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Outdoor Surprise


Outdoor surprise Ann and I were on holiday at a lovely mountain resort where we spent the days hiking the numerous paths around the resort. The exercise and fresh air was really invigorating and re-vitalizing, which made a welcome change to the hum-drum of a normal work week at home. Our evenings consisted of a relaxed drink at the resort bar before sitting down to a scrumptious meal and a bottle of wine. After a great day's exercise, good food and wine, we had great sex every night.

One evening while in the bar we struck up conversation with a German couple that had just arrived at the resort. They were keen mountain walkers and their love of the outdoors showed as they were both fit looking, with trim and taught bodies. They were a bit younger than us and both quite good looking. Fortunately their English was very good and so conversation was easy. We found them pleasant and fun and were happy to meet them in the bar the following evening again.

We were coming to the end of our holiday and Ann and I decided to do one of the tougher hikes on the day before we left. There was a lovely waterfall on this hike ad we were keen to see it.

Getting dressed before breakfast the next morning Ann put on one of my favorite bra and panty sets. She knew I thought she looked rather sexy in them and so teased me walking around our bedroom dressed in just her underwear for a while. I got a bit of a hard on looking at her shapely body covered only in a bra and panty that were quite see-through. Her nipples and pubic patch were quite visible.

I loved the sight and suddenly had the urge to photograph her dressed like that. Ann is normally very camera shy and has not agreed to any suggestive pictures being taken of her in the past. Much to my surprise she hesitantly agreed -- but only after I agreed that I would not show them to anyone else. They were to be for my viewing only.

Excitedly I took out the camera and got her to pose for me in her sexy underwear. I took a few pictures trying to make sure that I could see the sexy bits. She called a stop to the session far too quickly to my liking. However, by then I had a raging hard on that needed relief.

When I suggested to Ann that I needed some relief I was pleasantly surprised that she readily agreed to a quick fuck, instead of just giving me a hand job. With her being so scantily dressed it did not take long get naked. I was further surprised to find how wet she was, without me having worked her up. Clearly she had found it a bit of a thrill posing for the pictures. I didn't discuss it with her but hoped that this would make her willing to pose in the future as well.

The sex was quick but very satisfying for both of us, and it left us hungry for breakfast. As we finished our breakfast our German friends into the dining room. We chatted briefly and mentioned that we were going for a long walk to make the best of the good weather since we were going home the next day. They wished us well and said we should enjoy the hike.

The hike was quite long and steep in places on the way to the waterfall. The weather was also hot and we were glad for the water bottles that we brought along. After about an hour we got the waterfall. Although the flow of water was not great (being in the dry season), the setting was amazing. Standing at the waterfall one had a great view over the valley below. The natural beauty was totally unspoilt and from the bottom of the fall one could not see any sign of civilization.

I was hot from the steep climb and just had to get under the waterfall to cool down. Being such a sheltered, natural setting I just stripped off my clothes and climbed over the rocks to stand under the cool flow of water. It was incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating. As I stood there I called to Ann to join me.

"I can't get undressed here Rick. Somebody might see me," she objected.

"Come on," I urged. "It feels great being naked in this fantastic natural setting. Besides which the water is fantastically cool and refreshing."

I could see she was tempted, but still uncertain as she looked around to assess the threat of being caught naked.

"Do you think we will know if someone is coming?" she asked me for re-assurance.

I pointed out her that we could see the path below us for a long way and that we would almost certainly have fair warning of anybody approaching the waterfall. She looked at me and back at the tempting waterfall, still unsure. I stepped out from under the waterfall and climbed back over the rocks to get to her. Standing next to her I let her feel how cool my skin was from the refreshing water. I think that sealed her decision.

"Okay," she said, "but I want you to keep watch while I am under the waterfall. And you must give me a shout if you see anything suspicious. Okay?"

When I assured her that I would do just that she quickly started to undress. It gave me quite a thrill to see my very sexy wife expose her fit and trim body here in the outdoors. As I watched her stripping off, I felt an urge to take a picture of her naked out here in this beautiful setting. "Honey, I will watch out for anybody approaching only if you let me take a picture of you naked," I tested my luck.

