tagBDSMPaid Vacation Pt. 04

Paid Vacation Pt. 04


Elsa said, "Max and I will go see about the food. Anne, why not show our guests to the shower and let them clean up a little?"

Anne agreed, and as Max and Elsa left in the direction of the house she began to move to a back corner of the building. Alison saw that an area she had first taken as just another piece of wall was actually a baffled entrance to a large tiled shower area with what looked like a small toilet room off to the side. The shower area was about eight feet square with shower heads down both sides. "There are plenty of towels in the cabinets here," Anne said. "Use the showers over here first and then rinse off on that side. These are sea water and those are fresh. Max has his own desalination plant, but we might as well not waste the fresh water."

Everyone rinsed quickly and started to dry off, the men helping the women a little more than was absolutely necessary. When they finished, Michele said, "Max and Elsa have had some sea food buried in the sand under a slow fire all afternoon. You'll love it." She and Anne led the group around to the opposite side of the house where a large sand area and several tables waited.

There were plates of salad, pitchers of iced drinks, and piles of fresh fruit waiting on the tables and Max and Elsa, both wearing long aprons and heavy gloves, were just removing the food from the hot sand from where they had just raked the coals. As they set the large platters of steaming seafood on the tables Max said, "Go ahead and fill your plates. Elsa and I will grab a quick shower and be right back."

The twelve of them began to fill their plates and found places at two tables, leaving the head of each table open for their host and hostess. Everyone sat alternating man-woman around the tables and was just getting settled when Max and Elsa returned, quickly filling their own plates, and joining them. Alison was once again struck by how strange it seemed that it, in fact, wasn't strange to be sitting down to dinner with everyone completely naked. The women - except Elsa - were all marked by a few welts and other red areas and Alison and Sue both had the large plugs up their asses. Everyone knew there would be more sex games coming and still everything seemed so normal, just like any other picnic.

As they ate, everyone talked and Alison came to like even better the four new people she had just met under such unusual circumstances. Anne and Michele were the youngest of the lot, but it was quickly obvious that they were more experienced - certainly in the BDSM activities and possibly sexually - than any of the five young women. Still Alison got the impression they were not the type to put their whole lives into being submissive. They just really enjoyed the games. And Alison thought to herself that she had come to really enjoy these games herself. She thought that probably her life would never be quite the same after this trip.

After dinner Max and Elsa showed the women around the house. Alison quickly found that, like their boat, everywhere in the house was equipped for games. There were rings on walls and floors, convenient tie points in many locations, and a wide variety of interesting devices to be seen as well as, she was sure, many more stored out of sight. When they were finished with the tour, Elsa brought them back outside to a deck near the house. Set into the deck was a small pool - or enormous hot tub, depending on how you viewed it. Whatever it was called, there was room for all fourteen of them to sit around the walls, soaking in the bubbling warm water. The water was warm, but not really hot, and everyone just relaxed and soaked while the food settled. Maybe there was some feeling and a little sexual exploring, but no one seemed to be actually fucking. At least, Alison didn't think so, but she couldn't be completely sure.

After everyone had rested for a couple of hours, Elsa mentioned how she had had the women using the cats on Kate earlier. "I think maybe Kate should get some revenge," she said. "Perhaps we should go back to the shed."

"That sounds good to me," Max replied. "And I have a couple of bottoms to attend to myself." He looked over at first Sue and then Alison. Alison felt her heart skip a beat. She was acutely aware of the plug in her backside and the thought of Max and his huge cock both excited and scared her. But she thought the excitement was winning out.

As the group entered the large open-sided shed, Max touched a switch and soft lighting illuminated everything. "I think I want Sue on the rail," he said, thoughtfully. "You can let the girls practice a little on her first."

