tagBDSMPaddled for Pleasure

Paddled for Pleasure


I heard that familiar knock and immediately fell to my knees in front of the door, opening it hurriedly, wantonly, hungrily! I was so hungry, in fact, I almost attacked him as soon as I opened it. He grabbed me by the hair gently, and pulled my face up to look at him and laughingly asked if I could at least wait until he sat down.

On my knees, naked and starving, I smiled and said "No, Sir!" and tugged against his hands, moving my mouth to trace the outline of his cock through his jeans. He groaned and murmured that I was so good at cocksucking that he couldn't wait either.

He moved back against the chair, and using it to steady himself, allowed me to indulge and teethe along his growing shaft through his pants. As my teeth lightly traced his cock, my fingers quickly found the zipper to his jeans and tugged it down. I moved my mouth to the top of the zipper and let my tongue trail down the opening as I slowly slid his jeans down over his thighs, the wet trail from my tongue following the discarded pants, right to the tip of his cock. As his jeans hit the floor, my lips nibbled softly at the tip of his cock and he fell back into the chair, moaning "Damn girl! You are a hungry little slut, aren't you?"

I gently sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and ran my tongue all around it, savoring the texture and taste against my warm, wet mouth mumbling, "Mmm, yes Sir."

He began unbuttoning his shirt, as I slipped my mouth from his cock and ran a pointed tongue along the vein on the underside. I then gently flicked my tongue across the slit and ran it back down the top of the shaft, coating the length with a sheen of saliva. I then sat back on my knees, smiled at him, and slowly untied each shoelace. I leaned forward after untying both laces, and took his cock in my mouth, sinking just the head between my lips and sucked and licked all around it. I slowly let it slip from my mouth again and removed one shoe, then the other, again smiling at him the entire time. Leaning forward once again, I slipped half the length of his cock into my mouth and sucked ever so gently, then pulled my lips free from it once more, making a suctioning noise as the head popped from my mouth. Smiling at him yet again, I slowly removed first one leg, then the other, of his jeans and folded them neatly and placed them on the table beside us.

His cock was hard, pointing straight up as he sat, patiently waiting for the return of my mouth. I teasingly ran my fingernails up his thighs, as I maneuvered comfortably between his legs. I began with slow, soft kisses along his abdomen, inching ever lower, my fingers dragging along his flesh, teasingly close to his groin. Soft kisses turned to gentle nibbles as my lips moved closer to the object of their desire. Feeling the warmth radiate from his cock, my tongue darted out, barely caressing the tip, as my fingers lightly trailed over his balls. I let my nails lightly graze his sac, while my tongue lapped around the head of his now throbbing cock. I slowly enveloped the tip with my lips and began to glide the entire length of his cock deep into my mouth, the fingers of one hand now wrapping softly around the base of his balls, cupping them gently, the thumb of my other hand pressing ever so slightly behind them, teasing the spot just below his sac. I gently but firmly pressed my palm against his balls, forcing them to the base of his cock so that my tongue could slip out from between my pursed lips and lap at them, while his cock was buried deep in my throat.

Massaging his balls, I pulled back ever so slowly from his cock, coating it with saliva. I nibbled along the length, up and down the sides, along the top, down the underside, nipping at every inch of his hard shaft, feeling it pulse against my tongue and lips, as I moved over it's length, time and time again. He moaned softly as he wrapped his hands in my hair, following the slow steady movements of my head as I continued to enjoy his cock. I sucked his cock into my mouth and began using my jaw muscles to massage the shaft. My lips tight against the soft skin, I sucked hard and slid up and down it's length several times. Catching him just under the ridge, I used my bottom lip to massage the thick vein underneath, rolling my lips over my teeth and inching it further and further down the shaft until my nose was buried against his groin. He groaned and gasped and told me that I was indeed an incredible cocksucker, as I gulped and swallowed, the constrictions in my throat noticeable against the head of his cock.