I don't know if she thought this was a real threat, or if she actually had erotic memories of the photo session earlier that morning. Whatever, she surprised me again by agreeing. Wow, I enjoyed getting a full frontal of her, with her hard nipples standing out and her pubic bush in full sight.

As Ann moved past me to the waterfall, she smiled and reminded me that these pictures were for my eyes only. She climbed over the slippery rocks and moved under the refreshing, falling water. Clearly she was enjoying it, and either cold water or the thrill of being naked outdoors made her nipples even harder.

She looked so sexy standing there with the water splashing off her naked body. I did not even ask and took a few more pictures. Ann did not object and was actually laughing for some of the photos. I think we were both getting quite turned on by the whole thing. I was still naked as well and my hard cock was sticking straight out.

We were passing playful, sexy comments to each other and I snapped another few pictures. This had us so engrossed that neither of us saw the German couple approaching.

"Hey this is great. What a beautiful natural place,"Jens commented as he and Ingrid walked up to where I was standing. This was the first we knew of them being anywhere near us.

Instinctively Ann tried to cover her tits and pussy with her arms and hands, while I awkwardly tried to cover up my stiff cock. I saw Ann rapidly assessing the situation and quickly come to the realization that she was best off remaining where she was. She would have to drop her hands covering her if she was to climb back over the rocks to where her clothes were, thereby exposing herself to the Germans. Furthermore she would have to walk right past them to reach her clothes. Staying in the water seemed the safest bet.

Neither Jens nor Ingrid showed any sign of being embarrassed at finding us naked at the waterfall. This did make their unexpected appearance a little less uncomfortable, but I did hope that they would just move on quickly.

"The water looks so cool and inviting. Do you mind if we join you?" asked Jens. Ingrid quickly added, "I would love to cool down under the waterfall. It looks so fresh."

Ann and I glanced at each other trying to sense the others reaction. This was not a situation either of us had ever anticipated and so did not how to respond.

The Germans decided for us by starting to strip off their clothes. Ingrid was soon just in her brief underwear. Trying not to be too obvious I watched as she removed the underwear as well. She really did have a good body. Her tits were small but very pert and topped by nice looking nipples. She also had a nicely trimmed bush, which is something that has always appealed to me.

Jens was still removing the last of his clothes as Ingrid clambered over the rocks to the water.

"Is there place under the water for both us Ann?" she queried as she approached the falling water.

Ann was clearly still very awkward about the situation, and still had her hands covering herself. She nodded to Ingrid and moved over a little to make space for the German woman under the waterfall. Ingrid proceeded to splash under the water giggling and clearly enjoying the refreshing feeling. She clearly had no inhibitions about being naked with other people around. I found myself wondering if they spent time in some of the nudist places in Germany.

Ingrid's relaxed, casual attitude seemed to rub off on Ann and after a while she dropped her hands and splashed naked and exposed under the water as well. Perhaps she also felt that she could not stand there covering up while I was looking at the sexy naked woman right next to her.

I had been so taken in by the antics of the 2 women that I had ignored what Jens was up to. He was now also naked and sporting a semi-flaccid, but still impressive looking cock. He had a camera in his hands.

"Hey girls -- stand closer together so I can get a nice picture," he called to them.

I quickly looked to see how Ann would react to this. She had never been naked in front of other people, and now Jens wanted to photograph her in this state. She had only just accepted that I take pictures of her without clothes on.

"No Jens. I don't want you to have pictures of me naked."

Ingrid quickly responded, "Oh Ann, Jens has seen many naked women. He takes really nice pictures. Come on let's stand together for him."

Ann still hesitated and her hands were covering her tits and pussy again. She seemed to think about it briefly and then responded. "Okay, I will stand with you, but I am keeping my hands covering my private parts."

Jens snapped a couple of pictures. Looking at the results on the digital display he shook his head, and said he thought that they were not creative enough.

"Ingrid, will you and Ann stand facing each other - maybe that will make Ann feel more comfortable. Cover her tits with your hands if she still feels bad about it."

