tagInterracial LoveOur First Date

Our First Date


The next day I found myself in one of the most fashionable dress shops in town.

We had hardly stepped in the door, when an older lady, wearing a very stylishly understated black suit, but too much makeup on her wrinkled face and hair too blonde, came forward and introduced herself.

"Mr. Libby, how do you do today? My name is Anne Welsh. What can we do for you?"

Tyler said, "I'm fine, Anne. And what you can do is assist this lady in picking out two or three evening dresses."

The lady didn't even blink or swallow. She did nod once, crisply. "Very good, sir. That will be doable."

"Well, one of them has to be ready before Saturday. The other two can wait."

"Of course, Mr. Libby." Anne turned and said, "Renee?"

A young lady came forward promptly, who had just graduated from high school yesterday, by the looks of her. "Yes, Miss Welsh?"

"Please assist Mr. Libby's young lady friend. She needs a suitable evening dress for a party. Think you can do that?"

The girl was less talented at hiding her emotions than her boss. But she said, "Yes, ma'am." Then she turned to me. "If you'll just follow me, Miss?"

I turned to Tyler, flashed my eyes at him, and then followed the young lady further into the store.

Forty minutes later, I stood in front of a mirror admiring my reflection, wearing the most exquisite dress I had ever seen in my life, about knee length, made of the most buttery soft and supple black lambskin leather I have ever had the privilege to run my hands over. It was made in a sleeveless, backless halter style that let me go bra-less. It fit like a proverbial glove around my waist, hips and booty. I was thinking it would fit even better when I wore a shaper under it.

Tyler stood a respectful distance away, but I could tell that he liked the dress as much as I did.

The girl who was helping me said, "If you don't mind me saying so, I don't think we'll need to do any alterations, Miss."

Tyler suddenly came over and said, "No, it doesn't look like it." He said to me, "This dress looks beautiful on you, Eden."

Blushing, I said, "Thank you, Tyler."

"Do you like it?"

"Are you kidding? I love it!"

"Good. We'll take it."

"Are you kidding? This dress must cost a fortune."

Tyler said, "Well, actually, it costs over two thousand dollars."

"Please, don't tell me that."

"Let me put it like this: I can easily buy this dress for you."

I sighed as I looked in the mirror. "You really want to buy this dress for me?"

"Pleasing the woman I want to take to a party...priceless."

I laughed. "Thank you, Tyler."

About an hour later, we left the dress store, carrying three beautiful evening dresses: the black leather one, a strapless, skin-tight, sky-blue number, and an equally sexy red sequined slip dress that I saw an actress wear to a party recently, all of which were safely encased in plastic.

We got in Tyler's car, and I said, "Well, I don't think I'm ever going to see such a shameless display of brown-nosing again."

Tyler laughed. "Yes, it was impressive, especially considering I'd never been to that dress shop before."

"Really? They seemed pretty familiar with you."

"My Uncle Jack shops there all time. Or used to, anyway."



I said, "Well, I guess the only decision left to make, is which dress to wear."

"That's easy. The black one."

I smiled at him. "Okay. The black one."

Saturday night, I found myself once again in Tyler's car, as he was driving me home from the party.

He was a perfect gentleman, from the time he picked me up, to the time we left the party. He introduced me to some of the players, and I found out for myself why he'd invited me along. All of the players were talking shop. Even the new players, who should have been rightfully celebrating their entrance into the promised land of the NFL, couldn't stop talking shop for one minute.

This wasn't a party. It was a meeting.

Some of the players had brought their wives or girlfriends. I recognized the glazed looks in their eyes and sympathized with them. I socialized with some of them, but not for long. I could tell they had paid a high price for their high social status.

Most of the time I was with Tyler. I kept him from talking shop too long, and he catered to my every want. I had to admit, a girl could get used to this.

And now he was driving me home.

Tyler pulled up to the curb, and I unlatched my seatbelt.

"Well, Tyler, thank you for the wonderful evening," I said.

"You're welcome. Although I should be thanking you instead."

I reached for the door handle, then stopped and looked at him. "I want to ask you something, Tyler Libby."

"What is it?"

"Why me? And be honest."

He turned off the ignition, and turned to face me. "That's a good question." He paused for a minute. "Yeah, you're right. I could have asked any other woman, but other women wouldn't have come close to being you. You're the only woman who I wanted to ask to come with me. I hope that's a good answer."

I reached over to touch his face. "Would you like to come inside?"

"Yeah. Definitely."

Once inside my apartment, I carefully closed and locked my door. I dropped my purse and keys on my kitchen counter.

