tagBDSMOwner's Manual Ch. 05

Owner's Manual Ch. 05


I had just had an orgasm without my Master permission. I had watched my daughter be ravaged my Master's many male slaves for hours and I was aroused. His rough ministrations of my body were more than I could resist, but to my Master this no excuse. I was quickly hosed off and a thick leather belt was placed around my waist. There were several rings fastened around the belt. My wrist and ankle cuffs were returned and tightened. As I had been since we left port I was naked and exposed for all the guests and crew to see. My belt was clamped to the rigging and I was hoisted up on the bow of the yacht. I was lowered below the sprit and eased onto a large phallus that protruded from the front of the boat. My belt was cinched to the sprit and my arms were raised above my head and lashed to the sprit. I now resembled the mermaid figures that were seen on many older sailing vessels. My weight was primarily held by my wrists and the belt around my waist, but I was forced to ride the thick cock-like phallus. I was now, for the entire world to see, being fucked by Master's yacht.

When I realized what was happening my ultimate humiliation was there for everyone to witness. I rode the waves of rocking to and fro on Master's yacht's cock. My cunt was utterly filled and I grunted with rock of the boat. I rode this way for what seemed like hours. My orgasms were in the hundreds. I lost count because I would lose consciousness. At least until a cold wave would splash and wake me to my torture again. Master's cruel fuck was made even worse by the audience it attracted. Many of Master's guests had worked there way to the railing to watch my torture. The men were having the cocks sucked by their assigned slave, as well as, the Mistresses having their cunts serviced by their slaves.

I could see that we were approaching an island. I thought that my torture would end soon. I was fucked all the way to the dock. All of Master's guests were debarked and escorted to their accommodations. Master had ordered the ship slaves to remove me. I was unceremoniously taken down. I feel like a heap on the dock. Each slave stopped and masturbated, leaving their deposits on my body. Many that had no more cum to give merely urinated on me.

Finally, two young female slaves came and escorted me to the stables. I was cleaned and my body was massaged. I remained naked and finally was given a stray bed to lie in. I feel asleep as soon as my head hit the soft straw.

I was awakened the next day by Jennie, my slave sister from Master's yacht. She made no verbal sounds, just quickly cleaned me up and made me presentable. I was led to Master's house in my wrist and ankle cuffs on, as well as, my collar. Jennie led me to the great room of Master's house. There were several guests in various acts of sex with slaves and other guests. I was placed in front of Master and I quickly fell at his feet, kissing them and begging for his favor. I was instructed to assume the presentation position. He asked if I had learned my lesson of unauthorized orgasms. I quickly nodded my head.

While I was busy with Master, I could hear a girl being roughly brought into the room. The slaves deposited the burlap bag in front of my Master. Master pulled at the cord that secured the top and a young girl emerged. I soon recognized her to be my other daughter Maura. Now Master had both of my daughters, Lei Lei (18) and Maura (19). I had agreed to come be Master's slave to prevent them from harm and now we are all Master's slaves. I begged Master not to harm Maura. He laughed and told me that I would be directly responsible for her deflowering.

Two large male slaves were brought forth and I was instructed to hold their cocks in my hands. My wrists cuffs were secured to the base of the cocks. I could not move my hands away from their engorged dicks. I stroked them as Master and the guests watch on. Master had Maura kneel down in front of the first slave. His cock was at the opening of her young mouth. Her sweet lips parted and the cock slipped into her mouth. Her lips met my hand and I tried to touch her face but could not. The slave grabbed her head and started to quicken his pace. Master had him pull his cock out and had me rub the glistening dick on my daughter's face. Master grabbed her hair and forced onto the other slaves cock. This brought me face to face, kneeling between these two slaves. My hands strapped to their cocks as my daughter pleasured them. I watched intently as my daughter took each cock expertly into her mouth. Soon her mouth was catching their cum as it erupted from the engorged cocks. Some of the nectar was spilled onto her breasts and nipples. Master had me clean the spilled cum from my daughter's breasts. She moaned as I licked her nipples, sucking them into my mouth. I could feel her lips on my hand as she submissively cleaned their cocks with her mouth.

Master had Maura get on all fours. He moved his hands up and down her body, exploring the clefts with his strong hands. He cupped her breasts and mentioned that he would soon have them enlarged to match her sisters. He even mentioned that maybe I would go along and have my nipples pierced with her. I was still stroking the two slaves. The straps of my cuffs acted like a cock ring and didn't allow their cocks to deflate much after they had cum into my daughter's mouth. I stroked their cocks, my hands slipping on the meat, still wet from their cum and my daughter's saliva. Master was finger fucking my daughter as the two slaves moved into position. One entered her mouth again, as the other parted her wet labia and sank his cock to where my hand was. My hands were at either end of my prostrate daughter. She was being fuck in the mouth and cunt. My hands were gripping the hard cocks and being pushed into my daughter's cunt and her face with every thrust from these very sturdy young men. At first I couldn't believe that I was involved with the deflowering of my daughter, Master, I'm sure had other plans for her. My pussy was wet as I had a front row seat for this bizarre sex show.

As the two slaves cocks began to swell, I worked them with my hands. The stud fucking my daughter's sweet pussy was grunting his satisfaction as Master grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed me towards him. I instinctively opened my mouth as he began to erupt into my tongue. I tried to turn to Master for the order to swallow as the other slave began groaning. His cum hit the side of my face as I turned to him catching the last thick ropes of his jism, my instincts were kicking in as I started to clean the cocks of each slave. Maura, now left cockles rose to help her mother clean the slaves cocks of the mixture of their cum and her own. We kissed frequently as we completed our task. I have always loved that my daughters were beautiful and attractive but I have realized that beauty attracts all kinds and we are all now Master's slaves to do his bidding and satisfy his every wicked desire.

Master tugged on my hair, spinning me around. Maura moved to kneel beside me. He leaned in to stoke my face and wipe some of the excess cum. He then offered it to Maura and she submissively licked it clean. He smiled and patted both of heads, telling us that we were to go and clean up and prepare ourselves, Lei Lei, Maura and myself, as someone special was coming to visit us.


To be Continued...Please continue to comment, vote and e-mail your thoughts and honest feelings about the storyline. The negative comments sting, but are all read.

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by Anonymous

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by kolhauszer10/20/17

personally i feel it was very different ,very erotic and very perverted as it should be

for the deviant minded i feel that this story is very well done..of course this is all the work of fantasy and when one reads from thier mind lets say it can not be as real as if it has happened in actualmore...

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by Anonymous10/09/17

Sick ....

I've read some horror stories on this site, but this is the sickest one by far. The first installment turned my stomach, but I kept reading. I knew it would get better. It didn't; each successive chaptermore...

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