Ingrid guided Ann into position standing almost touching each other, and then asked Ann to look at Jens. It seemed that Ingrid was used to Jens instructing her how to pose. Sliding her hands up to cover Ann's tits, she asked Ann if she felt okay with this pose. They each had their legs crossed over the front, so their pussies were not at all visible. I found myself wondering how Ann felt about being so close to, and being touched by a naked woman.

I heard Ingrid say, "You have nice tits Ann. Bigger than mine." This made Ann blush, but she showed no sign of distress or other negative reaction. Ann always liked me to compliment her on her good body, so even though this comment came from another woman, I felt sure that Ann got a bit of a thrill from Ingrid's compliment.

Jens asked if he could go ahead with the pictures. With Ingrid and Jens having made an effort to accommodate Ann's concerns, Ann hesitantly replied," I guess so."

Ingrid was obviously used to this and she changed position subtly for each picture. I could not help noticing that her hands were gently massaging Ann's tits as she shifted. She actually quite clearly gave Ann's nipples a bit of a squeeze a few times as well. I wondered how Ann felt about this. I did not think that she had ever had a woman touching her sexually before. It certainly was quite a turn on for me. The state of Jens' cock indicated that he too was finding this quite a sexy scene.

"Ann, I want you now to touch Ingrid's tits as well. That will make a very sexy picture," Jens instructed.

Ann glanced at me, a mixture of uncertainty and embarrassment on her face. I just smiled at her and gave an encouraging nod. Ingrid just took Ann's hands and placed them on her tits.

"Touch them as you like Ann. I am quite used to it. Try to make it a bit sexy for the photos." Ingrid gave Ann a big smile and rolled one of Ann's nipples to encourage her a little more.

With the girls both touching each other's tits they looked at the camera and smiled. Very soon Ingrid had slid her hands off Ann's tits exposing them completely and revealing really hard nipples. Clearly Ann was feeling quite stimulated and excited by the way things were developing. She continued to gently fondle Ingrid's tits and seemed unfazed by the fact that Jens was now taking pictures with her tits and nipples totally exposed.

Ann looked questioningly up into Ingrid's eyes. It seemed she was trying to get affirmation from Ingrid that she was doing the right thing -- though I am not sure if that was the right sexual thing or photographically. Ingrid gave her a wink, a sexy smile said to her loud enough for us to hear, "Your hands feel really good Ann. Keep it up."

"Right girls -- give each other a nice kiss under the falling water," Jens instructed.

Once again Ingrid responded easily and comfortably. She leaned across to kiss Ann gently. Ann didn't seem to mind and responded with a gentle, but brief kiss with her lips firmly closed - as if kissing a friend. Ingrid seemed hungry for more and lifted one hand to gently rest behind Ann's neck pulling her forward for another kiss.

This time Ingrid opened her mouth for the kiss. Ann clearly baulked as Ingrid tried to force her tongue into her mouth. Ann stood motionless and her hands stopped caressing Ingrid tits. Ingrid was not going to give up. She moved her other hand up to Ann's tit, gave it a good squeeze and then proceeded to roll that nipple quite hard between her fingers.

As Ann gasped, with a mixture of shock, a bit of pain and certainly some erotic stimulation, Ingrid slipped her tongue right into Ann's mouth. Ingrid continued the intense stimulation of Ann's tit and exploring the inside of her mouth. Ann's resistance did not last long and quite soon she was returning the kiss with some enthusiasm. Her fondling of Ingrid's tits also started up again, but with renewed fervor. Clearly Ann was getting into this and the erotic stimulation was starting to drown her inhibitions. My cock was also responding and was rock hard from watching this erotic show and aching for some attention.

When Ingrid broke off the kiss, she looked across at Jens and me and gave us a big smile.

"Hey Ann, it looks like our men like what they are seeing. Look how hard their cocks are. Doesn't it make you feel sexy to know that men get so excited from seeing us naked touching each other?"

Ann blushed at the forthright comment, but nodded her head in agreement. She did not try to hide that she was having a good look at Jens' impressive shaft which was sticking straight out. Ann looked at me, gave me a questioning 'hope-you-are-okay-with-this' look before her eyes reverted to Jens again. I don't think she had seen any cocks other than mine since we got married.

