tagLoving WivesOur Years of Sharing My Wife Ch. 01

Our Years of Sharing My Wife Ch. 01


Up until my wife turned 40, we had never broken our marriage vows. Turning 40, for me was not a big deal. Not so with Jan.

It became the turning point in our lives, that continued for the next 17 years.

We both had careers. She a teacher and I in the military. We only had one child, a daughter. Jan could not have anymore, because of complications during the birth of Diane.

The night of her 40th birthday, we went out for a nice dinner, along the waterfront and afterwards, walked down the street to a lounge, that was featuring a band. Being it was Friday night, the place was jumping.

After a couple drinks, Jan wanted to dance. We danced several dances, slow and fast and when I wanted to take a break and have another drink, she said she was going to just stay on the floor and dance by herself.

That didn't last long before she was approached by a guy, much younger than her. I saw her shake her head yes and they started dancing.

Now Jan looks several years younger than she is, mainly because she is barely 5'4", slender, with D cup breasts that really stand out on her small frame. She is a redhead, with freckles and the whole package just makes her look younger. Not to mention the short skirt and camisole top she was wearing, bare legs and strappy sandals with 2" heels.

I watched them dance for a couple dances, when another young guy, approached, apparently, a friend of her dance partner. They both started dancing with her, one in front and one in back. I watched for the remainder of that dance, then got up and went out to get her.

She didn't object. Told the guys that she enjoyed the dances and walked back to our table.

I had ordered her a drink and after downing about half of it, she stated, "I still have it, don't I."

What could I say, except, "Yes, honey, you do." Little did I know that this would be the beginning of 17 years of sharing my wife, with other guys.

The next week Jan was quite, like something was on her mind and it seemed, at times that she was about to say something and then changed her mind.

By Friday, I had enough and asked her what was on her mind because she had been acting strange all week.

She told me it was about Friday night and dancing with those guys.

"I like the attention, not that you don't give me attention but it was just different, exciting that at 40 years old I could still attract men much younger than myself."

"So what are you saying, that you want to go out with other, younger guys."

"No I am not saying that, exactly, I want to try being with another guy, with you there."

"You want me to watch you with another guy."

"Noooooooo, I want us to invite another guy to have a threesome with us."

"Are you serious, Jan, do you really think I am going to go along with that."

"I was hoping that we could try it and if you can't deal with it, I promise to never bring it up again."

That got me thinking. "Does that mean that we can invite other women into our bed, also. Why should I be tied down to one woman, if you are not going to be tied down to one man."

She got a shocked look on her face. Obviously, she had never thought that would come up.

"Aaaah, well, yes if you found someone, then under the circumstances I would have to go along with it."

Now was the time to get everything out in the open about what she wanted.

"Jan, do you want to go back to that lounge and see if those guys are there or do you want to find someone, some other way.?"

"I think the first guy, David, was hot and I wouldn't mind getting to know him better. The other guy was okay, but to full of himself. "

"Here is what we will do, Jan, we will got there tonight. You get dressed to impress and we will take it from there. If he is there, I suggest we invite him over to our table under the guise of letting him dance with you, as I am not that much into dancing and that you love to."

She was all smiles and threw her arms around me and kissed me like she hasn't done in ages. She was trying to shove her tongue down my throat one second and then sucking on mine the next.

Hell, maybe this wouldn't be to bad after all, I thought, as she let go of me, stroked my cock through my pants and hurried into our bedroom.

I heard the shower start to run and went into watch her. The shower doors are clear glass, put in for my viewing pleasure. She saw me standing there and showed me a small pair of scissors and her razor. The trimmed her landing strip and shaved the rest of her pubic area and pussy. She turned off the shower and I knew, she wanted my to shave her butt crack.

After all of the shaving and trimming was done she took her shower and washed her hair. When she stepped out, I held up the towel for her and she stepped into it and I dried her off.

"No, shoo, let me do my hair and get ready. Why don't you pick out something that you would like to see me in tonight."

Her closet reminds me of a women's clothing store, but I managed to find something, I knew she would look good in, as well as sexy.