Then I turned to Tyler. In case I haven't told you, Tyler is probably one of the most attractive men I've ever met, in addition to being one of the most famous, and one of the most fabulously wealthy. He's got pretty brown eyes and brown hair that tonight at least, he wore in a clean-cut, close-cropped style. When he smiled, expression lines formed at the corners of his eyes. Even though he had said it was a formal party, he wore a blue pinstriped jacket and slacks and a white shirt with no tie, unbuttoned at the collar. At least he wasn't wearing sneakers.

I approached him carefully and placed my hands on his chest, feeling hard muscle under his jacket. I was keenly aware that the simple act of kissing him was likely to lead to so much more. I was just as keenly aware that, after I kissed him, after I crossed that line, there would be no going back to being just friends.

But as I looked into his eyes, I somehow knew we would always be friends too. Certainly not just friends. But we would have that rarest of relationships, to be both friends and lovers.

I stepped up close to him and slipped my arms around his neck. Hesitantly, rather awkwardly, I lightly pressed my lips against his, so lightly and softly, that I barely felt his lips against mine.

The feeling of it went straight down to the tips of my toes!

In that one electric moment, I knew it was the right choice. More confident now, I leaned back in and kissed him again, light and soft. I didn't rush it. I wanted to savor it. Our first kisses.

Tyler took me in his hands and held me.

We stood there and kissed, over and over and over and over.

I pushed Tyler against the wall and started kissing him more deeply. I opened my mouth further, and when Tyler matched me, I gently extended my tongue forward and met his with mine.

Tyler moaned.

I whispered, "Why don't we make ourselves more comfortable?"

Tyler nodded. So I slipped off his jacket and tossed it on the couch. I turned back, and we resumed our kissing, while I started unbuttoning his shirt. When I reached the lowest button, I anxiously undid his belt buckle and pulled his shirt out to undo the last button. Then I spread the fabric apart.

And I gasped. To say Tyler was ripped would have been an understatement. I knew Tyler spent at least a half an hour a day working out, and now I knew why. His torso was well defined, from the deep furrow between his broad pectoral muscles to his super-flat and super-defined stomach muscles.

I slipped off his shirt and threw it behind me. Then I kissed along his collar bone, across his chest, down to his tummy, paused at his belly button -- which made him laugh -- and finally I arrived at his cock.

I eagerly rooted around inside his boxers and didn't have to look very long. I took it out and again gasped out loud. I looked up at him and said, "Oh, honey."

Tyler chuckled.

"Baby, you are definitely not compensating." I stroked it gently, up and down...up and down...up and down...up...and down...

Tyler grunted softly.

I looked up at Tyler. "Do you like that, baby?"

"You have to ask?"

I laughed. Then I saw what he was talking about. He was developing a very strong, healthy erection. I ran my tongue up and down his hard shaft, using the tip to tease him. At the top of a lick, I took his big beautiful white cock in my mouth and sucked on it with sluttish abandon.

I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft, greedily taking every inch of him, savoring him, coating his cock with my saliva.

The room was quiet, except for the sexy slurping noises I made, and the grunting and groaning noises Tyler made. I was just going to town, because it'd been a long time since I'd had a cock in my mouth. Hell, it's been a long time since I'd had a cock!

Tyler said, every word a grunt, "I'm...going...to come!"

I sucked him even faster, then reached back and undid the catch on the halter straps of my dress. They fell down just as Tyler's cock exploded with a white hot rush of satisfaction. I couldn't contain it all, and some of the cum spilled down my chin and onto my breasts. I pulled back a little, still holding his cock.

I caught another big blast of cum on my face, which dribbled down my chin and across my tits. Now this was a facial I didn't mind getting!

I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked on it until it stopped jerking. I pulled back again, licking the head of his now happily flaccid cock. "I'm guessing you liked that, huh, baby?"

Tyler leaned back against the wall and exhaled through pursed lips. "Holy crap, Eden. That was the best blow job I've ever had."

I beamed at him as I stood up. "Thank you, baby."

"But now I need to return the favor."

I winked at him. "I'm sure you do. But let me get cleaned up."

Five minutes later, I was on my bed, naked except for my high heels, which I used for leverage to hook onto the foot frame of my brass bed, my legs spread as far as I could spread them. And Tyler was parked in between my legs, on top of me. Teasing me. Kissing me softly, nuzzling the nape of my neck, kissing along my collarbone. Gently sucking my breasts, alternating slowly between my left breast and my right breast. Circling my nipples with his tongue then sucking on them like an ice cream cone.

Tyler had somehow managed to find one of my favorite scarves while I was cleaning up. He played with it a little as he kissed me. "What are you doing?"

Tyler said, "I was just wondering if you've ever been tied up."