He led Sue over to where there was a pole, about five inches in diameter and covered in a leather-like material. This was about ten feet in length, anchored to the floor and set at about a fifty degree angle. The top was attached to the framework of the shed. A small stool was in place along each side near the bottom and Max indicated that Sue should stand on these. He placed padded leather cuffs tightly around her wrists and ankles. Elsa handed him a dildo, about eight inches long and fairly fat and he attached it to a small fixture on the post which Sue had not previously noticed. But now she rapidly got the idea and let herself be steadied as she mounted the phallus. Her pussy was already soaked with anticipation and the object slid easily into her. Max steadied her as she settled herself, the fake cock penetrating her deeply and her pussy lips coming to rest against the covered post. With her crotch pressed tightly to the post, her toes just touched the ground where the stools had been removed and Max quickly clipped her ankle cuffs to rings in the floor. He then took her hands and stretched her along the length of the post. Sue's eyes opened wide and she sucked in her breath as her taut position made the plastic device press inside her in interesting ways as Max anchored her stretched arms to the upper part of the post.

He stood back and announced, "We call this the whipping rail. It's a cross between a whipping post and a rail such as one might be 'ridden out of town' on." He picked up a cat with two foot tails and snapped a couple of strokes across Sue's exposed ass. Each lash brought a gasp and caused her to clinch her ass muscles against the plug still resting in her nether passage. After a few more blows Max turned and, grinning, handed the cat to Kate. Kate moved over and began applying the instrument to Sue, mostly on her rear, but also spreading some across her back, flanks, and the sides of her breasts where they lay on either side of the covered rail. Elsa handed two more cats to Anne and Michele and soon all three of the women were busy flogging the bound girl. After a number of strokes, they stopped and Alison and the other two girls got a chance to administer their own punishment. Sue strained through the entire ordeal, jerking at the lashes, gasping or even screaming at the blows, but also becoming more aroused. Alison could see her trying to satisfy herself on the fake cock in her pussy, but her bonds prevented her moving enough to accomplish anything. Finally Elsa stopped them, leaving Sue's exposed skin covered with red lines. Max moved up to her and reached for her breasts. He pinched and rolled her nipples and finally attached a weighted clamp to each of them. Then he slowly pulled and twisted the plug, finally removing it from Sue's distended rear.

He used his own cat to deliver another half dozen hard strokes and then moved astride the lower rail directly behind Sue. He used his finger to apply some lube to Sue's tight opening and to his now erect and very large cock. Standing on the two low stools he placed the head of his massive cock against Sue's puckered asshole and began to push slowly. As the head popped inside, Sue gave a sharp cry and then a groan. He slowly increased the pressure and Alison watched, mesmerized, as more and more of the huge organ made its way inside Sue's stretched bottom.

Sue seemed to be straining to accommodate the intruder but it was obviously causing her some pain, even though Max was moving slowly. Max continued to push and suddenly Sue cried out, "I don't think I can take it, Max. It feels like I'm being split in two."

Max stopped pushing, but made no move to back out. "Try to relax a little more. I know if you could handle that plug you can handle me. I'll go slowly."

Sue bit her lip and nodded. In a few seconds she visibly relaxed a little and nodded to Max. He began to push a little more and in only a few more seconds he was buried to the hilt in Sue's stretched bottom. He held himself all the way inside and then, when Sue seemed to relax a little, began to move out slightly. He made shallow in and out movements, always watching for Sue's reaction and soon she was trying to press back against him. In another couple of minutes she was becoming increasingly aroused. Max slowly pulled almost all the way out and Sue groaned. "Fuck me, Max. Fuck my ass hard."

Max pushed himself back in, not hard, but going deep. Then he began to move in and out, occasionally reaching around to tug at Sue's nipple clamps. For what seemed a long time, Max ravished Sue's ass and she responded readily. Finally, stretching himself along Sue's bare form, Max drove his cock as deeply as he could and held tightly to her as he began to come deeply inside her distended rear. Sue shuddered and began to come herself.

When Max finally stepped back he said, "We'll leave her there for now. Let's get Alison bent over one of the horses."

"Yes," Elsa agreed. "I think over here beside Sue." She pulled one of the padded sawhorses over a couple of meters from the rail where Sue was stretched. Max moved a trembling Alison over to it. He spread her feet and fastened her cuffs to the floor and then bent her over the side and anchored her wrists to the bottom of the horse.

Elsa looked around. "I think Anne and Michele would like a chance to use the cats, too. But it might be too much for Alison and Sue if everyone whips only them. I think I will give them another target. Anne. Michele. Bind me to another horse on the far side of Sue."

