Our First Swing: Sheri's POV

byTx Tall Tales©

I licked her once, the full length of her pussy, driving my tongue deep inside her. Her taste was so erotic, I could feel my own pussy twitching around Bill's cock as it continued to slip in and out of me. The taste was indescribable, leaving a sense of licking sweat and electricity at the same time. I was teasing her, with darting licks of my tongue, when I heard Steve announce his impending finish. I pressed my mouth down on her clit, sucking it strongly into my mouth, and slipped a finger inside her. My tongue teased her little man-in-the-boat, while I looked up to see Steve thrusting deeply into Lisa's mouth.

Bill was obviously moved by this, choosing this time to fuck me so hard, he almost made me lose my oral grip on Lisa's little treasure. Within moments he was coming as hard as Steve had and Lisa was thrashing mindlessly under me. She came hard, and a new creamy excretion filled my mouth and tingled my tongue. A little sweeter, and certainly with a lot more texture. I licked her dry.

Soon her spasmodic motions ceased, and I returned to more exploratory ministrations. Bill was playfully stroking me with his hands, which was nice. Since I wasn't rocking nearly so much as I had before, I was able to give my full attention to the sweet pussy in front of me.

I could feel Lisa relaxing under my attention, and I decided instead of trying to bring her over the top again, just to gently bring her down. After a couple of minutes of caresses and kisses, I lifted myself from between her gaping legs, my face cold, from the feel of the air on the juices I was saturated with.

I could see that Bill was holding Lisa, talking to her softly, and caressing her upper body, while she lay back, eyes closed, in a completely relaxed state. She looked half-stoned.

Steve was beside me, passing me a towel, and holding a glass of water. I would have said considerate of him, except I figured it was the least he could do after fucking the living daylights out of my best friend, and hardly giving me the time of day. I'm just surprised he didn't fuck Bill - any port in a storm. I sometimes believed he'd fuck a snake if it stayed still long enough. Not that I thought he cheated on me, he was just so damn oversexed.

I was beat. "This has been wonderful but I am exhausted. Any suggestions on sleeping arrangements?"

The silence hung there for just a moment. Before it got awkward, Steve (who else?) broke in. "I for one have had an incredible time. I think we all have, but I would like to avoid any potential awkwardness tomorrow. Does anyone have any regrets over what we've done here tonight?"

We all looked around at each other. Even Lisa had propped herself up on her elbows to see where this was going. All in all, I'd say no one had anything to complain about.

"Good, then if no one objects, I'd say we head off to our own rooms for the night - BUT, in the morning, I think the girls should switch rooms. After our showers, and before we head out for breakfast, we should get to spend a little quality time together so we can re-establish some of the 'closeness' we've experienced tonight." His lopsided grin was almost too much to take.

Bill surprised me by being the first one to chime in. "I'm not getting up before 10:00. It's 3:00am now. Brunch is until 2:00, so we still should be able to make it."

"I'm in if you are, Lisa. I think some old-fashioned missionary work might be nice in the morning." I told her. What the hell. I'd prefer to be ridden by my own stud, but it could get awkward in the morning, and maybe this would head that off. I hoped to God this didn't ruin our relationship, with these our only good friends in the area.

Lisa looked to Steve, and threw down her own requirements. "Fine. I'll be in here at 10:30. But I'm only yours for 1 hour. ONE HOUR. I want to be headed out the door for Myrtle's before Noon, I know I'll be famished."

"Ok, one hour!" Steve laughed. "Like you don't think I can control myself?"

With cries of "No", and "Hell no!" the rest of us answered almost in unison.

Bill and Lisa got up, and after a few delightful goodnight kisses, they were off to their own room.

Looking at the disaster that was our bed, I went to the closet and dragged out some new sheets, insisting Steve help me change them before I would get back in there. I took a brief shower, and drank another 16 oz of water, knowing full well I'd be up in the middle of the night, but so dehydrated I couldn't resist.

Sliding between the new clean sheets, one of the greatest feeling in the world, fresh out of the shower, and so deliciously tired, I was almost ready to drop off, when I remembered about Lisa's turn.

I shook Steve who was almost out as well, and coaxed him into giving me the full story. I was more than a little surprised to hear the extent of his actions that night. Not only did he screw her in ass, but he also tied her down and extracted a commitment from her to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

His telling of the tale was extremely detailed and naughtily described, and his leisurely amorous attentions to me were almost a distraction. I did feel good, from his discussions, understanding that this was a conquest, and not a relationship. Always one to 'rise' to any challenge, my Steve.

I had to know one thing. "Thanks. I must say you did manage to maneuver things well tonight." I wanted him to admit it; that he was going to get in her pants from the very beginning. "I felt I was in the presence of manipulative greatness. Machiavellian."

"Oh, no - It's you I should be thanking. I was hoping to get a view of Lisa's tits, but the way you lead Bill on... I mean you are the sexiest, hottest woman I've ever known, and once I saw that you wanted this all to happen, I mean, that initial blowjob, that was genius! If not for that we'd have been asleep hours ago! I couldn't believe you were willing to try some swinging!"

Ooops. Heh, well if that was what he wanted to believe, who was I to bust his bubble. Maybe I did want it to happen, I certainly was the one to push the envelope a couple of times tonight.

"Yeah, do we make a great team or what."

He held me tight, his big arm making me feel small in his grasp. "Absolutely. You know I love you?"

"I know." I answered contentedly, "I love you to."

* * * *

So that's what really happened that night. It was the start of a fabulous weekend, and months of incredible sex and expanding horizons. I'm sure Steve will at some point record some of these. Rest assured that I will be looking over his shoulder to make sure he doesn't take too much artistic license.

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