tagGroup SexPaige Takes the Team

Paige Takes the Team


Paige wanders her way to the boy's restroom anticipating another event like yesterday. Once again she ensures no one is in the hallway before slipping in through the door. Quickly, she drops her skirt to the floor and pulls off her blouse. Beneath her clothing is a white cheerleading outfit, complete with white stockings, elbow length white gloves and high heels.

Her eyes settle on the same two as yesterday, Lucas and Evan. She curls her finger toward her, motioning for them to come to her. Both are only wearing boxers as they knew Paige was going to be here again. They slip to either side, flanking her as she grins at them. She turns her head to the side, accepting a deep kiss from Lucas. Evan grabs Paige's ass with one hand and her breast with the other. She reaches back, grabbing at the bulge in his boxers as she continues to lock lips with Lucas.

"It's nice to see you again, little cum bucket," Evan says as he leans back to look over Paige.

He then goes around her back and starts unlacing the back of her outfit. Lucas breaks his kiss and starts to help his friend undress her. Soon, Paige is sitting on the floor, wearing only stockings, gloves and heels. Lucas kneels down between her legs to give her pussy long, wet strokes of his tongue. Evan has his crotch in her face.

Paige places a hand on his ass and sucks in his balls into her mouth through the fabric of his boxers. Frantically, she pulls down his boxers, freeing his rigid cock. She places her mouth around his balls, sucking lustfully. She begins moaning when Lucas places two fingers into her wet pussy and starts thrusting in and out. His tongue is at work, flicking over her clit with rapid movements.

Paige pulls free of Evan's balls and takes his cock deep down her throat as her hand caresses his balls. Each pass of her sweet lips leave a gleaming, wet sheen on his hard cock. Lucas suddenly stops his licking and slides up next to her and strips off his boxers. She immediately lets Evan's cock slip from her mouth and she takes in Lucas' cock. She switches back and forth over the next few minutes to the point of even having both cocks in her mouth at the same time.

After a few minutes Evan and Lucas position Paige on her hands and knees. Evan immediately places his cock back into Paige's hungry mouth as Lucas begins working his cock into hr pussy. Her mouth opens wide as she is penetrated from both ends. It only prompts Evan to shove his cock deeper down her throat. He is grabbing her by the hair and fucking her face as Lucas slides his cock in and out of her pussy. After a few minutes, Lucas pulls out and spit onto Paige's asshole. He places his cock at the entrance to her ass and presses it in until it pops past her muscular ring and into her ass.

"Fuck my ass!" Paige cries as her asshole stretches to accommodate Lucas' cock.

Luca grips her ass cheeks with both hands as he slowly grinds his hips into her. Evan thrusts a little faster and grabs handfuls of her hair as he fucks her face. Paige runs her hand between his legs to stroke his balls and ass. Evan signals to Lucas and they pull out of her and lay her flat on the floor. Evan slide between Paige's legs and shoves his cock into her well fucked pussy. Lucas goes around and kneels at her head, straddling her face. After allowing her to lick his balls, he begins to feed his cock into her mouth. Paige tilts her head back to take all of his cock down her throat.

Meanwhile, Evan is spreading her legs wide, allowing himself better access to her wet, little pussy. Paige is moaning as she takes it in both ends again. Her throat enlarges with each thrust of Lucas' cock. His balls mash against her face each time he thrusts in.

Evan pulls out and quickly slides into her asshole, pushing himself in balls deep. He raises her hips off the ground for better access as he gyrates his pelvis into her. Paige starts moaning louder than ever as she is face fucked and drilled in the ass. After a few minutes of this, they both, once again, slide out of her.

Lucas lies on the floor this time and grabs her hands to guide her onto him. Paige straddles him and lowers herself down onto his waiting cock. Once she is fully impaled on his cock, she leans forward, spreading her ass cheeks. Evan soon resumes his position in her ass, stuffing her full of cock.