This was all new territory for both Ann and me. We certainly had never been naked with another couple before; I was reasonably sure that Ann had ever had this sort of experience with a woman before; and here Ann was seeing two men stark naked each with a raging hard-on. Judging by her vey pointed nipples, her flushed look and her enthralled expression at seeing the naked men with raging hard-ons, Ann was clearly very excited by these new experiences. I certainly was.

"Okay girls let's get a few more sexy pictures before I come and join you in the water. Ingrid, you know what I like, so help Ann to get into sexy positions with you."

By now it was quite clear that this was not the first time that Jens was taking erotic pictures of his wife. I found myself wondering how often they had done this with other people before.

Ingrid put her arm around Ann's shoulders turning Ann to face more directly to the camera. Ann seemed to have lost her earlier inhibitions as she did not object to Jens now having a full frontal view. Jens snapped away as Ingrid got herself into different poses with Ann.

Keeping her one arm around Ann's shoulder, Ingrid's other hand drifted over Ann's body before she cupped Ann's tit. She was clearly stimulating Ann, massaging her tit and giving her nipple a lot of attention. I could see that Ann was getting more turned on as her breathing got shallower. She put her arm around Ingrid's waist and lifted her other hand to Ingrid's tits, ensuring that Ingrid also got some erotic stimulation. I was amazed to see how my wife was responding sexually to this other woman, and I found it incredibly erotic.

"Oh yes Ann -- that feels really good. Don't stop," Ingrid said looking into Ann's eyes. Ann seemed encouraged by this and gave Ingrid's nipples a bit more focused attention. Ann obviously wanted Ingrid to enjoy the same sexual thrill that she was experiencing.

At this stage they Ann seemed to have forgotten about Jens and his camera, and Jens was getting some good full frontals of my wife. I had found this all so exciting and stimulating that I had forgotten to take pictures with my own camera. I was just about to reach for it when Ingrid made her next move, keeping me fixated on the scene.

Ingrid drew Ann forward for another kiss. Ann did not hesitate to open her mouth for Ingrid. As their lips touched Ingrid's hand slid down Ann's tummy to her bush and then softly probed for the entrance to Ann's pussy. Because of the way Ann was standing, the top of her legs were tightly together thereby denying Ingrid access to her cunt. Keeping her hand at the top of Ann's thighs, Ingrid broke off the kiss and whispered something into Ann's ear.

I could not hear what she said but Ann responded by shifting her position and easing her legs apart. Obviously she wanted to be touched and fingered by this other woman. Ingrid kissed Ann again and slid her fingers between Ann's open legs. With Ann facing us directly, Jens and I both saw Ingrid slip two fingers up what was clearly a really hot and totally wet cunt. Ann's body shuddered at the thrilling sexual stimulation this woman was giving her.

I could hold out no longer and started stroking my cock, not caring about masturbating in front of the others.

After a brief bit of finger fucking and rubbing of Ann's clit, Ingrid turned to face the camera, keeping 2 fingers up Ann's cunt. The smile on her face as Jens took the photograph seemed to me to as if she was showing off her trophy to the camera. Ann was beyond caring she was so swept up in eroticism.

Ingrid looked at me stroking my cock ever faster. "Rick, I see it excites you to see Ann with another woman. Is this the first time?"

When I nodded my reply she smiled and asked if I wanted to see more.

"Oh yes please. It looks soooooo sexy."

Commenting to Jens that it was time for more pictures Ingrid started circling Ann's clit with her wet fingers and moved her head down to suck on Ann's rock hard nipples. Ann just groaned and her body shuddered again. She looked over at me with questioning eyes, clearly wanting me to indicate that I was okay with what was happening here. This questioning look was overlaid with an expression of sheer lust. Even if I had objected I don't think she would have been able to overcome her highly aroused state and get Ingrid to stop.

I answered Ann by speeding up my masturbation. Jens was amused and took a few pictures of me stroking my cock. I did not care as I was horny as hell and felt I would cum quite soon.

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