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Overweight Sister-in-Law


I couldn't ask for a sweeter Sister in Law, she has always accepted me into the family and is a great Aunt to the children. Melinda and I have been together for awhile, going on 7 years. Beth, her older sister lives right down the street, so after her divorce last year she has plenty of time to help us with the kids. Melinda wanted to go out last Friday night to a Play she had heard good reviews on, so we asked Beth to stay with the kids.

Beth is probably 250 pounds, and on a 5'4" frame she looks larger than she is. She really is pretty, just a bit large. Her tits are huge and hang to the top of her belly, And her legs are small, they look like they would have a hard time supporting her weight.

"I'm worried about Beth, I don't think she as gone out on a date since her divorce. She acts happy enough, but I know her too well to let the act fool me. She is hurting inside."

"I don't know what I can do for her honey, I'm a married man! If I was to bet on it, I would have to bet she just needs a good fucking though. That seems to cure most your problems anyway." I laughed

"Tommy, sometimes you can be such a prick!" Melinda told me with a smile.

We saw the show and stopped to have a couple of drinks on the way home, just enjoying the relaxation we didn't ever get enough of. When we walked in the house, We heard Beth. She was crying. Melinda went to her asking.

"Beth, what's the matter hun? Are you alright?"

Beth dabbed at her tears, "Yes, I'm just a little down is all! I'll be OK."

I knew I should stay out of this conversation, so I went and changed into my running shorts and ran around the block a couple of times. That gave them time to talk alone and me to get the run that I had missed earlier. There is a small black dog that always waits in hiding for me to run, he had never caught me yet, but he did tonight. The little bastard ran out and caught me on the ankle, almost tripping me. Not a bad bite, just enough to piss me off and rip my sock.

I ran on home, and when I got there Melinda asked,"What happened to you? Pointing at my ankle. I looked and sure enough that little bastard had broke the skin and I was bleeding. The little fucker, next time I'm kicking the shit out of him.

Melinda went to get some band aids and medicine to put on it. I sat on the couch next to Beth, Beth is an RN and said she would do it for me. I was amazed at how tender her touch was as she cleaned and dressed it for me, I am a big baby when it comes to pain and I cried out a couple of times when she cleaned the small wound.

"You big titty baby!" Beth said to me, "I've seen 5 year olds that didn't act like you do!'

I smiled at her, "That's one of the reasons I married your sister, she has big titty's"

Beth laughed and finished up, Melinda had gone to change and came back asking what all the laughter was about. I told her and she just cocked her eyebrow at me like she does at the kids when they act up. I got up and made us all a stiff drink, and we sat on the couch drinking and chatting.

Both Melinda and Beth cannot hold their liquor, another reason I married Melinda, 2 drinks and I was gonna get laid! Melinda was on her third and Beth was trying to catch up it looked like. I made Beth another and sat between them.

"Not much better in life than sitting between two lovely ladies getting plastered!" putting my hand on each ones thigh as I said it. "Who knows what may happen here tonight, The SHADOW knows, Mwhahahaaa!"

They both had a good laugh and Melinda told Beth,

"It's good to hear you laughing!"

"I'm laughing because Tommy is tickling my thigh!"

And Melinda grinned as Beth bopped me on the arm, "Stop it you masher!" she grinned.

I didn't move my hands, and neither one asked me too. Melinda was getting pretty drunk by now and her hand had slid up to my crotch, she gave it a squeeze, feeling it grow in her hand.

"If you two want some privacy, I can go home!" Beth told us when she saw what was happening.

"Naw, I like an audience, it just makes Melinda hornier!" I lied.

I really thought Melinda would stop playing with my dick in front of her sister, but it only seemed to egg her on.

"You want to touch it Beth?" Melinda asked.

My eyes popped open Melinda said that, one that she had said it, and two, I couldn't tell if she was kidding or not.

"It's been so long since I held one I wouldn't know how Melinda!" Beth told her.

Wait a damn minute here, this was my dick they were talking about, and they acted like I wasn't even in the room.

"Hell Beth, it's like riding a bicycle, it's something you don't forget how to do!" and she giggled, letting me know that she had one drink to many. I felt her hand trying to take my dick out and show her sister.

"Melinda, I think you should stop now hun, a jokes a joke. And I really don't think that Beth wants to see my dick."

"Your just an old fuddy duddy Tommy, she want's to see it, don't you Beth."

Beth's eyes were on Melinda's hand on my dick, and she shook he head yes.

"Yeah and tomorrow when you sober up it will all be my fault, no thanks!"