Slowly they begin thrusting in and out, careful not to slip out of this tight space. Paige grinds as best as she can against both cocks, working them both up. After a minute or so they pull out of her and roll her onto her back, grabbing their cocks in their hands.

Evan grins down at her and says, "We've got a surprise for you after we plaster your face."

Their hands pump wildly along their shafts. Evan is the first to explode all over her face, followed by Lucas. Streams of cum hit her cheeks, chin and mouth. By the time their cocks stop pulsating Paige's face is a gooey mess as she licks both cocks clean.

They climb to their feet and Evan and Lucas step away. Lucas raps his knuckles on the wall. Instantly the door opens and the football team walks in. Immediately they walk over to Paige and start to grope her, grabbing her as and breasts. She grabs one guy by the hand and drags him to the floor and then crawls up, straddling him. She kisses him full on the lips, smearing the cum on her face.

The guy reaches around behind her and grabs her ass. He takes one of her breasts into his mouth and sucks the nipple as Paige runs her hands through his hair. Slowly, she slides down his body, coming to rest on her knees in front of him. Paige begins unzipping his pants. One of the other men reaches between her legs to stroke her pussy and ass. As the other man's cock emerges from his pants, Paige wastes no time in sucking it into her mouth.

"Yeah, you little cum bucket, suck that cock," the guy behind her says as Paige raises her hips to give him better access to her pussy.

He works in three fingers and thrusts them in and out of her as she frantically sucks the cock in front of her. Reaching up, she pulls the man's pants all the way down his hips, giving her mouth better access. Lifting up his cock, she begins lapping at his balls as her hand strokes his shaft. Paige moans on his balls as she receives a god finger fucking from the other guy. In the meantime, the other guys in the room are getting undressed and stroking their own cocks.

Paige releases the man's cock and stands up and turns around. Bending over, she reaches back, lightly touching her wet, swollen pussy. Do you want to fuck this?"

"Fuck yes!" the man says eagerly.

Paige grabs his hard cock and rubs it along her slit. The man closes his eyes and throws his head back. Paige slowly sits back, taking his cock up into her pussy. She starts to grind her hips, reaching down to rub his balls as she rides him. Then she looks up and mouths a kiss to the other guy. He steps forward and puts his cock in her face, gripping his shaft tight. Paige opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out waiting for his load. The man pumps his cock furiously.

"Give it to me!" she says as she bobs up and down on the cock stuffed in her pussy.

He groans as he unloads a huge torrent of cum onto her face. As the first stream hits her in the cheek, she locks her lips around his cock and takes the rest into her mouth. As they guy is withdrawing, the one in her pussy lets out a similar groan as he thrusts upward and blasts deep into her clenching pussy.

When he is done cumming, she pulls herself off his slippery cock and kneels before him once again. Then she licks and sucks his balls and cock, cleaning up the mixture of cum and pussy juices. She slips a finger into her wet pussy and pulls it back out, covered in cum. Bending over, she reaches back and slides the cum covered finger into her asshole. In and out, she finger fucks her ass as the men watch. She soon starts to moan.

"Please, somebody stick a cock up my ass!"

One of the football players' steps forward as Paige shoves her finger all the way up her asshole. The man grabs her hand, pulling her finger out and replaces it with his cock. He isn't very gentle as he struggles to get his cock inside her tight, little hole. Paige's mouth opens as he forces himself inside her.

"Shove that fucking cock in me!" she cries. "I need a cock to suck!"

Another man jumps at the chance, strolling over to stand in front of her face. She quickly takes in his cock, sucking hard. Another man begins grabbing her breasts. The man in her ass starts pumping harder as she strokes the cock in her mouth.

The man grabs her hips hard, thrusting himself into her and unloads his cum deep into her bowels. As the man pulls out the guy playing with her breasts takes his place behind her and slides his cock into her dripping pussy.

The man in her pussy begins pumping away and each thrust pushes her face further onto the other guy's cock. Her mouth works wildly and the man starts to shudder. Paige pushes her mouth even further onto his cock. His cum comes firing out, filling her mouth to the point cum seeps out and dribbles to the floor.