I then began to move my mouth up and down the length of his cock, swaying my tongue along the underside each time I moved up it's length. Hungrily, my movements increased in tempo, until I was sliding his cock in and out of my mouth quickly, my fingers still gently probing his balls and lightly teasing towards his ass. Wanting to enjoy his cock for a while, I slowed my movements a bit and felt him rise to stand before me, his cock still buried in my mouth. He then began to slowly fuck my mouth, holding my head between his hands, filling my throat with each lunge forward. My tongue dragged along his cock every time he pulled his hips backward and my lips gulped him down on every thrust forward. Soon he was fucking my mouth hard and fast, watching his cock slide in and out of my throat. His movements slowed and I slid my hands up the back of his thighs and gripped his ass, pulling him tight to my face. I held him deep in my throat for a minute, before I began to move my head back and forth, pulling him deep into me, again fucking my mouth, only with less urgency. Suddenly he wrapped his hands in my hair and pulled me from his cock.

He then climbed onto the bed, and positioned himself comfortably, as I slinked my way between his legs and wrapped my arms under his thighs. My fingers lightly teased his pubic hair, while my tongue barely grazed the tip of his cock, tasting a tiny drop of precum. Again I slowly worked my mouth over his cock, up and down it's length, and mouthing up one side then down the other. I lapped at his balls, trailing my tongue over them, then sucked them softly into my mouth and toyed with them with my tongue, pointing it and pressing it between and all around them, my fingers now wrapped around his shaft, lightly stroking it. I slid my lips up the underside of his cock, and suctioned against the taut skin, letting my hand glide over the tip. I moved my mouth once again over the head and sunk the entire length deep into my throat in one motion, my hand leading my mouth down the shaft. He gasped and groaned as I began to sink deep onto his cock again and again, letting my fingers trail behind my lips. My pace quickened and I felt his cock pulse and throb against my tongue, his balls pull up tight, and his back arch. He moaned as my mouth sucked tight against his cock, over and over, faster and faster, until he grabbed my head, screamed and thrust his cock deep into my throat.

I felt the first burst of his cum hit the back of my throat and heard him gasp, "Don't swallow yet! Hold it in your mouth and then let it dribble down my cock and over my balls." Feeling my throat fill with his warm liquid, my nose pressed tight against his groin, I managed to smile slightly, letting him know I would do as he asked. As the last spurt filled my mouth completely, I pulled back slowly, letting his cum seep from between my lips and coat his cock. As I pulled my lips from his spent, semi-hard cock, the last of his semen flowed freely from my mouth and ran down the shaft, coating his cock and balls.

Barely audibly, he rasped, "Now I want you to clean my cock and balls and don't miss a drop." I smiled a huge smile and devoured his cock immediately, forgetting how sensitive he would be. He groaned quite loudly as I sucked his softening cock into my mouth and sucked against the sensitive organ, hard! My tongue lapped at every inch, all the while he squirmed and moaned and bucked against my face.

Letting his now flaccid cock slip from between my lips, I licked and nibbled all around his groin, finally sucking every drop of his cum from his balls. His body relaxed and he moaned softly as he sunk into the bed, caressed my head, and told me that I was a very good little slut. I smiled up at him and snuggled against his legs, while he recovered.

Soon, he sat up and smiled at me, telling me how wonderful a job I had done and that I should be rewarded for my enthusiasm. He instructed me to get my nipple clamps, my butt plug, my flogger and leather paddle from my bag. I jumped up and gathered the items he requested, handing them to him. He smiled as he set each one down and ordered me back onto the bed on my back. He grinned evilly, dangling the clamps in front of me, and said "I think we will start with these first."

