My sweetest, dearest ______________,

Thank you for the wonderful letter! After such a long and rough week at work, especially the business trip to San Diego Wednesday and Thursday, it was so nice to come home late Friday night and find your heartfelt and arousing words awaiting me in the mailbox.

All weekend, I've been thinking about the question toward the end of your letter: "What is the most outrageous sexual scenario you'd want to do with me?" You know about my interests, so you asked that while probably expecting something which includes many-tentacled aliens spewing gallons upon gallons of cum both on you and inside you, or perhaps me making love to you with tentacles sprouting from me to participate in the lengthy violation of your body.

On the other hand, you probably are not expecting this, and yes, this is something I have considered long, long before you asked...

You know that I want to get a bondage horse and put you on it. Imagine being perched on a horse with a barely-beveled ridge, your thighs and ankles securely cuffed to the sturdy wooden sides. Your own weight would hurt your pussy nicely, and I must admit that as I write this, I am already starting to harden thinking of how you would suffer just from that experience alone. But, to be fair to you, it would not be entirely painful (I think) -- I would get a bondage horse which can sport a dildo or vibrator rising up from it, so that you are hurting yet nicely impaled, your pussy filled, perhaps with an inflatable dildo so that you can be truly stuffed and obtain some measure of pleasure despite the discomfort and the pain.

Of course, you know my affinity for having your arms bound behind you to thrust your breasts outward and make them more prominent. I believe some rope to lash your forearms together behind you would be just perfect. But I definitely would not want you to fall in any direction, so using rope to create a chest harness which is then connected to the pulley system in the ceiling should prevent you from falling and harming yourself.

Between the forearms lashed together behind you and the rope harness which would nicely accentuate your feminine chest, your breasts would be quite prominent. It would only be fitting to have a pair of weighted toothed clamps biting into your nipples. As you try to subtly shift position on the bondage horse to try to find a more comfortable position, the weights would sway, further agonizing your breasts and further tormenting you.

However, I am torn. You know how much I enjoy hearing you, whether in orgasm or in torment, yet I also know how much you enjoy having me in your mouth. I think that, just this once, I can forego the ability to clearly hear you and instead use the battery-powered thrusting penis gag on you, to give you something to suck on as you endure such an ordeal.

Despite the thrusting penis gag, I am certain that I can still make you scream quite loudly, strongly enough to be heard around the moving obstruction in your mouth. The TENS unit should provide you with enough stimulation to scream for me, especially with the electrodes on either side of your clitoris, your precious nub tortured by the current as I keep slowly increasing the settings higher and higher to truly test just how much pain you can handle.

Could you also handle a thick anal hook? Hopefully you remember the anal hook -- I had once shown it to you in a video clip I had found online. The business end of the anal hook would certainly violate your ass with the other end tied to your forearms, so that as your forearms move, so would the business end of the anal hook.

But why should your forbidden passage have all the fun? In Thursday's mail, I finally received the nose hook I had ordered. That could also be tied to your forearms, again allowing you to control (or not) some of your torture.

While I own them and have yet to use them, I would love to use the tall red Japanese candles on you. I remember how you shuddered in sympathy as we watched a DVD featuring such candles. The screams of those Japanese maidens very much filled my dark heart, and I am fairly certain that you would produce similar sounds, even around the thrusting penis gag. I could cost your shoulders, your chest, and especially your thighs with the scalding red wax, each searing drip causing you to flail about on your painful perch.

...and the blindfold would rob you of sight, making each drip of wax all the more torturous.

How long could you endure all this? How much could you suffer for me before your limits would be reached? How exhausted would you be when finally released and settled upon the floor so that I could fiercely inseminate your screaming body?

How would such a scenario transform us both, individually and as play partners? I for one would love to find out, and I suspect you would as well.

For now, unfortunately, that is strictly in the realm of fantasy, although while perhaps outrageous, it is indeed very doable. All that I currently lack are the bondage horse and the anal hook, but given how this year is going thus far, I could definitely afford to buy both with the year-end bonus and fly you here to spend a long weekend with me to be both tortured and worshipped as the sexual goddess you are. Until then, however, we can both enjoy the sweet anticipation...

- MG

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