tagLoving WivesOur Vacations In Greece Ch. 10

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 10


This is a true story that happened to us while we had our vacation in Greece back on October 2009

Once we got to our room, I notice that my wife's pussy was dark pink; it had the signs that she really had a good pounding. We all took a quick shower and between the first 10 minutes on the bed we all fall asleep.

I got up on Friday around 10:30 AM. I got close to Raquel and Mayo and started to kiss both of them until the opened their eyes.

"How are my two sweet pies" I asked them.

"I am sleepy, I want to go back to sleep" Mayo told me.

"Me too" Raquel replied.

"We have to get some breakfast before going out to the water hole" I said.

"I don't want to go anywhere, I would like to stay here if you guys agree" Raquel said.

"I think I would rather stay at the hotel like Raquel is suggesting, but you can go to the water hole if you like" Mayo said.

"Look at my pussy, it is still pink from last night, I will like to give it a rest for the day" Raquel said while showing us her pussy lips.

I wrote down Masen cell phone number and gave it to Mayo just in case she needed to contact me. I kiss them both and wished them a good day. I got dressed and went down to the restaurant for breakfast. I got the scooter and headed to the water hole.

I got to the water hole around 12:15 PM. I saw Cindy's and Jim's scooter on the side. I walked to the beach and saw no one around. I assumed they might have been in the water hole. I started to walk towards the water hole when I saw Cindy and Jim coming out of the water hole.

Cindy gave me a small hug and kissed me while Jim trying to be formal shook hands with me.

"You look beautiful" I told Cindy while looking at her nude body noticing she had some make up on her face.

We talked for a while, I told them why Mayo and Raquel did not come and meet them. Cindy could not believe what we had done the night before. Jim kept almost very quit during the conversation Cindy and I had. Cindy was sitting in front of me with her legs wide open and on top of my legs, while Jim sat beside her. I watched her pink pussy again as I had done the day before. She saw me watching her spread pussy; she smiled at me and made sure I had an easy view of her pussy.

"Would you like to go to that club" Cindy asked Jim.

"I don't know; it seems it is too erotic" Jim said.

"Stop being a pussy and get with it. I told you last night we were going to have some fun and we will" Cindy replied to Jim in a hard tone.

It seemed to me that they have had an argument the night before leaving the beach.

"Come on, let's go" Cindy grabbed my hand and we walked together to the water hole.

"Come on Jim, let's go, follow us" Cindy told Jim while we walked to the water hole.

We got in the water hole; I notice the water level was not as high as the day before when we were there. I sat down an without saying a word Cindy knelt in front of me, grabbed my cock, played with the skin of my uncut cock for a couple of seconds and started to lick the head of my cock. She kissed the tip and then started to put it all in her mouth. She fucked my cock with her mouth while she played with my balls. Cindy slide herself up my chest until she reached my mouth and kissed me.

"I am going to fuck you" Cindy told me while positioning herself on top of my cock.

I felt Jim's hand grabbing my cock and putting it in his mouth while Cindy kissed me.

"Sorry, We going to fuck you" Cindy told me while kissing me with her body against my chest and her husband sucking my cock.

"Jim, Lick my asshole and my pussy too." Cindy told Jim.

Jim started to switch back and forth from sucking my cock to licking Cindy's pussy and asshole. I felt Jim's hand grabbing my cock and guiding it to his wife pussy. Cindy let herself slide down until my cock was all inside of her pussy.

With her back towards Jim, she told Jim to finger her asshole while she fucked me. Cindy kissed me while she jumped up and down my cock. Sometimes my cock would slide out of her pussy but Jim was there suck it some and to put it back inside her pussy once again.

Cindy stood up and turned herself around. She sat on top of my cock but this time she was facing Jim, her back was on my face. Jim grabbed my cock and placed it in her pussy. Jim licked her pussy my balls and parts of my cock while my cock was inside his wife pussy.

"There, lick my pussy Jim, lick his cock and balls while he fucks your wife pussy" Cindy told Jim.

Cindy sat on top of me with my cock halfway in her pussy while her husband liked hr pussy and my cock.

Cindy started to moving her hips and sitting deeper on my cock. She then started to jump up and down my cock just as she has done it before when she faced me.

"Lick me, I am having another orgasm" Cindy told Jim.