I got up and went to our bedroom, got undressed and climbed into bed. About 10 minutes later Melinda came in, "You're a sorry fucker Tom!"

"What? Why am I so sorry?" What did I do now?" Knowing when she called me Tom, she was pissed.

"You made Beth cry again!" she slurred, "You think she's a fat pig and it hurt her feelings."

"I never said that, why would she think I said that for?"

"Because, you wouldn't let her play with your fucking dick you shit!"

Well, I would never say anything that mean to Beth, and had really thought they had been joking about the dick thing, until the end.

"So then, let me get this right, You want me to go show your sister my dick. And you won't get mad at me for doing it tomorrow?"

"Yep, you're the one that said she needed a good fucking, and you're a good fuck!" squeezing my cock when she said it.

"Well, I'm not going in there, if you want it then bring her in here."

I was in the clear now, I knew they wouldn't come in here. Boy was I wrong, a minute later Melinda pulled Beth in by her hand.

"Go on Tommy, show us your dick you coward!"

I sleep in the nude and they both know it, told them no again, and Melinda grabbed the covers before I knew it and yanked them off me. OK, now they see it and will leave me alone. Wrong again, Beth gasped, her eyes wide staring at my cock as it lay across my thigh, already about half hard. She licked her lips as she stared at it. I wondered what would happen now, would Melinda wake up and stop this nonsense? Would she let it go on?

She let it go on, "Touch it Beth, it's nice!"

I felt her hand touch it and I looked at Melinda, she mouthed to me behind Beth's back, "Go on, Fuck her!"

I looked at her and mouthed back, "Are you sure?" she shook her head yes.

By the time we had done that Beth had her hand around my cock and was jacking it off slowly. It was getting hard in her soft hand, her eyes never left it, as if she was hypnotized by it as it grew in her hand.

"Suck it Beth, he loves a good head job, don't you Tommy!"

"Yes I do baby, you know I do!"

I watched as Beth moved her face down to my hard cock and took it in her mouth. I kept an eye on Melinda, waiting for her to sober up and kick my ass. She didn't, in fact, she got in bed beside me and watched as her sister sucked my cock. And Beth knows how to suck a cock too. Maybe it's true about large women, they love to eat, and love to suck cock more.

I put my arm around Melinda, and we watched as Beth got on the bed between my legs, her mouth never leaving my dick. On her knees now, she had total access to me, It was feeling so good that I put my hand on her head and pulled her face down on my cock. She did things a lot different than Melinda when she sucked it. Beth used her tongue more, swirling it around the head of my dick, and when she sucked it, I mean She SUCKED it!

Her mouth was wet and hot and her hand jacked me off in her mouth while she fucked me with her face.

"Oh Shit Beth, Damn that feels so good. Don't stop, Shit, don't stop!"

Melinda had moved her hand to her pussy and was fingering it, watching her sister suck me off was really turning her on. My hips had started moving and I was soon fucking Beth's mouth.

"You keep that up Beth and I'm going to cum!"

"Yeah baby, cum in her mouth, give it to her baby."

I held Beth's head as I shot my thick load in her mouth, Melinda and I had not had any sex for a couple of days, So I know it was more than a mouth full. And Beth took it all, She moaned as it hit the back of her mouth, gulping it down as spurt after spurt shot into her hot sucking mouth.

"Ahhhh, Yeah, suck it down Beth. Get it all Beth!" I told her as her mouth worked.

I heard her going, "Mmmmm!" after she took her mouth off my cock. She looked at me and smiled, Melinda was now cumming with her finger working in her wet pussy. I put my hand under her shirt and played with her thick nipple, adding to her pleasure. Beth crawled up beside me and put her head on my shoulder.

"If we are going to so this, then we may as well do it right. You girls take your clothes off, If I'm going to be naked, then so are you."

Beth got up and took off her shirt, her tits barely contained in her large bra. Then took off her shorts, she had on some big panties, the ones that come up almost to the belly button. I could tell she didn't trim or shave her pussy, the dark bush showing through the thin material of her panties. And she has a lot of it, when she took off her bra, her large tits fell out. The nipples thick as my thumb, standing on top of her aureolas which had to be as wide as a coke can, they are fucking huge. I watched as she removed her panties, the sight of her hairy pussy caused my cock to stand up.

I have never been much of a fan of larger women, preferring ones much smaller than Beth. But something about her made my cock as hard as it had ever been, perhaps it was the contrasting shapes of the two sisters, or just the thought that I would soon be fucking her. I had been faithful for 7 years and now would not be, since eatin' aint cheatin'!