My nipples immediately hardened at the mere mention of the clamps and he chuckled, commenting on their responsiveness. He slowly dragged the chain over my breast and attached the first clamp to my left nipple. I gasped as I felt it's tightness bite into my hard nub. He trailed the second clamp across my chest and let the chain rest playfully between my breasts, before he attached the other clamp to my right nipple, this time eliciting a low moan from my lips. He smiled down at me and ran his finger lightly under the chain, barely lifting it from my breastbone. Suddenly, he tugged it sharply, causing the clover clamps to tighten against my nipples. I moaned loudly and arched my back as he tugged the chain further from my body, sending a tingle directly to my clit.

He smiled and said "Not yet sweetie," and then instructed me to turn over and lay flat on the bed. As I did as he wished, my breasts mashed against the linen and reminded me of the clamps so tightly biting into my nipples. The pain was exquisite! My body tensed, as my orgasm fast approached. He slapped my ass playfully and told me I had better not cum just yet. He then slid a finger into my pussy and commented on how extremely wet I was. Laughing, he said that that was a very good thing, as it would make his next task that much easier.

I felt the coolness of the butt plug, as he teased my clit with the tip, coating it with my juices. He slid it ever so slowly into my dripping pussy, letting my juices coat the entire length of it and then trailed it back out and up along my ass. Gently he pressed the tip against my tight hole and began to apply pressure. Not surprisingly, it slid in about an inch very easily. He chuckled and said that is was going to be much easier than he thought, as I was so wet. He inched the plug into my ass slowly, pulling it back a bit each time he pressed it forward, letting my ass get accustomed to the intrusion. When it's full length was buried deep inside me, he seated it, making sure my sphincter had closed around the smaller neck of the plug.

I was writhing against his movements, trying desperately to feel every inch as it penetrated my body, wanting and needing to cum. He laughed again and told me that I could now cum as much as I wished. I thanked him profusely, as I felt the tails of the flogger trail softly down my shoulders. He playfully dragged them along my back, watching as I squirmed and tried to grind my body into the bed. Suddenly I felt the sharp sting of the flogger as the first blow struck my ass, just above the butt plug. I gasped and groaned, as once again he lightly dragged the leather straps up and down my back and ass. He chuckled a low laugh and began raining blows all over my backside, some soft and teasing, some hard and biting. My body bucked and arched, my orgasm building higher and higher. Suddenly, he rained hard, swift blows on my ass continuously, hurtling me over the edge to a powerful orgasm. My body stiffened and shuddered, causing the nipple clamps to bite into my nipples and sending shivers through my body directly to my clit, and again I came hard, barely recovered from the first orgasm. He continued the pattern of alternately soft, teasing caresses with the flogger and hard, sharp stinging bites. My flesh was heated and my body was writhing uncontrollably under his ministrations. I came several times, as he continued to cover my back and ass with small, heated welts.

After whipping me for quite a while, he stopped abruptly and smoothed his hands over my heated flesh, feeling the warmth my ass now radiated. He smiled as my body shivered and convulsed from the continuous orgasms it had been experiencing. His hand glided over my ass, down over the butt plug and cupped my swollen lips. He laughed as he ran the tip of his finger along my pussy, commenting on the copious amount of juices running down between my thighs. He then slid his fingers between my lips and teased my opening, my body pressing back against his fingers, my lungs gasping for breath, my heart pounding furiously in my chest. He teased the opening for a moment, then slid his fingers deep into my steamy wet hole, as his other hand gently pressed against the plug in my ass. Finding a slow, methodic rhythm, he began moving his fingers in and out of my pussy with the same speed as he pressed against the butt plug. Soon, I was pushing back against his hands, trying to fuck the plug and his fingers harder and faster.

He grinned and leaned over me and asked what it was I wanted. Barely able to speak, I gasped "...to cum again, Sir!"

He replied quite tauntingly, "Hmmm... I think you have already cum a number of times ... am I not right?" Groaning quite loudly, I barely managed to answer him that I had, in fact, cum several times, but wished to do so again.

Teasingly he replied, "But I have only cum once, and yet you have cum so many times, should I allow you to cum again?"