It was a yellow sundress, that buttoned up the front, with big white buttons. The bodice, dipped a couple inches and would show off her nice big tits, that would be held up high by the white, strapless half bra I picked out for her to wear. The hem would come to about 5 inches above her knees. As it was summer and quite warm, I chose not to burden her with stockings. My next item was the matching high cut white silk and lace panties. The same white, strappy sandals with the two inch heels, that she wore last Friday, finished off the ensemble.

When she came out of the bathroom, her hair was piled on her head in a random manner, which I always found sexy and a good look for her. She went into her jewelry box and took out a pair of gold hoop earrings and a gold chain that fit tight like a choker around her neck.

I could smell her body lotion, a peach scent that was her favorite. Usually she did not wear perfume when she used that lotion but tonight I saw her dab Satin & Lace between those large globes of her breasts and one on each side of her vagina, before reaching down to pickup the panties and put them on.

"Oh, I like your choice. I knew you would pick that dress. You think I look so sexy in it."

Next she put on the bra and adjusted it so her nipples and most of her areolas were exposed. I saw her turn and she pulled on her big nipples and they stuck out over a half inch.

She unbuttoned the dress and asked if I could hold it so she could slip into it. She always had something for me to do when she gets dressed. Two buttons on the bottom and one on the top were left undone, after donning it. A lot of inner thigh and cleavage would be on display tonight. She slipped into her sandals, buckled them, stood up straight, turned all the way around and asked.

"Is this the effect you were going for?" I had to agree it was.

The last thing she did was put on a pale pink lipstick. Lipstick is the only makeup she ever uses and it always matches the color of her finger and toe nails.

She then walked up to me and put her hands on my shoulders and said, "Honey, no matter what happens tonight, it will be just you and me in our bed, when morning comes."

Now that I was glad to hear. Just hope things work out that way.

Living in a beach community in Southern California, we are blessed with many places to have a great dinner and night time entertainment. We chose a very lively Mexican restaurant for dinner and to show Jan off. She had also developed a desire to exhibit her womanly charms.

After dinner, in which we had consumed two margaritas, we went into the lounge and sat at the bar. Jan faced the room as she slid herself up onto the bar stool. Giving anyone that cared to look, a view that almost exposed her white, lacy panties. Once on the stool, she left the dress where it lay and crossed her shapely, tanned legs. Now she definitely had the attention of many of the males and a table of three women.

I ordered and when the drinks came she turned half way around, facing me and said, "I think I have the interest of some pretty hot guys."

By the time our first drink was almost empty, two more appeared before us.

The bartender pointed to a middle aged gentleman, sitting at a table by himself, at the end of the bar.

We both looked at him and raised our glasses and he waved us over. Jan looked at me and I just shrugged. What the hell, he did buy us BOTH a drink. Jan slid off the stool and gave the bar another flash of high thigh.

As we approached he stood up and introduced himself as David and invited us to sit down. We introduced ourselves, Tom and Jan.

"I couldn't help but notice you twice tonight, first in the restaurant. You sure turned some peoples heads and just now with that exhibition with the bar stool. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that you are looking for a little action on the side tonight, with Tom's approval."

"Let me put it this way, David. If she finds someone who interests her and wants to get to know him better and I approve, yes, she is looking for some action. But not by herself. It would be a threesome, her, you and me. I will not just sit there and watch."

"Jan, is that right?" Exclaimed David.

"That's right. My husband will share me with other men, but will not give me to other men and that's the way it is."

"Any other stipulations?"

I told him, "yes, first, we only get together with another man, at our place and in the guest bedroom where we have a queen size bed. Never in the Master Bedroom. Also, there will be no overnights. Everything else is on the table for discussion."

"Condoms, do I need condoms." I told him yes, we would prefer him to use condoms.

"I have no problem with that. I would wear one whether you insisted or not."

"Then I guess we are in agreement on everything other than, do I want to go to bed with you, along with my husband. I think we need to sit here and have a couple drinks and get to know you a little better."

