, I realized that Susan had taken the step of reaching between Diane's smaller breasts and was unhooking my wife's bra. Diane shrugged the bra off after it was unhooked and her familiar B cup sized breasts stared at the doctor.

Realizing that I wanted back "in" on the activity, I said, "Ladies? May I have the pleasure of finishing the job of undressing both of you?" When neither immediately responded to my request, I stepped forward to Diane, kissing her passionately and dropping to my knees as I reached to her waist and pulled the elastic waistband away from her skin and down in the same motion. Diane's sandy blonde pubic hair came into view as the panties slid down her torso and thighs.

She gently lifted each leg as I removed her panties completely. I raised them up and offered them to Susan, while I focused my attention on my wife's pussy. I could smell her sexual arousal and was certain Susan must have as a well. Dropping to my knees, I moved my nose to Diane's pubic hair and rubbed it in the downy soft fur, as I had done so many times in the past.

Dipping lower, Diane spread her thighs and crouched down a little, allowing my tongue to come into contact with her vaginal lips--covered with a shimmering coating of her pussy juice. I eagerly used my tongue to make a swath from as far back between her legs as I could, pulling my tongue across the lips and up to her enlarged clitoris. I then took my own lips and gently placed them on my wife's pussy lips, feeling her matted and wet pubic hairs with them, while inserting my tongue into my wife and tasting her familiar juice.

I pulled my head back, looking up towards Susan who was watching my oral activities silently. I saw out of the corner of my eye that she still had Diane's blue panties in her left hand. I stood up, without saying a word, and leaned over the kiss Susan with my lips still glistening with my wife's pussy juice. Susan didn't hesitate despite the fact she could not only see the shimmering coating on my lips but certainly smell it as well. Susan kissed me gently, then began to essentially suck my lips in hers and following it with her tongue snaking around my lips and mouth. There was no doubt that that she was enjoying not only kissing me but also sampling my wife's intimate nectar.

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