Begging and pleading I groaned, "Oh please yes, Sir! I'll make you cum again! Just please let me cum one more time?"

He burst out laughing as he said that I would indeed be making him cum again and then he plunged his fingers into my sopping pussy hard and fast, while at the same time, rammed the plug deep into my ass over and over. My body thrashed about the bed, bucking wildly as I came again, harder than I had yet. My body shook and convulsed, my head tossing from side to side, as I screamed through my orgasm.

His movements slowed, holding me over the edge for a very long time, then suddenly stopped. As I shuddered and tried to regain my composure somewhat, I felt the soft fleece of my paddle lightly caress my tender ass. The cool, soothing softness was in stark contrast to the sting of the welts now forming on my tender bottom. The sensation was amazing, soft and luxurious, against the hot, burning sting of my flesh. Then the soft caresses turned to light tapping, the fleece thumping against my buttocks softly. Just as I was enjoying the gentle silkiness of the material, he flipped the paddle over and landed a sharp stinging blow with the leather side, squarely to my ass. My body jerked and my breath caught in my throat, until I felt the gentle, soothing caress of the fleece once again. Over and over, he alternated the fleece and the leather, my body confused as to which would be next. Again my orgasm began to build, my pussy aching and clit throbbing. I raised my ass in the air trying desperately to entice his strokes, but to no avail. He continued at a leisurely pace, obviously enjoying watching me squirm.

I began to beg him for release, pleading with him to make me cum again. He laughed quite loudly and questioned, "My my, but you are a greedy little slut aren't you?"

Screaming and desperate for release, I replied "Yes Sir!! Please, please don't stop? Please make me cum again?" and just as I gasped those last syllables from my lips, he began raining hard, fast blows to my ass with the leather paddle, occasionally striking the end of the butt plug, forcing it deeper into my ass. I bucked and screamed as I came again and again, my orgasms melding into one long, mind-bending, earth-shattering cum. My mind went numb and my world went black, as my whole body trembled and seized from the continuous spasming.

Barely able to focus, I felt the cool cloth brush along my forehead as he asked if I were all right. Smiling contentedly, I simply nodded and sighed, as he continued to wipe the sweat beaded on my face. He then smoothed the cool cloth down my back and over my ass, commenting on the beautiful shade of red that it had become. I tensed as I felt the contrast of the cloth against my heated skin, but soon reveled in the soothing relief. As the cloth was replaced by his hand, gently caressing my tender bottom, he remarked, "OK my little slut, I vaguely remember you promising to make me cum again."

I smiled as I rolled onto my back, revealing that the nipple clamps were still in place. He chuckled and said "Wait, we can't leave these on any longer." As he removed the first clamp, the blood rushed to my aching nipple and a twinge of pain pierced straight through my body, directly to my clit, once again bringing me to the brink of orgasm. He smiled knowingly and said, "This should send you right over the edge," as he released the second clamp. Immediately, my body shuddered and trembled as my orgasm rippled through it. Gasping for breath, I thanked him over and over for allowing me to cum so much.

He lie next to me, cradling me in his arms and whispered in my ear, "Show me how grateful you are my hungry slut."

I smiled at him and mumbled "Mmm, hmm!" as I trailed down the length of his body with my tongue. Once again, I bathed his cock with my mouth. My hunger to taste him again, had grown immensely throughout my orgasms and I devoured his cock in one swift motion. I teased him for a while, before engulfing him completely and sucking him voraciously. I maneuvered over him and began long, deep strokes up and down the length of his cock, sucking hard and fast. I grazed his balls with my fingernails as I swallowed his cock over and over. After only a short while, he groaned and bucked upward, once again filling my throat with his cum. This time, I swallowed every drop, enjoying the taste of his cum as it slid down my throat. After I had swallowed the last drop, I licked my lips and smiled at him. This time it was he, gasping for breath and shuddering uncontrollably and praising his little slut.

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