He told us what he did and that he lived a couple hours drive from here but was in town on business and didn't want to drive home. He was married, they have an open marriage. He was 42 years old, married 22 years and had two kids, both in college.

My wife told him about our life and about herself and that this was only the first time for this. Up until now she had been completely faithful to me.

I interjected at this time. "When she turned 40, it seemed like something got turned on in her and she has this urge to be with two men at once and you are the first approach we have made."

"Well, I am honored, that you would consider me, but I am older than her." He turned to Jan and asked her if she wouldn't want one of those young guys who have been eyeing her and she said if she had wanted one of them, she would be with one of them.

"Fair enough. So am I your first conquest. Will I be joining you and your husband in your guest bedroom?"

"Yes, David, I think I would like that very much."

When we arrived at our home, Jan said she was going to get into something more appropriate and I got David and I a drink, while we waited for Jan to return.

Her return, made me have second thoughts about what was about to happen.

David stood up and said, "oh my god, you are stunning and maybe the sexiest woman I have ever seen."

I had to agree with him, I have never seen her look sexier. She was wearing a purple bustier, with a scalloped bodice, that barely contained her breasts, in fact her areolas were showing. It came half way down her torso and a six inch area of bare skin and then a micro mini skirt that barely covered her pussy and had garter straps attached that held up her sheer black stocking with the six inch lace top. Both parts laced in the back. She had 5 inch black stiletto heels on. I had never seen any of this before.

"How do you like my new outfit. Bought it special, just for tonight."

"Well, David shall we escort this hot, sexy wife of mine into the bedroom?"

"Can I have first dibs on her, Tom." David asked.

"Up to her, it is her night, she calls the shots."

"Both of you get undressed and David, you can have first dibs on my equipment."

He went right for her bare pussy, reaching up under the "skirt" and fingering her, she moaned and I knew he had her. She can't resist having her pussy played with and tonight with David, she was in rare form.

She immediately, went for his cock, rubbing it through his pants. I walked up and took one of her breasts out of her bustier and started sucking on the nipple.

As David continued to add fingers to her wet pussy, she was unbuttoning his pants and pushing them down. He had already taken his shirt off and was standing there now in just his undershorts, with a big hard cock sticking out. I was naked as well and rubbing my cock against Jan's hip, as I sucked her tit.

As he pushed his boxers down, she backed away from both of us so she could get a look at the size of his cock. She was not disappointed, he was a good 8" and half again as thick as me but only about an inch longer.

She looked at me and at his cock and I said. "This is what you wanted. Go for it."

Her knees hit the floor with a bump and her tongue was all over the head of his cock, then up and down the length until she had it all wet, hard as a steel pipe and already dripping precum. Jan was in for one hell of a night.

I let her suck him for a few minutes and then I presented her with my cock. She went at it with the same gusto she had on his. Back and forth, sucking, licking, massaging our balls, lapping up our precum, until she had both of us on the edge. She sucked on him until, he raised up on his toes and bellowed as he shot his load into her willing and open mouth. A moment later she brought me off with her hand and I shot my load all over her face and down onto her tits. We both backed away and his cock popped out of her mouth followed by a string of cum that stayed attached to her tongue, she sucked it back in an swallowed. Some of it falling onto her chin.

Then she scooped my cum off her face the best she could and wiped the rest on my shirt laying on the bed.

"Well, guys, now it is my turn. Get over here so I can get you ready again. I am in bad need of cock and I see two nice ones to give me what I need." She was really getting into this sharing thing. We were both hard in no time but will admit he got there faster than me.

She laid down on her back, still dressed in her new sexy outfit. Little skirt pulled up over her hips, garters undone, heels still on, tits laying on top of the bodice of the bustier. She has never looked hotter.

We both feasted on her B cup tits and bullet hard nipples, causing her to pull our hair and hold us in place. We had no intention of going anywhere at the moment.

After getting her really worked up, we both started down her torso, little kisses, on her soft, slightly damp skin. As we got to the apex of her thighs, I got onto my knees and opened her legs so David could get a good view of her closely trimmed pussy.