Cindy spread her legs wide open while Jim licked her pussy hole and my balls. I was ready to cum too and while he licked Cindy's pussy I started to drop mu load in her pussy. I could feel Jim's tongue and lips working on his wife pussy and licking my balls and cock. Once my cock had dumped the load in Cindy's pussy, I felt Jim's hand on my cock and his mouth sucking my cock. Jim licked and cleaned my cum off his wife pussy and off my cock.

Cindy stood up and kissed her husband telling him how good he has done.

The three of s sat there and talked for a while. I knew Cindy wanted more sex and was wondering if Masen and Aric were going to come and meet us at the beach. I was also ready to take my blue pill; I knew I was in for another long day.

"Let's go up to the beach" I told them while standing up and showing the way out of the water hole.

"Come on, let's stay here a while longer" Cindy told me.

"Let's go out for a while, we'll come back later" I told her.

Cindy was not too pleased with my decision, but Jim and Cindy followed me to the beach.

We sat on the beach for a while. I grabbed my shorts and without them noticing it I took one of the blue pills I had with me.

I notice Jim was very much dominated by Cindy; he was always doing what Cindy told him to do. I decided that I had to dominate Cindy in order to have them both under control.

"Cindy, get on your hands and knees. I want to see your ass hole and pussy from behind" I told Cindy that was sitting beside me.

After a couple of sentences back and forth, she did as told. She placed herself on her hand and knees in front of me.

"Lean on your chest and spread your ass chicks" I told Cindy.

Cindy grabbed both of her ass chicks with her hands and spread them ass chicks apart showing me her asshole. Her ass white chicks, her pink asshole and her pink pussy made me had another hard on.

"Finger your pussy" I told Cindy.

Cindy moved one of her hands to her pussy and started to rub her hand and fingers around her pink pussy.

"Jim, spread her ass chicks and finger it some; I want to watch her fingered asshole while she fingered her pussy" I told Jim.

Jim spread his wife ass chicks apart and fingered her ass while Cindy rubbed her pussy with her hand.

I stood up a couple of feet from Cindy's ass. I told Cindy to spread her ass chicks again with both hands while Jim to masturbate me some and I watched Cindy's asshole. Jim masturbated and sucked me while I watched his wife exposed anal canal in front of me.

I told Jim to spread some suntan lotion on his wife ass because I was ready to fuck it.

"Fuck Jim's ass" Cindy told me.

"Stop giving me commands, I am going to fuck your ass" I told Cindy while Jim and I finished preparing Cindy's asshole.

I got behind Cindy, slapped her ass chicks three or four times and then with one trust I started to fuck her asshole. She cried in pain and dropped herself down from the hand and knees position to down on the sand. I did not get my cock out of her asshole; I kept pumping my cock in her ass hard until she started to relax and enjoy me fucking her asshole.

"You like to have your ass fucked, don't you" I asked Cindy.

"Yes I do" she told me.

"Tell me, you are a slut and you want to be my whore today, don't you" I asked her.

"Yes, I do" she told me.

I kept fucking her ass while Jim looked at us and masturbated himself.

"Jim, lay right here, beside me" I told Jim.

"Spread you ass chicks and look at your wife" I told him while I fucked his wife ass.

I fingered Jim's ass while he spread his ass chicks with both hands. Cindy and Jim laid on the stomachs side by side while I fucked Cindy's ass while I fingered Jim's asshole while he laid beside his wife.

"I think you need help here" I heard a voice in Spanish behind me.

I saw Masen and Aric behind me smiling. Jim and Cindy tried to get up but I told them to relax and stay down while I gave Jim's ass a hard spank.

"What are you waiting for; what about you guys taking care of him while I finish with her" I responded to Masen in Spanish while I kept fucking Cindy's ass.

I heard Masen and Aric talking to each other in Greek. Arec got between Jim's asshole and licked his asshole while Masen went around Jim and sat in front of Jim.

"Suck my cock while your wife watches" Masen told Jim while Aric licked Jim's asshole.

Jim sucked Masen while Masen talked to me about where and how I found this couple. He grabbed Jim's head and pushed it down his black cock.

"Cone on bitch, suck all of it" Masen kept telling Jim while he pushed his cock all the way in Jim's mouth.

Aric sat over Jim's legs, spread with one hand Jim's ass chicks while with his other hand he got his thick cock in Jim's asshole. Jim tried to move and accommodate his cock but Aric held him firm so he could not move. Aric spread Jim's ass chicks while he fucked Jim's asshole. I saw his cock go in and out of Jim's asshole

"Let me see how good your wife is sucking cock" Masen told Jim while he placed his cock inside Cindy's mouth.

