tagGroup SexOur Night At The Swing Club Ch. 02

Our Night At The Swing Club Ch. 02


Well, for those of you who read our first encounter, you might be interested in our return trip last Saturday night. Like our first story, this is completely true. It was their annual toga party so we thought it might be fun to relive our old college days and get dressed up and get crazy.

Right. Truth be told, neither one of us were ever even invited to a toga party in college, so we had to go online to find out how to put a toga together. We went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought 4 yards of this cool, shimmering velvet material in purple (for her) and red (for me). After some experimentation and several large safety pins, we managed to wrap it around ourselves in such a way that we wouldn't be immediately arrested and set out for the club.

Most of the people there were dressed up in some form of Roman wear, from simple bed sheets to full costumed centurions, complete with headgear. When they had the newcomers/birthday "dance", five people came up and sat on chairs in the middle of the dance floor. The last time, we were sitting in those chairs. This time, we could be the instigators.

My wife didn't want to go up with me, so I went up and sat on a girl's lap. It was her birthday and she had obviously been there before, because she immediately ran her hands under my toga and felt my butt (I had nothing on underneath). When she realized that I was naked beneath my toga, she reached around and started playing with my cock. I have never had a strange woman put her hands around my cock before, and especially not while my wife was watching from 20 feet away. And I was supposed to be the one who was working on her!

After a couple of minutes, a girl joined us and I went behind the birthday girl while the new girl hopped on her lap. I started rubbing her boobs, which were really nice, while the two girls started making out in the chair. When they came up for air, they took turns sucking on each other's tits, while I stood behind them and watched. All the while, my wife is watching us from our table. It was difficult to gauge her reaction, so leaving the girls to their own devices, I went back to our table and necked with my wife for a minute. She seemed ok with the latest forage into experimental sensuality.

We hadn't done it in a couple of days, so my wife was really horny. She kept saying, "Please fuck me now," and I kept putting her off because it was still early and lots of things could happen. As the night progressed, the togas got looser and looser. Some of the women were walking around topless and because of the easy access, some men were getting blowjobs in various parts of the room. At the table, my wife started playing with my cock with her foot and when she lifted her leg to my crotch, I could see her pussy lips. It was very hot because there were people all around us, some of whom were paying pretty close attention.

Finally, we couldn't stand it anymore and moved out of the large room to the smaller private rooms off the hallway. They were all filled with people and my wife did not want to go in when several other couples were already in there having sex. So we waited until they were finished and went in. I purposely kept the door slightly ajar so people could watch or come in if they wanted to.

I immediately got busy licking her pussy, which drove her crazy. In the midst of her moaning, a couple came in and asked if the bed was being used (we were on the couch). I mumbled, "No," and they came in and started fucking right behind us. Now remember, the last time we were there, my wife closed the door and wouldn't let anyone in while we were fucking. Anyway, she was just about ready to cum when another couple walked in and laid down next to the first couple and starting fucking. So now, there were three separate couples who didn't know each other, having sex in the same room, but without any sharing. My wife came with a gasp and said right out loud, "You have to fuck me right now." I obliged. She got on her hands and knees and I entered her from behind, giving us both a good view of the two couples who were fucking on the bed right in front of us. She looked away because she considered it a distraction and I looked because I considered it a turn on.

We were all fucking rather wildly when I yelled, "I'm cumming!" I spurted into her pussy, she was moaning and the other two couples took it up a notch. I collapsed, and the two guys came shortly after. We cleaned up and went our own way, never actually even talking to each other. It was kind of surreal, actually.

The orgy room never really got off the ground this time, although there was lots of couple action in the various rooms. We hung out for a while watching everyone get naked and dance and finally, exhausted, we went home. We've decided to go back next month to their costume party. Our sex life has taken a giant leap forward and we have never had so much fun in such a party atmosphere. It really has brought the two of us together in ways that still continue to surprise us. I have heard that the costume party can get pretty wild, so keep your eye peeled for our next installment! Perhaps my wife will come out of her shell a little bit more and get crazy.

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