"Tied up?"

"Well, not like in a pain kind of way, just in a letting-me-have-my-way-with-you kind of way. Teasing you. Taking my time with you."

I said, "Sounds good. But if I say stop, we stop, okay?"

"Okay. But let me just say right now that if you don't trust me, this won't be very fun for either of us."

I considered that for a minute. He had a point there. I lay back down. Then Tyler gently moved my arms up until they rested over my head, and he took my scarf and tied me up by the arms.

It was hardly the tightest of knots. I could have escaped from it easily. But I let him have control over me. I arched my back slightly and stared at the ceiling. His warm lips trailed past my swollen, tingling breasts and down my tummy. Down to my pussy.

I could feel my pussy get wet.

First he softly kissed up the inner part of my legs, starting with the left leg first, taking off my high-heeled shoe, kissing my toes, kissing my ankle, up my calf to my knee and my knee pit, along my thigh, making me squirm and tremble.

Then he did the exact same thing with my right leg!

When he finally arrived at my completely shaven, already slightly wet pussy, I was ready to let him do anything he wanted. I writhed helplessly, halfway pretending to struggle uselessly against the bonds.

I was already moaning. "Are you going to eat my pussy, baby?"

"Oh, do you want me to eat your pussy?"

"Oh, yes, please baby, please, eat my pussy!"

I should have known he was a teaser. He had the best and worst habits of eating pussy. He was slow. Deliberate. Seemed to know instinctively where all the right spots were. And he was patient.

He would lick the slit of my pussy lips. Suck on my clit. Fuck my pussy with the tip of his flicking tongue. He would bring me to the brink of an orgasm several times, by the longest, most tortuous, and most pleasurable route, then ease off.

After the fourth time he did that, I said, "Make me come, you bastard!"

He grinned wickedly. "After I bought you all those dresses and all that jewelry, this is the thanks I get?"

Oh, so that was his game. I quickly fell into the role. Too quickly. Far too easily.

My voice dripping with apology, I cooed, "Oh, baby, I'm so sorry. I love all the jewelry you bought me!"

Another series of slow, tortuous, virtuoso licks on my pussy followed. "What about the dresses?"

"Oh, God, I love the dresses," I said promptly, my resistance swiftly weakening. "They're beautiful, baby."

He slowly...gently...sucked on my clit. "Do you want to keep them?"

"Oh please, please, baby, can I keep them? Please? I'll wear them for you all the time, any time you want! Please, baby!"

Tyler chuckled mischievously as he fingered my pussy. "You're such a good girl, Eden."

I cooed, "Am I your good girl, baby?"

"Yes, you're my good girl."

"Can I come, baby?"

He grinned wickedly. "Say please."

"You bastard! I hate you!"

Tyler grinned wider. "I can't hear you..."

"Please? Can I come? Please? Haven't I been your good girl?"

With no hesitation, he dove back down and helped himself to my pussy. But that bastard took the slow, virtuoso, tortuous scenic route again.

He ran his tongue all along my pussy lips, stuck his tongue inside my pussy, sucked ever so gently on my clit, he did all those things, all over again.

Oh my fucking god!

I felt like my heart was about to pop out of my chest, and my lungs felt like they were about to collapse from the strain of all my moaning and calling his name.

And then he finally took me over the edge.

My orgasm was deep, the kind of orgasm where my orgasms were having orgasms! I arched off my bed, clenched my teeth and growled out my orgasm. My pussy walls clenched and released over and over again.

Finally my orgasm subsided. Little orgasmic aftershocks pulsed through my pussy.

"Oh my god, Tyler!"

Tyler caressed my body, kissed me. Then he finally released me from the scarf. "Are you okay?"

I laughed. "Ooooo, baby! I am more okay than I have ever been in my life!"

Chuckling, he said, "Good."

"Baby, where have you been all my life?" I sat up, leaned forward, took his face in my hands, and kissed him over and over again, just as before, soft and light.

"Too. Busy. Being. Your. Friend."

I laughed as I kept kissing him. "Don't. Stop. Being. My friend. Okay?"

Tyler laughed too. "Okay."

I laughed back. "Well, one thing's for sure, we can't go back to just friends!"


I paused from kissing him. "I hope you can appreciate the fact that I have never done that before."

"You mean submission, being tied up?"

"Yes, never."


"Seriously." I nodded. "And I don't want anyone else to tie me up besides you."


I nodded again, once. "Seriously, baby."

He took me into a long hug. "Thank you for trusting me."

I pulled back and looked into his eyes. "Any regrets about asking me out? Be honest, Tyler."

"Nope. Not one. Only that I wish I'd done it sooner."

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