He looked at Jan's pussy and then at me. "Guests first." He needed no further invitation. He lowered him self down between her legs, his face right in front of her steamy pussy. I saw him blow on her dewy labia lips, which sent a shiver through her whole body. Then he moved in for the kill, his tongue leading the way. He lapped up the wetness that had developed there and then proceeded to penetrate her most private sanctum with his tongue. She let loose with a loud squeal and shoved her pussy into his face. I saw his tongue moving, stabbing into her very wet folds. His tongue and her thrusting were in unison now and she had his head captured between her smooth thighs. He was going to give her the first orgasm of the night. Only right that the guest of honor be granted that privilege.

As she started to raise her ass off the bed, David, placed his hands under her ass and raised her up until she was resting on them, like she was on a pedestal. Then he pulled back off her pussy, she screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOO, please." His mouth opened all the way, stuck his tongue back into her folds and sucked her pussy into his mouth and started to push his face in and out, tongue fucking and sucking her lips at the same time, all the while she was writhing on his hands, moaning, interspersed with whimper, screeches and an occasional, "OOOOOOOHHHHHH fuck."

After no more than 2 minutes of this, her back came up further, she was suspended between her shoulders and his hands, I saw her eyes roll back in her head, I quickly moved to the head of the bed to smother her scream with my mouth. Good thing I did because a few seconds later, her whole body stiffened as she had an explosive orgasm, her scream even into my open mouth was still loud. She was humping his face, kissing me and whimpering, "yes, yes, yes. Oh my gawd, that was soooooooooo good."

As she relaxed and fell to the bed, David, licked up her juices, moved to the head of the bed and shared them with her in a very passionate kiss.

After watching that spectacle, my cock was hard as a steel rod. She smiled at me and took it into her mouth and sucked me to completion in less than five minutes, swallowed every drop and licked me clean.

"Give me a few minutes to take a shower and catch my breath and then I want both of you to fuck me until I pass out."

Him and I looked at each other and I said, "I think she means she wants to be DPed. You got the bigger cock, so you take her pussy and I will take that tight little ass."

"Suits me just fine," David smirked.

She came out of the bathroom, all freshened up and looking ready to fuck. All she had on were her 2" heeled sandals and smile.

"Well, have you two studs come up with a plan to fuck me until I pass out?" I have never seen her more ready to fuck than she was right then

We both walked up to her. As we stepped in front of her, I reached down and cupped her womanhood, feeling how swollen the lips were and slipped a finger inside, finding her silky folds sodden.

David took her chin in one hand and brought her face around to meet his gaze and he reached around and gave her ass a hard swat, causing her to gasp and shudder. I could feel her cunt begin to get hotter. He licked her face and swatted her again. I knew she loved this kind of foreplay.

We all walked to the bed, David lay down on his back, big cock sticking straight up in the air. The head was purple, wide and blunt. The shaft had veins that stood out and was blood engorged. He held it in his hand and hoarsely spoke, "Get on it. Ride my big cock, you know this is what you have been waiting for."

Without a moments hesitation, she raised her leg and straddled that steel hard, rod of manmeat. Her cunt was so drenched that it slide right in. She let out a gasp, her eyes got real big as she looked over at me standing by the bed and mouthed, "soooooo big." Her and I knew she had made the right choice, for our first wife sharing encounter.

Her cunt continued to absorb his cock, inch by inch until she was sitting on him, completely impaled. A sheen of sweat was beginning to form all over her body, making her look even more wanton.

Once she had gotten used to his size in her, she rose up and dropped back down several times, before stopping, leaning forward so he could suck on her nipples, while I got in position behind her, lubing my cock and placing a few drops on her little brown pucker and working it in with first one, then two fingers. Twisting and turning, making sure she was ready to receive my cock. I pushed her further down so that her tits were laying on his chest and her ass was sticking up in the air, with his cock barely engaging her cunt. As I started to penetrate her sphincter, she pushed back, impaling herself on both cocks, until between her and us pushing, she was to the hilt on both of us. We all stopped and let her adjust to the fullness.

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