Melinda also got undressed, her 115 pound body much shapelier than her older sisters, her tits half the size or less than that. Firm and very little sag in them. The areolas, about 2"s around and nipples that were barely nubs, but sensitive Her waist melted in her flared hips. Major differences in the two of them.

I was looking at Melinda as she undressed, and I felt Beth's hand on my dick, knowing I had nothing to lose I turned to her and kissed her thick lips, her tongue raced to my mouth and I stuck my hand on her hairy gash. Beth was dripping she was so wet. I slid my finger down her slit, sliding it along her pussy lips. Stopping to rub her clit as I did.

She opened her thighs wide and her hips bucked as I tweaked her clit between my finger tips. I stuck my finger inside her hot pussy and it seemed to pull it in her. And she was tight, much tighter than Melinda, not that I would EVER tell Melinda that. But I could tell, I started finger fucking her and I felt Melinda's hand on my cock. I moved my face down to Beth's large tit and sucked all of it in my mouth that would fit, sucking her long thick nipple like she had sucked my cock. Her hands went to my head and pulled me to it, smashing my face on her tit. It spread out like a water balloon as I sucked it in, so I put both of my hands around it, one wouldn't fit, and squeezed it until her tit stood up, not out laying on her chest like they had.

While I was sucking her titty I was thinking about how hairy her pussy was, and I wanted to eat her pussy, Melinda likes to keeps her's trimmed and you can see her pussy lips when they puff out in her excitement, from what I could tell about Beth's pussy you would have to pry it apart to see her pussy lips. The thought of her hairy pussy was exciting me more than I had been in a long time.

I moved my face down to it, she opened her legs wide for me. I was right, even though our bedroom lights were dimmed, I could tell that Beth had the hairiest pussy I hade ever seen. I used two fingers and my thumb to open her pussy up, she was so wet that I had to try twice because my fingers slid off. I stuck my face between her thighs and licked her from top to bottom then back again. She cried out as my tongue hit her thick clit.

"Oh Fuck Yes Tommy, lick my pussy baby. Oh God it's been so long. Suck my pussy Tommy."

I licked the hairy gash, her hands wrapped in my hair, forcing it deeper between her thighs, the hair on her pussy was surrounding my face and ears while I fucked her with my tongue. She was sloppy wet as I felt her start to cum.

"Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, eat my pussy. Yes there, like it right there Tommy. Oh Mother Fucker I'm cumming, Oh yes I'm cumming now!"

Melinda was urging me onto make her sister cum, "Fuck Yes Tommy, eat her pussy baby. Fuck her with your tongue!"

I didn't need the urging, I wanted to eat this pussy worse than any other I ever had before. Beth tasted great as her creamy juice shot in my mouth, I felt my cock throbbing . It wouldn't for long, I moved up and told Melinda.

"OK, you wanted me to fuck her, you put my cock in her pussy then!"

Melinda didn't hesitate a second, her hand grabbed my cock and aimed it at Beth's dripping pussy. Beth held her thick pussy lips open as I slid forward, the head of it touched her pussy and her hips jerked towards my pelvis. She was trying to get it in her as soon as she could, having been without for nearly a year or more. I felt the head slip in a bit and stop, she was so tight I was going to have to force it in. Melinda was rubbing my cock in circles trying to wet the head of it and Beth was humping her hips to me. I had enough of trying to be gentle with her and I rammed my cock in her hairy pussy, I got all 7"s of it in with one stroke.

"Oh Fuck Tom, Oh shit it feels so fucking good!"

I was in such a state of mind that I didn't care if it felt good or not, all I knew was this was without a doubt the tightest cunt I had ever been in and I didn't try to take my time, I wanted to fuck Beth hard and fast, my lust for this large woman over powering any other emotion I had. I felt her pussy clinging to my wide cock as I fucked her and sucking it in her when I shoved it roughly to her open legs. Beth started cumming after my third stroke, her fingers were rubbing her clit while she was crying out.

"Fuck me, Fuck me hard. Oh, Oh yes Tommy fuck my pussy. Oh my oh my, fuck it harder. Fuck my pussy harder"

I had a sweat building on my back from the exertion of trying to get my cock to come out her back as I slammed it harder. I held myself above her with my arms outstretched by her shoulders and watched as her flabby tits bounced when I slammed my cock in her pussy. Melinda had gotten her vibrator out and was using it on her wet slit, watching me as I fucked her older sister, her eyes on my slick cock sliding in and out of Beth's hairy pussy. I could feel the wetness on my balls as I continued to fuck her roughly, her head rolling side to side as she came again. Her mouth hanging open trying to catch the breath that was being knocked from her when I fucked her hot tight cunt as hard as I could.