Masen pushed Cindy's mouth down his shaft; he was pushing her head hard down his cock, Cindy choked a few times but Masen insisted in her to go down on him.

"Look at you wife, look how fast she learned, you can do the same" Masen told Jim and went back to him and placed his cock back in his mouth.

I told Cindy to lay on her back. I lifted her legs and placed her knees to her breasts while I got my cock in my hands and guided inside her pussy. I fucked her pussy for a few minutes when Masen asked me for some of her pussy.

I told Cindy to get on top of Masen who laid on his back. Cindy got on top of Masen and got his black cock in her pussy. I did not want her to get a chance and accommodate and get used to his black cock when I got behind her and pushed my cock in her asshole. The three of us started to move at the same pace. I pumped Cindy's asshole for a while until I dumped my cum deep inside her asshole. I tried to relax on top of Cindy but Masen told me to give him some room.

I got up from Cindy's ass and saw Masen placing her on her hand and knees. Masen got behind her and started to fuck her asshole now. My cum in Cindy's ass lubricated the way for Masen's cock to go all the way in her asshole with just one push. Once Masen's cock got all the way in Cindy's asshole she made a softly noise of pain.

I also was watching Arik fuck Jim's asshole while he kept his eyes close and his reflecting pleasure. I could not believe he was taking that cock up the ass with so much pleasure, he was doing much better than Mayo and Raquel had done the night before. Aric had Jim turned around. Aric lifted Jim's spread legs over his shoulders and stated to fuck Jim's asshole again. Aric grabbed Jim's hand and placed over Jim's cock making him stroke himself while he got fucked in the ass. Jim masturbated himself with Aric's cock deep in his asshole. We hear Jim moaning and making loud sounds while getting fucked in the ass and when Jim dumped his load on his hand and stomach. Aric made a few more hard pushes and he dumped his load in Jim's asshole.

I sat between Cindy's and Jim's face and told both of them to share my cock and to suck it.

Aric dumped his load in Jim's ass hole while Masen dumped his load in Cindy's pussy. Masen told Jim to lay on his back while he picked up Cindy and placed her on a 69 position with Jim. They both licked and sucked all the cum out of their holes.

We all relaxed and talked for a while. Cindy and I went inside the cold water of the Mediterranean. We talked about Mayo, Raquel and I and also about her and Jim.

When we got out of the water, Masen was telling me that they wanted to go to the other beach which we agreed on doing.

Once we got there, I decided to call the hotel and talk to Mayo. No one answered in the room so I left a message for them to call me at Masen cell phone number.

We got down to the beach and sat close to the dunes and rocks. After being there a few minutes we all decided to go behind the rocks and walked all the way to the end of one of the paths.

Massen asked Cindy and Jim to suck Arick and his cock. Cindy knelt in front of Masen and started to rub and lick his cock with her hands. Jim on the other side was doing the same. It was not long before two guys we had seen in our way there where close to us now and watched Cindy and Jim suck cock. I heard them talking to Aric and Masen in Greek. I saw the two guys get behind Cindy and Jim and lifting them to their feet easily while they sucked cock and bend forward. The two guy got behind Jim and Cindy and after spreading their ass chicks licked their assholes while fingering them. The guy licking Jim's asshole started to suck Jim's cock while fingering Jim's asshole.

Jim lay on his back while he sucked Aric and the other guy fucked his ass and masturbated and played with Jim's cock.

Cindy's pussy was being fucked from behind while she sucked Masen.

Masen lay Cindy on her back and spread her legs wide open while the other guy fucked Cindy's pussy.

It was not long before other beach guys started to show up and placed themselves around Cindy and Jim and watched them getting fucked while they masturbated and touched themselves. They started to take turns fucking Cindy and Jim while they lay on the backs. The guys started to take more control over Cindy and Jim. Literally they were being used by them. Cindy and Jim have become fuck holes for these guys; they were in line waiting their turn to stick their cocks inside an empty hole.

I watched for over one hour different guys fuck Cindy and Jim. I did not want to leave them here alone with these sharks; things could get rougher than it already was. A guy was fingering Jim too hard, he was hurting Jim while Cindy had already had two cocks up her pussy at the same time and now they wanted to do the same with her ass, they were moving her around to get her in position for two guys to do her ass. I thought then that things could easy get out of control; these guys where in too much in control of Cindy and Jim.