Alison jerked her head up. Elsa was going to get a whipping, too. Surprise! But Anne and Michele had told her that the four of them often switched off and that they had whipped Elsa and even Max. When both of the women were tightly bound, Anne and Michele each picked up a cat and began to lash their taut asses. Alison could certainly feel each stroke and soon was crying out and pulling hard against her bonds, but also was dripping. She could hear the strokes striking Elsa and it didn't sound like Michele was holding back at all. She felt sure Elsa's cries were as real as her own.

The other women took their turns and for the next twenty-five minutes Alison and Elsa were subjected to dozens of lashes all over their bound bodies. Finally Max called a halt. "You can go ahead and play with Elsa and I think Sue might even like a few more. And if any of you five gentlemen get the urge, feel free to make use of those two. I have plans for this one, but you can have at her again when I finish."

The talk - treating her as though she wasn't even there, as a piece of meat, in fact - was turning Alison on even more. She could feel the hot red lines all over her body and the plug in her ass seemed to press deeper all the time. Suddenly she felt a twisting pull on the plug and Max's other hand slid over her hot rear and on down to cup a dangling tit. As the plug was slowly withdrawn, Alison felt a loss, a huge emptiness. She found it hard to believe that Max could be ready again so soon after Sue, but as soon as the plug was removed a cool finger applied lube to her opening, penetrating and rubbing the slick stuff all around. Then the head of Max's cock began to press against Alison's puckered opening and her world shrank to only the incredible sensations produced as Max's enormous erection pushed its way inside her. As he settled to his full depth, Alison screamed, but soon had adjusted to his size and was urging him on. She came twice before he finally shot another load deeply inside her rectum.

As Alison slowly came back down to earth she became aware of the other activities around her. There was the sound of leather on flesh and feminine cries, but there were also sounds of sex. Grunts and groans and the wet, sliding sounds of hard cocks penetrating slick female orifices. But Alison didn't have much time to think about these. In only a couple of minutes she felt a hard male member rubbing back and forth along her sopping slit. A second later it pushed deeply inside and two male hands grabbed her tits. As he began to move in and out, Alison heard Bob say, "I'd say you're still warmed up, aren't you?"

Alison practically screamed back, "Yes! Fuck me, Bob. Make me really feel it."

"Oh, you will. And I'm going to flog you afterwards. Sound like fun?"

"More than you can imagine. You guys have turned me on to a whole new world. Oh! That was nice. Fuck me. Fuck meeeee."

Over the next hour or so the three women were teased, tormented and ravished. Sue took three more cocks in her ass and Alison and Elsa were both taken several times in both holes. A couple of times were with strap-ons and they felt soft female skin rubbing against their hot buttocks and legs.

Finally they were released. As they loosened sore muscles, Kate suddenly said, "I still haven't had a chance to get back at Kelly and Barb. You two feel like being on the receiving end for awhile?"

Kelly was removing a strap-on from around her hips and looked up at Kate. "I expect I can manage. What about you, Barb?"

Barb grinned. "Well, it's only fair. Sure."

Max, who had been listening, said, "I think I know a way to make it interesting. Allow me, Kate." He led the two women over to where a three foot bar was suspended from chains which went somewhere up into the top of the structure. He fastened sturdy wrist and ankle cuffs on the two girls and then attached Barb's wrists to the two ends of the bar. "Help me, James," he called. James came over with Bob and Max whispered what he wanted them to do. They grinned and scooped Kelly up and held her inverted while Max attached her ankle cuffs to the bar ends. A spreader bar was then used to hold Kelly's wrists and Barb's feet spread. Max touched a switch and the chains holding the bar moved, pulling it higher. He stopped when the girls were about a foot clear of the floor, Barb right side up, Kelly upside down.

The two women were front to front with their mouths at the other's pussy. Max used a couple of leather belts to fasten them together. Finally he lubed and inserted two vibrating butt plugs and started them going. Then he stepped back and told Kelly, "OK. See how much you can mark them before they make each other come."

Kelly applied the cat with a will while each girl began licking the other. In a short time, Anne and Michele joined the fun with their own whips. Alison and Sue even got to get in a few strokes before the two hanging girl's nearing exhaustion caused Max to call a halt and begin to release them.