"Oh Shit Beth, I'm cumming Beth, Fuck me now, make me cum!"

"Cum in me Tommy, fuck my pussy and cum in me. Fill my pussy up with your hot fucking cum Tommy!"

I fell on her big tits smashing them between our hot bodies when I felt myself shooting my load in her clutching pussy, her arms and legs wrapped around me pulling me as close to her as she could. Trying to get every ounce of my spunk, I felt her pussy working on my spurting cock. After we had finished I turned and looked at Melinda, the vibrator on full speed and her eyes closed when she came.

"Oh fuck that was so hot, I've never seen anything so fucking hot before Tommy."

"Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it myself honey, Thanks Beth and Thank You Melinda!"

Beth was in a dream state, her eyes closed as she regained her composure, the sweat glistening on her huge tits and her chest heaving.

"Oh no Tommy, thank you, I can't remember the last time I had a good fuck, or that I came so many times. I usually just cum once when I do it myself, then fall asleep!"

"So does Tommy!" Melinda lied to her sister smiling.

We all fell asleep in our bed that night, When I woke up I saw Melinda on one side and Beth on the other. Fuck it had been real, Melinda is going to kill me when she wakes up and remembers. I glanced over at Melinda, she was sleeping peacefully, her hair a mess and lightly snoring. I turned over and looked at Beth, She was on her side facing away from me. The covers only half covering her large ass, I looked at her ass cheeks. Each one would make Melinda's whole ass, and it was covered in cellulite.

My cock was getting hard from staring at it, What the fuck! Fat girls don't turn me on, or do they! I do think they do now, I slid over and stuck my hard cock between her ass cheeks in the crack of her ass. I slowly humped against her and I felt her hips start humping me back. I reached around her and grabbed one of her flabby tits, pinching her thick nipple in fingers. She let out a deep sigh and held my hand on her tit.

I put my dick to her slit and tried to get my cock in her and couldn't, so Beth put her hand between her legs and opened her pussy for me. I had to put one of my legs between hers to get to it and I slid in her slowly, I could feel every dimple in her ass on my stomach when I was fully in her. And her pussy was so tight that I could feel the ripples inside her wet slit against the sides of my cock.

This was too wild, never in all the years I hd known these two would I ever have thought about fucking Beth, much less fuck her with Melinda in the same bed with us. But here I was doing it, and enjoying every second I was in Beth's hot tight cunt. I pulled on her nipple roughly and she moaned, my cock slid in and out slowly trying not to wake Melinda.

Never had any pussy felt as good as this, and I had my share before I got married, hopefully more than my share. I was doing a good job of being careful and quiet, Beth was not. "Big ass, Big Mouth" I guess.

"Hey, you Bastard! You could have at least woke me up to see it."

Hmm, at least she wasn't pissed. And Melinda got down below Beth's feet to watch my cock fuck her. Her eyes wide as they took in the sight of my cock in her sister's slick pussy, Beth's hand rubbing her clit and my balls getting covered in her creamy pussy juices. This really was too wild, I had known for sure Melida would wake up, remember what we had done, then tell me she wanted a Divorce! But here she was almost as excited at me fucking her sister as I was fucking her sister! The fucking pervert I smiled to myself!

I stopped since Melinda was awake there was no need to be quiet, So I got Beth on her hands and knees then slid in behind her. I stuck my hard cock back in her tight pussy, sliding past the soft folds of her pussy lips and teasing her pussy with the head of my cock I fucked her. Only letting her have the tip of my dick, I grabbed about 5 pounds of ass flesh in each hand and squeezed it tightly. Watching the cellulite spread out between my fingers, making my cock even harder.

I was so fucking hot, I rammed my cock in her harshly and began to fuck her in earnest. Her cries loud and continuous as she felt it hit the back of her pussy. My balls hitting her big clit as they bounced along with her ass cheeks. I was amazed at the sight of her ass as it rippled under my sexual assault, like waves when you throw a rock into a pond they spread out.

Her throwing her ass back to me to meet my hard cock as it hit her womb. She came loudly and Melinda stared at the creamy juice on my cock as it slid in her pussy, the one she had told me to fuck her sister with. I was pulling Beth to me with her ass and felt my cum boiling in my heavy balls, waiting to explode in her pussy. We didn't wait long.

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