The scene becomes too much for the guy fucking her and he pulls out and sends a stream of hot cum arching across her back. He grabs Paige by the hair and pulls her head to the side, just in time to shoot the next stream into her face. She then opens her mouth to receive the next shot, which splashes off her lips and tongue.

"Come over here and sit on my cock!" one of the players sitting off to the side demands.

Paige obeys and crawls over. He is already lying on the floor, so she starts straddling his cock, facing away from him, and slowly lowers herself down onto his waiting cock. Instead of taking it in her pussy, however, she grasps it and forces it up her ass as she sits down. Her ass is already stretched and slippery with cum so she slides down his shaft, easily taking the cock balls deep.

Two other walk over to Paige, holding their cock out for her. She takes a cock in each hand and pulls one into her mouth, sucking it for a few seconds before switching to the other. She bounces up and down gently, pushing the cock further up her tight little ass. As she works her ass all the way down his cock, she begins wiggling it, grinding on the hard cock. Her hands caress the men's balls as she takes turns sucking the cocks in front of her.

As she sucks on one cock, the other jerks suddenly, letting out a shot of white cum onto Paige's breasts. Instantly, she switches back to it and takes it into her mouth, gulping down the thick cum. When the man is finished he backs off, allowing his friend full access to her mouth. She takes his large cock into her mouth and places her hand between his legs and place a finger up his ass. Her hand works frantically in his ass as her lips slides up and down his cock. Finally, the man's ass clenches up and Paige's mouth is filled with yet another load of hot cum. The load is too much for her as the white liquid leaks out between her lips and dribbles down her chin.

The man beneath her cums as well. Quickly, Paige pulls her asshole off his cock and spins around taking the engorged cock into her mouth. She sucks the cum from his cock until there is no more. She keeps sucking, however, letting the cum pool around his shaft.

Suddenly, one of the men pulls her hair back, forcing her onto her back. He stands over her stroking his cock. He lowers himself down into her mouth. Paige opens her mouth wide for him. One of the other guys kneels down, spreading her legs wide. The man in her mouth pulls out and switches his position to allow his friend better access. Moving himself around, the guy once again feeds her his cock. Paige arches her head back to make it easier as he fucks her face.

The other guy slides his cock over her wet pussy a few times before pushing it up inside. He has Paige's feet in his hands and is spreading her legs wide as he plunges into her. Just them the guy in her mouth pulls out to stroke his cock over her face. Paige opens her mouth to accept another load. He splashes her face with white cum, shot after shot and soon her face is covered in the creamy fluid.

The man in her pussy grabs her legs and pushes them up to her head as he leans forward, driving deep into her. She moans as she takes his cock deep inside her. The guy hammers her pussy, making her shudder with every thrust. Within moments he plunges in deep, filling her pussy up with squirt after squirt of his hot, sticky cum. As he pulls out of her, Paige sees another guy lying on the floor with his cock pointing straight into the air. She rolls over and crawls over to him. She works her way up his body and straddles him, sliding her cum filled pussy onto his hard cock. Another guy comes up behind her and starts to ease his cock into her well fucked asshole.

Paige goes crazy as the men increase their pumping. When it become too much for the guy in her ass, he pulls out and sends hot streams of hot cum splashing across her ass. The creamy fluid trickles down her ass crack and drips onto the floor. Moments later the other guy cums as well and fills her pussy full of his load.

When he pulls out, Paige falls back onto the floor, breathing hard. Her pussy aches and throbs. The team dress and slowly filters out the restroom, giving a high five to Lucas and Evan as they pass. When the restroom is empty Lucas and Evan look down at Paige's naked form and smile.

"How about you come back here before the big game Thursday," Lucas says. "The guys can always use a cum bucket to lift their spirits."

Paige just nods and smiles. When the door closes, she is left alone to scoop up the bits of cum on her face and her dripping pussy into her hungry mouth.

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