It was about eleven and Michele suggested a quick swim to loosen up. Afterwards everyone cleaned off in the shower and Elsa announced that everyone would be sleeping outside in the warm night. She led the group to a large sand area where a big tarp and smaller blankets covered the sand. Alison was not too surprised to find the five of them plus Anne and Michele were staked out loosely spread, but she wasn't expecting the blindfolds. By the time they were released late the next morning and the blindfolds removed, she had been taken several times including once by Elsa. Of the men who had her that night she could only identify James. But she had enjoyed them all.

Everyone grabbed a quick shower and then moved up to the tables where they had eaten dinner the previous evening. Max and Elsa, helped by Anne and Michele, quickly brought out large bowls of fresh fruit, pitchers of juice, and some sweet breads. When everyone was finished Max said, "Why don't we all go down to the beach for awhile? We'll give you girls a little rest, but this afternoon we'll have some more games and you can watch Michele receive her new jewelry."

Alison remembered that Anne had said that Michele was going to get her nipples pierced. Alison, herself, had no desire to have rings in her nipples, but the idea of watching Michele get hers turned her on unexpectedly. When they got to the beach, everyone swam for a little and then flopped on big towels to dry in the tropical sun. Alison lay down near Michele and before long she couldn't help but ask about the coming event. "Are you really looking forward to getting your nipples pierced?"

"Of course. I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't want to," Michele replied. "Just thinking about having those rings to brush against my clothes all the time has me dripping already. Anne says it makes you aware of your tits all the time. I've heard the same thing from some of my friends who have had done it, too. A couple of them have clit rings, too, but I'm not sure I'd want that."

"Clit rings! You mean like the nipple rings, but through their clits?" Alison asked incredulously.

"Sure," Michele said. "Just small rings, but enough to keep you hot almost all the time. Of course rings can also be used to hang weights if you're being punished."

"And Max is going to pierce them? Does he use novocaine or what?" Alison asked.

Michele laughed. "No, he'll just tie me tightly. I'm sure it's going to be a really sexy torture."

"Do you really get off on pain? I mean not just the kind of stinging stimulation we've been doing, but real pain. Does it turn you on?"

Michele looked a little more serious. "No, not just pain itself. I'm not a true masochist. I do enjoy painful stimulation, the same as you seem to. But I don't want to be really hurt or have any permanent damage done. I have known girls who are into that. Mostly they are pretty mixed up in the head and I expect most of them will have pretty miserable lives - and probably short ones, too. One of the things Max and Elsa talked to us about is to watch out for any signs that we might be going in that direction. She and Max, of course, watch out for that and Anne and I agreed that if we ever see any sign that the other is getting in too deeply, we'd say so immediately. We all love sex. Especially kinky sex. But we all have other lives, too. I have no desire to be a real submissive, or slave, and give up my life to someone else's control. Real pain or torture would really turn me off."

"I'm glad to hear that," Alison said. "I can't understand anyone wanting to get that deeply into this stuff. I love it as a game. A lot more even than I thought I would before I came on this trip. But I want to be in control of how much I take. Oh, I don't mind being pushed beyond my limits just a little. I think Max did that when he had my ass last night, but I'd never want any real, damaging pain."

"Well, really, I doubt that the piercing will hurt as much as a good whipping. It's just that the idea sounds so terribly hot."

Although no one was playing bondage and discipline games, that didn't mean that there wasn't any sex. Once Alison noticed that Kelly was stretched out atop Max, riding his massive organ, while James plowed her rear. She also saw Kate involved in a hot scene with both Anne and Elsa. And before lunch she herself was had by both Ken and Michele.

After lunch everyone again lay resting in the sun for an hour, but then some more kinky games began. Elsa suggested something she called "wagon wheel" and was met with enthusiastic cheers from the men as well as Anne and Michele. Alison had no idea what this involved, but she soon found out. Michele agreed to help Elsa and soon the two of them had arranged the six men on their backs with their feet all pointed to the center of a circle. The circle formed by their feet was about four feet across and they did, in fact, resemble the spokes of a wagon wheel, each of their bodies radiating away from the center hub.

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