I asked Masen for his opinion on this and he let me know that he was about to tell m the same thing.

"Cindy, it is time to go, we better go now; if you guys stay here any longer you and Jim may get physically hurt" I told her.

"Ok" she said trying to get away from the guys around her.

While she pushed her way from the guys, Jim was starting to stand up but the guy on top of him did not want to get off him, he was fucking Jim.

Masen told Jim to let the guy finish fucking his ass in order to avoid problems. We watched the guy fuck Jim and cum in his ass.

We arrived at the beach and watched Cindy and Jim get in the water to clean and refresh themselves.

"Is you wife" Masen told me handing me his cell phone.

My wife had expended the entire day with Raquel by the swimming pool and had just got back to the room. I told her where I was and what had occur during the day.

"Do you mind if we meet at the club later on tonight; we want to go out tonight and we want to expend the entire day tomorrow alone, just the three of us." Mayo told me.

"Sure, I would love to be with both of you alone all day. I'll tell Masen to pick us up around 9:00PM" I told her.

"That sounds good" Mayo told me.

"We'll be there in approximately forty five minutes" I told my wife.

"Masen, do you want to take us again to the club tonight" I asked Masen.

Masen told me that on Friday nights it gets crowded, that it should be fun. We invited Cindy and Jim to come alone with us. Cindy and Jim agreed to meet all of us at our hotel at 9:00PM.

I walked into my hotel fond Mayo and Raquel on the bed talking and having a bottle of wine. They told me they relaxed all day by the pool and behave like good girls all day long. I kept saying to myself; while I admired their nude bodies; how beautiful and how gorgeous my wife and Raquel were and how lucky I was to have them together with me.

Raquel and Mayo had makeup on and both wore skirts and blouses. The both looked great. We were at the bar when we saw Jim and Cindy walk in. We said hi to each other and waited together a few minutes for Masen to show up. We all got into Masen's car and in order for all of us to fit in it I had to hold Raquel on my lap while Jim held Cindy on his lap.

When we got there we saw quite a few people around the bar area. There were maybe 15 to 20 couples and a few single men. Must couples seemed to be from the mid thirties to the late fifties. We sat at the bar and talked for a while. Cindy and Jim were very relaxed watching everyone around us. Raquel, Mayo, Masen and I were having a conversation on some of the guys and local couple that were normal customers of the club. After a couple of drinks we all decided to undress and move to the nude area of the club. We all got undress and each one of us grabbed a towel and walked towards the Jacuzzi where we found two couples in their late forties and three guys chatting. Masen let us know that all of them were Greeks while Masen exchanged some words with them.

After we talked for a few minutes and relaxed in the Jacuzzi, we all got out and walked to the rooms. We walked by two rooms that had some couples and guys having sex; we just watched for a couple of minutes and moved on to the next room. We arrived in a room that had six rare wooden structures, in one of these structures we saw a woman tied up to it. She was on a 45 angle with her chest against the wooden structure; a guy laid under her fucking her pussy while she had another guy with a cock up her asshole and she also was sucking a guy. There were about four guys watching and I believe waiting in line for their turns.

"Interested" I asked my wife.

"I don't know about that, I don't think I will enjoy that, at least not yet" my wife responded.

"What about you Raquel" I asked her.

"I am curious, but not yet; maybe later on tonight" Raquel responded.

While watched a couple in their early forties and two guys arrived in the same room we were. They tied them up and the two guys got a little jar of oil and spread oil around their asshole and her pussy. The guys got behind them and started to fuck them both. A guy walked in front of the woman and started to fuck her mouth; he grabbed her head and fucked her mouth hard.

Masen told me that many of the guys knew this couple and some other couples that go on regular basis to the club and that in a few minutes we would see they guys that know what to do and how to behave with them. Sure thing, a couple of minutes later, there were 3 more guys having sex with them. A guy sucked the guy's cock while he was getting fucked while his wife was being double teamed.

"Ready" I asked Raquel while I touched her asshole.

"Yes, but as long as you get to fuck my asshole first" she told me.

I grabbed Raquel by her hand and laid her chest against one of the wooden structures and tied her ankles and wrists to it. Her asshole what somewhat expose because of the way her chest and bode laid on the 45 angle wooden structure. I was ready to lick her asshole and pussy when I heard Masen telling me not to do that.

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